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21 lessons for the 21st century-Book review

‘A wise old man was asked what he learnt about the meaning of life; ‘Well,’ he answered, ‘I have learnt that I am here on earth in order to help other people. What I still haven’t figured out is why the other people are here.’ – Harari narrates in the …

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Green sea turtles

Iqra Shaheen Green turtle are found mainly in tropical and sub-tropical water. Green sea turtles are 5th of the 7th species found around the Atlantic shores of Europe and NorthAmerica. Eastern pacific green turtles are found in coastal western. In Pakistan along the coastal of Karachi,some specific beaches such as …

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Story of a painting

The miniature painting was just like one of our members of family. The little painting was made by my grandfather although his job had nothing to do with paints but just for sake of love he had with Jeniffer, my grandmother, he made that painting. Grandpy, is the name I …

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The new seller in town

The town near by my house is the most famous location for any small business to start. Several handcraft makers e.g. the ones who make pottery, painters, young bakers and old men who sell their poetry; other handmade stuff sellers have been displaying their stalls in this town for a …

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Mask – A gift of new millennium

Mirza Sohaib Ikram   Much has been written and said about when the first mask was worn in the world and it is said that the mask still exists today after traveling for centuries and changing thousands of forms. But the masks that six billion people are forced to wear …

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Shehrey Ansari When dark departs, soft aurora shows up Sun engulfs blackness and tranquility is found Sun rays make doorway through tall pines Sparkle bright and rest on mud ground Healing is earthly odour of under woods and grove Ethereal are red golden leaves lying on loam     Drip-trips …

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Shehrey Ansari   Golden dust lays out to vast extent Far ranging desert gives ineffable zeal Scorching heat agitates fragile skin Still one votes not to leave unseen Ecstatic joy infiltrates into spirit Opening, closing the vistas of mysteries Quiet, calm evening becomes a wonder-terra When setting sun showers red …

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