By Qurrat-ul-Ain Kamal

As you know that due to corona virus, youth is facing many psychological problems we will discuss some of them in our report. One of the main reason of the youth’s psychological problems is online education because of online education our youth is not getting proper environment of study. The schedule which has been given to the students by their teachers of taking online classes in not fixed. The teachers took the online classes whenever they are free and the students have to wait for them to be free. All the teachers gave their assignments with no sequence. Even the deadlines of submitting their assignments does not make any sense. One of the main problem in taking online classes for the students is that when the electricity is gone and students are helpless to take their online classes. That’s why their routine has been disturbed. The load of work assignments on them is so much that they did not sleep appropriately. That’s how they have got migraine and depression.  Online classes does not provide them all the facilities. A massive part of our youth is living in remote areas and they don’t have the internet facility. So they could not be able to take their online classes on time. Another problem of online education is that the students are always on their laptops, mobile phone and desktops because of the loads of work assignment. In this way, many students have lost their eyesight and some of them have increased it a lot.  The brightness of their mobile phones, laptops and desktops is also harmful for their mental health because of this the students have weakened their immune systems. It hampers their thinking process. It also hinders in their sleep and can cause insomnia. The second main reason of the youth’s psychological problems due to corona virus is that the lockdown they had lived in. In that lockdown the youth have gone through post-traumatic stress disorder and they could eat less appropriate diets. They cannot move freely as they were before this pandemic of corona virus. They have been feeling sad, stressed and angry while coping with COVID-19. They have not only feared and depressed about the corona virus disease but also being away from their universities, friends and relatives. Adjusting to new ways of learning and keep working in that atmosphere is hard for them. The third main reason of the youth’s psychological problems is that a larger group of our youth’s parents have been affected due to corona virus because of the financial crisis. They don’t have so much food to eat and water to drink because they don’t have much money. So that the burden of all that depression goes along to our youth and because of that they got frustrated and agitated. Lots of the university students took suicides and some of them took suicidal steps because of that hunger situation. Multiple consequences on the lives of youth chronic and acute stress, worry for their families, unexpected bereavements, sudden university break, and home confinement in many countries, increased time of access to the internet and social media, worry for the economic future of their family and country. The COVID-19 has completely ruined the lives and it causes prolonged psychological effects on our youth.

Some shared thoughts of the stakeholders: 

                            My name is Sophia, I live in Seattle, and an avid 16-year old social media user. Of course, I was ecstatic to hear that I would have no school or homework for over a month because of the coronavirus crisis; however, it wasn’t until about two days in when I started to feel the effects of not being able to see my friends. This is why the Covid-19 Photos for Teens was created. The fact that my first year of high school was likely going to be cut short left me with a feeling of frustration and confusion. As of now, my school has not started online schooling, and I found myself in need of a reason to continue my personal growth. We see photographs every day. Billboards, posters, and cereal boxes are just some examples that exist everywhere around us. As a teenager living in the 21st century, a lot of our input received is through social media. Immediately, I turned to photography to cope with my substantial amount of free time. My eagerness for a creative outlet only grew, and I just wanted to have photo shoots with my friends. Isolation forced me to challenge myself creatively; now instead of being the photographers, I also had to become the model. Due to us being quarantined, we had to step out of our comfort zones and step onto the other side of the camera. These past few days have felt different. It is a strange feeling knowing that billions of people are experiencing the same thing as you. I began to observe my similarities to people living on the other side of the world. Instantly, I was inspired by the surge of creativity coming from young people in a time of limits and restrictions. After all, we are living through textbook history times. A photography contest for high school students had their results posted online, and the comment section was buzzing. Different teenage photographers from around the world were being incredibly supportive of one another, and I saw that many were like me. Lots of kids were searching for a way to express themselves through their photographs, and stay creating during these unique times. Using Instagram’s messaging system, a small group of teen photographers was formed. All of us shared a thirst for new inspiration and the tenacity to continue documenting our lives with our photographs. Constantly adding more and more photographers to the group, we connected through our passions, despite never meeting in person. On March 16, Covid-19 Photos for Teens was created. We are a group of 15 boys and girls from places such as Denmark, India, Canada, and the US. While adults are constantly warning us of the dangers of strangers on the Internet, I have found a community from all over the world that is helping me through a difficult time.

Ibrahim, 18, USA (another stake holder)

“I started to feel different after my local government issued a stay in home order. I felt trapped, anxious… I realized that I couldn’t let this pandemic get the best of me. I started exercising twice a day, making music, studying, and had virtual parties with my friends.”

Another stakeholder

Hi dear friends, I´m a Peruvian girl and during the pandemic I have realized how important I am and what I love to do. Before the pandemic, I dared to learn a new language. The pandemic was not an impediment to continue with my English classes from home. I have learned new things and thank God I can recommend some little things to do during this crisis in English.

First of all, remember…

You’re not alone, my feelings are as important as your feelings

Maybe you miss your family like me, but don´t worry because you can video call them every day. Maybe they may not be with you anymore, but the best thing you can do is remember them with all the love in the world.

A Graph is showing results of psychological problem faced by youth due to corona virus:


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