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A modern educational innovation has become popular in recent years and offers an innovative and convenient form of adult lifelong learning: “monetization of knowledge” (MOK).

By Muhammad Hamza Khan

For centuries, education has played an important role in Chinese culture. Learning is considered essential for ethical well-being, leading to a variety of formal and informal educational opportunities. It refers to the sale of information as a product or service, usually in the form of a podcast, in order to achieve commercial value. Unlike traditional online courses with a formal curriculum offered by university lecturers, MOK courses do not have a curriculum and are often developed and facilitated by ordinary people. These ordinary people share knowledge in their respective fields and gain this experience through the online MOK platform (e.g. Ximalaya FM). For example, you can spend 200 Chinese yuan (about $ 30) on courses through the MOK platform on job search skills. This course can be offered by someone who has worked as a human resources manager for over ten years. The course can consist of eight ten-minute sessions focusing on these topics, getting a job, writing a competitive resume, or dressing appropriately for an interview. Because most MOK platforms support the smartphone version, potential customers can easily download the MOK platform app and access courses anytime, anywhere. As a result, this right approach to knowledge is responsible for attracting large numbers of people, especially Chinese workers.

The Rise of MOK

In addition to technological advances that make it easier for people to access information online, the rise of the MOK has met the needs of the public, especially the middle class. A report of 2,000 occasional surveys of Chinese internet users, known as “netizens” in 2017, showed that the average MOK user has a college degree between the ages of 25 and 35 and uses parentheses no. The average income of the Chinese people. According to the report, several factors contributed to the increase in MOK rates among the population. First, Chinese white-collar workers often use smartphones to get information. Therefore, the easiest and fastest way to get the information you want is to force them to take courses through the MOK platform.

In addition, the need to acquire new skills and the fear of falling behind to pay for the MOK platform’s training courses plays a surprising role. For this reason, peer pressure and anxiety affect the middle class. TopKlout highlighted the most popular courses for sharing experiences and knowledge such as financial investments and business skills development. In particular, 62.7% of MOK customers are taking courses related to entrepreneurship and financial investment, and 52.9% of customers are paying courses related to competitiveness improvement.

Pros and Cons of MOK

Describing deductions from the MOK process, this course allows individuals to acquire professional skills by learning from experienced professionals. Here, instead of spending a lot of time on traditional continuing education courses, people can take a moment to listen to the MOK course over the phone (for example, staying on the subway while traveling). In addition, the MOK platform creates a discussion section for each course and allows you to share your thoughts, experiences, and interests with the moderator or other students. The discussion section not only builds a student community of knowledge and experience, but also broadens the social of individuals.

A new way of learning is

introduced in China in

recent years.

In addition, many new services have been developed to create a diverse learning environment on the MOK platform. Provides expert fees, to answer specific questions such as add-ons or self-study experiences that students ask to facilitate clients. After one of the authors answered many questions on the subject of education on the MOK platform, it was revealed that many users invited him to share tips and pay extra to answer the questions of their choice. Specialties and recommendations to find educational posts, including translation or interview preparation for higher education. Therefore, customers are easily satisfied with this format because certain information or instructions are available faster and at a lower cost. Instead, ordinary people are increasing product value by selling knowledge and experience through goods and services through goods and services. Therefore, this reciprocal and reciprocal approach to the exchange of knowledge is the best way for education and learning, especially among workers in China.

However, one MOK limit focuses on the quality of the course. It is difficult to ensure the quality of the content because courses can be created through the MOK platform. Students can take MOK courses and get useful information. The growing demand for MOK has allowed experts in the same field to create courses on the same subject one after another. This makes it difficult for students to choose courses that contain high-quality content. Fortunately, users can also take courses and courses before spending money. As the number of MOK courses increases, the quality of course quality is a problem to be solved.

Future Trend of MOK

The MOK platform is an example of a widely accepted reconciliation model in the global knowledge economy. Other countries (e.g, USA), other platforms include Skillshare (www.skillshare.com) and Quora “Knowledge Award”. Customers pay for access to products and services offered by experienced people specializing in a particular field. Many people have entered the economy to share knowledge as the concept of “knowledge payment” is becoming more and more accepted. This report is a process of the MOK platform, general education additional training. This type of education meets the learning needs of users who want to understand specific skills or knowledge they want to learn in less time than traditional lessons.

Currently, the MOK platform in China creates, develops and sells services. In 2016, the number of users on the platform reached about 50 million subscribers, and the number of people devoted to the platform has tripled compared to 2015. . As of March 2017, up to 150 billion yuan (140-21 billion dollars). As a result, MOK is growing rapidly as the need for knowledge increases and gradually increases. A large number of users are willing to pay for quality information services.

This feature is published by a student of Institute

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