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PU ICS provides trained human resource to media industry: Dr. Noshina

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Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies In-charge Director Dr. Noshina Saleem has said that Punjab University is providing trained human resource to media industry as PU TV and FM 104.6 are practical labs for students. She said this in an exclusive interview with The Educationist. Following are the details:

The Educationist: How do you manage your job and household responsibilities?

Dr. Noshina Saleem: Women know how to manage things. They use their skills both inside and outside the house. Education plays important role in managing things because you better understand time management. You know how to focus on your objective. If a person totally understands these things, he/she can manage everything.

The Educationist: In Pakistani society, working women have to face many problem. How do you deal with them?

Dr Noshina Saleem: Undoubtedly, once you leave your house for job, you have to face many problems. But fortunately my family is always very supportive. They always encourage me. In my student life, my family members especially my father  and brothers  never interrupted me in making struggle.

On job, I always get a supportive environment because my colleagues know my character very well. They know that I’m very positive, focused and goal oriented person. In management, a person must take things to the broader level, where things and policies are in the interest of organization.

The Educationist: How many students in the department? Every student has his own demands, how you deal with them?

Dr Noshina Saleem: Every year intake of students in the department is 400-500, so overall strength is almost 1500. I don’t think that they have unnecessary demands. They all should follow rules and regulations. Such as; in exams the attendance criteria is mentioned, if they want to go for a trip, they can arrange it with a faculty member and if they want to invite a guest speaker, we always support them.

The Educationist: You know that there is always need of co-curricular activities along with curricular activities in the department. So, what have you done in this regard?

Dr Noshina  Saleem: I always support students if they want to arrange any co-curricular activities in the department. I am in favour of the creative learning activities and at the prize distribution ceremony, I encourage the students. I personally support the students in every healthy and positive activity.

The Educationist: Sources have told that some students from this department defame it after the completion of their degree. What are your views about them?

Dr.Noshina   Saleem: These type of students try to defame the department for their personal interests. It is their own moral footing. It is their upbringing which forces them to act so. Their parents are responsible for such kind of upbringing. As you know that this has become a trend now a days about defaming the institutions for own personal means. Such students have forgotten the ethics.

The Educationist: Which practical training is being provided to students in department?

Dr.Noshina Saleem: PU TV and FM Radio 104.6 are the best source for practical training. Highly educated and trained professionals train the students. PU ICS provides trained human resource to media industry.

The Educationist: At this stage after achieving your goals, do you still have a certain goal that you want to achieve?

Dr.Noshina   Saleem:Every person who comes in this world has some certain goals. I studied F.Sc (Pre-Medical) but failed to get admission in any medical college. So I moved to social sciences but still my goal was to be a doctor. I completed my ambition by becoming a PhD. My other target was to go abroad for Post doctorate. I have achieved that goal as well.

DR. Waqar Malik, Dr Zahid Mahmood , Dr S.M Zafar, Dr. Noshina Gillani (Director ICS), Salman Ghani, Shafeeq Jalendri.

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