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پاکستان کی تمام حکومتوں نے تعلیم کو نظر انداز کیا آج ہم اسکی قیمت ادا کر رہے ہیں.ڈاکٹر مجاہد کامران

دی ایجوکیشنسٹ کے ساتھ خصوصی انٹرویو انٹر ویو: ڈاکٹر محبوب حُسین، شبیر سرور یونیورسٹیوں کی رینکنگ میں بہتری کیلئے گرایجوایٹ طلباء اور پی ایچ ڈی اساتذہ کا تناسب بہترہونا چاہیے ۔ دنیا کی تمام معروف جامعات میں یہ تناسب 30سے 40فیصد ہے۔ جس طرح فوج، بیوروکریسی کے لوگوں کی تربیت …

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What is govt’s strategy?

Over 25m children out of school Staff Report LAHORE: Over 25.02 million Pakistani children between the ages of 5 and 16 are deprived of their right to education and among children of primary-school going age, almost one in every five is not in school and this proportion increases at higher …

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Costly admission

Sir: Every year in the admission season, all private universities open their admissionsand ask for a hefty amount from students for admission forms and prospectus. These so-called hubs of education are fleecing students and their parents. People have nowhere to turn to, as universities can do whatever they want. Admissions …

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Challenge for Punjab HEC

Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairman Prof Dr Nizamuddin has started visiting universities of the province to share his vision with the vice chancellors, dean of faculties and faculty members. Recently during his visit to Punjab University and Lahore College for Women University, Dr Nizam spelled out his commission’s priorities …

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Education: The issue of career counselling

One of the key issues of the Pakistani education system is the lack of formal career counselling institutions, which can properly guide the undergraduate and graduate students to choose an academic discipline – that best fit their life goals, interest, their psychology and meet requirements of their family and the …

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Securing our children

I want to draw attention of the higher authorities toward security issues of the educational institutions in Lahore. Untrained and unarmed security guards, pickets and sandbags are inadequate to stop terrorism. Ordinary citizens are the only ones effected by such security measures, as, I am sure that, the security at …

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Concept of education in Islam

The Holy Quran gives respect to all human beings, but gives superiority to the class of educated people. The Muslims belong to a worldwide family where they can live together in a state of peace and happiness with high moral and ethical values defined by the Sharia. Thus, Islamic education …

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National education policy need of the hour for Pakistan

Pakistan is facing many challenges and fighting on many fronts, including terrorism, poverty, lack of proper health-care facilities, power shortage and law and order situation, but the most neglected problem of the country has been to eradicate illiteracy from the country. Every government in Pakistan had made tall claims to …

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