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Child marriages; the vociferations of females in Balochistan


Ali Jan Maqsood

According to the International Treaties and Laws, anyone below the age of 18 is considered a child. Contemporarily, getting them married before the due age is catered a violation of their Human Rights as per International Law for the Children. Sadly, our province Balochistan in Pakistan is confronting serious challenges in this ground leading to disparate child marriages.

According to Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961 of Pakistan, when a child gets into an age of puberty, they can be married. As of a report of National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), puberty in Pakistan is always a never-understood phenomenon. Everyone makes it sound as per their personal experience although it differs from person to person.

On the other hand, the growing child marriages in the province have directly affected the literacy rate of the province_ specifically among the female gender.

According to some estimates, Balochistan’s female literacy rate is only 20 to 23 per cent_ the lowest in the country. It is because of wedding them early, consequently, dropping them out of schools.

“Since childhood I had the wish to serve as a doctor of cancer in future, ” says Drosham, a 16 years old girl in Makran Division who was married to her cousin (33 years old) two years back, “but, I got pregnant after some months of my marriage. My in-laws, after that, compelled me to cease my education.” Tears kept trickling down with her broken words.

Since her grandmother had died of cancer in her early days, she wanted to abandon rest of the people from coming through the tragical time of death due to cancer. Unfortunately, her desires have been killed with the birth of a marriage she had never wondered of.

Kegad hails from Nasirabad village of District Kech in Northern Balochistan. She was determined to becoming a proud daughter for her family and a lawyer in future. Sadly, her family hinders on her way to glory by putting her in the cage of matrimony.

“Looking at my people I felt I needed to walk on the path of advocacy in order to raise my voice as legally as I could after getting to know the laws of the land in details. However, my all dreams were shattered into pieces with my unwanted and rapid marriage.” Cries Kegad on her bad luck.

Another important factor that leads to early marriages of girls is a feeling of insecurity of their future.

“Sahib, we are poor. The greatest worry of ours related to our daughters is their peaceful marriages”, says Illahi Bakhsh from Awaran, “If we do not wed them early, we are afraid they may go unmarried in rest of their lives.”

Most people wed their daughters sooner making the excuse of poverty to raise them in schools. And when they (the girls) get a little bit sense of recognition, they are married off.

“I was only 11 years old when my family married me to my second cousin”, complains Rukhsar, “I did not know what marriage was by then. After almost one year I got pregnant and taken to hospital. When the doctors looked at me, they scolded my mom for wedding me so early.  I was on the verge of death, as per the doctor, but I survived and gave birth to a baby boy.”

Although Rukhsar belonged to a well-to-do family, she was married in an age of playing with toys. Not only Rukhsar, but we have many other teenage girls whose dreams are shattered and voices are silenced. 

All in all, female children have been deprived of their basic rights and their dreams are being robbed. They, although, wish to have gotten education other than getting married, that too without their consent. It is ultimately affecting the prosperity of the region.

Hence, provincial government needs to take strong measures to stop the marriages of children. Since we need more people in education than getting in the bonds of matrimony. There must be some exemplary punishments against those who forcefully try to wed their children early. Proper check and balance is required in the rural part of the province in particular. Hopefully, we will come to an end to child marriages and witness development in the region.

The writer is a student of Law at University Law College Quetta and a former teacher at DELTA in Turbat. He can be reached at alijanmaqsood17@gmail.com and tweets at @Alijanmaqsood12

E-paper Feb 2020


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NutriBiz SUN Pitch Competition Concludes

Islamabad (Staff Report):The NutriBiz Pakistan SUN Pitch Competition was held by the collaboration of SUN Business Network (SBN) Pakistan, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Islamabad chapter. Various dignitaries from the government and nutrition sector of Pakistan attended and participated in the event. The SUN Pitch Competition 2019-20, with the prospective “Rethinking Nutrition Innovations” theme, aimed at highlighting and fostering innovative nutrition solutions in Pakistan.
Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of agriculture globally but suffers from one of the biggest malnutrition plights in the world which has worsened since 2011. To minimize and eliminate the malnutrition burden, SUN Business Network (SBN) Pakistan, with support of GAIN and TiE Islamabad, through SUN Pitch Competition 2019-20, invested in promoting SME-led nutrition-sensitive innovations that presented viable solutions for the food system problems across Pakistan.
Speaking at the occasion, Deputy Country Director, World Food Programme (WFP), Ms. Arnhild Hals Spence said, “The government must set short, medium and long term plans to address the rising trend of malnutrition. Pakistan is a progressing country and we need to understand the situation which has caused such an alarming situation of malnutrition. What we could do is make efforts for ensuring affordability of nutritious and fortified diet to the children.”
The chief guest of the event, Ms. Shandana Gulzar Khan, Member National Assembly, Chairperson Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, said, “Pakistan, one of the top ten exporters of agricultural products in the world, is subjected to one of the biggest hunger issues, which is unfathomable. The market needs to be efficient in allocating resources, ensure the balance of supply and demand, and food provision.
“It’s promising to witness that this completion is promoting the participation of the Pakistani youth in contributing towards the agriculture of Pakistan, health-care, creation of jobs, and the solution of nutritional problems in Pakistan”, she added.
To achieve success in accelerating innovations across the food systems of Pakistan, the collaboration of innovation ecosystem stakeholders in the food system is instrumental. This collaboration will allow stakeholders to comprehensively work on a common agenda, approach and prioritize actions to collectively act on and invest in accelerating promising innovations.” said Zeeshan Shahid, Executive Director, TiE Islamabad
Mr. Faiz Rasool, Head of Programs GAIN Pakistan, said, “We aim to refine the current global discourse on food innovations to challenges, and support local SMEs and entrepreneurs in Pakistan to identify and scale-up disruptive, appropriate and commercially viable innovations. These solutions proposed today will address the current and future challenges that impede consumption of nutritious and safe foods for all, especially for low-income consumers.”
A total of ten SMEs selected from across Pakistan pitched their innovative ideas in nutrition solutions to a panel of judges. Poulta Inc., a SaaS-based poultry solution that aims to disrupt the poultry industry of Pakistan through a data-driven monitoring system and analytics to help farmers detect early, predict and take measures to prevent their problems, was declared the winner of the SUN Pitch Competition Pakistan 2019-20. Poulta Inc. will now go on to receive additional mentorship and training before competing in the Global SUN Pitch Competition in Singapore.
An informative and enlightening panel discussion on Food systems for nutrition. How to accelerate nutrition focused innovations across the food system in Pakistan – challenges, opportunities and way forward was also organized through which the present challenges faced by the food system in Pakistan, and the necessary steps to overturn these problems were proposed a panel of experts.
The event was concluded by guests visiting a marketplace set up at the event which showcased the solutions presented by the participating SMEs.

Youth Challenge calls on young innovators to design solutions to improve education, employment and civic empowerment

The Youth Challenge is part of Generation Unlimited – a multi-sector public-private global partnership enabling young people to become productive and engaged members of society

Islamabad (Staff Report): Today, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) launched the second edition of the ‘Generation Unlimited’ Youth Challenge in Pakistan, in partnership with the School of Leadership Foundation.

The Youth Challenge, which takes place in over 40 countries worldwide, calls on young innovators aged 14-24 to design solutions to improve education, employment and civic engagement. It aims to inspire young people who have brilliant ideas, but not the resources to bring them to life, giving them a chance to lead.

A Pakistani team made of three talented young women – Red Code — was one of the five global winners of the 2018-2019 Youth Challenge. Their project supports better menstrual hygiene for disadvantaged girls and women in Pakistan, providing them with reusable cloth pads. Those are stitched by home-based workers to support self-sustaining micro-entrepreneurship.

“Pakistan’s young people are a major resource for social and economic progress,” said Ms. Aida Girma, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan. “The Youth Challenge is an opportunity to discover their innovative ideas and works with them to co-create solutions for the world of tomorrow. This is at the core of Generation Unlimited, a multi sectoral, global partnership which helps prepare young people for a future of decent work and active citizenship.”

More than 300 teams applied to the 2019/2020 Youth Challenge, out of which 11 teams were shortlisted and took part in design workshops in Islamabad this week. This year’s theme is “Opening Doors, Knowledge and skills for Empowered Youth”. Today, the five most promising teams were awarded USD 1,000 each in funding; they will also be provided with mentoring to support the projects’ implementation. In June 2020, the most promising solutions will be submitted at the global level, with each winning team receiving further funding of up to $20,000, along with a tailored global incubation programme from Generation Unlimited partners, to support them to scale.

“Pakistan is a young country with 68 percent population under the age of 30” said Mr. Ignacio Artaza, Resident Representative a.i. UNDP Pakistan. “The youth face considerable problems in accessing meaningful opportunities for social engagement and economic empowerment. UNDP is responding to these challenges through targeted interventions and partnerships, such as this challenge. We are focusing on equipping young people with the technical skills and knowledge to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive labor market and thus opening doors for them.”

The Youth Challenge is part of Generation Unlimited, a global partnership working to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens. It connects secondary-age education and training to employment and entrepreneurship, empowering every young person to thrive in the world of work.

What damage future magnetic storms will cost?

Kalim ur Rahman

The Carrington Event was witnessed in Queensland, Australia from August 28 till September 2, 1859.

The year 1989 witnessed yet another geomagnetic storm; the day was March 13, when the Quebec, province of Canada witnessed a blackout day, which is called Quebec Blackout.

The science which is connected with planet earth encompasses geosciences or earth science among others. Containing old histories, this is considered as a part of planetary science while it possesses holistic and reductionist approaches in the science of the planet earth. This discipline can cope with lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere or hydrosphere. Quantitative understanding has been developed by the scientists to understand the earth systems with the tools by mathematics, physics, chronology, biology, chemistry alike which help to know about how the earth is evolved.

According to a news release from NASA, coronal mass ejections caused by geomagnetic storms have been enhanced in strength; as from G1 to G5, they were rated G3 in 2012. The earth planet is surrounded and by bubbles of magnetic fields, while rapid changes in the earth magnetosphere was witnessed due to activities that happened on sun, which caused geomagnetic storm. With earth’s magnetic fields, coronal mass ejections were mingled; as a result, the storm became mild in intensity reported in the month of March in the corresponding year.

On the other hand, the geomagnetic storms have been intensified and enhanced in their frequency as magnetic fields of coronal mass ejections indulges with that of the earth that causes change of direction and leave more radiation and magnetic energy into the environment of the planet earth. Solar Hemispheric Observatory and Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory models used by NASA have gathered more knowledge about the reported coronal mass ejections which were associated with flares that erupted in the same corresponding month. These flares crossed the speed of 1100 miles per second which according to the scientists may put effect on the environment of the earth and the mars as well. It was predicted that the coronal mass ejections or high speed stream (co-rotating interaction region leading edge when reach the earth may result in disruptions to power systems (grids), radio communications with high frequencies, and global positioning system. In the solar cycle, the largest and intense flares in the year 2012 were erupted by the sun. These were reported to be at x5.4 scientific ratings, which made them the second largest flares after the year 2011 which stood at x6.9.

This is considered as the 11-year solar cycle which is normal in circumstances. At this period, the occurrences on the surface of the sun are at their height. In the geomagnetic storm where coronal mass ejections are associated with that of the earth’s own; this conjunction dumps magnetic fields and solar particles into the atmosphere of the planet earth causing a geomagnetic storm. An aurora can be witnessed in such kind of storms which was seen in the year 2012, where the signaling system on earth was interrupted. With sunspot cycle, the intensity and frequency of the geomagnetic storm is bolsters and reduces. 

This storm has three phases, first is initial phase which is also considered as storm sudden commencement. On the other hand, not every occurrence of the geomagnetic storm has the initial phase. Second phase is known as the main phase, its duration varies between estimated two to eight hours, while the third phase is known as recovery phase, which can have a time period from eight hours to seven days long. The magnetic field could be of south of north orientation, while in the southern and northern poles of the planet earth, auroras can be witnessed.

During the solar cycle, the Carrington Event or the solar storm of the year 1859 has been an example of a powerful geomagnetic storm when earth magnetosphere was collided with coronal mass ejections which caused the biggest reported geomagnetic storms ever. English astronomers Richard Hodgson and Richard Carrington recorded the white colored light flare that emerged in the solar photosphere. According to the experts, this type of intense solar storm with high magnitudes may cause widespread disorders in the modern civilizations. As far as the geomagnetic storm of the year 2012 is concerned, which was of same magnitude of the one reported in 1859; it did not struck with earth however it passed the orbit.

The Carrington Event was witnessed in Queensland, Australia from August 28 till September 2, 1859. The aurora was witnessed from poles of Hawaii and Cuba. Though these auroras were witnessed around the world, it was recorded by earth based magnetometers. This heavy and intense storm caused failure of telegraph systems in all North America and Europe. The people who were out at the time of occurrence of the storm viewed luminous clouds like hues with prism effects that looked gorgeous, brilliant and wonderful.  

The year 1989 witnessed yet another geomagnetic storm; the day was March 13, when the Quebec, province of Canada witnessed a blackout day, which is called Quebec Blackout. This state suffered electric power blackout; though we witness many blackouts in other parts of the planet, yet this kind of occurrence was drastically changed as it was caused by the geomagnetic storm. The day was Friday when astronomers were encounters with an intense and huge explosion on the surface of the sun. In a matter of minutes, a billion tone gas could was released by the sun which was equal of the energy of thousands of nuclear bombs if they were exploded simultaneously. With the speed of a million miles an hour, the outburst was accompanied by solar flare caused short term interference in the radio signals that also jammed radio signals from Radio Free Europe into the Russia. Electrically charged particles’ gas hit the magnetic field of the planet earth; this geomagnetic storm superb lighting was witnessed by as far as Cuba and Florida.

The intensity of its magnitude was incredible. The North America was affected by the magnetic disturbance which created electrical charges beneath the north. This high intensity shock caused failure of the entire Quebec power grid stations. Millions of people found them in complete blackout and struck in the electric tubes/ tunnels for pedestrians, with stalled elevators. This all happened suddenly not exceeding two minutes.

The 12 hours long blackout caused closure of businesses, schools, markets and electric transport system. Over 200 power grids failures and problems were reported all across the United State, NASA also reported disturbance in the satellite operations during this geomagnetic storm, The Discovery, space shuttle, was also encountered with mysterious disorders.

In the United States, Lloyd’s of London and Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) scientists and researchers conducted a joint venture in the year 2013 to assess that if such a magnetic storm (Carrington Event type) hits the earth’s orbit, what would it cost the world especially the United States, which stood at 0.6 to 2.6 trillion dollars.  A storm of such a huge intensity that occurred in the year 1989 called ‘Quebec Blackout’ has become a historical lesson for the rest of the world, especially for the scientists and the electrical engineers. Fortunately, such kinds of high intensity and powerful geomagnetic storms are occurred rarely.

Writer Kalim ur Rahman is The Educationist Islamabad Bureau Chief. He can be contacted at: klmaqua@gmail.com

“Paan ki peek”

Hafsa Ahmad

This is not an official way to start an article but I think the title has successfully grabbed your attention so, here we go!

What would you feel, if you visit Anarkali; wearing all white spotless Kurta and coming back home with floral patterns of coral red, sprayed on the front of your shirt, probably agitated?

But it threw me all the way back in the soothing lap of my Bibi gee ; eating something like a wrapped leaf with aromatic spices in it and always keeping her sandooqchi (silver box) close to her bed and always carrying this betel leaf thing closer to her heart.

I, asking with widened eyes, ‘‘Bibi gee, is main kya hy?’’(What is in this silver box, grandma?) And she, always repeating the same answer to me “bachay is main mera ghar hy” (My home dear!). Wondering and showing that I have gotten her, I always used to leave her in a state of bafflement, not exposed to the idea of finding home in inanimate objects. Absolutely clueless that what sort of gravitational force these petty cornucopias hold, what laws of attraction pull you back to the rich culture you once were a part of.

And one day, she left her sandooqchi on her bedside for good, which ended up being a useless box, rusting; in a lone nook of our store room. In this manner as well, the stain on my white Kurta, I am eternally grateful to it because like a long lost beloved toy, it brought memories and peace.

Localized pleasures like Paan, Huqqah, turban used to be the epitomic esteem of our culture. The stiffness of freshly laundered cotton turban; its Karrak sound , and the gurrgurr of huqqah was nothing less than the melodious boast of elite class, corresponding the shaan (esteem) of the elders of our family.

It won’t be wrong if we claim that this particular delicacy sprout from this very land of ours. Carrying a whole legacy of Muhajirs (who are the ones doing business in import, export and cultivation of betel leaves in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh), paan succeeded in maintaining its special place in the torn pieces of subcontinent, independently.

Manto was enjoying it at occasions, Ghalib enjoyed it decades back, we still do but under the strict terms of legal ban. The “culture representing peek” has been reduced to a mere symbol of unsophisticated manners and a stain representing probability of oral cancer.

Not making any offense on the part of our cultural symbols, the shaan and esteem of this elegance has been replaced by the authentic precautions and advices of doctors. No-no! We haven’t abandoned it because doctors say it’s harmful, we still chew it, still serving a long menu of Meetha Paan, Saad apaan, Silver paan, Dilruba paan and so on_ it is just that it has lost the classic charm.

Well, I myself am not in the favor of consuming dyed stones in the name of Supari and betel leaves, that are everything else, but betel leaves but neither I favor snatching one’s integrity and identity as an object of luxury.

I am not deaf, I can hear the shrills, somewhere, far away, in the dark nooks and crannies, these barn red stains somewhere in the territory of the walled city, somewhere in Shahi Mohalla, on the walls, under the always moving in different footsteps of this generation; it mourns on being deprived of its place, its royal symbolic existence.

The writer is a student at Department of English Language and Literature, University of the Punjab, Lahore and can be contacted via the following email address:hafsaahmad600@gmail.com

The Educationist-January, 2020

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Generation Gap


By:Alina Shahid

According to Cambridge Dictionary, “A situation in which older and younger people don’t understand because of different experiences like opinion, habits and behavior”
I would like to give an overview on generation gap. I thought it’s trending in all types of generations. It’s like a war between younger people and their elders. Both the generations considering each other as their enemies. But both of generations are not wrong either younger or older. A huge difference is present between them and that difference is known as generation gap. Both are right in their own way. Because both of them are talking about their era. Every generation has its new trend new opinions and views. But in current era the main difference of thinking between parents and their offspring is the use of technology.  We are living in a world where technology is everything.

According to Thomas Jefferson, “Every generation needs new revolution” If we talk about technology then everything has its Pros and cons. We as young are very well familiar about technology but our elders and parents are not accepting this shit. Technology has many uses but its misuses are also with it. Due to this we are forgetting our cultural and traditional demands, and we aren’t fulfilling our elder’s demand that they are expecting from us. That’s why they called this technology shit. So here we have discussed technology but there are also many other aspects of generation gap. Second aspect is Respect. Respect is like a wall that is standing between children and their parents and that wall doesn’t develop mutual love between elder and younger people instead of developing love that wall creates fear that isn’t a positive inspiration but a negative inspiration between both of these generations. Respect decreases the mutual love between elder and older people.                              

For e.g; we take a relationship of father and son its necessary for a son to respect his father and due to these formalities father and son can’t come close to each other.

A worth saying by a wiser man is that, “If two persons are sitting together and they have nothing to say so assumed that they are father and son”
I am not saying that respect isn’t a necessary element for parents but my point of view is that due to this respect that is based on fear due to this children can’t come close to their parents. Some children are very friendly with their parents but majority of children can’t convey their message and thoughts to their parents so there is a need of mutual understanding between parents and their offspring.

If I share my personal views with all of you so to be honest we are not close to each other. The purpose of this article is that I wanted to all the parents and children please develop a relationship in which you respect and love each other with heart that respect isn’t based on fear, a relationship in which you share all your thoughts and feelings with each other.
I would like to finish my article by saying that parents have to develop a soft corner for their children, they have to listen them carefully. Being parents you have to understand what your children want to say you and you have to understand that what they want to convey. They need to give them space so they can walk freely and can take decisions according to their choice. They have to be at their backs. Once I was studying a book so I got a very good message “A daughter can get a lot of confidence from her father house she can’t never get that type of confidence from anywhere in the world”. So being parents it’s your duty to listen up your child. And being a children it’s our duty we have to listen our parents, respect them with heart and we should not forget our religious, cultural and traditional demands. You both have to work hard to decrease this gap. “Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the account is established”.

Alina Shahid is a blogger and student of Botany at Government College University Faisalabad.

Invisible democracy in Pakistan


By Ali Jan Maqsood

Pakistan is currently listed among the democratic countries in the world. However, democracy in the country has always been an invisible phenomenon when it comes to practical life. One witnesses no wave of democracy but of entitled only.

Pakistan has always been ruled by the ‘family’ parties; Pakistan Peoples Party of Bhutto-Zardari family, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), of the Sharif dynasty etc. Albeit, a recent change in the setup of governance (Mr. Imran Khan Niazi’s regime) sparked the hope of the countrymen of eyeing ‘tabdeeli’ which is the slogan of Mr. Khan’s party and the chants of ‘naya Pakistan’, however, there has appeared nothing notable that describes the ‘tabdeeli’ or ‘Naya Pakistan’ of Mr. Khan yet.

He, initially demanded solely 90 days from the population of the state of the appearance of change, the said ‘change’ has failed to be visible in the state after more than a year of his rule in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Most dishearteningly, the blame game among the political parties in the country elections per elections has proven to be dangerous for the democratic continuity of the state. It has, eventually, created an image of a totally corrupt system of Pakistan globally.

The recent lessening of worth of Pakistan’s largest business project, China Pakistan Economic Corridor, by the Chinese business community is all a result of the negative statements of the current government blaming the ex leaders of the country as corrupt. The Chinese have, by then, ceased many projects happening in Pakistan with the support of CPEC, biggest of which is the incomplete corridor from the port city Gwadar to China.

The Chinese government, right after the defamatory statement of Mr. Khan’s government, sat a commission to inquire if the spoken words of Mr. Khan were true, ending up with unveiling the corruption done by our former leaders putting the funds of CPEC in their set-accounts in and out of the country.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has, indeed, caught several ex ministers in the cases of filling their bank accounts using the funds of national projects. Many development projects in the country have been delayed only because the funds, which were to be awarded to these works, were illegally transferred to the anonymous bank accounts which were actually of the leaders of the state.

Besides this, the recent downfall of two ministers, Akbar Askani and Sardar Abdul Rahman Khetran, of Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) in Balochistan in the case of impure elections is yet another throw back of the democracy in the country. The mentioned ministers were reported to have used illegal tactics to win elections and thus were impeached by the Tribunal Court.

Despite the Court has directed the Election Commission to conduct re-election in these stations, the clouds of doubts would appear regardless of the coming elections.

How are we supposed to defeat the curse of corruption and bringing back the democracy in practice when the state is insecure to conduct elections on merit base?

All in all, Pakistan has, in every decade, lacked democracy in the real sense. Although, many times the military rulers have practiced to have imposed Martial Law by squashing the myth of democracy in Pakistan, but have always given losses to the country for long term.

The state, in spite of being rich in natural resources and owning a perfect geography, has always vociferated in giving birth to leaders protecting the public interest and enhancing the worth of democracy. Pakistan has thus failed to enlist herself among the developed countries by now.

The state, in such circumstances, need to work more on creating young leaders by sensationalizing the political platforms in university level brainstorming the young leaders of being more patriotic towards the state. The country direly requires political dynamics to give birth to democracy, not in paper only but in practical life too.

The writer is a former teacher at DELTA in Turbat and a student of Law at University Law College Quetta. He can be reached at alijanmaqsood17@gmail.com and tweets at @Alijanmaqsood12

Dowry; a curse


By Alina Shahid

According to Oxford dictionary, “An amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage”. Here I’m going to discuss some demerits of dowry. In simple ‘dowry is a curse.’ And in our society especially in Asian countries we warmly welcomed this curse. But it’s really more common in low society and in those people who are less educated and having conservative minds. They prefer property over a woman. Property is more preferable for them. But they can’t see the hidden aspects behind this curse. They demand for dowry as it’s their legal right. We don’t think that many girls are taken as a burden in their families because they think that they can’t deliver dowry to their daughters. Many girls committed suicide just due to overcome their family burden. Many girls are thrown on roads by people and murdered because their families can’t take over their burden. So they thought that they should be killed and these girls have no right to live according to them.

Secondly a big curse is dominating in our society that daughters are burden and curse but you’re wrong “Daughters are blessing of ALLAH”. You’ve to understand daughter isn’t a curse but dowry is a curse that we accepted happily. We should have to change this trend. We should give proper education to our sons so they become familiar about their responsibilities and stand up for their family facilities.

According to Prophet P.B.U.H, “The best Nikkah is one in which least amount of money has been spent”. Dowry is not an Islamic tradition. Those who ask for money, give them charity not your blessed daughter.

There are some steps to overcome this curse.
1. Educate yours daughters so they can stand up on their feet and find difference between good or evil.
2. Listen to them carefully so they can be familiar about their worth.
3. Treat them equally without any discrimination. In our society males are considered superior to females.
4. Encourage them to have their own career and give them a lot of confidential power so they can choose a better person for their life.

Now it’s up to you what is most important for you whether a curse or ALLAH’S blessing. I hope all will get my point.  

The writer is a student of Botany at Government College University, Faisalabad.                                         

Hamid Ismail Foundation organises tree plantation drive

ISLAMABAD (6/1/2020):- Tree plantation drive was organised by Hamid Ismail Foundation at Quaide-Azam Residency, Karachi.
The aim of Hamid Ismail Foundation is to make Karachi a clean city and planting trees is the first step to make the environment healthy and clean. 100 trees were planted at Quaid e Azam Residency.

The event started at 3 pm with recitation of Holy Quran followed by Hamid Ismail welcome address to guests.
First tree was planted by Hamid Ismail followed by other guests. Students were also invited from different schools who were very enthusiastic and were waving small flags throughout the event.
It was good to see patriotic future generation who cared about saving this earth. Students also helped in planting the seeds of some fruit trees.

It is a great initiative taken by Hamid Ismail Foundation. There is a need to save and plant trees to have a better and healthy environment for us and the generations to come. It is the time we all step up and work towards giving back to this motherland.
The event was attended by Mr. Moeed Anwar – Chairman DMC East • Mr. Rehan Hashmi – Chairman DMC Central • Mr. Nayyer Raza – Chairman DMC Korangi . Mr. Ahmed Ali Siddiqui – Deputy Commissioner East • Mr. Shehryar Gul Memon – Deputy Commissioner Korangi • Mr. Muhammad Ghazaal – COO Saylani Welfare Trust • Mr. Saleem Baloch – MPA PPP • Mr. Sardar Ali – Minister of Culture and Tourism.

2019 – year of crisis for Pakistan higher education

M Sharif Rana

The year 2019 remained very abstruse for higher education in Pakistan with major cuts in budget, lessening of scholarships, increment in fee and regular protest demonstrations by teachers’ federation. On the other hand, the government appointed regular vice chancellors in many universities, announced establishment of six new universities in various parts of Punjab province and launched Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for needy students in 2019.

During the year 2019, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government reduced Higher Education Commission (HEC) budget up to 20 percent as compared to 2018-19. Only 28.64 billion were allocated for HEC under the public sector development program (PSDP) for 2019-20 against 35.830 billion in the year 2018-19. HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri stated in a press conference that they had demanded Rs. 59 billion for development budget, but could succeed in getting only Rs. 28 billion from the government.

Public sector universities ran short of resources as 2019 was a challenging year to salaries to the faculty and staff besides brining many development projects to a halt. HEC passed on the budget cuts pressure to universities forcing many universities to increase number of admissions. Universities have also started new programs to increase their revenue. Many launched admissions to various degrees in weekend and afternoon programs.

Universities increased the number of seats without increasing faculty members thus causing deterioration in quality and standard of education. Due to heavy teaching load, teachers cannot find time for research and supervision of students. All these measures adopted by universities increased the strain on faculty members and students.

