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Medical Test Leak

Paper of medical colleges admission test leaked this year as well. Earlier, MDCAT paper was leaked last year in Punjab. Paper leak scam was highlighted much by the media as top officials of University of Health Sciences (UHS) were involved in the scam. Taking notice of the allegations about paper leak the then Punjab government removed vice chancellor and other officials who were involved in paper leak. Inquiry was conducted against them but unfortunately the matter was put aside and no stern action was taken against culprits other than removals. Now, once again paper is leaked in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Soon after the entrance test was held, some candidates complained that the paper was leaked before the test. Some of them posted pictures of the paper on the social media and alleged that people paid a handsome amount for getting questions. The same test would be held again on 23rd September 2018. Students and their parents demanded inquiry into the matter. The provincial government has ordered the cybercrime branch of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to hold an inquiry into the matter.

The government should take the matter more seriously to stop such a malpractice in the entrance exams by imposing heavy fines and punishing those involved in the scam. huge money was spent for the arrangement of the test and retest would also involve heavy expenditures of the government. The test expenditures should be taken from those involved in paper leak. The government should also reconsider merits of entrance tests as these are heavily criticised by a large number of teachers, students and their parents.

They take it as extra burden on the shoulders of students. Private academy mafia makes money in the name of preparation classes. They are also allegedly involved in paper leak as it was confirmed in Punjab that they get millions of rupees for exposing question paper to students. The prime minister and the chief justice Supreme Court of Pakistan should immediately take notice of the issue to fix this matter once for all for the betterment of education system of the country.

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