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HEC new policy will lower quality of education, say academic experts

Policy will decrease PhD standard and prove to be a ‘failed experiment’: experts Dr. Akram Chaudhry, Dr. Shahid Munir, Dr. Zafar Mueen, Dr. Rauf i Azam, Dr. Mumtaz Anwar and Dr. Hanan criticise Dr. Banauri’s new policy  Teachers’ associations, Vice Chancellors and academic experts have shown their concerns over the …

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HEC New PhD policy invites criticism

BS based PhD admission policy applicable from Jan 01, 2021: Banuri Academic circles criticise HEC new policy ISLAMABAD (Wednesday, January 21, 2021): The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced to implement its new policy regarding BS based admission to PhD programmes from Junuary 01, 2021 while giving options to the …

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Remembering Arfa Karim

By Muhammad Yasir Kayani The great poetess Emily Dickinson once wrote: “Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me, The Carriage held but just ourselves, And Immortality”. People come and go but the scintillating memories of their existence tell everything as to how they spend their …

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Promises to keep—A must read

Sometimes, everything may not be the same as it looks. Even the world’s most powerful men may have many grieves and sorrows. This can be best understood by the story of newly elected US president Joe Biden. In the very start of his political career, he lost his wife and …

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Danial a real PUBG commando

To quench the thirst of education, he came to Lahore and joined Lahore Garrison University in fall 2019. Being his roommate, I remember that he was a serious and brilliant guy. He was burning the midnight oil for exams. His exams were just around the corner. One day, Salman one …

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ICTs in Early Childhood Care and Education

Introduction of information communication and technology (ICT) to the curriculum is only a generation back that has shifted the traditional paradigm of teaching and learning into modern approaches. ICT today is more than a subject and used as a tool that inculcates technology in everyday life. Looking around, it is …

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Are online classes helpful for students?

In current pandemic situation, the whole world is continually in a changing situation. Similarly, education system of our country has also changed. This is very challenging for teachers as well as students. We have a good understanding of face-to-face classes because in our education system, the virtual classroom system is …

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