Similarly, some universities also increased semester fee. Pakistan’s top ranking Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad increased semester fee from Rs 60,000 to 90,000. Increase in semester fee has shut the doors of higher education for students belonging to poor and rural background. Many students could not get admission due to unaffordable expenses thus widening the class difference further.

A student Sidra while talking to The Educationist said, ‘’My father is a rickshaw driver who earns only 20 thousand per month. I meet my university expenses by teaching students but now, due to increase in semester fee, it is harder for me to continue my studies”.

Scholarships were also decreased in the year 2019. Rs 350 million were kept for the scholars returning after completion of their PhDs, while Rs 520 million for Fulbright Scholarship Support Program HEC-USAID. In the year 2017-18, Rs 550 million had been earmarked for the Fulbright scholarships support program of HEC-USAID phase-2, while Rs 527 million had been allocated for Pak-USAID Merit and Need Based scholarship program. A new scholarship scheme named “Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship” was also started during the year 2019.

During the year, out of total amount allocated for HEC, around 24,887 million were spent on ongoing schemes, while 4160 million were earmarked for new projects. While in the year 2017-18, out of 35.662 billion allocated for HEC, 9188.651 million had been spent on ongoing schemes and 26474.150 for new projects.

The PTI government also allotted Rs. 229 million for development of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Campus-ii (phase-2) Chakri Road Rawalpindi, 350 million for enhancement of research facilities at UVAS, Pattoki campus in fiscal year 2019. Rs 800 million rupees were also allocated for establishment of sub-campus of public sector universities at district level. It is noteworthy that HEC announced 17 new projects for the year 2019 but during 2018, 43 new schemes were included in HEC projects. 

Termination of BA/BSc degrees was another major step taken by the Higher Education Commission in 2019. HEC launched a new degree program called Associate Degree Program by replacing BA/BSc degree – thus making a useless exercise which was not more than a mare change of the degree nomenclature.

According to Times Higher Education Ranking 2019, Quaid-i-Azam University stood from  401-500 in world ranking, COMSATS University Islamabad ranked 601-800 while University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and International Islamic University, Islamabad ranked between 801–1000.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) and University of the Punjab (PU) Lahore, also sustained the position of 801-1000. Bahauddin Zakariya University(BZU) Multan, University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore, Government College University Lahore, University of Peshawar, PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, University of Sargodha and University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore sustained the position of 1000+ according to Times Higher Education ranking.

According to QS World Ranking of Universities, only seven Pakistani varsities managed to make their place to top 1000. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) Islamabad stood at the highest rank among Pakistani universities at 397th position in international ranking, followed by NUST Islamabad at 417th spot while Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad was between 551-560th position. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) ranked 701-750th, Comsats Institute of Information Technology 751-800 and University of Engineering and Technology (UET) was among 801-1000 in the QS ranking.

It is encouraging that PTI govt announced to build six new universities during the year. These included North Punjab University at Chakwal, University of Mianwali, University of Kohsaar Murree, University at Bhakar, and Baba Guru Nanak University in Nankana Sahib. A campus of Government College University Faisalabad was also approved for construction in Hafizabad. Construction of Baba Guru Nanak International University also started at Nankana Sahib during the year 2019.

It is also reported that 102 PhD scholars including 81 males and 21 females, sent to foreign universities on HEC funded scholarships whose degrees were to complete in 2019, did not return to the country.  These scholars were university teachers. They didn’t come back and resume their jobs. As punitive measures, the government cancelled their passports and put their names in exit control list. It is worthy to mention here that an amount of Rs 1.60 billion was spent for their abroad study.

During the year 2019, PM’s Advisor on Higher Education and former HEC chairman Dr. Atta ur Rehman did not seem satisfied with HEC’s policies. In a statement, he said that “it is time for government to revive the higher education system. There is no better way to destroy a country than to destroy its education system. The HEC sent only about 1700 scholars for training abroad during 2013-2018; this number should have been ten-fold higher. The expansion of universities without adequate attention to availability of qualified faculty has dealt a fatal blow to the higher education sector”, he remarked.

The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) held protest demonstrations across the country. On a call of the federation president, secretary and provincial office-bearers university faculty members observed protests in their respective institutions on a weekly basis every Tuesday against HEC budget cuts, teachers’ tax relaxation withdrawal and other policy issues.   

The writer is a staff member and he can be contacted at: mshareef844@gmail.com

Cancer; a disease or business?


Nida Eman

Cancer is not a disease, but a business… what? but how?

American author G Edward Griffin revealed in his book “World without Cancer” that there is no disease called cancer. It’s just a deficiency of Vitamin B17. Its cure has been discovered long ago. Cancer can be cured with the help of Vitamin B17. This thing was hidden from the world so that cancer industry could flourish, from which they earned billions of income.

The food containing Vitamin B17 included fruit stones, kernel, bitter almond and seeds. Especially apricot nucleus (fruit stone) and wheat bud is a miraculous anti-cancer medicine. It is the rich source of strongest anti-cancer matter named laetrile. Laetrile is the extracted form of vitamin B17 and also called amygdalin.

The American pharmaceutical industry has started implementing the law forbidding laetrile production.

After research on vitamin B17 I talked to different oncologists to know more about B17. Some doctors refused to talk about it and some tried to explain according to their knowledge. In this regard I visited Inmol cancer hospital, Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital, Hameed Latif hospital and Mayo hospital.

Some doctors told that neither there is clinical trials regarding B17 nor any proper research published in any valid scientific journal and it did not approved by American FDA yet, so we do not recommend it. On the other hand some doctors confess that they have seen benefits of vitamin B17 in their cancer patients and it can be used as alternative treatment if someone has problem with Chemo therapy. Confusion increased after come to know the oncologist’s opinion difference.

There is different opinion about B17. Some people consider it a myth where as some defend it with the example of “Scurvy’. We would recall that in the past, a disease named scurvy, took the life of numerous people and a number of people got an enormous income from it. Afterward it was discovered that scurvy was just a deficiency of vitamin C. now a days there is no disease named scurvy. Cancer is also just like that.

Now let’s talk about the background of Vitamin B17. The controversy actually began back in 1908 when John Beard, a professor of embryology at the University of Edinburgh, suggested that malignant tumors–cancer–might be cured by the effective use of ordinary enzymes (instead of the maiming surgery, poisonous chemotherapy, or burning radiation used by the modern medical establishment).

Both Dr. Beard and his theory were ridiculed by the scientists of the day. In 1938 Edinburgh professor’s work was picked up and continued by Dr. Ernst Krebs and his son, Ernst Krebs, Jr. The Krebs, in fact, devoted their lives to nutrition therapy. Out of that labor came “The Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer,”. According to them Laetrile, actually vitamin B-17, can fill this deficiency when properly administered in combination with other vitamins and enzymes.

After that in 1978 Dr. Harold W. Manner, Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Biology Department of Chicago’s Loyola University, in his book named “Death of cancer” has stated that the success of cancer treatment with laetrile is as high as above 90%. In an interview he told that he has documented case studies of work done with both laboratory animals and human beings which prove it. After the claim Dr Manner had to face harassment by FDA/AMA. He was threatened that if cannot back up his claims  he can-quit simply kiss his 30-year long career goodbye.

Now here are the few thought provoking questions:

Why cancer treatment is too much expensive?

Why B17 is banned? Whereas Mexico still smuggle B17 to America.

According to some onco0logists vitamin B17 can be used as an alternative cancer treatment, then why clinical trials did not start yet?

Why scientist had to face threat those have done research on B17 and why they were stop to publish their work in medical journals?

According to cancer pharmaceutical industries, vitamin B17after enter into body converted in cyanide which is a poison. It can destroy cancer cells but also harmful for healthy tissues so the question is should we avoid the eatable things which contain B17?

If we talk about the chemo therapy, it has the same side effects on body which are told about vitamin B17. Then why people don’t avoid expensive chemo therapy and go for alternative like B17?

Why vitamin B17 banned? Are they afraid that if vitamin B17 get popular among the people then cancer industry will be closed?

Is there something fishy?

After show the facts and figures conclusion up to you.

The writer is a student of Mass Communication at University of the Punjab, Lahore and can be reached at nidaashafqat73@gmail.com

Suffering of generations of Farmers- Will it end?


When will we own our farmers and not only their products?

Improving Quality in Agriculture Sector in Pakistan

Fatima Khalid


The backbone of human body is the most critical part of the body, acting as a communicator and a major support between body parts and brain. Appling this concept to a country, if a country’s backbone breaks, is it possible for a country to stand upright or lift its burden, the answer is pretty simple, a big no.

Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan since beginning. With the rise of agriculture in initial years, today we observe a downfall on agriculture and the rural progression. The annual agricultural growth rate averaged just 2.8 percent in recent years signifying drop from growth rates than the previous two decades.With the passing years, a rapid increase in the population can be observed, which yields to a 5% decrease in the agricultural labor force and this decline is expected to be expand further. It accounting for over 21 percent of GDP, 45 percent of total labor force engaged with this sector. Around 63 percent of country population live in rural areas is indirectly or directly linked with this sector for their livelihood. Agriculture sector has strong linkage with the rest of the economy that is unnoticed in statistics. While on the Other hand, it is the primary supplier of raw materials to downstream industry, that contributing significantly to Pakistan’s export; it is the largest market for industrial manufactured goods such as pesticides, fertilizers, tractors and agriculture equipment’s. Predictor variable comprises five sub-sectors include Major, Minor crops, livestock’s, fisheries and forestry. Major crops consist of cotton, rice, wheat and sugarcane etc. and contribute 6.5% solely to the GDP. Cotton is the main non-food crop that is used as a raw material for the textile industry. Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton. Rice and Wheat are the major food crop out of which rice is also one of the main export items of the country. Sugarcane is another important crop grown for sugar and sugar related products. Minor crops consist of oil seeds, vegetables, pulses, chilies and other small crops. Oil seed crops include cottonseeds, rapeseed/mustard, sunflower and canola etc. With such a large contribution to the sustainability of Pakistan, it would be expected that a large agricultural infrastructure would exist to satisfy the need for a quality agriculture division but unfortunately the reality is quite opposite.2

Quality product should be the aim of any business. Quality products whether it be the crops, the transparent procedure or the yield itself. In this research paper I would be discussing how we can improve quality of agriculture with regard to two perspectives,

  1. Issues and solution in Production
  2. Issues and solution in Procedures


I would start my discussion with what Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa (South African politician) said, “We need to transform our rural areas, restore the land to its rightful owners, and significantly grow our agricultural output.” Throughout the world, the first step to solve any issue is to identify the problem otherwise failure will greet you at your doorsteps, and only then quality can be implemented and wonders can be seen. So, in the first paragraph we will talk about issues leading to solution in second paragraph. In the past few decades, agriculture has seen a dark period where farmers have got nothing in their fate except exploitation. There are various factors behind the breakage of backbone of Pakistan. Some of them take us back to history and others roots are planted in today’s technology advances.

The issues I have analyzed that are in the way of quality are inequitable unjust distribution of Resources and Power, they are denied of their basic rights, landlords get their share and farmers are left with nothing other than sweat and some pennies because no defined procedures are there and some of them which are there are manipulated by landowners and middlemen. Though growth in population would have led to an advantage of more yield and more productivity but illiteracy has held their feet with ropes leading to burden only. As the Prime minister of Pakistan says, corruption is the root cause of everything and that is what happened here as well. Government has played a major role in poor governance, rampant corruption, rapid deterioration in ethical norms, poor policy, Non-existent analyses, poorer data, rapidly diminishing domestic capacity to formulate or Implement Reform, false bravado, increasing reliance on donors for analyses and support, circumstances out of our control, domestic terrorism and misuse of power. This does not end here when natural calamities hit farmers as well, water crisis is looming around the corner, earthquakes, floods, and an attitude of Waiting for Allah to do everything– Manna from heaven or from Kerry Lugar or from the IMF? No independent foresight and action these constraints have driven the Economy to the Precipice – And Agriculture functions as a neglected sector in this depressing scenario.

Not only in Pakistan, but all around the world unequal distribution of resources and power is the main issue. Absence of land reforms. Land reforms refer to the government backed changing in the law and regulations for the transfer of ownership of agricultural land evenly in the whole state (Kinsey, 1999). Due to the absence of the land reforms in Pakistan the subsidies and other farmer based incentives given by the government are enjoyed by the landlords and the farmer with small land holding suffers in the end (Haq, 2012). About 2 percent of households has a complete hold on the 45 percent of the land area. Progressive and politically influenced farmers have also taken advantage of government subsidies in agriculture and water sectors, and benefited from technological improvements which have boosted yields on their large farms while the small farmer is unable to enjoy these benefits (World Bank, 2003). Absence of the land reforms is also bringing about negative changes in the society and is resulting in an over increasing rate of poverty and consequently there is an increased rate of the negative behavior in society (IRINEWS, 2009). Quality cannot be maintained unless each of the parties equally participate whether it is government, middleman, farmers or the buyers and sellers. Defective land tenure system is also responsible for low yield per acre in agricultural sector. Landlords and feudal-lords live in posh urban areas while tenants and peasants have no or less incentive for their hard work. So, the productivity in agricultural sector remains low.

Another important perspective is our farmers are living in an unknown world far from the world of technology. They are still stuck on conventional farming practices. He traditional practices are more common in the developing countries like Pakistan and these practices are mainly due to the smaller farm size as the small level peasant is unable to bear the farm expenses and result in low yield per unit area (Khawaja, 2013). They are resistant in investing in new technologies mainly because of illiteracy, lack of finances and no interest of government to take practical steps to educate and encourage them. A hidden factor that is swept underground and I feel is most important factor is the “Middleman”. This does not only prove to be a hurdle to improve the status of farmers but also hinders the farmer’s potential to produce quality product and creates doubt on the procedure as well (Khan, 2010). For this reason, the farmer fails to get the real price of his hard work and inputs. Small peasants are unable to access the market and get the rate that is the original price of the commodity (Malik et al, 1989) that is neither the farmers are satisfied nor the consumer.

Quality means customer satisfaction and procedural control. For this the utilization of resources is the crux. In Pakistan, the total area of Pakistan is about 79.6 million hectares, out of which only 23.7 million hectares (28%) area is used for agricultural purposes. About 8 million hectares’ area is idle and un-utilized. There is vast sub-division and fragmentation of land holdings, as a result modern technology cannot be applied in agriculture sector. The most important problem of agriculture is its low yield per hectare for almost every major crop. 45.0% of labor force is engaged in this sector in Pakistan while it is less than 5% in developed countries. But, other countries of world are getting higher yield per hectare due to use of modern technology and trained labor. The supply of modern inputs like high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, mechanized machinery etc. not only costly but also inadequate and irregular in Pakistan. Numbers of fertilizer producing units are just 10 in Pakistan. In quality management, continuous improvement and research is the essence of quality management.Unfortunately, agriculture in Pakistan lacks both. The average crop yield in Pakistan is very low as compared to the production levels of the advanced countries of the world. In order to raise the potential of agricultural production, there should be continuous improvement in the research. Total agricultural universities and colleges are only 16 in Pakistan. 

Quality is also related to training and facilitation, to have the right thing at the right time. Rural infrastructure like, roads, storage facilities, transport, electricity, education, sanitation and health facilities etc. is inadequate to meet the requirement of growth of agriculture. Total length of farm-to-market road is not only shorter but their condition is also poor. Many villages have no metal-led road at all. Electricity is available to only 3/4 rural populations. Apart from natural calamities like water Logging and Salinity, improper Crop Rotation to re-establish the fertility of the land.


Hence, I believe that no quality management system can survive without equal participation from the government, farmers, middle man because quality is all about responsibility and implementation on procedures rather than control on the product as a better procedure can lead to a better quality product.


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Dolmen Mall Pays Tribute To The Founder Of The Nation at The 27th Dolmen Shopping Festival

[Islamabad- 26th December 2019] Dolmen Mall, Pakistan’s favourite chain of malls, paid tribute to the founder of Pakistan; Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his birth anniversary during the 27th Dolmen Shopping Festival leaving customers delighted across all three malls in Clifton, Tariq Road and Hyderi.

Hosted by popular social media comedian, Danish Ali, Quaid day celebrations engaged mall visitors and a sizeable online audience through patriotic performances, flag hoisting, cake cutting, surprise acts and instant gifting through a special Quaid’s Day Dolmen Draw. Radio partners, FM89, FM91 and FM107 broadcasted tribute specific transmissions while engaging mall visitors and children. Additionally, Commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, along with other celebrities and influencers joined the festivities through cake cutting and flag hoisting ceremony as he announced the Karachi Kricket Festival as another highlight for the upcoming cricket season. Sounds of Kolachi also mesmerized the audiences with their soulful music. Similar festivities surfaced in Dolmen Mall Tariq Road and Hyderi where school children performances and skits captivated onlookers in a nationalistic zeal.

Naureen A Khan, General Manager Marketing & Communications expressed her thoughts on the tribute as: ‘Freedom is a liberty we enjoy because of our founder, on occasion of the 27th Dolmen Shopping Festival, we want to encourage mall visitors to join us in paying homage to our founder through gratitude and recollection.”

Quaid’s Day specials including local and international winter collections, brand launches, wedding bundles, DSF discounts and deals awaited visitors. Shoppers got instant rewards along with chances to win shopping sprees across Dolmen Malls, high valued gifts and Dolmen currency for every purchase exceeding Rs.5000. The anticipated annual Dolmen Draw also rewarded shoppers on Quaid’s Day and is set to reward on the DSF closing ceremony on 5th January by selecting winners of Grand Prizes.

Dolmen Mall celebrates its 27th Dolmen Shopping Festival from Friday, 20th December 2019 till Sunday, 5th January 2020, with an attempt to bring the community together through a lineup of awe worthy activities, grand prizes, Dolmen draws. winter launches, fairytale like displays, aquatic games, DSF deals & sales, food offers and more. The 17-day festival engulfs the mall in an astonishing themed outlook setting the stage for the Dolmen Shopping Festival 2019-20 theme ‘Once upon a time at Dolmen’. Take advantage a new season of enchanted arenas around the mall, in mall sea world, aquatic games with instant gifting, selfie stops, performances, acts, mascot appearances and more.

10th Junior Leader’s Conference starts in Karachi

JLC brings together 200 youngsters between the ages of 13 and 16 years from across Pakistan

Islamabad: December 24 , 2019: The three-day 10th Junior Leaders Conference (JLC) has begun with a grand inauguration to empower teenagers with leadership skills, confidence and exposure, at Dream World Resort today. An annual event facilitated by the School of Leadership (SoL) for the past nine years, JLC brings together 200 youngsters between the ages of 13 and 16 years from across Pakistan.

Hailing from various rural and urban areas and different socio-economic backgrounds, these young people are brought together under one roof over three days in an environment that is conducive to the discovery of self through different skill-based workshops.

The theme for the 10th Junior Leaders Conference is Transformers – Gen-Z Leaders and focuses on instilling the transforming abilities in teenagers based on character, confidence and community during the 3-day journey. Day 1 of the conference primarily focused on Character Building. The day started with registrations as the participants arrived to the venue. In the grand inauguration with the representatives from the Cause Partner organizations, Waqar Ali, CEO at School of Leadership said “Teenagers are like free birds, and with Junior Leaders Conference, we are hoping to provide them a space to explore the heights, and learn how to lead.”

Shireen Naqvi, Founder of School of Leadership said, “Teenagers are ready to lead! Today’s young people are the most diverse, connected generation in history. They have incredible aspirations for themselves, their communities and the world. JLC is providing them a platform where they can turn themselves into great aspirations for others.”

In a session about Human Mind on day one; Anmol Zehra, added, “You can be as careful as possible and you still will have tears or anger at times, and these emotions are to be let out. JLC provides a platform to these kids to be themselves and grow into emotionally intelligent and skilled people.”

The first day ended with a grand dinner where kids were also taught through subconscious learning how to think about others before themselves. The day was wrapped up at night with kids reflecting upon themselves and their identities.

Young writers

Naveed Aslam Malik

He is a contemporary intellectual, educationist, author and great trainer as well. His mood is always to learn and teach. A few days ago, he had the privilege of meeting with young writers. A delegation of young writers visited him under the umbrella of Pakistan Changers Forum. Bloggers, columnists and young people in journalism participated in the academic session. Participants of Pakistan Changer Forum asked few questions to Qasim Ali Shah in open session after high-tea which were answered humbly. Qasim Ali Shah highlighted many aspects of life and gave great suggestions to new writers.

According to him, writers should be competent and confident. There should be no contradiction in his words and actions. We have so many opportunities nowadays. It wasn’t like that before, but as the opportunities are increasing and so the good writers decreasing. Writers should focus more on their research. He added that nowadays, people use short-cuts to get publicity. Which from they, gain short term fame but do not get honor. Honor will always be given to the one who has it. He will never honor a man who will never have the honor.

He said study is essential for writing, more and more studies should be done for good writing. Keep up with the writings of international writers as you read the authors of your area. Write something that is important for today in this society and can guide into the future. You see how no great poet, writer and writer has been created for decades because we’ve changed the standards. Critics are infinitely but less loving. Find and promote positive things. Don’t always look at negatives.

Create an atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement. Share love and have love. Always value the teacher’s heart. There should be a mentor in every area of daily life along with a spiritual mentor. It is very important to have a role model or mentor because the mentor doesn’t let go towards wrong doings. Anyone can be, Every field has a mentor. When people are asked who your guru is, they get puzzled or tell the name of a celebrity. Either we can learn from anyone.

Define your life’s purpose and work on it. Some people are criticizing at one time and appreciating at any other time. They are not self-evident in their opinion. By being double-minded like this, how can they improve others? So learn more and more so that self-esteem can be realized. It is very important for a writer to be clear in their thinking. You guys are in the profession of writing. The future of the nation is to be run by you. So enable yourself to be bright in the coming days. Writers play an important role in changing society. So study historical books and literature more and more.

Focus on your priorities and don’t care about criticizing people because the criticism is always for the strugglers. Keep the intention clear and pray to God. Work hard with passion. One of the young writers asked, One common impression is that Qasim Ali Shah demands for a lot of money. He replied with a smile, “Yes, but from people who are from the corporate sector.” I have numerous projects running free of cost. I am available to the common man and the common student as I sit with you.

Even at my institute, if I’m charging, I spend it on the students. The love and interest his for books reflected in his words. He sheds light on many aspects of life. There is hardly any aspect of life on which he has no research. Sitting there, we felt like nothing was difficult. “One of the major tragedies of this country is that public do not accept change quickly,” Each newcomer begins to oppose the new idea but later they are appreciate this idea themselves. My view is that when someone is doing good things, criticism becomes his power. Without criticism we cannot know the difference between right and wrong.

He gave these answers to the participant’s questions. He is a well-known teacher, “Qasim Ali Shah” who in a short-time taught a lot to learners as well knowledge seekers.

LCWU raises voice for violence against girls


By Sheharyar Khan

Lahore (Tuesday, November 26, 2019) In order to celebrate International 16 Days of Activism for ending violence against women, Department of Gender & Development Studies, Women Institute for Leadership and Learning (WILL), LCWU in collaboration with Bedari Organization organized a provincial conference and parliamentary dialogue addressing violence against girls in Punjab.

Dr. Talat Sohail, Director WILL chaired the first session. The conference consisted of three sessions. Addressing the Opening Session, Ms. Kaneez Fatima Chairperson-Punjab Women Protection Authority (PWPA) said that ”In Punjab, women’s rights are protected by the constitution, and other legislative measures taken by the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.”

This activity aims to raise awareness on girls’ rights among society and to reduce violence like child marriage, child sexual abuse, and societal violence against girls. On the occasion, Mr. Adeel Qaiser Director Program Oxfam said that, “Women and girls deserve to live in communities free from violence. Violence against women is a shared global issue with one in every three women beaten, violated or abused during their lifetime. A documentary titled “Ehsas ki Ruksati” was displayed. There were three sessions in the Conference.

Dr. Subah Malik, (HOD Gender and Development Studies Department, LCWU) and Ms. Anbreen Ajaib, representative Bedari Organization threw light on sensitive issues related to Girls Rights such as, situation of violence against girls in Pakistan, situation of child sexual abuse and its remedies.

Second session on situation of child marriages was chaired by Sadia Sohail (MPA-Punjab Assembly). She stated that the Government introduced and implemented several significant measures to counter gender-based discrimination, violence against women, economic and social empowerment of women. Positive steps have also been taken to encourage and promote women’s participation in the political process and the workforce,

Guests Speakers Ms.​Anbreen Ajaib Executive Director,Bedari, Ms. Bushra Khaliq Executive Director, WISE Organization and Nabeela Shaheen Coordinator Mumkin Alliance discussed child marriage issues in Pakistan and social & health impacts of child marriages on girls.

Third session on girls’ education as a tool to address child marriages discussed about girls education, barriers and opportunities available in girls’ education and role of govt. and civil society in promoting girls education.

At the end of program Dr. Subha Malik HOD, Gender and Development Studies, LCWU and Anbreen Ajaib Executive Director,Bedari Organization presented the resolution on the protection of Girls Rights and shields to the duty bearers and extend their vote of thanks to honorable guests speakers and participants of conference.

A day earlier, A seminar was held on the subject” Female Politicians and Policy Making Regarding Women Empowerment in Lahore College for Women University. The purpose of the seminar was to highlight issues and progress regarding legislation on women protection and empowerment.

Miss Uzma Kradar Member provincial assembly Punjab & Chairperson Punjab Gender Mainstreaming Committee assured her full commitment to an inclusive political system where women can claim maximum space. She, on behalf of PTI, committed to engage women from all spheres of society in her party. Later on Sadia Sohail raised the concern over low participation of women in political system and urged election commission to come up with more extensive reforms regarding women participation. Seema Anwar Secretary PTI Women Wing Punjab highlighted her party’s efforts to engage women in all political and governmental positions. Fsahat Ul Hasan Chief Executive Youth Advocacy Network stressed over the need of engaging global community and think tanks in the formation of women related laws. Ayesha Iqbal MPA agreed to raise such issues in parliament and will encourage and support the cause. Mr Irfan Mufti Deputy Director South Asia Partnership Pakistan SAP-PK social activist encouraged the government and political parties to focus on rural women and their inclusion in mainstream political system. We cannot move forward by ignoring a huge segment of our community that resides in villages, he argued. Dr.Talat, Director of Social Sciences, ended the session with a vote of thanks.

E-paper Nov 2019


[gview file=”https://educationist.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/NOV-Issue-2019-Medium.pdf”]

To download e-paper in pdf format click on below link:


Floral Competition held at LCWU


Lahore: (Tuesday, November 19, 2019) Inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) Dr. Bushra Mirza, the 7th annual inter university floral art competition was held by Department of Botany at LCWU today. attracting a large number of students from different varsities. It would last for 3 days.

The event organized by Botany Department LCWU featured more than 50 flowering plants, apart from local and imported species. Students from different universities of Lahore participated in four categories.

Prof Dr. Bushra Mirza said that new concept and ideas of beautification are being introduced aesthetically in this Competition which is commendable. She added that such competition & exhibition should not be limited only to University level but through such events residents of the city should be educated about importance of environment and green character.

The organizer of the event Prof.Dr.Farah khan Chairperson Department of Botany said, “We have tried to use flowering plants as much as we can in our arrangements. These included both seasonal and annual species.  

A dean needs to model a “can do” attitude says Dr. Umbreen


Some students are using different ways especially different softwares to steal others’ research work’

By Najeeb Ullah, Yasim Ali, Zamin Ali

Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid serves as Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences of University of Punjab in Lahore and has been involved in higher education since 1992. This faculty comprises departments of Political Science and Social Work and Institute of Communication Studies and Social and Cultural Studies and all the academic and administrative matters pertaining to teachers and students in these departments and an institute are routed, supervised and dealt with by the Dean.

