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Rise in Covid-19 Cases as well as Carelessness

With an increase in Corona Virus Cases, there is an increase of Panic in Pakistan as well. Taking no precautions and showing very uncaring behaviour about the Coronavirus has now become Routine. People are still unaware of the consequences they may have to face due to their non-serious behaviour. As …

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Misuse of  Vote in Pakistan

(Abid Ali -12) In a democratic country everyone has the right to cast the vote because the whole state depends on it. That is another thing which party or person is someone’s favorite to vote for. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there are many areas where there is not allowed to cast …

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Fitness during FAST

(By ABID ALI =12) Basically, the concept of FAST exists in all religion which are founded in this mortal world. In Muslims there is the concept of roza (FAST) and also a HOLY month is specified for that by the Allah. (Ramadan). In Christianity, the concept of Fast is also …

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The Vaccine Hunt

Fear of being infected with COVID 19 (Corona Virus) has reached  its extreme. People are concerned if the World fails to find any Cure then what will happen? , how will life go on with this pandemonium? , if World has the potential to manufacture vaccine then How long it …

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(ABID ALI -12) What is education? The process of learning is called education but, according to me education is something else. In our here, education means ratta system and learning is growing in our here very fast but we do not have the education and also not civilization as the …

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 Violence against women in Pakistan

(Abid Ali-12) What is violence? “The intentional use of physical force or power, the atoned or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.” (By google) The World …

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How to remain relax during covid-19

(ABID ALI-12) No doubt, it is not so easy for everyone to remain relax during covid-19 but that is not upon there will, that is unexpected condition in which we have to try to survive in every situation. There are some basic things which may help us in remaining calm …

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Mental Health Awareness

         Mental Health Awareness Human brain has great power. It runs human physical system. Human brain plays a pivotal role about to all aspects of our life. So brain health matter a lot. Here we discuss about mental illness. What is Mental Health? A mental illness is …

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