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Alina Shahid Behind this issue there is a slogan that has been raised by woman “My body, my choice”. My body my choice was firstly chanted in Pakistan during Aurat March in 2018. Some agree and some people disagree to it. Every issue has its own good and bad aspects. …

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Awareness to Control Children Screen Time Control

The editor, The Educationist, PU ICS Lahore. Respected sir, I want to intent you to a serious note that has been seen in child students, using of screens is looking immense. Too much use of mobiles, video games, watching TV and other sorts of screens is creating depression among children. …

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Hum Jo Keh Dein Wohi Sadaqat Hai

Mirza Sohaib Ikram   Indra born in the land of Indore, has finally met his real creator. Indore city must have been named after King Indra centuries ago. History is silent as to whether Raja Indra ever put his foot on this piece of land called Indore located in Madhya …

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Historical View & Future of KalaBagh Dam

By: Zeeshan Rustam The vision of Quaid-e-Azam was to build Kalabagh Dam (Mianwali Hydro Project) and Nara Canal to meet energy requirements through cheap electricity and provide water to the desert of Thar. The country’s parliament, in its first budget session in presence of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had approved …

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