To complete this work, the office has to prepare many statements, notes and letters addressed to the departments and to various administrative sections of the university. In addition, proceedings of meetings of various committees and reports concerning policy matters and other duties assigned by the vice-chancellor are also prepared for submission to the vice-chancellor as and when required. We have a chance to have some useful talk with Prof Dr Umbreen Javaid for The Educationist’s readers.

The Educationist: Tell us about your research work.

 Dr Umbreen Javaid: I am serving as Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences since December 2018. Before accepting this position, I was chairperson and associate professor at Punjab University’s Department of Political Science. I have published fourteen books and one hundred and thirty research articles. Among the social sciences subjects, my interest is in the international relations, South Asian studies, political science, history, and strategic studies. I always preferred to do research along with teaching. I desired for a greater connection with people and to know that my work is making a more direct impact on lives.

The Educationist: Would you like to tell us about your personal life?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: About thirty-six years ago I was married to Javid Iqbal Awan, a DMG officer, currently posted as secretary of the Punjab Agriculture Department. I was born and raised in a military family. My father retired as army brigadier from the Engineering Corps. Secondly, my only daughter is currently doing BS (Hon) in Economics from the prestigious Lahore School of Economics (LSE).

The Educationist: What is your academic qualification?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: I have done my PhD from the Quaid-e-Azam University in 2003; MPhil in Political Science from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur in 1996, and MSc in Defense and Strategic Studies from the Quaid-e-Azam University in 1986. I have graduated courses from the Harvard University in 1988. I got my bachelor’s degree from FG College Islamabad while my major schooling was done at the Sacred Heart School Lahore.

The Educationist: What is your teaching experience?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: Since 2005, I am an associate professor at University of Punjab; I was assistant professor at the Political Science Department from 2002 to 2005. I was a lecturer of defence and strategic studies at Quaid-e-Azam University from 1995-1997. I enjoyed lectureship from 1992-1994 in Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Long time ago, I was a teacher at the Lahore Grammar School and the Lahore College of Arts and Science. Currently, I am teaching PhD and MPhil scholars.

The Educationist: What are your publications?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: I have published fourteen books and one hundred and thirty articles. Two books – Militant Extremism and Politics of Bahawalpur – are among my famous work besides Peace and Security in South Asia at the Pakistan Study Centre.

The Educationist: What is your contribution in the Political Science Department?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: As I am a research scholar, I do prefer to draw attention of my students towards qualitative research and publications. And we are collectively working together to develop a positive change in the society by molding their social and political behaviour. We have successful students who became scholars, teachers and officers. And many more on their way to achieve their goals under our umbrella. We have diversity here and provide them equal opportunities.

The Educationist: How we can minimize plagiarism if not stopped?

Dr Umbreen Javaid: We have to understand that there will be plagiarism if students avoid writing assignments until almost too late, do not study course material, have low confidence in their academic abilities, and just follow grades. Currently, some students are using different ways especially softwares to steal research work of other fellows or researchers. I would say that we have to link educational institutions through technology to improve research work and less control theft.

The Educationist: What kind of leadership qualities an effective dean should have?Dr Umbreen Javaid: I believe a number of leadership qualities necessary to be an effective dean. First and foremost, you must have a solid understanding and be committed to the institutional mission. However, an equally important emphasis on student success and completion and a dean needs to understand the role he/she plays in making that happen in the institution. The dean needs to model a “can do” attitude, embrace change and know how to affect change within the area of responsibility. Other leadership qualities include excellent communication and collaborative skills, and the ability to think and act outside of the box at times.

Baltistan University confers degrees, medals on students

VC Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan asks young people to make Pakistan greater with hard work, honesty and integrity

Baltistan: (Tuesday, November 19, 2019) University of Baltistan Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan has said that Pakistan is a great country and educated youth should make it greater with hard work, honesty and integrity.

Addressing the second convocation of the university in Skardu, he said that this is the age of competition and students must equip themselves with knowledge, skills and moral values for the national development. He said that the university is imparting quality education to prepare young people for the contemporary and future challenges.

Prof Dr Naeem Khan said that merit would be followed on all fronts and students will get quality education at the university campus. He shared details about performance and achievements in the last two years. He congratulated graduates and stressed to play their role and to practice learning for the welfare and betterment of the society.

In his speech, the vice chancellor drew attention towards selection of intellectual personalities as members of the university’s senate. He paid his gratitude to the chief guest for his unconditional love and affection for the people and the university. Northern Areas Force Commander Major-General Dr Ehsan Mehmood Khan, who joined this colourful event as the chief guest, urged students of the university to equip themselves with right knowledge and skills to play their part in Pakistan’s development. He congratulated students on their achievements and said the university is making a huge difference in the economic growth of the region.

During the ceremony, five gold medals, two silver medals and five bronze medals were bestowed to the graduated students. On the occasion, Dr Ehsan Mehmood Khan announced one million rupees for the fee of deserving students, 0.1 million rupees for students with disabilities and fifty thousand rupees for the supporting staff.

Addressing the audience, the Northern Areas force commander said that the students are future of the nation and they can turn destiny through their wisdom and knowledge. He said that quality education can only empower the youth through research and innovation.

ARMY WILL CORPORATE: The chief guest admitted that the University of Baltistan has achieved milestone within the second year of its inception by holding the second convocation. He said that the university has proved to have potential to be among the top ranking universities within a short time period.

He said that this university will progress by leaps and bounce and assured that the Pakistan Army will be extending its full corporation and support whenever needed. He advised the graduates to make optimum use of the knowledge and skills gained at their alma mater towards addressing current and impending socio-economic challenges. University Registrar Waseemullah Jan Malik called heads of different departments to announce names of various badges. Around 65 students were awarded degrees in different programmes of the Department of Educational Development, Department of Computer Science, Department of Business Management and Department of Languages and Cultural Studies.

Dr Ehsan Mehmood Khan gave five gold medals, two silver and five bronze to the successful graduates. Head of Department Educational Development Dr Haji Karim, Head of Department of Business Management Faiz Ali, Head of Department of Languages and Cultural Studies Sajjad Hussain Sering, and Head of Department of Computer Science Jawad Usman announced names of the graduates.

Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly Speaker Haji Fida Muhammad Nashad, Senior Minister for Water and Power Haji Akbar Taban, Public Accounts Committee Chairman Sikandar Ali, University Senate member Dr Naeem Tariq Narenjo, Legislative Assembly member Imran Nadeem and other political and social figures also participated in the convocation.

In his speech, Legislative Assembly Speaker Haji Fida Muhammad Nashad too congratulated graduates and assured to extend his full support to overcome the gaps of the university. He said that universities take ages to develop but the dreamed University of Baltistan has covered a long journey within two years by conducting its second convocation.

He said that the first revelation shows importance of the education in a vivid way. He said that the foundation of the nations for the development is truly-based on education. He said that the developed nations make the most of their precious time while seeking education. He said that the nations paved their ways to step on other planets just because of the research and meritocracy.

SADPARA DECLARED GOOD-WILL AMBASSADOR: World famous climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara was declared as the good-will ambassador of the University of Baltistan for his great achievements. He is the first and only climber of Pakistan who has climbed eight peaks of the world above eight thousand successfully. The force commander presented souvenirs to Registrar Waseemullah Jan Malik, Examination Controller Dr Ghulam Raza and Academics Director Dr Zakir Hussian Zakir for successful execution of the convocation. The chief guest also presented special complimentary gifts to Manzoor Ameen, Anisa Fatima and Rizwana Hussain for beautiful moderation of the event.  At the end, the vice chancellor also presented the shield of the Guest of Honour to Dr Ehsan Mehmood Khan, the force commander. It is pertinent to mention here that renowned researchers and scholars Yousuf Hussain Abadi, Muhammad Hassan Hasrat, Professor Hashmat Kamal Elhami and Muhammad Qasim Nasim also attended the event

NAB Lhr organizes Wall Painting Competition among Universities

Lahore: (November 18, 2019)Targeting ‘’The Impact of Corruption on the Society” National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore’s Awareness and Prevention (A&P) Wing arranges Wall Painting Competition among 5 leading Universities of Lahore territory.  Teams from National College of Arts (NCA), Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing (PIFD), Punjab University (PU), Punjab Home Economics University and University of Central Punjab (UCP) participated. Director of NAB Lahore A&P Wing graced the competition as Chief Guest.

The judges were professors of participating Universities. The impacts of social ill-doings landing over the society and the Nation were pertinently highlighted by the students in the form of their paintings, whereas, the students also colorfully highlighted the existing flaws in our society and system.

Earlier to this, NAB Lahore has been organizing poster painting competitions, essay writing competitions, declamation contests among students emphasizing ill-effects of corruption onto social norms of general public and its remedy.

While addressing at the occasion, chief guest stated that NAB’s such anti-corruption activities are actually designed to target youth, so, our new generation may start developing hatred against corruption. For the reason, NAB Lahore has established thousands of Character Building Societies (CBS) among School, College and University level students which are providing proper guidance to the students. He further stated that following the directions from Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB Lahore has enhanced anti-corruption awareness activities so the odium against corruption and its ill-effects may be cultivate at grass route level.

Smog a serious threat to Lahore

Hamad Abbas

Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the second largest city of Pakistan, has been engulfed by a thick layer of Smog. Declared as the most polluted city of Pakistan, Lahore is currently facing serious health issues as the air quality is much worse than the normal living standards. Last week, on 6th November, 2019, a thick layer of toxic black smog covered the entire city, forcing many citizens to gasp for breath or suffer different kinds of infections, specially related to throat and eyes. The condition was so worse that government had to immediately suspend schools the next day. The situation was so threatening that it was claimed as hazardous for humans to breath. In fact, an estimated 60,000 Pakistanis died in 2015 due to smog, as per World Health Organization.

According to The Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) and the provincial EPAs in charge of monitoring air pollution in Pakistan, a 5-yearlong study was conducted in Lahore, aiming to compare the level of fine particles with the WHO standards. The study concluded an average of 136.5 ± 34.1 μg/m3 ambient particulate matter, which was approximately 14 times higher than the WHO standards. The results were comparable to the world’s most polluted city, Delhi, which stands at 143.0 ± 17.8 μg/m3. According to AQI, the last level of hazardous is between 250 and 300. At such levels, people with heart and lung disease, old and the young, and everyone else must keep minimum outdoor activity and must remain indoors. The average levels of smog crossed 600 in Gulberg and 640 in Zaman park whereas the overall level of smog was accounted at 550. With such levels, it is considered as hazardous for humans to breath and wearing a regular medical mask wouldn’t simply help. It is recommended to use N99 air masks when moving outdoors as it can filter up to 99% of the particulate matter 2.5 from the air.

The major reason for such levels of smog include car fumes, industrial emissions, dust from building sites, smoke from brick kilns and burning of rubbish and crop residue in nearby fields. Vehicles with minimum or no environment friendly devices, such as catalytic converters are being used and that too, with poor quality fuel. Brick kilns again use dirty fuel such as rubber tires which emit extremely dangerous fumes against which no action has been taken. All these factors have jointly contributed to such levels of smog while the government kept on ignoring the increasingly alarming situation in the city.

The atmospheric pollutants or gases that form smog are released in the air when fuels are burnt. When sunlight and its heat react with these gases and fine particles in the atmosphere, smog is formed. It is purely caused by air pollution. Ground level ozone and fine particles are released in the air due to complex photochemical reactions between volatile organic compounds (VOC), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). During the winter months when the wind speeds are low, it helps the smoke and fog to become stagnate at a place forming smog and increasing pollution levels near the ground closer to where people are respiring. It hampers visibility and disturbs the environment. The time that smog takes to form depends directly on the temperature. Temperature inversions are situations when warm air does not rise instead stays near the ground. During situations of temperature inversions, if the wind is calm, smog may get trapped and remain over a place for days.

Yao Jing wants Tianjin-like tech university in Pakistan

China’s Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing, in a recent meeting with Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company (FIEDMC) chairman Mian Kashif Ashfaq in Islamabad, has offered that the Tianjin University will cooperate for the establishment of a technical university.

Established in 1895, the Tianjin University became one of the modern and largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China, and now a national higher education institution under the Ministry of Education. The university boasts a strong team of professional and concurrent researchers.

There are five key laboratories, one national engineering research centre, two national promotion centres for scientific and technological achievements, seven engineering research and development centres and open laboratories at ministerial level. There are over 80 laboratories, 110 research institutes, 15 experimental research and engineering development centres.

Addressing the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Baba Guru Nanak University in Nankana, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the Punjab-Tianjin University of Technology and the Punjab University of Technology will also be set up in Lahore and Rawalpindi respectively. He said that the Punjab University of Technology will also be established in the Rasul area of Mandi Bahauddin. The chief minister said that Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology will also be established Dera Ghazi Khan while an information technology institute is being established in Hafizabad. He said that the promotion of education is the priority agenda of the government.

Giving details of the Guru Nanak University project, he said that six billion rupees will be spent on the construction of the university which will be completed in three phases. The establishment of this university will not only benefit the local people but the Sikh community from across the globe will also study in this institution. Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the government has decided to set up eight universities and five institutes in Punjab during one year. Classes have already been started in some of the institutions; while work is in progress in other institutions. The University of North Punjab will be set up in Chakwal while the University of South Punjab will be established in Layyah district.

Similarly, the University of Mianwali, Thal University in Bhakar, Kohisar University in Murree, Women University of Rawalpindi and University of Taunsa will also be established by the government.

China names research centre after Pakistan’s Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman

By Minhas Justin

Pakistan’s most decorated scientist is contributing his valuable services through prime minister’s task forces on science and technology; technology driven knowledge economy, and information technology

The Hunan University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM) has named its newly-established One Belt One Road TCM Research Center after Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman at its main campus in Changsha, capital of China’s Hunan province.

In 2011, the National University of Science and Technology (NUST-Pakistan) has established Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) in Islamabad. In 2013, the University of Technology Mara (UiTM-Malaysia) has established Atta-ur-Rahman Institute on Natural Product Discovery (AuRins).

The university arranged a special event in the main campus to rename the centre with the Pakistani educationist and scientist. Professor Wei Wang of the Hunan University said that this centre is indeed a humble recognition of Prof Atta-ur-Rahman’s scientific contributions in the field of traditional medicine, and his leadership of developing scientific collaboration between Pakistan and China.

Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman is the first scientist from the Muslim world to have won the prestigious UNESCO Science Prize in 1999. In recognition of his contributions for bringing about revolutionary changes in the higher education sector in Pakistan, he was conferred Italy’s prize for institution building in 2009. The Austrian government also honored him with its highest civil award –Grosse Goldene Ehrenzeischen am Bande – in 2007 in recognition of his contributions.

Professor Wei Wang said that it is also a celebration of induction in the highest honor of fellowship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He said that the Hunan University is China’s one of the largest public sector universities, recognized internationally for excellence and quality of research. He said that the university also has a large number of foreign students, including 500 Pakistani scholars.

Prof Atta-ur-Rahman, who obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from the Cambridge University in 1968, has 1232 publications in several fields of organic chemistry including 771 research publications, 45 international patents, 70 chapters in books and, 341 books published largely by major American and European media outlets. It is pertinent to mention here that he is the editor-in-chief of eight Chemistry journals of Europe.

Prof Atta-ur-Rahman is also editor of the world’s leading encyclopaedic series of volumes on natural products –Studies in Natural Product Chemistry, 62 volumes of which have been published under his editorship during the last two decades. As many as eighty-two students have completed their PhD degrees under his supervision. He has been conferred honorary doctorate degrees by many universities including the degree of Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) by the Cambridge University (UK) (1987), Honorary degree of Doctor of Education by Coventry University UK (2007), Honorary D.Sc. degree by Bradford University (2010), Honorary Ph.D. by Asian Institute of Technology (2010) and Honorary Doctorate from King of Malaysia (University of Technology, Mara, 2011). He was elected Honorary Life Fellow of Kings College, Cambridge University, UK in 2007.

Prof Atta-ur-Rahman, who was elected as fellow of the Royal Society of London in 2006, is president of the Network of Academies of Sciences of Islamic Countries (NASIC), foreign fellow of the Korean Academy of Sciences, and foreign fellow of the Chinese Chemical Society.

He has won the International Scientific Corporation Award by Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in 2014 for building scientific collaborations between Pakistan and China.

He received prestigious Einstein Professorship by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2013 and has been awarded highest award Friendship Award of China on September 28, 2014. Recently, he has been appointed as consultant for the Education Forum Asia (2015-2020) and foreign member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015.

He has been elected as the president of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences twice from 2003-2006 and 2011-2014.

Prof Atta-ur-Rahman was the federal minister for science and technology from 2000 to 2002, federal minister for education in 2002 and chairman of the Higher Education Commission from 2002-2008. He was the coordinator general of COMSTECH, an OIC Ministerial Committee comprising the 57 Ministers of Science & Technology from 57 OIC member countries from 1996 to 2012. He is distinguished national professor as well as professor emeritus at the Karachi University. He has been appointed as chairman of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology, vice chairman on Prime Minister’s Task Force on Technology Driven Knowledge Economy, and co-chair of the Task Force on Information Technology. He is the most decorated Pakistani scientist having won four civil awards – Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in 1983, Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 1991, Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 1998, and the Nishan-i-Imtiaz in 2002.

3rd Annual Conference of CPEC Consortium of Universities Begins


Staff report

Islamabad: (November 18, 2019) Inaugurated under the aegis of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the two-day 3rd Annual Conference of CPEC Consortium of CPEC Universities held at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad on Monday. The theme of the conference is Academic Collaboration for Sustainable Partnerships.

Makhdoom Khusro Bukhtiar, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform was chief guest at the inaugural ceremony. Mr. Yao Jing, Ambassador of China to Pakistan, Lt. Gen. (R) Muhammad Asghar, Consultant CPEC, HEC, Mr. Guan Peijun, Vice President, Chinese Association of Higher Education, and Dr. Moeed Yousuf, Chairman, Strategic Policy Planning Cell also graced the occasion.

The CPEC Consortium of Universities was founded in Islamabad in August 2017 as “CPEC Consortium of Business Schools” to promote business-to-business linkages between China and Pakistan and help study relocation of Chinese businesses in the planned industrial parks in Pakistan under CPEC. The initiative was launched under the auspices of HEC and China Association of Higher Education (CAHE). However, the scope of the Consortium has been enhanced to cover all major domains of higher education and currently as many as 56 universities from two countries are now a part of the Consortium.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr. Bukhtiar hoped that the collaboration under the banner of CPEC Consortium of Universities would broaden the scope of bilateral relations between Pakistan and China. He said that the various components covered under CPEC Consortium of Universities would further improve people-to-people contacts. He said the academic community’s role through the Consortium would pave the way for economic growth as all this coincides with the 4th industrial revolution.

The Minister urged the universities to carry out diagnostic studies of all crucial sectors, as it would unleash the potential areas in which Pakistan needs to conduct research and come up with sustainable solutions. He stressed the need for promoting broad-based cooperation and synergy to jointly work in different fields including data science, artificial intelligence, technology, agriculture. He assured the academia of all-out government’s support in this regard.

In his address, the Chinese Ambassador said that Pakistan and China enjoy cordial relations. He added that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects, including the CPEC Consortium of Universities, are recent manifestations of strong bilateral relations. He said the Consortium is a vital platform to connect people of both the countries.

In his remarks, Dr. Moeed Yusuf said it is the age of global connectivity, in which the Consortium of Universities will play its important role in execution of CPEC and the Road and Belt initiatives. He encouraged the universities to conduct research on important national issues and bring their findings to the Strategic Policy Planning Cell. “Academics play an important role in informing policy makers in what works and what doesn’t. I encourage institutions of higher learning to come up with solutions to our national problems so that same may be presented to policy makers,” he said.

Earlier, in his welcome address, Lt. Gen. (R) Muhammad Asghar said the conference will help promote people-to-people contacts. He emphasised that Pakistan needs to learn from China as to how it lifted its population from poverty. He noted that economic supremacy of China is due to its technological advancement, as it has excelled in 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Quantum Computing, and other technological spheres.

As many as 28000 Pakistani students are currently studying in Chinese institutions. He said the CPEC Consortium of Universities is a common platform of Pakistan and China to collaborate in a large number of areas focused on socio-economic development.

He said that various sessions of the conference will review progress of academic collaborations among partner institutions, identify new areas of cooperation for development of human resource, seek ways to expand academic linkages among the universities of the ‎two countries, promote harmony and invigorate people-to-people contacts, explore joint research projects and areas of ‎convergence, plan joint conferences, seminars and workshops, strive for internationalisation of higher education, and support historic transition under CPEC.

The conference also includes a higher education, Science, Arts and Technology Expo where the participating universities have displayed their products, particularly artwork.

Three parallel sessions were held on the first day including Developing Research Universities for Lead Role in National Development, Teaching Excellence for Employability of Graduates, and Research Management to Solve National and Regional Challenges with a Focus on CPEC.

LCWU celebrates world Town planning day

Sheharyar Khan

Lahore, (November 8, 2019): To mark the occasion World Town Planning Day, an event was held at Iqra Auditorium Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) on Friday November 08 which was jointly celebrated by City & Regional Planning Departments of LCWU and University of Engineering and Technology (UET).  The objective of the day was to seek the attention of policy makers for urban and regional planning in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest Miss Tashfeen Safdar Shahid  Parliamentary Secretary Ministery of Housing & Works  said  that our priority is to protect the environment, improve public health and safety and increase the wealth of choices available to each and every citizen. ”Goals have been set up to improve the community as a whole with consideration to things such as the environmental impact, economic development and social issues. I am happy that we are working to make many  model cities”

While addressing the students Miss Tashfeen Safdar Shahid said ”Jobs are being created for you in the coming days and the government is going in the right direction at the moment. Hopefully the future is bright”.

The organizer from City & Regional Planning Department Lahore College for Women University Prof. Dr Attiquer Rehman said that this event would help to create awareness of Town Planning and to engage  students of this dicsipline, local citizens and officials in the value of planning  to shape their communities.   The HOD of CRP Department, LCWU Prof Dr. Attique ur Rehman  highlighted the importance of town planning in contemporary world. Syed Muhammad Imran Vice Chairman, LDA and Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Sikandar were also the Guests of owner for the event where as Dr Bushra Khan presided the event. 

Addressing the function, Vice Chairman LDA Syed Muhammad Imran said that the most important task of LDA is regional town planning which has not been given due importance till now. The Prime Minister is paying special attention to Housing sector of Pakistan. The students of CRP Department, LCWU engaged in many activities featuring the achievements, challenges and professional life of Town Planners in Pakistan.  The participants discussed their ongoing efforts to undertake inclusive efforts to engage diverse, socially vulnerable, and environmental justice communities in planning for climate adaptation and resilience. Panelists presented their own experiences and share common insights, lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities for the future.

At the last, the vote of thanks was presented by Pro. Dr. Shakir with his decisive and positive remarks.

Ms. Tashfeen Safdar shahid Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Housing and works Addressing the event

Improving social behaviors


By Maaz Ahmad

How far should political rivalry be taken? Other than Political victimization, humiliating some one’s inability to lower his or her standards? Abusing? Misuse of personal information to weaken someone’s strength before you get into a combat,  I strongly believe this is the time to change a few philosophies we have been following for a very long time, Just as “Everything is fair in love and war ” , “History repeats itself”. 

Every mighty thing in the world has some rules and regulations. Why not in love and war, history repeats itself is quite a confusing proverb which is often used to justify most of the injustice across the globe. Well I think it only repeats itself if you don’t learn to change it. Despite this ideology if there is no solution other than being at war against system, an ideology or some other nation, some humanitarian rules earn moral victories and they always bring reverence home. 

The reason I started thinking about this with an unconventional approach was the level of resistance I had to face working for establishing local government. I have been able to interact with Federal Investigation Agency through another department, Local Government and Community Development Directly, Punjab Food Authority and Quite a few others. Based on my experiences with these departments of local government, I have been able to form an opinion about what system needs right now. I would like to bring this into the notice of the concerned. 

Everything that can possibly create or nurture a nuisance value should be stopped through polite public service messages, just like awareness about an unintentional spilling garbage where ever you want, Spitting on the roads, cleanliness is the most important pillar for a better healthcare system. Better use of internet should be taught through messages and another important thing is awareness about crimes that are not reported on TV like old traditional crime stories. Robbery, murder, mobile phone snatching, theft and gambling. Bringing improvement with literary movements, journalistic endeavors, Fine Arts, Music, Theater, Films and other sophisticated forms of art is much needed, particularly about mob lynching.

Being an accessory to crime, damaging public or individual’s health, political system, nuisance for social, religious or moral values.

I strongly believe that this is the best way for bringing behavioral corrections in a system where there is not a standardized education system for everyone and different social classes are struggling to improve the quality of Life. This can surely instill our young generation with a confidence to improve their tomorrow.  

The writer of this article is a management consultant who is working for good governance. He can be reached at maaz47123@gmail.com

NAB Lahore holds Declamation Contest

Staff Report

Lahore (November 11, 2019): National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore’s Awareness & Prevention Wing holds Declamation Contests as part of Anti-corruption Week which is being organized to mark annual International Anti-Corruption Day celebrated on every 9th of December. The contests are being organized among Schools, Colleges and University level students over the topics relating Corruption and its impacts.

Today, in Al-Hamra Arts Council an Urdu Declamation Contest titled “Social norms of Sub-Continent and Corruption” was organized among School level students of Punjab’s Districts. Vice Chancellor King Edward Medical University (KEMU), Prof Khalid Masood Gondal honored the event as the Chief Guest, whereas, Principal Kinnaird College Lahore, Professor Rukhsana David and Director Unique Group of Institutions, Mr. Waseem Anwar Chaudhary alongwith senior NAB officers graced the event as guests of honour.

The event was participated by Seventy (70) students who were first position holders of their respective districts. All participating students highlighted the importance of self-Accountability among students and role of education departments in the wake of making corruption free Pakistan.

While addressing the students and other participants, the chief guest emphasized the students over significance of hard work and determination for achieving their pre-determined goals. He said that students shouldn’t wait for availability of resources at extent, they should start work with limited available resources but honesty and self-accountability ought to be their tools for success. By sharing key to success, Mr. Gondal  stated the students that respect your parents and teacher as they are the true comrades who lay foundations of the nation. He also shared his life experiences with students and although appreciated the diligent work of NAB Awareness & Prevention Wing for their services being provided under the dynamic leadership of Director General NAB Lahore. He valued the vision of Chairman NAB, Justice Javed Iqbal of “Accountability for all”.

At the end, other guests and speakers also spoke with students and highlighted the role and impacts of education and accountability. Souvenirs were handed over to guests on stage by NAB Lahore.

HEC Shares Revamped R&D Framework with Researchers


Staff Report

Islamabad (November 11, 2019): The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has launched a road show to spread awareness among faculty members and researchers about the newly developed Research and Development (R&D) Framework.

In this regard, the first event was organized at HEC Secretariat H9 Islamabad, which was attended by over 150 faculty members and researchers of different universities of the twin cities.

The road show, which will now move to Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta in the next few weeks, aiming at educating academics and researchers about various components of the Framework, motivate them to obtain maximum benefit from various funding opportunities, and provide them advice and guidance to apply for different grants.

The main programmes of the framework include Grand Challenge Fund (GCF), Local Challenge Fund (LCF), National Research Programme for Universities (NRPU), Innovative and Collaborative Research Grant (ICRG) and Technology Transfer Support Fund (TTSF).

Speaking during the inaugural session, Dr. Zain ul Abdin, Director General (R&D) informed the audience that HEC is playing a pivotal role for promotion of academic as well as applied research culture in the higher education institutions, to address the significant societal issues and boost international compatible research for a sustainable and progressive research ecosystem in the country.

He said that academic research is a key element for higher education sector’s growth, knowledge creation and building strategic partnerships. “In a middle income country like Pakistan, innovative and highly skilled researchers are an asset and we at HEC want to indulge all the researchers in the newly launched programmes through a competitive process.”

