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Online exams issue

FIRs against 36 students Muhammad RizwanMaqbool LAHORE: Court released five student leaders from Progressive Students Collective (PSC) and 36 other students against whom FIRs was registered for alleged involvement in protest and causing damages to university building. The students held a protest demonstration against UCP administration decision to conduct physical …

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“The Bleak Prospects of Justice”

13 Feb, 2020,  in a southwest city of Balochistan, a vehicle is carrying an armed and weaponized mob. The gang roaming freely down the city stops before a mud house. One of the armed people opens fire and targets a young boy aged 22 years, a student of BS Zoology. …

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GCU to start a new campus, says VC

E learning is a positive phenomenon, we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Interviewed by Dr Shabbir Sarwar, Maryam Imran, Mehwish Liaqat We have announced prizes for researchers creating impactful and quality research and also thinking of starting a law school, Mass Communication department and Business Administration. We need to enhance …

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Student unions need to be restored

You have heard about transgender unions, teachers unions, labourer unions, rickshaw unions but have you ever heard about student unions? Do they exist?  Yes, they existed but now they have been banned. Those were the golden times when unions existed. Many leaders of national level including Javed Hashmi, Jehangir Badar, …

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Mirage of Students Union in Pakistan

Students Union is an almost forgotten institution in Pakistan. Irony is that even two-third of the young generation is unaware of the history, need and importance of students union. On the other hand, whole civilized world not only acknowledges the importance of students union, but the students union is actively …

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Motivation for TikTok among Youth: Challenges and Prospects

Human needs are well documented in literature. One of the scholars who has elaborated these needs is Abraham Maslow. Maslow explained the hierarchy of human needs in the paper titled, “A Theory of Human Motivation” published in Psychological Review. This hierarchy of needs includes physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and …

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Moringa oleifera, A miracle tree

By Prof. Dr. Farah Khan Chairperson Department of Botany LCWU Moringa oleifera (known as the miracle tree, because of a vast variety of uses), horseradish, drumstick or bottle tree, is an important and beneficial plant of genus Moringa belonging to  a small family of plants i.e. Moringaceae, an inhabitant of tropical …

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