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Powerful message by differently abled students

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It is rightly said that “where there’s a will there’s a way”. The saying exactly fits to some of the people who achieve whatever they desire in this world. In a recent example at GCU Lahore a blind student earned doctorate degree for the first time in the history of the university. Another student Kosar Anayat of the same university who was suffering with brain tumor successfully completed PhD. Similarly, few months earlier a blind student of Punjab University completed successfully masters in media and communication studies with distinction. A similar story of courage and dedication was also written by Srikanth Bola, founder of Bollant industries who was the first international blind student in brain and cognitive science and business at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA.

These people had not made their shortcomings as their weakness but made efforts and achieved whatever they desired. They set example for those who are blessed with all normal body parts. they proved that it’s hardwork only by which one can get good position in society. these differently abled students by their achievements tried to make government aware that if proper chances and opportunities be provided to them then they would be in a position to raise flag of country very high. They also set example for us that if we want to lead the world then nobody can resist us. Only efforts and dedication to work can prosper better results in every walk of life. they are living example for all of us.

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