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Old Brick kiln are destroying our Environment

By Ukasha Mughal

LAHORE (November 28, 2018): It is reported that there are approximately 20,000 brick kiln in Pakistan and these are majorly responsible for pollution. Our brick kiln are working on the basis of old and traditional method in which emission of large amount of coal create chain of pollution like air pollution and air pollution destroy life of plants, also effect human health and so on. Carbon in air create smog that is a hot issue of Pakistan know a days.

According to a report in previous year, 450 plus people has died due to air pollution. Alarming situation is that because of global warming  November has not been that much cold as it was in our past.

For control this Government has decided to shutdown old method brick kiln in Pakistan but this is not a solution. There is a dire need to adopt new methods of brick kiln and introduce “Zigzag technology”  Pakistan has only one Zigzag brick kiln technology base brick kiln near Raja Jang Raiwind.

Example of Khatmandu valley is front of us that how they control this problem. Actually in Khatmandu new technology implementation was started in valley, when local people raised the voice of brick kilns pollution. In 2005, cleaner kilns was replaced all the polluting moving chimney brick kilns in Kathmandu Valley. World bank report have shown that compared to mass emission load of 8.06 kg of SPM per 1000 bricks produced by Moving Chimney Bulls Trench Kilns, but Fixed Chimney kilns produce only 1.71 and Vertical Shaft Brick Kilns (VSBK) produces 0.55 kg of SPM per 1000 bricks. Therefore, the VSBK is more than 14 times cleaner and Fixed Chimney is almost five times cleaner than the traditional kilns (World Bank, 2007).

International experts from Nepal Resma Dixit, Raj Kumar, Syuas Prajapots and Syama Maharjan also gave opinion to brick  kiln owners to adopt new zigzag technology because it is not only environment-friendly but also not that much expensive.

International experts from Nepal says that “The zigzag brick-kiln technology reduces 40% coal consumption for baking of bricks and similarly, it also offers 90% top quality bricks compared with 70% secured through conventional methods.”

So, we have to wake up for our environment, for our future, for upcoming generation we are a symbol of change and we can do and we will.

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