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PU holds two days international conference on women issues

Lahore: (Monday, November 20, 2020): The International Conference on Women’s Issues was held on 04 and 05 November 2020 under Sirat Chair in the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab. The conference was attended by prominent international and national scholars, and university teachers. The inaugural session began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and Naat Rasool Maqbool.

Welcoming all the guests, Dr. Shahida Parveen, Head Sirat Chair highlighted the aims and objectives of the conference. She saidin her address that Allah, the Exalted, has made both men and women the cause of the continuation of the civilization of Ka’anat and has established a beautiful allied relationship between them. Both of them sometimes give beauty and peace to this universe through beautiful relationships like brother-sister, father-daughter, husband-wife, and sometimes mother-son. 

Allama Zahid Al-Rashidi (Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Jamia Nusratul Uloom, Gujranwala) said in his address that gender education and women’s rights have been his topics of discussion for a long time. “The subject of women’s rights is both ancient and modern, and there is a great need today,” he said.

Dr. Shoaib Sewan (Assistant Professor, Department of Tafsir, University of Social Sciences, Ankara, Turkey) said that Hazrat Ayesha performed the Hadith service, it is a model for women and the method of criticism she adopted is that of a researcher.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi (Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab) in his inaugural address, termed gender discrimination as a social issue. He said that there are two kinds of attitudes. The first is that man is superior to woman and the second is that woman is equal to man. Both these attitudes are not correct. Both of these attitudes did not emerge on their own. These attitudes are not related to our traditions but to the global scenario. A scenario has been created all over the world. In response to this scenario, not only our social problems have deteriorated in this global village but also our perceptions have deteriorated. External elements are more active than internal elements in distorting these notions.

The inaugural session of the conference was followed by seven sessions in which various scholars presented their papers.

In total, 9 papers were presented at the conference. The following are the titles of some important articles



1.Role of women in policymaking: a review of parliament of Pakistan

۲۔جدید ہندوستان میں مسلم  خواتین کی سماجی و تعلیمی خدمات ( حقوق اسلام کے تناظر میں)

3. Social Rights of Women in the Light of Seerah (peace be upon him)

4. Reconciliation in Family Disputes in the Perspective of Islamic Teachings– A Special Study of Pakistani Society

۵۔نکاح مسیار/ مسفار اور خواتین کے سماجی و قانونی حقوق کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ

6. Patriarchal Sexual Harassment Laws, Structural Discrimination in Seerah Perspective.

7. Roles and Rights of Women in the Golden Era of Islam and Todaya Comparative Reflection.

۸۔ سلطنت عثمانیہ میں خواتین کے سماجی حقوق: تاریخی تجزیہ

۹۔ شریک حیات سے جبری مباشرت (Marital Rape)کا مغربی قانون او راسلامی نقطہ نظر

۱۰۔تعلیمی اداروں میں صنفی ہراسانی اور خواتین ـسیرتالنبیﷺکےتناظرمیںتجزیاتیمطالعہ

۱۱۔ ان کیدکن عظیم: تفسیری جائزہ

12. Focus and Characteristics of Indonesian Muslim Feminist


16. Status of women inheritors in Islam: Practices and Challenges in Punjab.


The closing ceremony of the conference was held on November 9. Addressing the closing ceremony, Dr. Akram Nadvi (Professor) said that this topic is very important to me as I spent 5 years of my life studying the activities of women in the light of Hadith. And amazing revelations came out. Abuse of women is a common language in which there are no two opinions. There is no Muslim country in the world where women have complete freedom to work, whether in the field of education or economic guidance.


Dr. Aleem Al-Coptia expressed his views, “The girl of Muslim families is required gender based values. That have been taught and practiced by the HazaratMuhammad(P.B.U.H). As it is known in the society historically influenced of padraha culture that has been discriminate against women and the capital ideology with  always measure everything with money lead women life vulnerable and do not get justice. Feminism work on with belief that women and men are perfect human being. Some society still believe that the rest way of thinking that is deeply rooted and entrance that has put women unworthy and even beneath men. This kind of culture has created many problems and survival issues for women because women are discriminated against and even received many unfair treatment. Therefore feminism movement tries to fight for women though have unequal unfair position including in religious method. Muslim feminist talk about women rights and justice. That is why Muslim feminist movement emerge in Islamic world including Indonesia.”

In her words of thanks, Dr. Shahida Parveen thanked all the guests, essayists and distinguished guests and participants. Hafiz Mohammad Arif Ghanchi highlighted the longing and interest of renowned biographer Dr. Maulana Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui (may Allah have mercy on him) in organizing the conference, as well as his impressions of his personality, followed by another two days of prayers. The World Conference came to an end.


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