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Pros and cons of covid-19 online classes on elementry scho students


By Saher Mukhtar

Covid-19 has impact all most all fields of life. It also include the educational system. Due to the lockdown during Covid-19 the educational system has transferred online all over the world. Online classes has been started to save children’s academic year. In this pandemic online classes have been started by schools, colleges and universities. This step is also taken to keep students healthy and keep them away from COVID-19..
In this feature we will talk about the pros and cons of online classes on elementary school level education.

Pros of Online Classes on Elementary School Students

Online classes have given so many benefits to the students, some of them are as follows;
The Online classes have given students the opportunity to study anytime in case they missed the lecture, as recorded lectures have been provided to the students, they can take advantage from those lectures whenever they want to.
Online education is giving the access that they can talk to their instructors about any queries they find during their studies. Teachers are available for students all the time via WhatsApp etc.
Online classes allow parents to check that how teachers are taking lectures and teachings their kids.
The online education for elementary students is also beneficial in a way that it costs less because parents have not much earnings in this pandemic. There is no cost of books, no cost of transport ,no expenses for cafeteria meals etc.
Online classes permits kids to take education in a relax mood from their homes.
Online classes allow students to take lecture from their home even if they are not feeling well.
Online classes have make attendance easy for students, they can take class from anywhere, even they are outside of home or out of city.
Another benefit of online classes is that teachers can give immediate feedback on tests and other performance of the students.
Anat Agarwal says;
Online education is like a rising tide, its going to lift all boats

Cons of Online classes on Elementary School Students

With so many benefits online classes also have some disadvantages, some of them are as follows;

In online classes the sometimes feedback and participation of students is limited because of lack of time or because of the high numbers of students in the class.
Lack of social interaction is a disadvantage of online classes. Teachers can not meet their teachers and fellows in this pandemic.
Having not excessive knowledge of technology is a con of online classes for students, as the young children do not know much about the use of technology they are dependent on their parents and elder siblings for joining online class.
Online education for elementary students is a new experience so the teachers are not fully trained to take online classes.
Because of online classes there are no physical activities, so this is becoming a reason of stopping children’s growth.
Sometimes students face connectivity and internet issues when there is no light.
Online classes are becoming a reason of lack of confidence among students as they have no interaction with their peers, friends etc.

Status of online classes in Pakistan at Elementary School Level

As we all know Pakistan is a developing country so some students are getting education in public sectors schools and some are getting education in private schools. The students who are enrolled in private schools are taking online classes somehow, but the students who are getting education in public sector schools have no experience of online classes. In Pakistan the students that are taking online classes have sometimes face connectivity or internet issues.

Future of Online Classes
E-learning is a emerging trend over the world. Its easy to access and low cost. In Covid-19 E-leering has benefit a lot of students over the globe. In this pandemic students from school to universities take advantage of online classes.
It helps a lot students in this pandemic to stay connected to their teachers ,class fellows etc.
So e-learning would not replace traditional class rooms fully but the trend of online classes will be increased. The traditional schooling for kids and the online classes will go hand and hand in the future. But at elementary level for young kids online mode of education will not be more suitable. Online mode of education will be an obstacle in the physical growth of the children.

Future of Online Classes in Pakistan
The future of online education in country like Pakistan is not bright. There is difference in educational systems of the country. Most of children are getting education from public sector schools and the public sector schools of Pakistan have not much access to the techonolgy.Even during the time of COVID-19 the students of public sector have no access to online classes. On the hand private sector school in Pakistan can continue with the online classes in future.

The writer is a student of M.Sc Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab, Lahore,Pakistan.

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