Dr. Zain also informed the audience that a rigorous and transparent peer-review evaluation mechanism involving foreign evaluators, external reviews and review panels is being developed to overrule any chances of biasness or concerns based on conflict of interest while awarding grants.

Dr. Graham M. Harrison, World Bank’s Senior Science and Technology Specialist, briefed the audience about funding aspects through World Bank.

Ms. Sarah Pervez, British Council Representative shared her thoughts regarding improvement of Pakistani universities through Pakistan-UK Education Gateway. She said that through this programme, capacity of Pakistani researchers would be improved by working with partners from UK and other parts of the world.

Speakers from the R&D division shared details of different components of the new R&D Framework and later a tutorial session focusing on research culture, finding international research funding opportunities, and writing good grant applications was delivered by Dr. Fouzia Sadiq, Director Research at Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad.  The academics and researchers applauded the activity and were of the view that these sessions have provided them an opportunity of networking with other scholars and researchers, and has provided an insight about new initiatives of HEC to resolve national-level issues of strategic relevance towards society and industry.

PU teachers observe Black Day

Staff Report

LAHORE (Thursday, November 07,2019):  Punjab University Academic Staff Association on Thursday observed Black Day to protest against 50 per cent cut in the budget of higher education. A large number of PU teachers, led by PUASA President Prof Dr Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry and Secretary Javed Sami, held a protest demonstration outside Al Raazi Hall.

The teachers were wearing black bands on their arms and holding placards demanding government to allocate budget to higher education as per demand and restore income tax rebate to teachers to 75 percent. The teachers took out rally from Al Raazi Hall to Faisal Auditorium.

Addressing the participants, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry said that no country could progress without spending money on higher education sector. He said that PTI government had promised during elections that it would give top priority to the education.

However, he said, instead of increasing the budget, the government reduced the budget of higher education by 50 percent, which is highly regrettable. He said that HEC chairman had failed to present our case before the government due to which teachers were observing black day.

Prof Dr Mumtaz Anwar said that the teachers also rejected reduction in tax rebate to the teachers and demanded the government restore 75 percent tax rebate. ASA Secretary Javed Sami said that the government must fulfill the promise she made at the time of elections. He said that the teachers had been compelled to launch protest movement against the government. The teachers also condemned police torture on teachers in Karachi who were demanding their basic rights.


Nizar Jan

It is self-evident from the fact that begging is a business in Pakistan. However, nobody can find a single street across the country without any beggars.  It is one of the growing issues giving birth to different main issues like street crime, theft, robbery, suppression of poor, violence and exploitation. Begging itself is simply requesting for donation in a supplicating manner. It is one of the most humiliating and difficult profession to adopt. It needs great courage and tolerance to accept disdain, contempt, insulting remarks and abuses from other fellow beings. Moreover, also it is one of the oldest professions on the earth like prostitution but other nations have taken some serious actions to reduce it whereas in Pakistan this trend of begging can be assumed that the figure is just as daunting, and increasing day by day. Since, every city is full of multicultural beggars. Amongst 210 million citizen of Pakistan 25 million are professional beggars. The majority of beggars are Afghan refugees including many who lost their lambs in war.

There is no blinking at the fact that beggary has always been considered to be a social evil and a curse for society. Streets beggars are a common sight in all out towns and cities, outside mosques and religious gatherings and any every place of rush. It is just due to absence of legal punishment for unnecessary begging. Beggars are found openly begging in every street of the country. It is a sort of business without any investment. Most worryingly, small children are running on the streets, traffic and markets while their fathers are sitting at home just counting the money and using them to fulfill their desires.

They neither think for the future of the children nor their present. And the children themselves are not capable to know what can be better for them. They just do whatever is taught to them. These beggars are properly trained in begging tactics. They are taught where to beg, what to say, and how to say it. However, once upon a time as I was buying fruits and vegetables in a Sabzi Market in Quetta at Saryab, suddenly a boy appeared in front of me with a very innocent face and started saying “Uncle, give me some rupees”. Firstly, I ignored him since I always kept one thing in my mind that these all make the people fool and take money.

Almost three or four times he asked me uncle give me some rupees and I ignored him all of the times. Later, he bowed himself on my feet, I became emotionally blackmailed and at last I gave some rupees to him. Similarly, I am not the only individual who is affected by these beggars rather most of the public are deeply affected. In addition, beggars may sell small items, such as dusters or flowers, in return for money that may have little to do with the value of the item for sale.

And beggars seem to have a passion for their profession. Because of controlling and giving quality education to the beggars in 2004 Punjab minister has opened an organization in the name of Child Protection Bureau. The rescue teams always run across the province wherever they see a child begging, they take him or her to the center of Child protection Bureau where they fully facilitate her or him educationally and financially. According to Chairperson, child protection and welfare Bureau Punjab namely Sarah Ahmed, we bring the children in our center but unfortunately most of the children’s parents come and take their children with an agreement for not letting them to beg again. They leave their city but not their profession, she said during one of her interviews at VOA.

Surprisingly, in our society begging has traditionally been tolerated and even encouraged because people give money to gain religious merits and earn virtue, but we have forgotten that these people are professionals and living idly is the sole purpose of their livesI am pretty lost for words to mention that now there are organized gangs who deploy child beggars in lucrative spots like bus stops, traffic signals and markets and many raids have been conducted against them in the past. As in 2011, the Lahore high court ruled that the government should strictly enforce laws to discourage professional beggary set up homes for the destitute and improve charity disbursements.

But later on the issue was not brought to the table. The idea of enforcing strong laws went in vain, and the enforced laws are never implemented. However, begging is punishable up to three years in Pakistan, but police and lawyers say convictions are rare. Due to ignoring the laws, the figure is daunting. According to the reports of United Nations, around 49 percent of the estimated 180 million population of Pakistan live in poverty.

It is sure that poverty is in high peak in Pakistan but due to unnecessary beggars, one of the best organizations is unable to decline the poverty line in Pakistan. That is none other than Edhi foundation which is proved to be the best social welfare service providers across the world running noncommercial, nonpolitical, and non-communal basis, serving round the clock without any discrimination of color, class and religion.   

In a world of precision, I am left speechless, time and again we have been made fool by these beggars. There are several gangs. Their workers always beg across the country. However, an ILO survey of 198 beggars in Pakistan found most people beg to survive and many reported begging due to a lack of viable economic alternatives, while some beggars were forced to beg for criminal groups.42 For the ILO regional study, researchers surveyed 210, 198, 167, and 200 beggars in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, respectively. In Pakistan, 34% of beggars interviewed were reportedly begging under an organized begging operation in which beggar masters were involved. Comparatively, between 6 and 11% of beggars were found to be begging under organized situations in the other countries. Of the 130 child beggars interviewed, 92% reported they were not allowed to leave the begging operation and they would be punished if they tried. And the reports estimate beggars make anywhere between 100 and 10,000 rupees ($1.15 and $115 US dollars) per day.60 a beggar making 100 rupees per day would make 36,500 rupees, or $421.00, per year. A beggar making 10,000 rupees per day would make 3,650,000 rupees, or $42,123.00, per year. Numerous factors contribute to this variation such as age, disability, talent, time, and especially location.

No, doubt, due to unnecessary beggars some others poor families are not being supported. However, now people can’t trust anybody when they see everybody calls himself a poor and begging in the name of Allah the Almighty. At least, government should take some initiatives like to arrange different workshops, training and skills program so that they can really earn their future living. Job opportunities should be provided to the eligible people who really have skills and training. There should be strict enforcement of law; police should have power to punish those who are responsible for bringing them on streets.

If government implements the laws against the unnecessary beggars, may the poverty will slowly get declined which is at peak. Secondly, Public should discourage this illegal begging instead of encouraging it. There should be awareness program against this begging mafia, so that only deserving people could get aid. Above few points could be achieved through awareness campaign of electronic and social media which has great influence on our lives. Thirdly, when the ban on unnecessary beggars becomes implemented, then later on government should create merit so that poor should come in mainstream politics, administration and so on. Finally, implementation of the laws should be the solution of begging and merit is the least solution of poverty.

‘Me too’ being misused!

M Sharif Rana

Where there is power, there is always risk of misuse of power. Although #Metoo has empowered women but it is also being misused. Blaming male of harassment is the worst ever tool used against men. Women use this tool to gain material benefits or blackmail innocent men.

‘Me Too’ is a movement against sexual harassment but till now many women have used it for their personal interests and leveled false allegations against men. This has not even damaged their repute but also ruined many lives. Fake allegations have also destroyed the cause of genuine victims. Many men have been blamed of harassing women but finally they have proven innocent like in Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s case.

Recently, a sad incident occurred at MAO College Lahore where a lecture named Afzal has committed suicide just because of being blamed for harassing his female student.

The actual incident was that a student of BS Mass Communication semester 2 wrote an application to the Principal that Mr. Afzal, English teacher stared at her and she felt uncomfortable in his class. A committee was made to investigate the matter. Findings of the committee showed that Mr. Afzal did not accept girl’s request to improve her marks which led her to write an application against him. Although, the professor had been declared innocent but the letter for his exoneration was not issued. He was defamed and his family life also disturbed. This all incited him to commit suicide. Before suicide, he wrote a letter describing that he left the matter in the court of Allah.

The painful incident of Afzal’s death reminds that not all men are wrong. Sometimes, women are also wrong.

‘’My wife has also declared me a man of bad character. I will be considered a bad man unless I am acquitted of the charges in writing’’, I can feel how much depressed he was while writing these line because I myself have also been a victim of misuse of #Metoo. His suicide has left a question mark whether power of #Metoo being used or misused. It must be understood that just like all Muslims are not terrorists, so all men are not harasser. Many of them have also been brought up by good, educated, mature and pious mothers.

Although many men have been found guilty of harassment after investigation but who will repair the repute of those who have been blamed only. Who will pay the damages to their repute? Even I was blamed of harassment by one of my colleagues but she could never prove it. I was not brave enough to commit suicide. I also saw no one to repair my damaged repute except Allah. Many of my friends suggested me to sue a case against that lady in the court of law under defamation act but like Afzal, I also left the matter in the court of Allah.

It is unfortunate that till now, no action has been taken against that false accuser student. People are demanding severe punishment for those who did not issue the letter of resurrection to the victim and also for the girl who put fake allegations. It is also need of the hour to make rehabilitation centre for those who are falsely accused.

Many social media users including women showing their sadness and anger are commenting that such women only play ‘’woman card’’ and try to blackmail men. Just like not all men are innocent, all women are not also innocent. There needs to be a counter punishment for the false accuser. This is so heart wrenching that one had to sacrifice his life to prove his innocence.

There is a trend rising on social media that men who are sexual predators, are punished for their misconduct but women, who level false allegations and destroy the honour of men must also be punished

My forefathers used to say, Beta Ji, whenever a woman has nothing to say against a man, she blames him of harassment. Same seems true in Afzal’s case.  I have witnessed many examples where false allegations of harassment have ruined lives of men.

It is also need of the hour to make rehabilitation centers for those who are blamed for harassment and they become successful in proving their innocence. Hence, a mechanism is also needed to distinguish truth from false allegations and those who level false allegations must also be punished.

The writer of this article is a student of law at Punjab University Law College and can be reached at MShareef844@gmail.com.

GCU awards cash prizes to FA/FSc position holders


Staff Report

LAHORE (Friday, October 18, 2019): A ceremony was held on Friday here at the Government College University Lahore in the honor of their nine Intermediate positions holders.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah said that the world had changed and there were many other promising fields for bright student beyond civil service, medical and engineering. “Nanotechnology in chemistry, Biosciences, artificial intelligence in physics, software development etc.- there are many amazing careers which lead not only to job opportunities but also to business opportunities,” he added.  

GCU Director Intermediate Prof Tariq Rziwan said that intermediate program would continue its intermediate programme because it’s the only government institute left in the province which had consistently shown tremendous results in the Board examinations over the last three decades.

GCU Controller Examination Ms. Huma Tariq said that besides nine positions, a record number of 594 students of GCU secured A+ grade while pass percentage was 92.65 percent against 63.36 percent of Lahore Board.

Later, the Vice Chancellor awarded cash prizes to the position holders of GCU.

Sir Syed’s 202nd Birth Anniversary celebrated at PU


Seminar “Sir Syed: KhirdMandonKa Imam” pays tributes to the great reformer of subcontinent

Speakers suggest re-learning from education linked political practice of Sir Syed

Staff Report

LAHORE (Friday, October 18, 2019):  In connection with the 202nd Birth Anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) and Liberal Human Forum jointly organized a seminar titled: “Sir Syed: KhiradMandonKa Imam” to pay tributes to the great thinker and reformist of subcontinent.

The speakers included Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami, Sajjad Mir, Dr. Mujahid Mansoori, Yasir Pirzada, Afzaal Rehan, Dr. Noshina Saleem and Dr. Shabbir Sarwar. A large of students of development journalism,film and television studies were present in the Hameed Nizami Hall on this occasion. A special cake “Happy Birthday to Sir Syed” was also cut by speakers and students.

The speakers while highlighting Sir Syed’s contribution for educating the depressed and emotional Muslims of Subcontinent after defeat in the War of Independence 1957 paid rich tributes him. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami said the message of Sir Syed’s life was competing and getting success through education, however, today millions of children are out of school and we have forgot the message of Sir Syed.

Sajjad Mir said Sir Syed’s contribution regarding publication of a book in response to a blasphemous book after collecting money through fundraising was a great contribution which washed away all types of religious criticism against him.

Dr. Mujahid Mansoori said Sir Syed is amongst the top 10 reformers of the world who changed behavior of the people of subcontinent through his communication and rational approach at a time when British rulers were very revengeful against them due to Independence War 1957. He said Sir Syed was a great communicologist who changed Muslims and British rulers’ behavior through his publications “Causes of Indian Revolt”, “Aligarh Scientific Society Gazette”and Tahzeeb-ul-Akhlaq. He issued a warning to the government for illegal restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression. 

President Liberal Human Forum Afzaal Rehan said there should be tolerance to listen to the point of view of the liberal voices in the country as progress sticks to the progressive thinking as proven in the practice of Sir Syed. PU ICS In-charge Dr. Noshina Saleem said journalism students should learn for the practice and life of Sir Syed who fought with the power of pen. Dr. Shabbir Sarwar said Muslims countries were losing on all fronts in the world politically and militarily, hence, they should get back to the teachings of Sir Syed to re-learn the significance of education, practical preparation and rational approach to win in various aspects of human life.

Faculty Orientation Seminar Held at UO

By Sharjeel Ahmed

Okara (Friday, October 18, 2019): A Faculty Orientation Seminar, entitled as “Uplifting the quality of higher education through innovative strategies”, was organized for all the teachers of the University of Okara on Thursday, October 17th. Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Ex-Vice Chancellor University of Abbottabad, was invited as a Guest Speaker and he delivered a detailed interactive lecture on the various issues and challenges of the higher education system of Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar, Vice Chancellor University of Okara, presided the event. The other guests of honor included Mr. Zafar Iqbal Tipu Principal Government Postgraduate College Okara, Ms. ZahidaIkram Principal Government Degree College for Women RenalaKhurd, Dr. Tariq Aziz Director Government College University Faisalabad Depalpur Campus and Dr. Zaeem-U-Din Abid Lakhvi renowned cardiologist from Okara. The event was convened by the Dr. Marya Liaqat, Assistant Professor Physics at the UO.

Dr. Iftikhar discussed all the major problems and bottlenecks that are hampering the improvisation of the higher education system in Pakistan. He encouraged the faculty to resort to the innovative teaching methodologies and inculcate the habit of book reading and experimental learning in their students.

“To uplift the quality of life in a society, the quality of all spheres must be improved which is not possible without uplifting the quality of higher education”, told Dr. Iftikhar.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Zakria thanked the honorable guests and urged his faculty to create innovation and creativity in their teacher so that the Pakistani graduates could compete with the challenges of the modern world.

He further said, “A university teacher should adopt the habit of regular reading about new research and he should motivate his students to read more books and consult research journals in order to stay at par with the ever-increasing quantum of knowledge”.

At the end of the seminar, shields and certificates were distributed among the guests at the members of the organizing committee.

Dismal state of Education in Baluchistan

Asif Murad

Education is said to be the most significant sector in every aspect of life. The reason behind the success of any nation is surely education but Pakistan’s richest and biggest province, Baluchistan is really neglected on account of education policy. The number of government schools in Baluchistan is very less and their condition is extremely dilapidated. Many of them have become paling of people. There are cows and goats instead of students. Only few of them are functional.

Schools lack basic facilities such as chairs, desks, boards, teachers etc. In addition, it is very shame to say that these government schools even do not carry any toilet knowing that it is needed. No boundary wall is there and play ground for the students. There is lack of libraries and science laboratories which are indeed the most essential parts of any educational institutes.

Besides, due to the large distances, it usually makes troubles for the students to not go for school. However, middle pass are appointed as teachers and these so called teachers just play with students’ lives because they never come to attend the classes but always appear in taking salaries.

After all, I request the educational authorities to pay attention regarding this issue .In that case, government officers should have weekly observation to monitor the educational development in the schools.




[gview file=”https://educationist.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/School-Junior-SJ.pdf”]


[gview file=”https://educationist.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/School-Senior-SS.pdf”]


[gview file=”https://educationist.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/College-University.pdf”]

Congratulations to all winning institutions. Please bring students, their proud parents and respectable teachers in the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

(Schools Junior)

1st Position  
Marks= 90
Garrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed Campus
2nd Position  
Marks= 40  
The Punjab School

(Schools Senior)

1st Position  
Marks= 40
The Punjab School
2nd Position  
Marks= 22  
Daanish School Girls Mianwali

(College / University)

1st Position  
Marks= 50
GCU Faisalabad  
2nd Position  
Marks= 31  
Punjab University STC  



Competition CategoryInstitute NameName 
Results of Qiraat
Qiraat (SJ)
1stAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolMuneeba Khan
2ndThe Punjab School Jawad Sultan
3rdQazi Apex Grammar SchoolHamza Shahid
Qiraat (SS)
1stThe Punjab SchoolMahir Abdullah
2ndThe Punjab SchoolMuhammad Abdullah Ali
3rdThe Punjab School Salman Bashir
Qiraat (C/U)
1stGovernment College University FaisalabadQari Muhammad Abdullah
2ndPunjab University STCAmmar Nadeem
3rdSuperior College SialkotHafiz Naqeeb
Results of Naat
Naat (SJ) 
1stWapda Boys High School ShalamarAli Raza
2ndThe Punjab SchoolHassan Raza
Naat (SS)
1stGovt. Progressive Girls High SchoolAyesha Akbar
2ndAllied School ChunianHafiza Mehk Batool
3rdWapda Boys High School ShalamarBukhsh Elahi
Naat (C/U)
1stUniversity of OkaraNouman Shabbir
2ndPunjab College DepalpurShakeela Akram
3rdUniversity of the PunjabHafiza Shahzadi shehr Bano
Results of Painting
Painting (SJ) 
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusWareesha Adam
2ndThe Punjab SchoolRameen Shahid
3rdGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusRameen Sarwar
Painting (SS)
1stDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist. RajanpurAqsa Fareedi
2ndDaanish School Girls ChishtianHafsa Saleem
3rdPak Standard SchoolGhadiya Iftikhar
Painting (C/U)
1stGomal University D.I.KhanHala Riaz 
2ndGomal University D.I.KhanShehla Qureshi 
3rdAspire group of collegesHaider
Results of Video
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusEshaal
Video (SS)
3rdDaanish School Boys Mianwali Muneeb ur Rehman 
Video (C/U)
1stBalochistan UET KhuzdarShahzaib Majeed
2ndDaanish School Girls MianwaliSaira Muqadas
3rdGovernment College University FaisalabadUsama Tahir
Results of Declamation (English) 
Declamation (SJ) 
1stThe Punjab SchoolZoyaira Attique
2ndThe Punjab SchoolFatima Rizwan
3rdGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusSummaya Majeed
Declamation (SS)
1stDaanish School Boys ChishtianFarhad Hameed
2ndThe Punjab SchoolDawar Zulqarnain
3rdThe Punjab SchoolHuzaira Jamil
Declamation (C/U)
2ndPunjab UniversityMinahil Zafar
3rdPunjab University STCNoor Fatima
Results of Declamation (Urdu)
Declamation (SJ) 
1stThe Punjab School Mahrukh Akmal
2ndThe Punjab School Wadya Rohab
3rdThe Punjab School Aiza Umar
Declamation (SS)
1stGovt. Comprehensive High SchoolSamia Ali
2ndThe Punjab School Zaki ur Rehman
3rdThe Punjab School Ajwa Abdullah
Declamation (C/U)
1stPunjab College KasurSyed Ibrar
2ndPunjab University LahoreMehra Qamar
3rdGovt. College University FaisalabadArslan Haider
Results of Declamation (Punjabi)
Declamation (SJ) 
1stWapda Boys High School ShalamarMuhammad Abubakar
2ndWapda Boys High School ShalamarUme Aftab
Declamation (SS)
1stThe Punjab School Laiba Zubair
2ndThe Punjab School Anzalna
3rdThe Punjab School Beenish Irfan
Declamation (C/U)
2ndGC University FaisalabadZahra Shah
Results of Poetry (English)
Poetry (English) (SJ) 
3rdGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusAmen Syeda
Poetry (English) (SS)
2ndDaanish School RY KhanM. Abubakar
3rdDaanish School DG KhanJawad Farooq
Poetry (English) (C/U)
1stUMTIzza Khalid
2ndUMTEmerald Halissa
3rdDaanish School Girls RY KhanMishal Sagar
Results of Poetry (Urdu)
Poetry (Urdu) (SJ) 
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusArsh Tanveer
2ndGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusNida Fatima
Poetry (Urdu) (SS)
1stDaanish School Boys ChishtianWaqar Younas
2ndDaanish School Boys AttockUsama Nadeem Khan
3rdDaanish School Girls HasilpurShehar Bano
Poetry (Urdu) (C/U)
1stUniversity of OkaraTouqeer Abbas
2ndGovt. Degree College SibiShah Bakhsh
3rdGovt. College University FaisalabadSyed Nadir Ali
Results of Poetry (Punjabi)
Poetry (Punjabi) (SJ) 
1stWapda Girls High SchoolHooria
2ndGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusRayyan Sarwar
3rdGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusHamdia
Poetry (Punjabi) (SS)
1stWapda Boys High School ShalamarAbdul Rehman
2ndWapda Girls High SchoolKhadija
3rdWapda Girls High SchoolHamda
Poetry (Punjabi) (C/U)
1stGovernment College University FaisalabadZameer Baloch
2ndPunjab University STCMustansar Siam
3rdSuperior College SheikhupuraZahid Ali
Results of Cartoon
Cartoon (SJ) 
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusRayyan Sarwar
2ndGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusSolomon Asif
2ndWapda Boys High School ShalamarAbu Bakar Javed
3rdThe Punjab School Safi ur Rehman
Cartoon (SS)
1stWapda Boys High School ShalamarShahzaib Shahid
2ndDaanish School AttockUme Farwa
3rdDaanish School Girls MianwaliSamina Bibi
3rdDaanish School Boys ChishtianUsman Ghani
Cartoon (C/U)
1stUMTMuhammad Mohsin
2ndGomal University D.I.KhanNousherwan
3rdGomal University D.I.KhanKarishma
Results of Photography
Photography (SJ) 
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusRayyan Sarwar
2ndGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusHamna 
Photography (SS)
3rdDaanish School Girls ChishtianTahira Haneef
Photography (C/U)
1stDaanish School Girls MianwaliSalwa Nawaz
2ndBalochistan UET KhuzdarShahzad Haleem
3rdGomal University D.I.KhanMehtab Alam
Results of National Songs
National Songs (SJ) 
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusMeena Saqib
2ndGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed CampusAli Hassan
3rdQazi Group of SchoolsKhubaib
National Songs (SS)
1stUnique GroupGhayas Haider
2ndGovt. Progressive SchoolAyesha Akbar
3rdThe Punjab SchoolAhmad Yasin
National Songs (C/U)
1stPU STCMohsin Fayaz
2ndDaanish School Girls DG KhanLaraib Fatima
3rdUnique GroupNarjis Batool
Results of Essay (English) 
Essay (SJ) 
1stCathedral High SchoolJeeena Ali
2ndDaanish School Boys ChishtianUmar Farooq
3rdThe Punjab SchoolAbdul Mannan
3rdThe Punjab SchoolM.Muarij Tahir
Essay (SS)
1stQazi Group of SchoolsUrwa Batool
2ndQazi Group of SchoolsRameela Farid
3rdDaanish School Girls ChishtianFizza Kainat
3rdThe Punjab SchoolAyesha Muzzamal 
Essay (C/U)
1stUniversity of OkaraGul Naz
2ndUniversity of the PunjabMahrukh Ikram
3rdUniversity of the PunjabZahra Batool 
Results of Essay (Urdu)
Essay (SJ) 
1stQazi Group of SchoolsLaiba Qamar
2ndThe Punjab SchoolAaminah 
3rdThe Punjab SchoolZayan Shahid 
Essay (SS)
1stQazi Group of SchoolsFatima-Tul-Zahra
2ndThe Punjab SchoolUrba Shaheen Kasuri
3rdQazi Group of SchoolsIqra Riaz
Essay (C/U)
1stDaanish School Girls AttockTasmia Bibi
2ndUniversity of OkaraShazia Bano
3rdGC University FaisalabadMudassar Abbas
Results of Essay (Punjabi)
Essay (SJ) 
3rdThe Punjab SchoolFatima Nasir
Essay (SS)
1stWapda Girls High SchoolHamda
2ndThe Punjab SchoolEsha Iqbal
Essay (C/U)
1stGovernment College University FaisalabadZameer Hussain
2ndUMTAkif ayaz
Results of Drama
Drama (SJ)
1stGarrison Academy Junior, Sarwar Shaheed Campus
2ndGovt. Girls Elemantry School Madhu Lal Hussain
Drama (SS)
1stDaanish School Girls Mianwali
2ndDaanish School Girls Hasilpur
3rdDaanish School Boys Chishtian
Drama (C/U)
1stGovt. College University Faisalabad
3rdPU Law College
SJ = School Junior
SS = School Senior
C/U = College University

Need to promote national harmony: Minister

Staff Report

LAHORE: (Monday, September 23, 2019): Punjab Minister for Housing Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed has said that our youth is future of Pakistan and there was need to promote harmony among them. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of five-day 3rd All Pakistan Co-Curricular Competitions jointly organized by Punjab University, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Punjab Higher Education Commission, University of Baltistan, University of Okara, National Accountability Bureau and The Educationist here at Faisal Auditorium on Monday.

Vice Chancellor University of Baltistan Prof Dr Naeem Khan, Director NAB Syed Muhammad Hussnain, Director Institute of Education & Research Prof Dr Rafaqat Ali Akbar, In-charge Institute of Communication Studies Dr Noshina Salim, Analyst Dr Mujahid Ali Mansoori, Intellectual Prof Dr Shafiq Jullandhiri, Editor The Educationist Dr Shabbir Sarwar and a large number of students from schools, colleges and universities from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab were present on the occasion.

The national anthem of Azad Jammu and Kashmir was played on the occasion to express solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir. Addressing the ceremony, Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed said that on the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, several initiatives had been taken to encourage and support youth of the country. He said that it was a good omen that students from all parts of country were taking part in the competition. He announced to host prize distribution ceremony in the honor of winners at Governor’s House. University of Baltiastan’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan said that it was a good initiative to promote brotherhood among the students of all provinces through such healthy co-curricular competitions.

