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Plantation drive in Pakistan

Plantation for Pakistan is known as 10 billion tree Tsunami in five years from 2018-2023. On 2 September 2018 approximately 1.5 million tree planted in 1st day which led by Imran Khan in province of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa in 2014. In 2020 the program tripled its number of workers to 63,600 …

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Performance Review of Prime Minister Complain Cell

In the world, most governments have established complaint cells where citizens can register their complaints again government. In Pakistan, there is a “Prime Minister Complaint Cell” which gives opportunity to the common people to communicate their issues with government. The PM performance and delivery unit in PM office monitors all …

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Begging Culture During Covid-19

By USAMA JUNAID KHAN Increase in Begging Culture due to Covid-19 Plagues and epidemics have ravaged humanity throughout its existence, often changing the course of history and at times, signaling the end of entire civilizations. Covid -19 is one of such great pandemics which is covering several countries and is …

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