He said that Pakistan was the best tourist destination of the world as it had world’s most popular and beautiful places. NAB Director Syed Muhammad Husnain said that such activities would create confidence among the students. He urged the students to play their role in establishing a good society free of corruption and hate. Dr Rifaqat Ali Akbar said that the children of Pakistan expressed solidarity with the children of Occupied Kashmir who could not go to their schools since 50 days due to curfew. Dr Mujahid Mansoori said that PU was playing its national role by providing platform to organize such national level co-curricular competitions. Dr Shafiq Jullandhry said that such activities promote positive environment and help keep young students mentally and physically active. In the five-day event, the competitions of Qiraat, Naat, Urdu/English/Punjabi debates, photography, essay writing, poetry, painting, national songs and drama would be organized.

AJK PM to address seminar at PU


Staff Report

LAHORE: (Sunday, September 22, 2019): Punjab University will organize national seminar on Kashmir on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 11am at Faisal Auditorium. Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Mir Kamal Khan, PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, eminent scholars, journalists, social workers and others will participate in the event to highlight the assault of Modi government on Kashmir’s legal status and violations of human rights in occupied area.

With theme of National, Kashmir Solidarity  3rd All Pakistan Co-curricular Competitions – 2019 begins tomorrow (Monday) in PU

Over 2000 students participating from Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir

LAHORE: (Sunday, September 22, 2019): Aimed at promoting national solidarity and express solidarity with  Kashmiris, the Third 5-Day All Pakistan Co-Curricular Competitions 2019 will begin tomorrow at Punjab University IER with participation of over 2000 students from Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan  Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir in 17 competitions of different categories. The event is a joint venture of Punjab University, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), The Educationist and NAB.

Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission Punjab Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid is the chief guest while PU VC Prof Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhter will preside over the event at Faisal Auditorium at 9:30 am tomorrow (Monday). The overall event will be held in ten halls of the university simultaneously including Faisal Auditorium, Al Razi Hall and Waheed Shaheed Hall from September 23 to September 27. More than two thousand participants have come from all over Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. Furthermore, groups of students from schools all around Pakistan will also be visiting.

 The main purpose of conducting this mega event is to promote national unity and harmony among provinces. It is also aimed at providing a chance to the people, coming from different provinces to come forward and talk to each other. The event comprises competitions of Qirat, Naat, Debates (Urdu, English, Punjabi), Photography, Essay writing, Poetry, Painting, National Songs and Theatre/Dramas among schools and university students in three separate categories including School Junior, School Senior and College/University.

Event Schedule (Revised)

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Final lists are as under. Shaded lines shows that payment is confirmed.
All other participants are requested to email your payment proof at following email address, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate in the competitions.
Error (s) if any in the list may please be reported at given email address.

Email: events.educationist@gmail.com


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6 scientific institution to get heads soon

Ehtisham Pasroori

ISLAMABAD (September 15, 2019) The Ministry of Science and Technology has sent six panels each consisting of three candidates for the appointment of the heads of six scientific institutions to the cabinet division. According to the sources of the ministry, the selection board headed by Dr Ishrat Hussain completed the process of appointment of heads in mid of the February.

Dr Shahzad Alam, Dr Zabta Khan Shinwari, Dr Manzoor Hussain Samroo were included in the panel for The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(PCSIR) for grade 22 post while Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Dr Zabta Khan Shinwari, Dr Muhammad Aslam Youkeli were included in the panel of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF). Dr Muhammad Ashraf, Dr Qaisar Mehmood Khan, Dr Muhammad Aslam Tahir were included in the panel for Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) for grade 21 post.

Asmat Gill Khatak, Dr Ali Abbas , Arfan Ahmed Rabani were included in the panel  for the grade 21 post of the head of Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC). For the grade 21 post of National Institute of Electronics the penalists were Arfan Ahmed Rabani, Brigadier(r) Ashraf Masood, Brigadier(r) Dr Bhasharat Mehmood and for grade22 post of the head of Pakistani Council of Science and Technology (PCST) DR Zabta Khan Shinwari, Dr Muhammad Aslam Youkeli, Dr Manzoor Hussain Samroo were the penalist.

The current federal sectary for science and technology Capt(r) Naseem Nawaz was also included in the panel. Cabinet divisions got recommendation for HODs appointment by the approval of Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Choudary.

Provisional Lists of Contestants

Final lists of contestants of 3rd The Educationist All Pakistan Co-Curricular Competitions, 2019 will be displayed after payment confirmation.
Omissions and errors are acceptable.

Registration No.LevelName of InstitutionName Father’s NameCompetition to participate
C-19-001College / UniversityUMTMuhammad MohsinFaqir HussainCartoons
C-19-002College / UniversityUMTAbdul RehmanRana ShahidCartoons
C-19-003College / UniversityUMTWaqas ZahirCartoons
C-19-004College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockShabana FazalFazal MuhammadCartoons
C-19-005College / UniversityUniversity MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Muhammad mohsinFaqir hussainCartoons
C-19-006College / UniversityDaanish School Girls MianwaliSamina BibiAtta UllahCartoons
C-19-007College / UniversityGomal University Dera Ismail Khan Khyber PakhtunkhwaKarishmaMakhzan UllahCartoons
C-19-008College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianUsman GhaniAbdul hafeezCartoons
C-19-009College / UniversityGomal UniversityHala RiazMuhammad RiazCartoons
C-19-010College / UniversityGomal University D.I.KhanNousherwanMeharban KhanCartoons
C-19-011College / UniversityNida IjazNida IjazIjaz AhmedCartoons
C-19-012College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadFaizan abdul jabbarCartoons
C-19-019School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusDanial Nawaz M.NawazCartoons
C-19-020School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusBisma AkramTariqCartoons
C-19-021School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusshaheer AhmedMumtaz AhmedCartoons
C-19-022School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusBisma AkramM.AkramCartoons
C-19-023School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusSoloman AsifAsif javedCartoons
C-19-024School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAleeha AbidM.AbidCartoons
C-19-025School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campuszainab shahidshahid pervaizCartoons
C-19-026School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarCartoons
C-19-027School SeniorsThe Smart School Gojra CampusShifa AkhtarMuhammad AkhtarCartoons
C-19-028School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 11Punjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSamina BibiAtta UllahCartoons
C-19-029School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 12Punjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliAsma AbbasGhulam Abbas KhanCartoons
C-19-030School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 13Daanish School Boys Mianwali Muhammad Shahzaib Muhammad Ishaq Cartoons
C-19-031School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 14Unique group of schoolMuhammad Zafeer Abdul shakeelCartoons
C-19-032School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 15Daanish School Girls Chishtianbeenish iftikharMuhammad iftikharCartoons
C-19-033School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 16Wapda girls high school smr NimraM. YounasCartoons
C-19-034School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 17The Punjab School Rameen Asim Asim Chishty Cartoons
C-19-035School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 18The Punjab School Fatima Nadeem NAdeem-ul-Hassan Cartoons
C-19-036School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 19The Punjab School Huda Chughtai Muhammad Mahtab Chughtai Cartoons
C-19-037School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 20The Punjab School Muzena Sajid Sajid Zafar Khan Cartoons
C-19-038School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 21The Punjab School Rameen Asim Asim Chishty Cartoons
C-19-039School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 22The Punjab School Fatima Nadeem Nadeem-ul-Hassan Cartoons
C-19-040School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 23The Punjab School Huda Chughtai Muhammad Mahtab Chughtai Cartoons
DEC-E-19-001School SeniorsGovt. Madrassa-tul-Binat GHS, MIsrishah, Aziz road, LahoreHafsa QamarQamar uz Zaman ShahzadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-005School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Factory Area Shahdara LahoreShehryar ZafarMuhammad ZafarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-007School SeniorsGovt.Madrasa-Tul-Binat High School Misri Shah,LahoreHafsa QamarQamar uz Zaman ShahzadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-010School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRFizza WaheedWaheed AhmedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-011School SeniorsGovt Muslim Girls High school Baghbanpura Lahore SunehaAbdul Ghani Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-012School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliAlishba RasheedAbdul RasheedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-013School SeniorsSir Syed Model School SheikhupuraAlina TariqMuhammad Mustafa TariqDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-014School SeniorsPunjab Daansih School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSawera QamarQamar AbbasDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-015School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School, Ali Raza Abad, LahoreFatima HurmatHurmatDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-018School SeniorsG Tanveer Iamia G H SRobayeshaShakeelM Asalm AwanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-019School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurHania KhalidKhalid MehmoodDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-020School SeniorsGES Mazar BaBa Rehmat Shah RaiwindM Umar AbbasM SaleemDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-021School SeniorsGovt High School NagniArsalan AkramDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-022School SeniorsDaanish School Boys Mianwali Mehmood Khan Kasheed Khan Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-023School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Laiba Shahzad Roy Riaz Ahmad Shahzad Roy Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-024School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolHajirah FaisalFaisal SharifDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-025School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanHaider AbbasKareem BakshDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-026School SeniorsAllied school R.A bazar campus Lahore canttMeerub ButtMuhammad Moin SadiqDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-027School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Meerab JavedJaved IqbalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-028School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Zainab SalmanSalman AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-029School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Huma Shahid Muhammad ShahidDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-030School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Zil-e-Huma Shahid MehmoodDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-031School SeniorsDaanish School Girls MianwaliSamia BatoolMuhammad Nasir KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-032School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Amna NasirAbdul NasirDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-033School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Meerab JavedJaved IqbalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-034School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Zainab SalmanSalman AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-035School SeniorsThe Punjab Boys High School Johar Town LahoreMuhammad Ibraheem HaqueMobin-ul-HaqueDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-036School SeniorsAllied School Marefa CampusShifa GullHabib ul RahmanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-037School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanNimra MushtaqMushtaq AhmedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-038School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolTooba KhanIrfan KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-039School SeniorsMuskan RamzanMuskan RamzanMuhammad RamzanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-040School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolAsma Maqbool RanaRana MaqboolDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-041School SeniorsDaanish schools rahim yar khan Muhammad NoumanAhmed buxDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-042School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolHajirah FaisalFaisal SharifDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-043School SeniorsLahore Grammar SchoolHamza Ahmad Sajjad AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-045School SeniorsThe punjab schoolAsma NadeemH. NadeemDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-046School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Roshni HassanAhmad HassanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-047School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Dua AliFayyaz AliDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-048School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Ana MaahinAyub AnwarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-049School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Meerab BilalKhawaja BilalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-050School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Huzaira JamilM. Jamil ArshadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-051School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Manal RashidRashid AkramDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-052School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Laiba ZubairMuhammad Zubair KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-053School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreArfa ImranAli Imran Khan GhauriDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-054School SeniorsThe Punjab boys high school johar town Lahore Muhammad ibraheem haqueMobin ul haqueDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-055School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreFasi ur RehmanMuhammad Bilal AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-056School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad Bin SaqibSaqib Javed ButtDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-057School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreM. Shamir TemuriKaif ud Din TemuriDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-058School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreSarmad ElahiNaeem ElahiDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-059School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreArsal TemuriKaif ud Din TemuriDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-060School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAhmad UmarUmar BhattiDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-061School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad AalimKh. Meboob AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-062School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad Wajih ul HassanIstafa HaiderDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-063School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreDawar ZulqarnainSaad ZulqarnainDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-064School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAhmad IbrahimMuhammad IjazDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-065School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad SaadMuhammad AmirDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-066School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad Fahad YousafMuhammad Zahid YousafDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-067School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAmmar Bin JavaidJunaidDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-068School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolEman Shahzad Shahzad AliDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-069School SeniorsThe Punjab School Manal Rashid Rashid Akram Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-070School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolIman FatimaRana Khalid JovaidDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-071School SeniorsThe Punjab School Laiba Zubair M. Zubair Khan Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-072School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolRida Fatima Muzafar AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-073School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rameen Asim Asim Taufiq Chishty Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-074School SeniorsThe Punjab School Huzaira Jamil M. Jamil Arshad Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-075School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAsma NadeemNadeemDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-076School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolRoshni HassanAhmad HassanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-077School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolDua AliFayyaz AliDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-078School SeniorsThe Punjab School Arfa Imran Ali Imran Khan Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-079School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAna MaahinAyul AnwarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-080School SeniorsThe Punjab School Laiba ButtAzam ButtDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-081 School Seniors The Punjab School Meerab BilalKhawaja BilalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-081College / UniversityUniversity of Punjab, LahoreMuhammad Zaeem ZahidMuhammad ZahidDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-082 College / University University of OkaraHafiza Nayab AsifAsif JavidDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-083College / UniversityGC Women University, Sialkot.Seemab Jamil GhouriJamil Rehmat GhouriDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-084College / UniversityLahore College for women university  Ursha hafeez  Abdul hafeez Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-085College / UniversityUVASM.Bilal AkbarM.AkbarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-086College / UniversityLahore College for Women University, Lahore.Komal IqbalIqbal Hussain ShaheenDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-087College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaShoaibAgha MuhammadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-088College / UniversityUniversal college quettaUm e haniDost muhammadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-089College / UniversityGovt. Postgraduate College for women SamanabadSyeda Zill.e.ZahraMubashir Ali ShahDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-090College / Universitygomal university dera ismail khan kpkshahid khanmirqad ayaz khanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-091College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraTalha MuhammadMuhammad YarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-092College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarRehan KhanNADeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-093College / UniversityUniversity of Punjab, LahoreMinahil ZafarSyed Zafar GillaniDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-094College / UniversityRashid latif college of pharmacy Maham Ajmal Ch Muhammad Ajmal Ch Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-095College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurHaseeb AffaqAbdul RazzaqDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-096College / UniversityNUST College of E&MEHaseeb Sultan AsadAsadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-097College / UniversityEME College Rawalpindi, NUST Haris NaseerNaseer AhmedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-098College / UniversityUnique group of institiution Hamil ZararZarar HussainDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-099College / UniversityUniversal College/School QuettaFaiqa NasirAbdull NasirDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-100College / UniversityGc women collegeSajjal ishtiaqKhawaja muhammad ishtiaq Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-101College / UniversityGomal UniversityMuhammad Tayyab KhanMuhammad KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-102College / UniversityGomal University D.I.KhanMuhammad Tayyab KhanMuhammad KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-103College / UniversityUniversity of Agriculture,FaisalabadZeeshan AbidAbid HussainDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-105College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurSyed Ans BukhariSyed Ishrat Abbas BukhariDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-106College / UniversityPunjab University LahoreDureshawwalMuhammad Sharif KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-107College / UniversityUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, LahoreLaiba Rasheed Abdul Rasheed Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-108College / UniversityUVASM.Bilal AkbarM.AkbarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-109College / UniversityPunjab Daanish Higher Secondary School (Boys) Jand, AttockMusaddiq IqbalJunaid IqbalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-110College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianFarhad hameedabdulhameedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-111College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeSunil Shahzad AhmadDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-112College / UniversityUvasUroobaWaqarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-113College / UniversityUniversity of Engineering and Technology Lahore (KSK Campus)Abdullah SialShakeel Ahmad SialDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-114College / UniversityUniversity of Engineering and Technology Lahore (KSK Campus)Abdullah SialShakeel Ahmad SialDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-115College / UniversityCollege of statistics and acturial sciences punjab universityKinza Kiran KiyaniMuhammad AyubDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-116College / UniversityGOMAL UNIVERSITY Hadia Ahmed KhanHussain Ahmed KhanDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-117College / UniversityPunjab Daanish school boys jand attockMusaddiq iqbalJanaid iqbalDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-118College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadAmina ShahidRAO SHAHID ALI AKHTARDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-119School JuniorsThe Punjab school Junior School Township LHRM. MudasirM. ZubairDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-120School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrZoyaira AttiqueAttique ur Rehman Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-121School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrTehreem Rizwan Rizwan Siddiqi Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-122 School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrAshna Saeed Saeed Ahmad Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-123 School Juniors The Punjab School Township  Fatima Rizwan Rizwan SiddiquiDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-124School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campussummaya majeedabdul majeedDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-125School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAns ali hammad ali Declamation (English)
DEC-E-19-126School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusfatima mardinahmardinahDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-127School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrameen sarwarshabbir  sarwarDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-128School JuniorsThe Punjab SchoolFatima RizwanRizwan SiddiquiDeclamation (English)
DEC-E-19-129School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusRameen SarwarM.SarwarDeclamation (English)
DEC-P-19-001College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadZahra ShahNaseem Akhtar shahDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-002College / UniversityUniversity of veterinary andanimal sciencesUzmaMuhammad AsgharDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-003College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadZahra NaseemNASEEM AKHTAR SHAHDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-004School SeniorsGHS PANDOKI, LAHORE UMAIR ALIMUHAMMAD ARIFDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-005School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Uswa Ali Rustam Ali Declamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-006School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreBeenish IrfanMalik IrfanDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-007School SeniorsThe Punjab School Ayesha Amir Amir Zaffar Declamation (Punjabi)
DEC-P-19-008School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAyesha Amir Amir ZaffarDeclamation (Punjabi)
DEC-U-19-001College / UniversityPunjab University Lahore Usama Shahzad Shahzad Ahmad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-002College / UniversityBUET khuzdarAbdul wahabAbdul razaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-003College / UniversityLcast collegeHafiz Ahmad RazaWaheed Ahmad SheikhDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-004College / UniversitySuprior UniversityM.IbtihajSohail SaqiDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-005College / UniversityGovernment college univesity fasilabadAzka AhmadAli Ahmad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-006College / UniversityGovernment girls digree college abbaspur poonch azad kashmir Asma BatoolZafar ul haq Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-007College / UniversityCOMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore campusAyesha QamarQamar uz Zaman ShahzadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-008College / UniversityMuhammad Hassan Zaman Muhammad Hassan Zaman Qamar uz Zaman ShahzadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-009College / UniversityGovernment girls digree college abbaspur poonch azad kashmir Asma BatoolZafar ul haq Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-010College / Universitygovt degree college sharaqpur sharif.fiaz ahmad.Jamil ahmad.Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-011College / UniversityGovt Boys Degree College SibiQudratullah QadriAbdul haqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-012College / UniversityGovt degree college sharqpur Sharif.Fiaz Ahmad.Jamil ahmad.Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-013College / UniversityGovt degree college sharqpur Sharif.Fiaz ahmadJamil ahmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-014College / UniversityGovernmemt College University FaisalabadMehar Muhammad RazaJaffar AbbasDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-015College / UniversityCausway Collage Mam RukshandaTahir Mehmood Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-016College / UniversityGovt degree college sharqpur sharifFiaz ahmadJamil ahmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-017College / UniversityC.B public school and collegeFiza safdarMuhammad SafdarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-018College / UniversityThe University of the PunjabMahrukh IkramMuhammad Ikram Ul Haq GillDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-019College / UniversityUniversity of GujratAli QasimRana Zaheer AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-020College / UniversityLahore college for women university Syeda Fizza Abbas Naqvi Syed Abbas Raza NaqviDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-021College / UniversityMBBS MC Mirpur ajkBushra lail shahLail shahDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-022College / UniversityGC Women University SialkotZahra EmanMuhammad JamilDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-023College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliAmra ImranMuhammad ImranDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-024College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliLaraib QaiserQaiser Mehmood Khan HasnainDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-025College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliHareem NazMuhammad RamzanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-026College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliShazia NazirNazir AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-027College / UniversityUniversal CollegeAbdul MananRehmathullahDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-028College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaAfreen JaffarDost MuhammadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-029College / UniversityPunjab University College of Information technology Syed Mohammed Ali Haider Bukhari Syed Tahir Raza Bukhari Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-030College / UniversityPunjab college kasur Syed ibrar Abu AL hassan Syed Ghulam Hussain shah Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-031College / UniversityPunjab universityBilal HaiderMuhammad AkbarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-032College / UniversityVirtual University of PakistanSYEDA BATOOL FATIMAKhalidDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-033College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraHijab ZahraMuhammad Rizwan HaiderDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-034College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarShahjahan NA Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-035College / UniversityForman Christian College & university Ayesha AdilMuhammad Adil azeemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-036College / UniversityDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurTehreem FatimaMuhammad AsifDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-037College / UniversityGCU Faisalabad Arslan Haider Ameen Mukhtar Naseem Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-038College / UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad Imdadullah Owaisy Rasheed Ahmad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-039College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurUsama Abdul RehmanMehran Shahid AdeemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-040College / UniversityNUST College of E&MEMuhammad Talha ArshadMuhammad ArshadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-041College / UniversityGovt college of science wahdat road lahoreAmna shahzadiasghar aliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-042College / UniversityUnique group of institutionHafsa NawaishNawazish AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-043College / Universityunique group of institutionFizza shakeelM shakeelDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-044College / UniversityUniversity of okaraSaif Ullah saadMuhammad RafiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-045College / UniversityUniversity of okaraSaif Ullah saadMuhammad RafiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-046College / UniversityDaanish School Boys Mianwali Shahab Hassan Khan Atta Muhammad Khan Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-047College / UniversityPunjab college kasur Syed ibrar Abu AL hassan Syed Ghulam Hussain shah Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-048College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraSumreen AkramMuhammad AkramDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-049College / UniversityPunjab University Osama RathoreAkhtar AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-050College / UniversityUniversity of sargodhaHuzaifa ArshadMuhammad ArshadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-051College / UniversityNust UniversityHaris Ali KhanMuhammad Saleem KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-052College / UniversityUniversity of punjab lahoreMuhammad tayyabMuhammad irshadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-053College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockAmna YounisMuhammad Younis Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-059College / UniversityUniversity of Education Zarmeen Burki Muhammad Irfan Burki Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-060College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMuhammad Yahya MustafaMuhammad Shoaib AslamDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-061College / UniversityUniversity of education Zarmeen Burki Muhammad Irfan Burki Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-062College / UniversityUVAS JHANG CAMPUS M.JUNAID BABAR M.BABARDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-063College / UniversityPunjab Daanish Higher Secondary School (Boys) Jand, AttockMusa RazaTariq MehmoodDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-064College / UniversityPunjab universityM Jawad JamilM JamilDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-065College / UniversityNusrat jahan college chenaab nagarMaria ujalaMunawar ahmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-066College / UniversityPunjab  university M jawad jamilM jamilDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-067College / UniversityPunjab university M Jawad JamilM jamilDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-068College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraTehreem KhalidKhalid Mehmood KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-069College / UniversityLahore College for women university Sawera Khalid Khalid Ismail Bajwa Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-070College / UniversityUniversity Of GujratRana Abubakar ZaheerRana Zaheer AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-071College / UniversityGomal UniversityWirda Wafa AbbasZafar Abbas Khan Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-072College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeShawana AbidaAshrafDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-073College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeHafiz SaqlainAbdul KhaliqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-074College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeMaryam IshfaqIshfaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-075College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeArooj JavedMuhammad JavedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-076College / UniversityAspire group of collegesAimen jamilM.jamilDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-077College / UniversityUniversity of Engineering and Technology Lahore (KSK Campus)Amta SajalMuhammad AwaisDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-078College / UniversityUniversity of lahoreHafiza ZainabRehmat UllahDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-079College / UniversityGovt. Post Graduate College JaranwalaAlishbah IshtiaqIshtiaq AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-080College / UniversityGovt girls digree college abbaspur poonch azad kashmir pakistanAsma batool zafar ulhaq Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-081College / UniversityUVAS JHANGM.JUNAID BABAR M.babarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-082College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab M. Iftikhar UmarZulfiqar AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-083College / UniversityGovernment College University Faisalabad Arslan Haider Ameer Mukhtar Naseem Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-084College / UniversityGovt. Postgraduate College JaranwalaAlishbah IshtiaqIshtiaq AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-085College / UniversityPunjab University new campusSumayyah FarooqMuhammad FarooqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-086College / UniversityUvasMaham zahraDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-087College / UniversityDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist rajanpurUswa RashidRashid iqbalDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-088College / UniversityComsat university attock campusMuhammad Muzammil HassanGhulam yaseenDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-089College / UniversityPunjab danish school boys jand attockMusa raza Tariq mehmoodDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-090College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadArslan HaiderAmeer Mukhtar NaseemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-091School JuniorsCDG girls Primary school  Shad Bagh Areej  imranImran zubairDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-092School JuniorsGGPS DhondayMehrosh fatimaSaghir AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-094School JuniorsGovernment girls primary school dhondaymehrosh fatimasaghir AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-095School JuniorsStar school system mandi Faiz abadFatima latifAbdul latifDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-096School JuniorsGovernment girls primary school dhondaymehrosh fatimasaghir AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-097School JuniorsGPS keer khurd lahore canttUrwa ashfaqMuhammad AshfaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-098School JuniorsGPS keer khurd lahore canttUrwa ashfaqMuhammad AshfaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-099School JuniorsDavisional Public SchoolMaham ShokatShokat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-100School JuniorsDivisional Public SchoolMahnoor MumtazMumtaz AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-101School JuniorsDivisional public school model town Lahore Mahnoor sajid buttSajid ALi buttDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-102School JuniorsMariam sajid buttMariam sajid butt Sajid ali buttDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-103School JuniorsAmina Samina ZahidAbdul RaufDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-104School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School TownshipWadua RuhabM.Saad ZulqarnainDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-105School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRRehan QadirRaoof AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-106School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRAmina Abdul RaufDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-107School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRAyza UmarM. Umar farooqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-108School JuniorsThe Punjab school Junior School TownshipMahrukh AkmalDr. M AkmalDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-109School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. JunaidZahid RafiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-110School JuniorsGGMS madhu lal hussainKhansa RizwanRizwanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-111School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr Aroob aslam AslamDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-112School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr SaleehaIslamDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-113School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreSaba RizwanRizwanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-114School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreManaal ShahidShahid AnwarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-115School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreFatima ShoukatShoukat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-116School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreTasmiya ButtAsim ButtDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-117School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAdeenah MaryamArshad AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-118School JuniorsThe Punjab School Aisha Noor Sikandar Hayat Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-119School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayla Chughtai M. Mahtab Chughtai Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-120School JuniorsThe Punjab School Rameen Shahid Shahid Bashir Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-121School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Lahore Saba RizwanRizwanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-122School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Lahore Manaal Shahid Shahid AnwarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-123School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Lahore Fatima Shoukat Shoukat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-124School JuniorsThe Punjab SchoolTasmiya ButtAsim ButtDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-125School JuniorsThe Punjab SchoolAdeenah MaryamArshad AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-126School JuniorsThe Punjab School Aishah NoorSikandar HayatDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-127School JuniorsGarrison schoolaffaf salmansalmanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-127School SeniorsGovt high school raiwind lahoreZeeshan elahiAbdul Waheed Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-128School SeniorsGovt high school raiwind lahoreZeeshan elahiAbdul Waheed Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-129School SeniorsCDG Girls High School kot lakhpat lahore Hadia Abdul HaleemAbdul Haleem Sajjad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-130School SeniorsCity District Govt Boys High School Kot Khawaja Saeed LahoreAhmad Shahbaz Shahbaz AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-132School SeniorsGOVT.SHUHADA-E-APS Memorial G/H/M/S/Model townUM E RumanZulfiqar aliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-133School SeniorsGovt girls midel middle school dhalla liaqat abad lahoreMasiha abdul haleemAbdul haleemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-135School SeniorsGGES Kacha LahoreNosheen shehzadiShoukat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-137School SeniorsGovt. Pilot Higher Secondary School wahdat colony LahoreJawad ZafarZafar IqbalDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-138School SeniorsGovernment millat girls high school mughalpura lahore Hafiza Mubashara zahraAsghar AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-139School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Ferozepur Road, Lahore.Minhal RizwanRizwan Aziz KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-140School SeniorsGGES Kacha LahoreNosheen ShaukatShaukat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-141School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Gopal Nagar LahoreSania SagheerSagheer AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-143School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Samanabad LahoreHafiz Muhammad AwaisSalamat AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-145School SeniorsGovr Girls elementray school chung khurd lahore canttIrajMuhammad asifDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-146School SeniorsGovt. milli dar ul atfal GHS rajgarh LahoreKhola ZiaMuhammad Zia ul HaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-147School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lahoreLaiba murtazaGhulam murtazaDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-148School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lahoreLaiba murtazaGhulam murtazaDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-149School SeniorsGovt. Girls Middle School Jahangir Park, LahoreAlishba FarooqMuhammad FarooqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-150School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRAyesha MehmoodMehmood AkbarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-151School SeniorsGovernment Girls Elementary school Sher Shah Colony Dubai town Raiwind Road LahoreOmamaM. Amin Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-152School SeniorsGovt girls middle school manak raiwind Road lahore Laiba Saleem M. Saleem Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-153School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHOREYashfaIjazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-154School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHOREYashfaIjazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-155School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHOREYashfaIjazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-156School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHOREYashfaIjazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-158School SeniorsGovt. Girls community model middle school atto kay awan lahoreNabeelaMuhammad shabbirDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-159School SeniorsGghs mandi raiwind lhrAqsa mubeenMuhammad munshaDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-160School SeniorsThe smart School Gojra CampusShifa AkhtarMuhammad AkhtarDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-161School SeniorsGovt Girls middle school raiwind Road lahore Laiba saleemM. Saleem Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-162School SeniorsUniversal school quettaUme roman jaffarDost muhammadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-163School SeniorsCity District Govt Girls M/S Koocha Muhammadi Sultan Pura LahoreAniqa ShahidShahid AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-164School SeniorsTaj Terbiat school karachiDeclomationRehan ullah qureshiDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-165School SeniorsSir Syed Model School SheikhupuraAlina TariqMuhammad Mustafa TariqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-167School SeniorsGES PajianMuhammad WaseemSajaad HussainDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-168School SeniorsGes general hospital lahoreHusnain alamgirMuhammad alamgirDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-169School SeniorsGES WATNANadir NiazNiazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-170School SeniorsGovt. Madrasa Tul Binat High school Misra shah lahore. Amna MalikMalik Manzoor AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-171School SeniorsGES Basti Amin Pura RaiwindMuhammad HasnainMuhammad YahyaDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-172School SeniorsGovt Islamia high school khazana gate Lahore UMAIR UmarUmar RiazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-173School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School, Ali Raza Abad, LahoreDua AliAliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-175School SeniorsGGHS JALLO STATION LAHORE CANTT Zainb Shair Muhammad Sahir Muhammad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-176School SeniorsStar school system mandi Faiz abadAbdulkareemAbdul latifDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-177School SeniorsGovt model middle school 1st shift Awan NailaHaiderDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-178School SeniorsGovt. City Girls High School Nisbat Road LahoreHira JamilJamil AhmedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-179School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Sumaiya AliZeeshan Ali Ahmad Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-180School SeniorsGGES CDG TAJPURAMajidaArshad khanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-181School SeniorsGovt. Girtls Middle School Nonarian, LahoreAyesha KhalidMuhammad Khalid YasinDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-182School SeniorsFarhan public highRaisaTahirDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-183School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Iman zahooriAbdul sattar zahoori Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-184School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolMusira KhanBilal Ahmad KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-185School SeniorsSir syed model school sheikhupuraMlaika pervaizPervaiz iqbalDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-186School Seniorsdivisional public school model townarbaz shahbazshahbazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-187School Seniorsdividional public school model townManahil shahbazshahbazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-188School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanMuhammad ImranNazar HussainDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-189School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolMinahil Muhammad IrfanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-190School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School HamdaNoor-ul-HassanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-191School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolHamna NaeemMuhammad NaeemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-192School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawaja Saeed LhrFouz-ul- AzeemFurqan MehmoodDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-193School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawaja saeed LhrAhmad MalikZahoorDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-194School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolAjwa AbdullahAbdullah TahirDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-195School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Fatima-tul-ZahraShabbir BhattiDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-196School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Maira Ali ChKaiser AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-197School SeniorsThe Punjab School kot Khawaja saeed LhrMohammad RehanMohammad RiazDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-198School SeniorsAllied School Marefa CampusFatma Ameer KhanAmeer KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-199School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolTasmiaMuhammad AfzalDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-200School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanRuqia NaeemMuhammad NaeemDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-201School SeniorsDaanish School boys ChishtianSaif RamzanMuhammad RamzanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-202School SeniorsAllied School, Paragon CampusRabia |AsifMuhammad AsifDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-203School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanUswa AliAmjad AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-204School SeniorsDaanish schools rahim yar khan Husnain younasMuhammad younasDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-205School SeniorsWapda girls high school amrHaiqaSayyedDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-206School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAmmara YousafM. YousafDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-207School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreDania CheemaShahbaz CheemaDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-208School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMashal AtezazAtezaz RafiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-209School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreEeman ShahzadShahzad AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-210School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHareem ArshadMuhammad ArshadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-211School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreIman  FatimaRana Khalid JavaidDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-212School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreRida FatimaMuzafar AhmadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-213School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreLaiba ZubairM. Zubair Khan Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-214School SeniorsGES SHADAB colony Chung lahoreKamil hussainArif aliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-215School SeniorsThe Punjab School Maryam Maalik WattooNaveed Maalik Wattoo Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-216School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad Zaki ur RehmanMuhammad AttiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-217School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad Saad ZeshanMuhammad ZeshanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-218School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreSaim NazimNazim AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-219School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreM. Ibrahim BhattiSaleem BhattiDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-220School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHaider AliFarhan AliDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-221School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuzamil Nasir HashmiGhulam NasirDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-222School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreM. SharjeelM. AshfaqDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-223School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreRayyan SohailSohail ImranDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-224School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAmmara YousafMuhammad YousafDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-225School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Lahore Dania cheema Shahbaz cheems Declamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-226School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMashal AtezazAtezaz RafiqueDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-227School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolHareem Arshad Muhammad ArshadDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-228School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolfLaiba ZubairM. Zubair KhanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-229School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolBeenish IrfanMalik IrfanDeclamation (Urdu)
DEC-U-19-230School SeniorsThe Punjab School Anzalna ImranMuhammad ImranDeclamation (Urdu)
E-E-19-001College / UniversityUmme-Rubab Asif Umme-Rubab Asif IqbalEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-002College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabZaheer RazzaqAbdul RazzaqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-003College / UniversityUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadMuhammad Badar ZiaMuhamamd Safdar ZiaEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-004College / UniversityPunjab CollegeIrfan AhmadJabbar AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-005College / UniversityGovernment college UniversityRana Zain MuhammadFarhat AbbasEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-006College / UniversityGovt Boys Degree College Sibi Imam BakhshArbab KhanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-007College / UniversityLahore College For Women UniversityMamoona AkhterGhulam MustafaEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-008College / UniversityUniversity of the punjab, new campusMahrukh IkramMuhammad Ikram Ul Haq GillEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-009College / UniversityGcufDilawar buttMudassar buttEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-010College / UniversityQuaid i Azam University, IslamabadAli JawadMuhammad AkramEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-011College / UniversityScience collage QueetaTopicSahib khanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-012College / UniversityPunjab universityAmina bibiBahadur khanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-013College / UniversityGovt Degree College SibiKhan Muhammad Imam bakhshEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-014College / UniversityLahore college for women universityNillSheikh NaeenEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-015College / UniversityGC Women University, Sialkot.Hadeeba Gulam AliGulam AliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-016College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliZoha AslamMuhammad AslamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-017College / UniversityGovernment boys degree college renala khurd okaraIqra anwar Muhammad Anwar Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-018College / UniversityGovernment boys degree college renala khurd okaraIqra anwar Muhammad Anwar Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-019College / UniversityUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Noor Ul Ain Muhammad AzamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-020College / Universitylahore college for women university lahorememona akhtarakhtarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-021College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraMahnoor FazalFazal HaqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-022College / UniversityPunjab University, Lahore.Zahra Batool AwanRiasat AliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-023College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarGhulam MuhammadNAEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-024College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,Khuzdarhayat khanNAEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-025College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraGul NazZewar DinEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-026College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraFAZZAH ALIMUHAMMAD ALIEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-027College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab, New campus, LahoreMuniba Mahmood Mahmood-ul-Hassan Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-028College / UniversityUMTRabia saleemM saleemEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-029College / UniversityPunjab University Salma Shahzad Muhammad Shahzad Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-030College / UniversityGovernment college baghban pura lahoreSofia ShahzadiMuhammad Shahzad Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-031College / UniversityUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Noor Ul Ain Muhammad AzamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-032College / UniversityNUSTAsma YaqubMuhammad YaqubEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-033College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) Hasilpurmuhammad SufyanHaji Ijaz AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-034College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarShayhaq AliNAEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-035College / Universitypunjab collegewarda ahmadwaqar ahmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-036College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarShayhaq AliNAEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-037College / UniversityDaanish School Boys Mianwali Muhammad Hassan Atique Muhammad AtiqueEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-038College / UniversityGC Women University SialkotFarwa BatoolM. ArifEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-039College / UniversityShadab Girls CollegeNosheen AkramM. AkramEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-040College / UniversityGC Women University SialkotEurm MuhatarGhulam MustafaEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-041College / UniversityMuhammad NadeemMuhammad NadeemZar Jehan GulEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-042College / UniversityPunjab university Muhammad Suhaib Tariq Tariq Mahmood Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-043College / UniversityPunjab university Muhammad Suhaib Tariq Tariq Mahmood Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-044College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil purWaseem YaseenGhulam YaseenEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-045College / UniversityUniversity of education Zarmeen Burki Muhammad Irfan Burki Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-046College / UniversityUMTMaham munir awanM.munir awanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-047College / UniversityUniversity of Management and Technology Aiza Talat Talat mahmood Khokhar Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-048College / UniversityNusrat Jahan College RabwahRagheeba Sahar Masroor AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-049College / UniversityUniversity of Management and Technology Lahore Momina Arshad Muhammad Arshad Khan Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-050College / UniversityUniversity of management and technology (UMT) Ayesha Binte Habib Habib Ullah Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-051College / UniversityUMTSYED IQBAL HUSSAIN Muhammad asim Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-052College / UniversityUniversity of management and technology Amna SamiAbdul SamiEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-053College / UniversityUniversity of Management and TechnologyMaha AdeelAdeel Ullah KhanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-054College / UniversityUniversity of Management and Technology LahoreKhadija Shakeel Shakeel Hussain Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-055College / UniversityUniversityTayyabaKaleem Anwar ShiraziEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-056College / UniversityUVASM.Bilal AkbarM.AkbarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-057College / UniversityDaanish School Girls MianwaliZoha AslamMuhammad AslamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-058College / UniversityPUNJAB university  lahore new campusSumiaMuhammad ArshadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-059College / UniversityNusrat Jahan CollegeKashaf UroojShahid AminEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-060College / UniversityGomal University D.I.KhanSaeed AnwarSohail AnwarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-061College / UniversityPunjab university new campus lahoreSumia Muhammad ArshadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-062College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianUmar FarooqMuhammad AbdullahEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-063College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanUrwa BibiM. YaqoobEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-064College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology KhuzdarAbdul JabbarHadi BakhshEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-065College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadMudassar Abbas KhanGhulam MuhammadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-066School JuniorsabcabcabcEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-067School JuniorsGgms chaudhary colony ichra lhrNayaab imranMuhammad imranEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-069School JuniorsCathedral School no. 4, Model Town, Lahore.Jeena AliM. Ali RazaEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-070School JuniorsThe Punjab School  Junior School Township LHRHajera BatoolM. AmirEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-071School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRM. Mudassarm. ZubairEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-072School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRHadia MahmoodAmjad MahmoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-073School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRAbdul MananTouseef SajjadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-074School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHREshal KashifKashif MehmoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-075School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRM.Muarij TahirM.Tahir AkhtarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-076School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM.Abdul Rehman ZeeshanZeeshan QadarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-077School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrHareem RizwanRizwan QuddusEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-078School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrDaud SarwarM.UmerEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-079School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrMeerab LatifAbdul LatifEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-080School JuniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolMah-e-Noor AzeemMuhammad AzeemEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-081School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAyesha TehreemM.shafiqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-082School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusArmish salmansyed salmanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-083School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusBakhtawar AsimMian AsimEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-084School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAli AsifAsif mehmoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-085School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusSaim AliTanveer AhmedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-086School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusM.Yahyazulfikar aliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-087School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusPaviya mayoshahid mehmoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-088School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campuszainab AsifAsifEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-089School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusSafra saddiqM.SaddiqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-090School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campuszubaida IrfanM.IrfanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-091School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrania muneebmuneebEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-092School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAlayna muneebmuneebEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-093School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusumer waseemwaseemEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-094School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusfamiyafamiyaEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-095School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-097School SeniorsGovt girls high school Shahpur kanjra Multan road lahoreMega shahzadiMuhammad riazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-098School SeniorsGGHS SHAHPUR KANJRA LAHORENeha shahzadiMuhammad riazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-099School SeniorsGovernment Girls Middle School Bagrian,LahoreIman AslamMuhammad AslamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-100School SeniorsGovernment Girls Middle school Bagrian,lahoreIman AslamMuhammad AslamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-102School SeniorsGovt.Millat Girls High School,mughalpura lhrUraibaIftikhar AliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-103School SeniorsGGHS RAKH CHANDRAISARWAT KHALIDKHALIDEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-104School SeniorsGGHS RAKH CHANDRAISARWAT KHALIDKHALIDEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-105School SeniorsGovernment millat girls high school mughalpura lahore Najam un NisaSyed Javaid shahEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-108School SeniorsGovt. New Islamia Girls Middle School Nafeerabad Lahore Mahnoor Moazam Moazam Ali Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-109School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls MianwaliAlishba RasheedAbdul RasheedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-110School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRIqra IftikharIftikhar AliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-111School SeniorsGHS ISLAMIA SAMANABAD LAHOREWasif MajeedMuhammad MajeedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-112School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Rattigan Road LahoreMUHAMMAD UMARMUHAMMAD ARIFEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-113School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSana RiazMuhammad RiazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-114School SeniorsGovt New Islamia Girls Middle School Nafeerabad Lahore Mahnoor Moazam Moazam Ali Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-115School Seniorsunique group of institutionAreesha munirMunir AhmedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-116School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolMusira KhanBilal Ahmad KhanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-117School SeniorsCDG Boys Elementary School Ajodhia Pur lhrM jasim HussainHussain Baksh Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-118School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Ayesha Latif Abdul Latif Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-119School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanArsalan NadeemTaaj MuhammadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-120School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Fizza ShoaibMian Muhammad Shoaib KhalilEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-121School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Sabeen Liaqat Muhammad Liaqat Ali Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-122School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Amna Asifa Abdul GhaffarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-123School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Noor FatimaMuhammad KashifEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-124School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Rameen FatimaKhalid Waheed AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-125School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Zainab SalmanSalman AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-126School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Areeba ZahidZahid SharifEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-127School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Hiba KhanM. Usman FarooqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-128School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Aimen MunirMunir AhmedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-129School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Rameen FatimaKhalid Waheed AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-130School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School (Boys) Jand, AttockBurhan UllahNaimat KhanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-131School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolRameela FaridMalk Ghulam Farid SajidEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-132School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolUrwa BatoolMansoor AkmalEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-133School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolLaiba NawazMuhammad NawazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-134School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanAreeba NaveedNaveed AlamEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-135School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolAneesa NaveedNaveed AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-136School SeniorsDaanish School Girls Chishtianfizza kainatasghar aliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-137School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolSadia RasoolGhulam RasoolEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-138School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolTehreem FatimaZulfiqar AliEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-139School SeniorsDaanish schools rahim yar khan Bhadur AkmalMuhammad AkmalEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-144School SeniorsWApda girls high school smr lahoreMonizaMuhmad hussainEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-145School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr JaveriyaAfzaal khan Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-146School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr BismaKhalidEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-147School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr ShawalM. FayyazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-153School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Noor FatimaKhalid MehmoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-154School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Rameen FarooqFarooq AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-155School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Amna BatoolRana QamarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-156School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Fatima WaqarWaqar AhmedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-157School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Rameen AsimAsim Taufiq ChishtyEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-158School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Ayesha MuzammilMuzammil EjazEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-159School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Kaneez ZahraShahid SardarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-160School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Jawaria IjazRaza Ijaz AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-161School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Ayesha SaadM. Saad SiddiquiEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-162School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Arfa ImranAli Imran Khan GhauriEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-163School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Areeba JawadJawad ShamsiEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-164School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Syeda Shumayl AzazSyed Azaz AhmadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-165School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Laiba ButtAzam ButtEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-166School SeniorsDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist rajanpurFarkhanda GhoffarAbdul GhafarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-167School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuhammad BilalGhulam Shabir TahirEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-168School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreMuneeb AamirAamir SaeedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-169School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAbdul Rehman HashirRana Anjum ShehzadEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-170School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHaris SiddiquiMutahir SiddiquiEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-171School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAbdul HadiNasir FarooqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-172School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAbdullah FarooqiUmar FarooqEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-173School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreRayan TahirTahir MasoodEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-174School SeniorsPunjab danish school boys jand attockBurhan ullahNaimat khanEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-175School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Wawas Waqas Ahmed Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-176School SeniorsThe Punjab School Ayesha Muzammil Muzammil Ejaz Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-177School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kaneez ZahraShahid Sardar Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-178School SeniorsThe Punjab School Jawaria Ijaz Rana Ijaz Ahmad Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-179School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolNoor Fatima Khalid Mehmood Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-180School SeniorsThe Punjab School Ayesha Saad M. Saad Siddiqui Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-181School SeniorsThe Punjab School Areeba Jawad Jawad Shamsi Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-182School SeniorsThe Punjab School Syeda Shumayl Azaz Syed Azaz Ahmad Essay Writing (English)
E-E-19-183School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolRameen FarooqFarooq AhmedEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-184School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAmna BatoolRana QamarEssay Writing (English)
E-E-19-185School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAnoosha AtifAtif AzeemEssay Writing (English)
E-P-19-001College / UniversityUniversity of Punjab Lahore Muhammad AbubakarMuhammad AshrafEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-002College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadZameer Hassan MajidNoor Hassan ShadEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-003School JuniorsThe Punjab school Girls Wing Township Lahore Fatima NasarAbu Nasar Essay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-004School JuniorsThe Punjab SchoolFatima NoorAbu NasarEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-005School SeniorsGOVT.SHUHADA-E-APS memorial G/M/H/S MODEL TOWN LAHOREUM E RUMANZulfiqar ALIEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-006School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreTaibah HashmiZaheer HussainEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-007School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMaheen AhsanMian Ahsan UmerEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-008School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreEisha IqbalIqbalEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-009School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAnzalna ImranMuhammad ImranEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-010School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolTaibah Hashmi Zaheer HussainEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-011School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMaheen AhsanMian Ahsan UmerEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-P-19-012School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolEisha IqbalIqbalEssay Writing (Punjabi)
E-U-19-001College / UniversityGovt. College Uni LahoreUsama Bin khalidKhalid MahmudEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-002College / UniversityILM College Hafiz AhmadWaheed AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-003College / UniversityN/AMuhammad Hassan ZamanQamar uz Zaman ShahzadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-004College / UniversityChenab college jhangEman FatimaRana shamas ul haqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-005College / UniversityUniversity of LahoreTouseef Ahmad Muhammad NaseerEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-006College / UniversityLahore College For Woman UniversityMaria YousafMuhammad Yousaf Shah DirviEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-007College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabMuhammad ArslanMuhammad TahirEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-008College / UniversityChenab college jhang Eman Fatima Rana Shamas ul Haq Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-009College / UniversityUniversity of okaraAli Moazzam Qadri Muhammad Ramzan qadri Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-010College / Universityuniversity of OkaraALI MOAZZAM QADRIMUHAMMAD RAMZAN QADRIEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-011College / UniversityGovt Degree College SibiKhan Muhammad Imam BakhshEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-012College / Universityuniversity of veterinary and animal Sciences Saira mukhtar Muhammad mukhtar Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-013College / Universityuniversity of veterinary and animal Sciences Saira mukhtar Muhammad mukhtar Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-014College / Universityuniversity of veterinary and animal Sciences Saira mukhtar Muhammad mukhtar Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-015College / Universityuniversity of veterinary and animal Sciences Saira mukhtar Muhammad mukhtar Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-016College / UniversityVirtual University of PakistanFareesa KhanHayatullah KhanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-017College / UniversityPunjab University lahoreBilal HaiderMuhammad AkbarEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-018College / UniversityUniversity of veterinary and Animal sciences Lahore Sana jafarMuhammad Jafar khanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-019College / UniversityUniversity of veterinary and Animal sciences Lahore Sana Jafar Muhammad Jafar khanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-020College / UniversityUniversity Of OkaraBenish MustafaGhulam MustafaEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-021College / UniversityUniversity of okaraShazia Bano Khushi Muhammad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-022College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraFAZEELAT RIAZRIAZ AHMADEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-023College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarGhulam DastageerNAEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-024College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurMuhammad Nadeem AkramMuhammad AkramEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-025College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaZahida WazeerWazeer KhanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-026College / UniversityDaanish School Boys Mianwali Wasif SharejeelAsad IqbalEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-027College / UniversityPunjab UniversityHafiz Mubara sattarAbdul sattarEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-028College / UniversityLahore Garrison UniversityMuhammad NadeemZar Jehan GulEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-029College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockTasmia BibiLiaqat AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-030College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanRab NawazAziz AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-031College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurSaad UllahMureed HussainEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-032College / UniversityGomal univercity dikhanNoor shahAbdul rehmanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-033College / UniversityDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanQurat-Ul-AinPeeran DittaEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-034College / UniversityDaanish School Girls Chishtiansadia ghafoorAbdul ghafoorEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-035College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeAliha EmanShahzad AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-036College / UniversityUniversity of management and technology LahoreAkif ayazAllah DittahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-037College / UniversityUniversity of management and technology LahoreAkif ayazAllah DittahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-038College / UniversityDaanish schools rahim yar khan Ammar shafiqueShafique AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-039College / UniversityUvas lahoreMahnoor ziaZia ul haqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-040College / UniversityThe University of FaisalabadTasbiha RamzanMuhammad RamzanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-041College / UniversityGovernment College University Faisalabad Maira Ali Muhammad AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-042College / UniversityGovernment College University Faisalabad syeda wajiha fatima bukhari syed Ashiq hussain BukhariEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-043College / UniversityKing Edward Medical UniversitySaad KhalidKhalid MehmoodEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-044School JuniorsCDG  Girls  Primary School Shad bagh?Abdu al rehmanM AshfaqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-045School JuniorsGovt.junior Model school Rattigan road lahoreUmair AsifMuhammad AsifEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-046School JuniorsGovernment Girl Primary School Khanpur, LahoreUmm-e-habibaFalak SherEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-047School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School TownshipRehan QadirRaoof AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-048School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM.Ahmad Shabbir Adnan Shabbir Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-049School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. Saad M. Afzal Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-050School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrHamza Adnan Adnan Ahmad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-051School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrAaminah Irshad Ahmad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-052School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrZayan Shahid Iftikhar Shahid Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-053School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. Shaheer M. Zaheer Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-054School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. Zayyar Khan Khail Khan Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-055School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. Aniq Ali Farrukh GullEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-056School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrSyed Hasaan Ali Syed Farhan AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-057School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrMinahil Shafique Shafique Subhani Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-058School JuniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolLaiba KanwalAamir ShahzadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-059School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-060School SeniorsGovtGHS RAMPURA JAGEERZahraNaseerEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-062School SeniorsGGHS Shahpur kanjra Multan road lahoraJavaria shoukatShoukat aliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-063School SeniorsCDG Girls High School kot lakhpat lahore Hina AslamMuhammad Aslam Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-064School SeniorsJaveria shoukatJaveria shoukatShoukat aliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-065School SeniorsGovt Girls High School Shalimar Town LhrAnzala Allah DittaAllah DittaEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-066School SeniorsMarsha KanwalMARSHA KANWALrais mazhar HussainEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-067School SeniorsGovernment Girls Middle school Bagrian,lahoreMudassar shoukatShoukatEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-068School SeniorsGovt girls model middle school dhalla liaqat abad lhrSehrish ashrafM.ashrafEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-070School SeniorsGovernment Girls Elementary school Bagrian lahoreMudassar shoukatShoukatEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-072School Seniorsgovt high school shahpur kanjra lhrmuhammad awaismuhammad shahzadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-073School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Gopal Nagar LahoreMisbah ZahoorMuhammad ZahoorEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-074School SeniorsGovt Girls middle school Gajjumatta tehsil model town lahoreHafza AnjumMuhammad MaqsoodEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-075School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Samanabad LahoreTalha AmjadAmjad MehmoodEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-076School SeniorsGovt. Girls middle school MohlanwalInshaMuhammad Ashraf Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-077School SeniorsGovt. Girls Elementary school chung khurd lahore canttAttia Fatima  Syed mukaram aliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-078School SeniorsGovernment Girls Elementary school Rasool puraFiza Sidique Muhammad Sidique Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-079School SeniorsLaurelbank Public School System, Baghbanpura, LahoreMuhammad Hassan Zaman Qamar uz Zaman ShahzadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-080School SeniorsCdg gges nargis block allama iqbal town Alshbah nadeemMuhammad nadeemEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-081School SeniorsGovt girls higher Secondary school barki lahroe canttFiza Zulfiqar AliZulfiqar AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-082School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRBenazir ShamshadShamshad AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-083School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Rattigan Road, LahoreMUHAMMAD SUBHANALI MUHAMMADEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-084School SeniorsGovernment Muslim High School Baghbanpuraanpura LahoreMuhammad Umar TariqMuhammad TariqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-085School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHORESmaikaKhalidEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-086School SeniorsMA chamrupurSonia EjazEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-087School SeniorsCity District Govt Girls M/S Koocha Muhammadi Sultan Pura LahoreAsia WaqarWaqar AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-088School SeniorsCity District Govt Girls M/S Koocha Muhammadi Sultan Pura LahoreAsia WaqarWaqar AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-089School SeniorsCdg gges nargis block allama iqballtown lahoreIshbahNadeemEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-091School SeniorsGes rakh chandrai lahoreShahzaibKismat gullEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-092School SeniorsGovt Islamia high school khazana gate Lahore Ahsan MunirMuneer AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-094School SeniorsGGES Sher Shah Colony Raiwind road Lahore HADIA SOHAIL Muhammad Sohail Asghar Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-095School SeniorsGovt model middle school 1st shift Awan HaseebAliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-096School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurHaseena HameedAbdul HameedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-097School SeniorsDivisional Public SchoolMuzammil AminM.AminEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-098School SeniorsDivisional Public SchoolUmair Younas M.YounasEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-099School SeniorsDivisional Public SchoolMaira MumtazMumtaz AliEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-100School Seniorsunique group of institutionSaad MalikNusair AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-101School SeniorsUnique group of institutionrohail AmirAmir AyubEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-102School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolAriba IrfanMuhammad IrfanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-103School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Zoha AmjadAmjad HussainEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-104School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Urba Shaheen KasuriM.RafiqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-105School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Laiba KamalAhsan KamalEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-106School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Laiba KamalAhsan KamalEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-107School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Urba Shaheen KasuriM. RafiqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-108School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School (Boys) Jand, AttockMuhammad AdilJan Muhammad KhanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-109School SeniorsThe Punjab school Kot Khawaja Saeed LhrShaheer KhalidKhalid ZaheerEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-110School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawaja saeed LhrUmer FarooqNisar AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-111School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolFatima-Tul-ZahraTanveer AhmedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-112School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolIqraMuhammad RiazEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-113School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolKinza NaveedNaveed AhmadEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-114School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanMaskara LaalMuhammad laalEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-115School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolTanzila ShaheenMuhammad AslamEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-116School SeniorsSialkot Grammar SchoolAyesha MominaMuhammad ElahiEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-117School SeniorsSialkot Grammar SchoolAyesha MominaMuhammad Elahi Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-118School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girls Wing Township Lahore Shanzay HussnainAli ImranEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-119School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreAymen KhadeejaMalik AkramEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-120School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreAimen FatimaAli ImamEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-121School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreZainab MustansarMuhammad Mustansar SaeedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-122School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreSamar FatimaFayyaz HussainEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-124School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreHaleema MazharMazhar RafiqueEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-125School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreAyesha AshrafMuhammad Ashraf ZiaEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-126School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMominaShabbirEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-127School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreAnoosha AtifAtif AzeemEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-128School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMusfirahDr. M. AbdullahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-129School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreSaffana RiazRiaz-ud- dinEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-130School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreHuda ChughtaiMuhammad MahtabEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-131School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMuntaha MohsinMohsin SulemanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-132School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreFatima ImranImran Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-133School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMaham AzamAzam RasheedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-134School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hibba Ijaz Malik Ijaz Ahmad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-135School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aliza Ahmad Laeeq Ahmad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-136School SeniorsThe Punjab School Wajeeha Maalik Naeem Maalik Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-137School SeniorsThe Punjab School Maryam Maalik Watto Naveed Maalik WattooEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-138School SeniorsDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist.RajanpurMehreen SadiqM. SadiqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-139School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreM. Rehman WarisM. WarisEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-140School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAbdul WahabM. TayyabEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-141School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreReyyan AbdullahDr. M. AbdullahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-142School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAdnan HaiderM. ArifEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-143School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreTalha AnjumM. AnjumEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-144School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreM. HarisM. TariqEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-145School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHassan abdullahDr. AbdullahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-146School SeniorsPunjab danish school boys jand attockMuhammad adilJan Muhammad khanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-147School SeniorsThe Punjab School Shanzay HussainAli ImranEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-148School SeniorsThe PunjabSchoolAymen KhadeejaMalik AkramEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-149School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAimen Fatima Ali ImamEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-150School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolZainab MustansarM. Mustansar SaeedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-151School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMomina Shabbir Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-152School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolSamar FatimaFayyaz HussainEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-153School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolHaleema MazharMazhar Rafique Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-154School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAyesha Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf Zia Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-155School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMusfirahDr. M. AbdullahEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-156School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMuntaha MohsinMohsin SulemanEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-157School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolSaffana RiazRiaz ul din Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-158School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolHuda ChughtaiMuhammad MahtabEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-159School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolFatima ImranImranEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-160School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMaham AzamAzam RasheedEssay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-161School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aliza Ahmad Laeeq Ahmad Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-162School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hibba Ijaz Malik Ijaz Ahmed Essay Writing (Urdu)
E-U-19-163School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolWajeeha MalikNaeem MalikEssay Writing (Urdu)
NS-19-001College / UniversityRashid latif medical collegeWardaAbdul jabbarNational Songs
NS-19-002College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab LahoreSyed Haider Ali Shah Muhammad Ameen ShahNational Songs
NS-19-003College / UniversityPunjab universityAbubakarM.tahirNational Songs
NS-19-004College / UniversityPunjab university college of information technologyHafiz Arslan AliGhaffar AhmedNational Songs
NS-19-005College / UniversityPunjab University LahoreWasim AslamMuhammad AslamNational Songs
NS-19-006College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliHina NaseerMuhammad Naseer AhmedNational Songs
NS-19-007College / UniversityCOMSATSMuhammad Attique Ur RehmanKhalil Ur RehmanNational Songs
NS-19-008College / UniversityGovt degree College SibiQudratUllahAbdul HaqNational Songs
NS-19-009College / UniversityVirtual University of PakistanSaima KhanSaifullah Khan National Songs
NS-19-010College / UniversityGGHSS Chung LahoreIman WaheedSyed Waheed HussainNational Songs
NS-19-012College / UniversityPunjab UniversityRizwan AhmadBashir AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-013College / UniversityUniversity of SouthaisaWaqar HanifHanif AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-014College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology, KhuzdarSagar AliNANational Songs
NS-19-015College / UniversityWasiqa Khan Wasiqa Khan Asad Ali KhanNational Songs
NS-19-016College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab Lahore Muhammad AbubakarMuhammad AshrafNational Songs
NS-19-017College / UniversityUniversity of Punjab Lahore Muhammad AbubakarMuhammad AshrafNational Songs
NS-19-018College / UniversityCollege of Earth and Environmental sciences Punjab UniversityFizza MushtaqKhawaja Mushtaq AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-019College / UniversityUneveristy of the punjab lahoreAtia BanoMuhammad SulemanNational Songs
NS-19-020College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurAbsar Abdul AliSaleem Akhtar AbbasiNational Songs
NS-19-021College / UniversityUnique group of institionNarjis BatoolSohail khursheedNational Songs
NS-19-022College / UniversityPunjab College FaisalabadAli ZardashIftikhar Ahmad KhanNational Songs
NS-19-023College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurShehzad MalikWahid BakhshNational Songs
NS-19-024College / UniversityUniversity of education Zarmeen Burki Muhammad Irfan BurkiNational Songs
NS-19-025College / UniversityUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Ravi Campus Pattoki Ahmad AliMuhammad IlyasNational Songs
NS-19-026College / UniversityUniversity of SialkotWajeeha BabarBabar HussainNational Songs
NS-19-027College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanLaraib FatimaMaqbool HussainNational Songs
NS-19-028College / UniversityPunajab College KamokeMuhammad AnasSohail AftabNational Songs
NS-19-029College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeAbu HurairaMuhammad KhalidNational Songs
NS-19-030College / UniversityAiou ibdShafqat aamirDilawer hussainNational Songs
NS-19-031College / UniversityIslam College of Pharmacy SialkotSyed Rehan Iqbal JafriSyed Zafar Iabal JafriNational Songs
NS-19-032College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab lahoreRida ZahidZahid MaqsoodNational Songs
NS-19-033College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadNabeel AnwarMuhammad AnwarNational Songs
NS-19-034School JuniorsGGPS Jaddah shahdara town lhrsamia noorM nadeemNational Songs
NS-19-035School JuniorsCDG juniors moddle primary school bhamma band road lahoreM.abdullahSaadat hussainNational Songs
NS-19-036School JuniorsGovt. Girls Middle School A2 Township LahoreM Hassan Khan NiaziSadaqat Khan NiaziNational Songs
NS-19-038School JuniorsGovt girls high school faisal town Lahore Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-039School JuniorsGovt girls high school faisal town Lahore Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-040School JuniorsGovt girls high school faisal town Lahore Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-041School JuniorsMahnoor fatima Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-042School JuniorsMahnoor fatima Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-043School JuniorsMahnoor fatima Mahnoor fatima Muhammad AbidNational Songs
NS-19-044School JuniorsGovt model girls high school wahdat colony lahoreShahbaz amirMuhammad amirNational Songs
NS-19-045School JuniorsGovt model girls high school wahdat colony lhrRehman saleemMuhammad saleemNational Songs
NS-19-046School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrSurooj Khan Saleem Khan National Songs
NS-19-047School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrM. Tayyab Naveed M. Naveed AkhterNational Songs
NS-19-048School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township M.  Wasi ul Hassan Istafa Haider National Songs
NS-19-049School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrHassan Raza Awan M. Azeem National Songs
NS-19-050School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior Schol Township Lhr Muhammad Ismail Malik Muhammad Ahsen National Songs
NS-19-055School JuniorsQazi Girls High SchoolHamna MaqsoodMalik Maqsood AhmedNational Songs
NS-19-069School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr RuminaHabibNational Songs
NS-19-070School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr Kinza NaveedNational Songs
NS-19-071School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr Mirab ZaheerNational Songs
NS-19-072School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayla Chughtai M. Mahtab Chughtai National Songs
NS-19-073School JuniorsAvalon high Rmaisa ishaqMuhammad ishaqNational Songs
NS-19-074School JuniorsAvalon high Hareem kamilKamil mehmood National Songs
NS-19-075School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrameen sarwarshabbir sarwarNational Songs
NS-19-076School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarNational Songs
NS-19-077School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayla Chughtai M. Mahtab Chughtai National Songs
NS-19-078School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayla Chughtai M. Mahtab Chughtai National Songs
NS-19-079School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayla Chughtai M. Mahtab Chughtai National Songs
NS-19-079-bSchool JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusaffaf salmansalmanNational Songs
NS-19-079-cSchool JuniorsDPS JuniorsZainab FatimaAR SajidNational Songs
NS-19-080School SeniorsGovt Girls High School Malik Pur Lahore canttArooj AnwarMuhammad AnwarNational Songs
NS-19-081School SeniorsChenab college jhang Khizra Zainab Rana Shamas ul Haq National Songs
NS-19-082School SeniorsGovt.Saeeda Islamia GHS Wassanpura Scheme No. 2 LahoreMuqaddas IqraAltaf HussainNational Songs
NS-19-083School SeniorsGGHS Shahpur kanjra Multan road lahoreAlisha muradMurad aliNational Songs
NS-19-084School SeniorsGGHS SHAHPUR KANJRA LAHOREAlishba MuradMurad aliNational Songs
NS-19-085School SeniorsCDG Girls High School kot lakhpat lahore Naila Mukhtar Mukhtar AliNational Songs
NS-19-086School SeniorsCDG Girls High School Boston Colony Qainchi Amer Sidhu LHR Rumasia Muhammad AliNational Songs
NS-19-088School SeniorsIslamia grammar high schoolMihammad Ali JoharTalib HussainNational Songs
NS-19-089School SeniorsGGHS SalamatpuraSodra arifMuhammaf ArifNational Songs
NS-19-090School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Samsani khoi johar Town lahore Aliza Sher Muhammad National Songs
NS-19-091School SeniorsGovt.bashir Memorial GHS feroz pur Road Lhr.Asnath MushtaqMushtaq MasihNational Songs
NS-19-092School SeniorsGovt. Muslim League High school  Empress Road Lahore Muhammad Arham SaddiqiMuhammad EhtishamNational Songs
NS-19-093School SeniorsGovernment millat girls high school mughalpura lahore Fizza zulfiquar Zulfiquar AliNational Songs
NS-19-095School SeniorsCDG M/C School Shalimar town LahoreMinahil khalidMuhammad khalidNational Songs
NS-19-096School SeniorsGHS Green Town LahoreFiazan Hafeez KhanHafeez khanNational Songs
NS-19-097School SeniorsGOVT. HIGH SCHOOL BAGHBANPURA LAHORE. Muhammed lbrahim SultaniMuhammad Rizwan SultaniNational Songs
NS-19-098School SeniorsGOVT.PROGRESSIVE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL R. BLOCK MODEL TOWN LHR Ayesha AkbarMuhammad Akbar National Songs
NS-19-101School Seniorscdg girls middle school bhogiwalnoor fatimahumayun hassanNational Songs
NS-19-103School SeniorsGovernment Girls Elementary school Rasool puraIqra MushtaqMuhammad MushtaqNational Songs
NS-19-104School SeniorsGovt. Girls Higher Secondary School Rangers Colony Lahore CanttHamnaGhulam FareedNational Songs
NS-19-105School SeniorsGGHS BHOBATTIAN Raiwind road lahore Ayesha AmeenMuhammad AmeenNational Songs
NS-19-106School SeniorsGovt.model girls high school canal view LahoreMuntaha IbrahimMuhammad IbrahimNational Songs
NS-19-107School SeniorsGovt.Saeeda Islamia GHS Wassanpura Scheme No. 2 LahoreMuqadass IqraAltaf HussainNational Songs
NS-19-108School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRZaib Abdul WaheedAbdul WaheedNational Songs
NS-19-109School SeniorsGovt. AV Girls High School Batapur, LahoreMomina AsifMuhammad AsifNational Songs
NS-19-110School SeniorsGovt. AV Girls High School Batapur LahoreMomina AsifMuhammad AsifNational Songs
NS-19-111School SeniorsThe Smart School City Campus GojraAfia AhmadMuhammad ArshadNational Songs
NS-19-112School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliFozia BatoolMuhammad HassanNational Songs
NS-19-113School SeniorsGovt, Wazir  Model Girls Middle School Sanda LahorwSara Arshad RaziNational Songs
NS-19-116School SeniorsGES WatnaAdeel AslamAslamNational Songs
NS-19-117School SeniorsGovt girls high school Shamke Bhattian lahireSana iqbalMuhammad iqbalNational Songs
NS-19-118School SeniorsGovt tehzeeb ul binat high school takia sadhuan lahoreSaeeda batoolMuhammad afzal ali buttNational Songs
NS-19-119School SeniorsGovt Islamia high school khazana gate Lahore Abdullah TanveerTanveer AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-120School SeniorsGGHS Muhammad Pura Lahore Hareem FatimaMuhammad JamshaidNational Songs
NS-19-121School SeniorsGGHSS SAMANABAD LAHORE Rida Zahra Imran AliNational Songs
NS-19-122School SeniorsGovt model middle school 1st shift Awan town lhr DaoodDaoodNational Songs
NS-19-123School SeniorsUnique group of institutionZainab NasirNasir SubhaniNational Songs
NS-19-124School Seniorsunique group of institutionGhyas haiderSohail khursheedNational Songs
NS-19-125School SeniorsGovt Elementary School Jaliana Mutasam Anwer Muhammad Anwer National Songs
NS-19-126School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockZaiba NawazNawab KhanNational Songs
NS-19-127School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanSikandar MamoonWaseem AbbasNational Songs
NS-19-128School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School J.T CampusSaliha KashifKashif MalikNational Songs
NS-19-129School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School J.T CampusImaan AminMuhammad Amin ShakirNational Songs
NS-19-130School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Amna NasirAbdul NasirNational Songs
NS-19-131School SeniorsDar e ArqamHasheem ThanviFaheem ThanviNational Songs
NS-19-132School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolHamdaNoor-ul-HassanNational Songs
NS-19-133School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolMuneeba DilawazeDilawaze Afzal AhmedNational Songs
NS-19-134School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Saliha KashifKashif MalikNational Songs
NS-19-135School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Imaan AminM.Amin ShakirNational Songs
NS-19-136School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Zainab SalmanSalman WaheedNational Songs
NS-19-137School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School (J.T Campus)Khadija KhalidMuhammad KhalidNational Songs
NS-19-138School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School (Boys) Jand, AttockMansab KhanMuhammad FiazNational Songs
NS-19-139School SeniorsAllied School Marefa CampusTahir AzizAbrar AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-140School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolAyesha JamilJamil KhanNational Songs
NS-19-141School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolZoha IrfanMuhammad IrfanNational Songs
NS-19-142School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolZill-E-HumaTahir RazaNational Songs
NS-19-143School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolJoil ShoukatKashif ShoukatNational Songs
NS-19-144School SeniorsDaanish School Girls Chishtianareeha emanshameeray khanNational Songs
NS-19-146School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolNafees FatimaMuhammad MuslamNational Songs
NS-19-147School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eeshaal Sohail Raja Sohail Arif National Songs
NS-19-148School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zarmeen Fawad Fawad Mazhar National Songs
NS-19-149School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rameen Ateeq Ateeq Ahmad National Songs
NS-19-150School SeniorsThe Punjab School Noor Fatima Zakir Hussain National Songs
NS-19-151School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aliya Eman Malik Ahsan National Songs
NS-19-152School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aaima Aslam Rana M Aslam National Songs
NS-19-153School SeniorsThe Punjab School Maham Aamir Aamir Ali National Songs
NS-19-154School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eisha Mansoor Mansoor Hameed National Songs
NS-19-155School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Zia Zia-ul-Hassan National Songs
NS-19-156School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rahma Khalid Khalid Mustafa National Songs
NS-19-157School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zunaira Siddique Muhammad Siddique National Songs
NS-19-158School SeniorsThe Punjab School FAtima Shahid Shahid Bashir National Songs
NS-19-159School SeniorsThe Punjab School Syeda Parilal Rizvi Syed Hussain National Songs
NS-19-160School SeniorsAvalon high Taqwa samiDr samiullah farazNational Songs
NS-19-161School SeniorsAvalon high Fareeha BahuKamran manzoorNational Songs
NS-19-162School SeniorsDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist. RajanpurMehrin HaiderGhulam HaiderNational Songs
NS-19-163School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAbdullah NaseerNaseer AhmadNational Songs
NS-19-164School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreRayyan SohailSohail ImranNational Songs
NS-19-165School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreDawar ZulqarnainSaad ZulqarnainNational Songs
NS-19-166School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHamid YaseenGhulam Dastgeer KhanNational Songs
NS-19-167School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAhmad YaseenGhulam Dastgeer KhanNational Songs
NS-19-168School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreWaqas AminMuhammad AminNational Songs
NS-19-169School SeniorsPunjab danish school boys jand attockMahsab khan Muhammad fiazNational Songs
NS-19-170School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eshaal Sohail Raja Sohail Arif National Songs
NS-19-171School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zarmeen Fawad Fawad Mazhar National Songs
NS-19-172School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rameen Ateeq Ateeq Ahmad National Songs
NS-19-173School SeniorsThe Punjab School Noor Fatima Zakir Hussain National Songs
NS-19-174School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aliya Eman Malik Ahsan National Songs
NS-19-175School SeniorsThe Punjab School Aaima Aslam Rana M. Attam National Songs
NS-19-176School SeniorsThe Punjab School Maham Aamir Aamir Ali National Songs
NS-19-177School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eisha Mansoor Mansoor Hameed National Songs
NS-19-178School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Zia Zia-ul-Hassan National Songs
NS-19-179School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rahma Khalid Khalid Mustafa National Songs
NS-19-180School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zunaira Siddique Muhammad Siddique National Songs
NS-19-181School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Shahid Shahid Bashir National Songs
NS-19-182School SeniorsThe Punjab School Syeda Parilal Rizwi Syed Hussain National Songs
N-19-001College / UniversitySuperior University Raiwind Road LahoreQamar uz ZamanAbdul RazzaqNaat
N-19-002College / UniversityPunjab universityAbubakarM.tahirNaat
N-19-003College / UniversityLahore college for women UniversityMahnoor salmanMuhammad salmanNaat
N-19-004College / UniversityCause way collegeRakhshandaImtyaz ahmadNaat
N-19-005College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab, Lahore campusMahrukh IkramMuhammad Ikram Ul Haq GillNaat
N-19-006College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabHafiza Shahzadi Shaher BanoRana Waheed MuradNaat
N-19-007College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab, LahoreHafiz Muhammad Umar FarooqHafiz Muhammad AminNaat
N-19-008College / UniversityGovt Sheikh Sardar Muhammad Girls Higher Secondary SchooltasTaskeen zamanNoor uz zamanNaat
N-19-009College / UniversityLahore college for women university Syeda Fizza Abbas Naqvi Syed Abbas Raza NaqviNaat
N-19-010College / UniversityPir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture Javeria ZaibMuhammad Riaz KhanNaat
N-19-011College / UniversityGovt college of science wahdat road LhrSalma AyubMuhammad AyubNaat
N-19-012College / UniversityUniversity of Okara Zain Ahmad Allah DittaNaat
N-19-014College / UniversityAzra Naheed Medical College Syed Shahram Haider Syed Javed Akhter Naat
N-19-015College / UniversityPunjab University LahoreWasim AslamMuhammad AslamNaat
N-19-016College / UniversityGovt High School HanjerwalMuhammad BilalMuhammad AmeenNaat
N-19-017College / UniversityCausay collegeSyeda saima shabbirSyed shabbir husain shahNaat
N-19-018College / UniversityThe university of punjabHafsa KhanSaifullah KhanNaat
N-19-019College / UniversityGGHSS Chung LahoreKhadija SaleemMuhammad SaleemNaat
N-19-020College / UniversityIslam College of Pharmacy, SialkotSyed Rehan Iqbal JafriSyed Zafar Iqbal JafriNaat
N-19-021College / UniversityGovt degree college sharqpur sharifFiaz ahmad.Jamil ahmad.Naat
N-19-022College / Universitypunjab college depalpurshakeelaMuhammad akramNaat
N-19-023College / UniversityUniversity of lahore Sharmeen Mian Yaseen Naat
N-19-024College / UniversitySuperior College sargodhaMuhammad SufiyanDilshad ButtNaat
N-19-025College / UniversityUniversity of PunjabKhawaja Hasnat Javed Khawaja Javed AhmadNaat
N-19-027College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,Khuzdar Muhammad EhsanNANaat
N-19-028College / UniversityLahore college for women UniversityMahnoor salmanMuhammad SalmanNaat
N-19-029College / UniversityIslam College of Pharmacy, SialkotSyed Rehan Iqbal JafriSyed Zafar Iqbal JafriNaat
N-19-030College / UniversityUniversity of the Punjab Lahore Muhammad AbubakarMuhammad AshrafNaat
N-19-031College / UniversityCausay collegeSyeda saima shabbirSyed shabbir husain shahNaat
N-19-032College / UniversityPMAS Arid Agriculture university RawalpindiTallat HussainKhadim HussainNaat
N-19-033College / UniversityPMAS Arid Agriculture university RawalpindiTallat HussainKhadim HussainNaat
N-19-034College / University Univeristy of the punjan lahoreAtia BanoMuhammad SulemanNaat
N-19-035College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurZameer umermuhammad yarNaat
N-19-036College / UniversityUniversity of okara renala Khuradaarfa shanali shanNaat
N-19-037College / UniversityUnique Group of SchoolAli Ghazi ZaidiSyed SaeedNaat
N-19-038College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabMuhammad Talha IshaqIshaq AhmadNaat
N-19-039College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabMuhammad Talha Ishaq Ishaq AhmadNaat
N-19-040College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMuhammad YasirJalil AhmadNaat
N-19-041College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMuhammad YasirJalil AhmadNaat
N-19-042College / UniversitySKANSAliKhursheed KhanNaat
N-19-043College / UniversityUniversity of SialkotWajeeha BabarBabar HussainNaat
N-19-044College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabMuhammad Talha IshaqIshaq AhmadNaat
N-19-045College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeMirza Muhammad BiagMirza Suleman BaigNaat
N-19-046College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeFarukh GullBashir AhmadNaat
N-19-047College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeNimra RiazMuhammad RiazNaat
N-19-048College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeSamia RiazRiaz AhmadNaat
N-19-049College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeFatima SughranLatifNaat
N-19-050College / UniversityIslam Collegw of Pharmacy SialkotSyed Rehan Iqbal JafriSyed Zafar Iqbal JafriNaat
N-19-051College / UniversityAiouShafqat aamir Dilawer hussainNaat
N-19-052College / UniversityGomal university d.I.KhanSania RazaGhulam RazaNaat
N-19-053College / UniversityGovernment college woman universityNaatMuhammad AkramNaat
N-19-054College / UniversityUniversity of the PunjabM Iftikhar UmarZulfiqar AliNaat
N-19-055College / UniversityDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist rajapurAliza BilalBilal AhmadNaat
N-19-056College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadRida Farooq Farooq AhmadNaat
N-19-057College / UniversityGovernment College Unnversity FaisalabadMuhammad Asif BilalMuhammad BilalNaat
N-19-057ACollege / UniversityPURana Muhammad abidMuhammad abidNaat
N-19-061School JuniorsCDG  Girls Primary School Shad bagh LhrMuqadasAbdulrehmanNaat
N-19-062School JuniorsCDG M/C shalimar town lahoreHaseeb sohailMuhammad sohail Naat
N-19-063School JuniorsCDGL girls middle school central road chah miran LahorefaFaheem AhmadWali ShahNaat
N-19-066School JuniorsGGES HAJI KOT Anam ArifMohammad ArifNaat
N-19-067School JuniorsGGES HAJI KOT anam arif Mohammad Arif Naat
N-19-068School JuniorsCity District Government junior model school data Nagar Badami Bagh LahoreMuzammil  ImtiazMuhammad Imtiaz AwanNaat
N-19-069School JuniorsCity District Government Junior Model School Datanagar Badami bagh lhrMuzammil ImtiazMuhammad Imtiaz AwanNaat
N-19-070School JuniorsCity District Government Junior Model School Datanagar Badami bagh lhrMuzammil ImtiazMuhammad Imtiaz AwanNaat
N-19-071School JuniorsGGES HAJI KOT Anam Arif Mohammad Arif Naat
N-19-072School JuniorsGovt. Model Middle School 2nd Shift Awan Town Lahore Aftab AliAmanat AliNaat
N-19-073School JuniorsCity Dist.Govt. girls primary school Rasala Bazar Huzefa ArifM.ArifNaat
N-19-074School JuniorsGGES ISLAMIA PARK LAHOREZain nazirMuhammad nazirNaat
N-19-076School JuniorsGgms chaudhary colony lhrMahnoor aslamMuhammad aslamNaat
N-19-077School JuniorsGGES Sher Shah Colony Raiwind road Lahore SALIHA AWANJAMIL HASSAN AWANNaat
N-19-078School JuniorsGovt. Elementary School SUNDER Multan Road Lahore.Muhammad ShakeelMuhammad WarisNaat
N-19-079School Juniorsgovt girls primary school hamad colonyDua anwarM.AnwarNaat
N-19-080School JuniorsCDG Junior Model School Iqbal park Badami bagh LahoreMariyam AttariaSaleem AbbasNaat
N-19-081School JuniorsCity District Government junior model school data Nagar Badami Bagh LahoreMuzammil ImtiazMuhammad Imtiaz AwanNaat
N-19-082School JuniorsCity District Government junior model school data Nagar Badami Bagh LahoreMuzammil ImtiazMuhammad Imtiaz AwanNaat
N-19-083School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRMuhammad Ismail MalikMuhammad ahsan MalikNaat
N-19-084School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School TownshipHassan Raza AwanMuhammad Azeem Naat
N-19-085School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrMoeed ur Rehman MughalZeeshan Zafar Iqbal MughalNaat
N-19-086School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School TownshipM. Wasi ul Hassan Istafa HiderNaat
N-19-102School JuniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolAkseebMuhammad Tahir RazaNaat
N-19-103School JuniorsAl Ala International Islamic SchoolFatima FaisalFaisal SharifNaat
N-19-104School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr Laiba noorNadeemNaat
N-19-105School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr MahiraFarooqNaat
N-19-106School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr ArfaHussainNaat
N-19-107School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr Javeria ZakaNaat
N-19-108School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Ayesha AmanAmanullahNaat
N-19-109School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Wania AkmalMuhammad AkmalNaat
N-19-110School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Risham ShirazMuhammad Shiraz ButtNaat
N-19-111School JuniorsAVALON HIGHRahim aliMuhammad aliNaat
N-19-112School JuniorsAVALON HIGHRahim aliMuhammad aliNaat
N-19-113School JuniorsAvalon high Obaid khanMuhammad siddique Naat
N-19-114School JuniorsAvalon highJasmine ikramMian ikram ul haqNaat
N-19-115School JuniorsAvalon high Aena farooqFarooq saeedNaat
N-19-116School JuniorsAvalon high Ghania saqibRana saqib mehmood Naat
N-19-117School JuniorsAvalon high Amna farrukhFarrukh iqbal Naat
N-19-118School JuniorsAvalon high Ghadia saqibRana saqib Naat
N-19-119School JuniorsAvalon high Zuha tanveerMuhammad tanveerNaat
N-19-120School JuniorsAvalon high M abdullah khanPainda khanNaat
N-19-121School JuniorsAvalon high Abdullah jawadJawad bashirNaat
N-19-122School JuniorsAvalon high Maryam amirMalik amirNaat
N-19-123School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAhmar RazaM.saddiqNaat
N-19-124School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAraaf amjadamjadNaat
N-19-125School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrameen sarwarshabbir sarwarNaat
N-19-126School JuniorsThe Punjab schoolHina hayat Hayat khanNaat
N-19-127School JuniorsThe Punjab School Wania Akmal Muhammad Akmal Naat
N-19-128School JuniorsThe Punjab School Risham Shiraz Muhammad Shiraz ButtNaat
N-19-130School SeniorsGHS LADHEKE UNCHAY Lhore Muhammad BILAL TARIQ mehmood Naat
N-19-131School SeniorsGovt high school Bhuchoki Mahja Noshad AnjumFakhar ul Islam Anjum Naat
N-19-132School SeniorsGovt. Islamia High School Mughalpura, LahoreMustafa SaeedSaeed AhmedNaat
N-19-133School SeniorsGovt. Islamia High School Mughalpura, LahoreMustafa SaeedSaeed AhmedNaat
N-19-134School SeniorsCdg ghs gulshanpark lalpul mughalpura lahoreFaiza Ghulam hussainGhulam hussainNaat
N-19-135School SeniorsGovt. High School Bandianwala, Chungi Amer Sidhu LahoreSalman NawazMuhammad NawazNaat
N-19-136School SeniorsGovt. High School Bandianwala, Chungi Amer Sidhu LahoreAmeer HamzaMuhammad AkhtarNaat
N-19-137School SeniorsGGHS SCHOOL MANGA MANDI LAHORE Iqra Allah DeetaAllha DeetaNaat
N-19-138School SeniorsGovt.Girls High school Salamat PURA maqsoodan Wala LahoreRabia ashrafMuhammad AshrafNaat
N-19-140School SeniorsGovt. High school chamrupur lahoreKazim AbbasMuhammad AshrafNaat
N-19-141School SeniorsGovt girls high school 504_ c _ block sabzazar scheme lahoreMalika HaroonHaroonNaat
N-19-142School SeniorsGGHS.Babliana OTTAR.RaiwindSamina SaddiqueM.SaddiqueNaat
N-19-145School SeniorsCDG boys high school jahangeer abad misri shah lahore M.Hassan Rauf Abdul RaufNaat
N-19-146School SeniorsCDG Girls High School kot lakhpat lahore Nimra Mushtaq Mushtaq Ahmad Naat
N-19-148School SeniorsGovt M I Happy high school sanda lahore Noman Ali Ayyaz Muhammad Ayyaz Naat
N-19-149School SeniorsGovt. High school shahdara Lahore M. Tayyab IjazM. IjazNaat
N-19-151School SeniorsCDG BHS CHOTTA GAON ISLAMPURA SHAHDARA LAHORESyed Muhammad Hassan NaqviSyed Qamar ul Hasnain NaqviNaat
N-19-152School SeniorsCDG Girls High School Boston Colony Qainchi Amer Sidhu LHR Areeha Anayat Muhammad Anayat Naat
N-19-153School SeniorsGovt. High School Chamra mandi LahoreAbdul Rehman SabirMuhammad SabirNaat
N-19-154School SeniorsGovt. High School Lakhodair Lahore.Sakhawat AliMuhammad ShafiqueNaat
N-19-155School SeniorsGovt (Boys) Comprihensive higher secondary school ghorey shah LahoreAshan iqbalRamzan YousafNaat
N-19-160School SeniorsCDG JUNIOR MIDDLE SCHOOL SIDDIQUE PURA WAPDA COLONYRabia yaar khanM yaar khanNaat
N-19-161School SeniorsGHS Lakhodair LahoreSakhawat AliMuhammad ShafiqueNaat
N-19-163School SeniorsGGES Kacha LahoreWajeeha IlyasMuhammad ilyasNaat
N-19-164School SeniorsGovt. Model Girls High School Shahrah e Aiwan e Tijarat LahoreLaiba MasoodMasood khanNaat
N-19-165School SeniorsGGHS nain sukh lahore SHUMAILA ASLAMMUHAMMAD ASLAMNaat
N-19-168School SeniorsGovt MPE High School Shahdara LahoreMuhammad IbrarMuhammad ShahidNaat
N-19-170School SeniorsGovt High School SultankeAhsan HanifMuhammad HanifNaat
N-19-171School SeniorsGovt Girl’s High School HanjarwalAqsa AshrafMuhammad Ashraf AsimNaat
N-19-172School SeniorsGovt MPE High School Shahdara LahoreMuhammad IbrarMuhammad ShahidNaat
N-19-173School SeniorsGovernment F.D. Model High School Garden Town LahoreHassan RazaMuhammad RazaNaat
N-19-174School SeniorsGovernment girls high school tajpura scheme lahoreMehwish BatoolMuhammad RiazNaat
N-19-175School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Haji Kot Shahdara LahoreAli Hussnain Zafar IqbalNaat
N-19-176School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Haji Kot Shahdara LahoreAli Hussnain Zafar IqbalNaat
N-19-177School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School lakhodair,lahore.Ammara nisarNisar ahmadNaat
N-19-179School SeniorsGGHS DEHLI GATE LAHOREMariam manzoorManzoor hussainNaat
N-19-180School SeniorsCDG GHS DARAS BARAY MIAN MUGHALPURA LAHORE Mahnoor Abdul RasheedNaat
N-19-181School SeniorsGGHS CHAMRA MANDI Faiz Bagh Lahore Natasha AkbarMuhammad Akbar Naat
N-19-182School SeniorsGovt. Islamia High School Chah Miran LahoreAbdullah AzharMuhammad AzharNaat
N-19-183School SeniorsGovt. Pilot Higher Secondary School wahdat colony LahoreHadi HassanShabbirNaat
N-19-184School SeniorsGovt. Public model high school nain sukh shahdara lhr Shahzad akram Muhammad akram Naat
N-19-185School SeniorsGovt. Public model high school nain sukh shahdara lhr Shahzad akram Muhammad akram Naat
N-19-187School SeniorsGsghschool fazalpura LahoreMemona saqibMiya saqibNaat
N-19-188School SeniorsCDG BOYS HIGH SCHOOL PINDI RAJPUTAN LAHOREMuhammad Umair ShahbazMuhammad ShahbazNaat
N-19-189School SeniorsGovt girls elementary school CDG Wafaqi colony lhrMisbahNazakat AliNaat
N-19-190School SeniorsGovt. Model Girls High School Mugalpura LahoreHooria ImranMuhammad ImranNaat
N-19-191School SeniorsGGES Kashmir Badami bagh lahore Aqsa JafferJafferNaat
N-19-192School SeniorsGovt.Model Girls High School Mugalpura LahoreHooria ImranMuhammad ImranNaat
N-19-193School SeniorsGovt High School jallo station lahore canttZawar AhmedGulzar AhmedNaat
N-19-194School SeniorsGovernment Islamia Girls High School, Mustafabad, LhrHina ImtiazImtiaz AliNaat
N-19-195School SeniorsGovernment millat girls high school mughalpura lahore Mehnoor Tahir Tahir abbasNaat
N-19-196School SeniorsGovernment High School Sultankay Lahore CityAhsan HanifMuhammad HanifNaat
N-19-197School SeniorsGGHS WASSANPURA SCHEME NO 2 LHRMuskan SaghirSaghir AhmedNaat
N-19-198School SeniorsGovt girls model middle school old fruit market lahoreSaleha naeemMuhammad naeemNaat
N-19-199School SeniorsGGES khurshid mozang lahoreHifzaMuhammad ajmalNaat
N-19-200School SeniorsGGES khurshid mozang lahoreHifzaMuhammad ajmalNaat
N-19-201School SeniorsGGES saadi park mozang lahoreMuskan ijaz Muhammad ijaz Naat
N-19-202School SeniorsGGES Kacha LahoreWajeeha ilyasMuhammad IlyasNaat
N-19-203School SeniorsGovt high school shah pur kanjra lhrMuhammad naeemMuhammad nadeemNaat
N-19-204School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Ferozepur Road, Lahore.Nida AsgharMuhammad AsgharNaat
N-19-205School SeniorsGGHS WASSAN PURA SCHEME NO 2 LHRMuskan SaghirSaghir AhmedNaat
N-19-206School SeniorsGovt Watan Islamia High School Brandreth Road LahoreMuhammad Umar SubhaniHafiz Muqarab MahmoodNaat
N-19-207School SeniorsGovt High School F- Block Gulberg II lahoreKhizarZaheer khanNaat
N-19-208School SeniorsGGHS CDG Qila gujjar singh lhrESHA ALIALI RAMZANNaat
N-19-210School SeniorsGovt junior model girls high school samanabad lhrSitara Fiaz mehmoodNaat
N-19-211School SeniorsGovt. Model Girls High School Samanabad LahoreAyesha RaufAbdul RaufNaat
N-19-213School SeniorsCDG G/H/S SHADBAGHAnam anwarANWARNaat
N-19-214School SeniorsGGHS CDG junior model school qila gujjar singh lahoreEman abbas m.abbas Naat
N-19-215School SeniorsGovt.Madrasa-Tul-Binat High School Misri Shah,Lahire.Mubashra TariqMuhammad Tariq HafeezNaat
N-19-216School SeniorsGovt Girls middle school Gajjumatta tehsil model town lahoreMuniba FatimaFaisal NaveedNaat
N-19-217School SeniorsC.D.G Boys High School Shahdara Town LahoreHuzaifa Maqsood Maqsood Haider Naat
N-19-220School SeniorsGovt.mussarat girls high school Babu Sabu band road lahoreBisma NasirMuhammad NasirNaat
N-19-223School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Behari Colony Green Town LahoreHafsa MushtaqMushtaq AhmedNaat
N-19-224School SeniorsGovt Millat High School Mughalpura lahoreMuhammad Arslan KhanMuhammad KhanNaat
N-19-225School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Samanabad LahoreFahad AtharAthar YounasNaat
N-19-226School SeniorsGovt. GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, KHARAK, MULTAN ROAD, LAHOREFaiza ShahbazMuhammad ShahbazNaat
N-19-227School SeniorsGGHS Gulshaneravi g blockMaura kausarMuhammad AslamNaat
N-19-228School SeniorsGovt. HSS Mozang LahoreAthar AbbasAbbasNaat
N-19-230School Seniorsgovt.modern girls high school mughalpura lahorefatima majidabdul majid siddiqueNaat
N-19-231School SeniorsCdg boys high school gunj mughalpura lahoreSaif AliAtiq ur RehmanNaat
N-19-233School SeniorsGovt.muhaamadia GHS Data nagar badami bagh lahore Malaika Nadeem Nadeem AfzalNaat
N-19-234School SeniorsGGES khurshid mozang lahoreHifzaMuhammad AjmalNaat
N-19-235School SeniorsCdg boys h/s wassanpura scheme no.2 lahoreMuhammad  ARHAM Muhammad  Nadeem Naat
N-19-236School Seniorscdg girls middle school bhogiwalyasmeen shahidmuhammad shahidNaat
N-19-237School SeniorsGovt. Progressive Girls High School R. BLOCK Model Town LahoreAlia AkbarMuhammad AkbarNaat
N-19-238School SeniorsGovt. Progressive Girls High school R. BLOCK MODEL TOWN LHR Ayesha AkbarMuhammad AkbarNaat
N-19-239School SeniorsGovt. Girls Middle School Karim Park Ravi Road lahoreJaweria Shabaz SikandarNaat
N-19-240School SeniorsGovernment girls elementary school Rasool puraKiran BabarMuhammad Babar HusainNaat
N-19-241School SeniorsAllied School ChunianHafiza Mehak BatoolMehmood Ul HassanNaat
N-19-242School SeniorsGovt. Girls Higher Secondary School Rangers Colony Lahore CanttSidra-Tul-MuntahaMuhammad BootaNaat
N-19-243School SeniorsGGHS Walton,Cantt.LahoreZahra Azhar KhanMuhammad Azhar KhanNaat
N-19-244School SeniorsGHSS ATTACHED WITH GCET KOT LAKHPAT LAHOREWasit pervaizMuhammad pervaizNaat
N-19-245School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lhrSadia istakharM.IstakharNaat
N-19-246School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lhrSadia istakharM.IstakharNaat
N-19-247School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lhrSadia istakharM.IstakharNaat
N-19-248School SeniorsCDG girls middle school khokher pind badami bagh lhrSadia istakharM.IstakharNaat
N-19-249School SeniorsGovt. Girls Middle School Jahangir Park, LahoreLaiba Muhammad ShahzadNaat
N-19-250School SeniorsG.GHS Niaz Baig LahoreSyeda Malika BatoolMuhammad Latif ShahNaat
N-19-251School SeniorsGovt.Girls.Middle School Nangar LahoreIqra AyuabMuhammad AyuabNaat
N-19-252School SeniorsGovt.muslim ghs dryport mughalpura lahoreAlishba RashidRashid MehmoodNaat
N-19-253School SeniorsCdg gges nargis block allama iqbal town lahoreFiza fareedGhulam fareedNaat
N-19-254School SeniorsGGHS WASSANPURA SCHENE NO 2 LHRMuskan SaghirSaghir AhmedNaat
N-19-255School SeniorsGovt.Girls High School Ghaziabad Lahore CanttMariam SaleemMuhammad SaleemNaat
N-19-256School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird  Girls High School Empress Road LHRSana MehmoodMehmood AhmedNaat
N-19-257School Seniorsgovt high school barki lahoreMuhammad qasimmuhammad ramzanNaat
N-19-258School SeniorsCDG GHS B-BLOCK GULBERG II LAHOREzernoor nazarMuhammad NazarNaat
N-19-259School SeniorsGovt. AV Girls High School Batapur, Lahore.AQSA FIAZMUHAMMAD FIAZNaat
N-19-260School SeniorsGovt. AV Girls H/S Batapur, LahoreAqsa FiazMuhammad FiazNaat
N-19-261School SeniorsCDG GIRLS MIDDLE SCHOOL SHAH KAMAL LAHORE Bisma maqsoodMaqsood jafferNaat
N-19-263School SeniorsGGMS BEGUMPURA LAHORENaziaNawazNaat
N-19-264School SeniorsCDG GIRLS MIDDLE SCHOOL BEGUM kotAmina SabahatH Jameel AhmadNaat
N-19-265School SeniorsCDG JUNIOR MODEL MIDDLE SCHOOL MASTI GATE LAHORERehan safdarMuhammad safdarNaat
N-19-267School SeniorsGovt. High School New Krole, Shalimar Town, Lahore.Zubair AliZahid AmanatNaat
N-19-268School SeniorsGovt. High School New Krole, Shalimar Town, Lahore.Zubair AliZahid AmanatNaat
N-19-269School SeniorsGovt Girls High School SHAD BAGH LAHOREMisbah sajjadSajjad hussainNaat
N-19-270School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School Jia Bagga LahoreSamreen RamzanM. RamzanNaat
N-19-271School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSana ShaheenEhsan Ullah KhanNaat
N-19-272School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliMalaika NoorGhulam DastgeerNaat
N-19-274School SeniorsMS chamrupurAsmaAmjedNaat
N-19-275School SeniorsGGHS Walton,Cantt LahoreZahra Azhar KhanMuhammad Azhar KhanNaat
N-19-277School SeniorsGovt central model girls middle school cge colony wahdat roadFizaZulfiqarNaat
N-19-278School SeniorsGovt. High School Jodhu Dheer Raiwind, LahoreMasood AhmadMuhammad KhalidNaat
N-19-280School SeniorsGES PAJIANMuhmmad junaidTariq MehmoodNaat
N-19-281School Seniorsgovt.muslim model high school urdu bazar lahoreAli AkbarWaseem AbbasNaat
N-19-282School SeniorsGovernment elementary school Korey Walton Road Lahore CanttRehan AhmadShehzad HussainNaat
N-19-286School SeniorsCDG girls high school B block Gulberg II Lahore.Zernoor NazarMuhammad NazarNaat
N-19-287School SeniorsCdg boys high school basti saidan shah upper mall lahoreUsama abidAbid majeedNaat
N-19-288School SeniorsGovt.girls elementary school kot douni chandMalaika anwarAnwar aliNaat
N-19-289School SeniorsGES Custom Academy Walton LhrAzlan shakeelShakeel AhmadNaat
N-19-290School SeniorsGovernment girls high school Shamke Bhattian lahoreMuqadass batoolGhulam hussainNaat
N-19-291School SeniorsGES LEEL LAHORE CANTT Ali Hasan TARIQ ALI Naat
N-19-296School SeniorsCDG Girls High School Momanpura Karim Park Ravi Road Lahore.RukhsarMuhammad AsifNaat
N-19-297School SeniorsGovt.Elementary school Madina colony Eid Gah Amer Sadhu Lahore Cantt.Hassan SuhailSuhail UsmanNaat
N-19-298School SeniorsGovt Islamia high school khazana gate Lahore Waleed kamranKamran MaqboolNaat
N-19-299School SeniorsGES Basti Amin Pura RaiwindAhmad AliMuhammad ShafiNaat
N-19-300School SeniorsGovt. Girls High School, Ali Raza Abad, LahoreMomina AfzalAfzalNaat
N-19-301School SeniorsGGHS Muhammad Pura LahoreHareem FatimaMuhammad JamshaidNaat
N-19-302School SeniorsGovt.muslim model high school urdu bazar lahoreAli AkbarWaseem AbbasNaat
N-19-303School SeniorsCdg ghs gulistan colony Mustafa abad lhr Mehak jahangirJahangirNaat
N-19-304School SeniorsGovt Girls High School Bohgan Lahore Pakeeza tabassumSyed IlyasNaat
N-19-305School SeniorsGovt.girls.middle school Nangar LahoreIqra AyuabMuhammad AyuabNaat
N-19-306School SeniorsGovt E/S Basti Amin Pura Raiwind LahoreShamoonAbdul RazaqNaat
N-19-307School SeniorsGovernment Girls High school lidher, Lahore CANTTMajida parveenNasir MahmoodNaat
N-19-308School SeniorsGovt E/S Basti Amin Pura Raiwind LahoreAhmad AliMuhammad ShaffiNaat
N-19-309School SeniorsGovt. Elementary school Dullo Khurd Tehsil Model Town Lahore Abdul sattar Abdul Rehman Naat
N-19-310School SeniorsGovt. Elementary school Dullo Khurd Tehsil Model Town Lahore Abdul RehmanAbdul SattarNaat
N-19-311School SeniorsGovt model middle school 1st shift Awan town lhr IqraIqraNaat
N-19-312School SeniorsG Gulberg HS Lahore CanttHafiz Qari Maqsood AliZulfiqar AliNaat
N-19-313School SeniorsG Tanveer Islamia GHS Mustafabad LHRDua sajidSajid HussainNaat
N-19-314School SeniorsCDG GHS NO.1MUSTAFA  ABAD LAHOREMalaika ameenM. AmeenNaat
N-19-315School SeniorsGovt Model Middle School Sadhoki Tehsil Model Town Lahore Muneeb IqbalMuhammad Iqbal Naat
N-19-316School SeniorsGovt. HSS Maraka Quarters, LahoreMuneeb IlyasMuhammad IlyasNaat
N-19-317School SeniorsCDG Junior Model Middle School Sutar Mandi LahoreTayyaba BabarNaat
N-19-318School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurMalaika ShoukatShoukat AliNaat
N-19-319School SeniorsGHS Karbath Lahore CanttMuhammad sabirAbdul majeedNaat
N-19-320School SeniorsGHS KARBATH LAHORE CANTTmuhammad sabirAbdul MajeedNaat
N-19-321School SeniorsCDG GIRS HIGH SCHOOL KOT KHAWAJA SAEED Lahore Maria Ghulam Fareed Gulam Fareed Naat
N-19-322School SeniorsGES Mazar BaBa Rehmat Shah RaiwindM HusnainGhulam MurtazaNaat
N-19-323School SeniorsGovt Elementary school baddokiShahid AliAsghar AliNaat
N-19-324School SeniorsCDG Boys Elementary School Ajodhia Pur lhrM RehanAsifNaat
N-19-325School SeniorsGovt Elementary School Jaliana Mubashir Hussain Amjid Hussain Naat
N-19-326School SeniorsDaanish School Boys MianwaliMuhammad MuzamilAmanullah Naat
N-19-327School SeniorsGovt. Saleem Model High school, Lower Mall, Lahore.Hussain SaniAmjad HameedNaat
N-19-328School SeniorsGovernment girls high school lidherMajidaNaseerNaat
N-19-329School SeniorsPunjab Daanish Girls School JandHadia RehmanAnees ur RehmanNaat
N-19-330School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanHasnat YousafMuhammad AslamNaat
N-19-332School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School J.T CampusFatima InayatInayat-ul-lahNaat
N-19-333School SeniorsDar e ArqamHasheem ThanviFaheem ThanviNaat
N-19-334School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Fatima ArshadM.ArshadNaat
N-19-335School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Tooba RiazM. RiazNaat
N-19-336School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High Scholl (J.T Campus)Fatima InayatInayat-ul-lahNaat
N-19-337School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School(J.T Campus)M. Faizan HussainM.Irfan HussainNaat
N-19-338School SeniorsDaanish School Girls MianwaliSana ShaheenEhsan Ullah KhanNaat
N-19-339School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School (Boys) Jand, AttockMansab KhanMuhammad FiazNaat
N-19-340School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School (Boys) Jand, AttockMansab KhanMuhammad FiazNaat
N-19-341School SeniorsThe Punjab schoolKot Khawaja saeed LhrAbdullah amjadAmjad aliNaat
N-19-342School SeniorsThe Punjab Boys High School Johar Town LahoreMuhammad Furqan HussainMuhammad Irfan HussainNaat
N-19-343School SeniorsAllied School Marefa CampusDanial AbbasPervaiz HussainNaat
N-19-344School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolZill-E-HumaTahir RazaNaat
N-19-345School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolZoha IrfanMuhammad IrfanNaat
N-19-346School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar Khansajida safdarsafdarNaat
N-19-347School SeniorsEFA School System, Nisar Campus , OkaraMuhammad Shoib AkramFattah Ullah AkramNaat
N-19-348School SeniorsDaanish School Boys ChishtianMasood BabarMuhammad AbdullahNaat
N-19-349School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolKhadija SohailSohail AhmedNaat
N-19-350School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolKanzul EmanSibet ul Hasnain ButtNaat
N-19-351School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolAyesha ButtNaseer ButtNaat
N-19-352School SeniorsDaanish School Girls Chishtiansaba farooqMuhammad farooqNaat
N-19-353School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanFatima EjazMuhammad EjazNaat
N-19-354School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolAreeba KhanMuhammad AmjadNaat
N-19-355School SeniorsQazi Grammar Girls High SchoolFatima MirMuhammad Saleem MirNaat
N-19-356School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolSarah FaisalFaisal SharifNaat
N-19-367School SeniorsGES SHADAB colony Chung lahoreMuhammad Awais Mola bakhushNaat
N-19-368School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Rohama JawadM. JawadNaat
N-19-369School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Amna Umer Muhammad Umar FarooqNaat
N-19-370School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Yusra QaziAwais MustafaNaat
N-19-371School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Hadia AliMuhammad AliNaat
N-19-372School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Arash ZulfiqarZulfiqar AliNaat
N-19-373School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Kashaf KhanMuhammad SaleemNaat
N-19-374School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Haiqa KhanMuhammad SaleemNaat
N-19-375School SeniorsAvalon high Abdullah mumtazSayed mumtaz aliNaat
N-19-376School SeniorsAvalon high Aima waseemMuhammad waseemNaat
N-19-377School SeniorsAvalon high M Arham usmanMuhammad usman Naat
N-19-378School SeniorsAvalon high M Taqi bin samiDr samiullah samiNaat
N-19-379School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreHamid YaseenGhulam Dastgeer KhanNaat
N-19-380School SeniorsThe Punjab boys high school johar town Lahore Muhammad furqan hussainMuhammad irfan hussainNaat
N-19-381School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township LahoreAhmad YaseenGhulam Dastgeer KhanNaat
N-19-382School SeniorsPunjab Daanish school boys jand attockMahsab khanMuhammed faizNaat
N-19-383School SeniorsThe Punjab School Rohama Jawad Muhammad Jawad Naat
N-19-384School SeniorsThe Punjab School Amna Umer Muhammad Umar Farooq Naat
N-19-385School SeniorsThe Punjab School Yusra Qazi Awais Mustafa Naat
N-19-386School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hadia Ali Muhammad Ali Naat
N-19-387School SeniorsThe Punjab School Arash Zulfiqar Zulfiqar Ali Naat
N-19-388School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kashaf Khan Muhammad Saleem Naat
N-19-389School SeniorsThe Punjab School Haiqa Khan Muhammad Saleem Naat
P-19-001College / UniversityUniversity of Education, lower mall campusHussain MukhtarMohammad MukhtarPainting
P-19-002College / UniversityNational college of arts Usman khalidKhalid mehmood Painting
P-19-003College / UniversityRashid latif college of pharmacyMaham Ajmal ChMuhammad Ajmal ChPainting
P-19-004College / UniversityPunjab University Lahore Mamoona Shaheen Raja Nasir NawazPainting
P-19-005College / UniversityGomal University Hala Riaz Muhammad Riaz Khalil Painting
P-19-006College / UniversityGovernment College Women University SialkotAmmarah KhalidAmmarah KhalidPainting
P-19-007College / UniversityGomal University Hala Riaz Muhammad Riaz Khalil Painting
P-19-008College / UniversityGomal University D.I.khan Shehla Qureshi Zahid hussain Qureshi Painting
P-19-009College / UniversityGomal University D.I.Khan Shehla QureshiZahid Hussain Qureshi Painting
P-19-010College / UniversityPunjab university college of art and design lahoreFasiha irfan Irfan ullah kokab Painting
P-19-011College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliHina ShaheenGhulam HussainPainting
P-19-012College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliHinaZahid AliPainting
P-19-013College / UniversityFaisalabad Medical University Halima Saadia Shahid pervezPainting
P-19-014College / UniversityKarachi school of artAmmar AhmedKamal Ahmed Painting
P-19-015College / UniversityAllama iqbal open university islmabadRida zainabSyed ghazanfar ali shahPainting
P-19-016College / UniversityAllama iqbal open university Rida zainab Syed ghaznafar ali shahPainting
P-19-017College / UniversityUniversity of management and technologyAyeshaArshadPainting
P-19-018College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,Khuzdar Farhadullah KhanNAPainting
P-19-019College / UniversityLahore collage for woman universityTayyaba Tariq Tayyaba TariqPainting
P-19-020College / UniversityLahore collage for woman university Memoona TariqMuhammad TariqPainting
P-19-021College / UniversityLahore collage for woman university Tayyaba Tariq Muhammad Tariq Painting
P-19-022College / UniversityAllama iqbal open university Rida zainab Syed ghazanfar ali shahPainting
P-19-023College / UniversityAllama iqbal open university Rida zainabSyed ghazanfar ali shahPainting
P-19-024College / UniversityRashid latif college of pharmacy Maham Ajmal Ch Muhammad Ajmal Ch Painting
P-19-025College / UniversityRashid latif college of pharmacy Maham Ajmal Ch Muhammad Ajmal Ch Painting
P-19-026College / UniversityDaanish School (Boys) HasilpurMuhammad UsmanMuhammad bilalPainting
P-19-027College / UniversityUniversity of management and technologyAttyya QayyumAbdul QayyumPainting
P-19-028College / Universitypunjab  collegeWarda ahmadwaqar ahmadPainting
P-19-029College / UniversityPUCAD Punjab universityanna waqarwaqar ahmadPainting
P-19-030College / UniversityLahore college for women university Mubashara Anam Arshad naeem Painting
P-19-031College / UniversityLahore collage for woman university Tayyaba Tariq Muhammad Tariq Painting
P-19-032College / UniversityLahore collage for woman university Memoona Muhammad Tariq Painting
P-19-033College / UniversityCollege of art and design punjab university old campusMuhammad atif qureshiLal muhammadPainting
P-19-034College / UniversityCollege of art and design punjab university old campusMuhammad atif qureshiLal muhammadPainting
P-19-035College / UniversityCollege of Art and Design University of the Punjab.Rushan Javaid Painting
P-19-038College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockNehriAbdul BaqiPainting
P-19-039College / UniversityPunjab University Lahore Mamoona Shaheen Raja Nasir Nawaz Painting
P-19-040College / UniversityAspire group of collegesHaiderSabir hussain Painting
P-19-041College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianMuhammad RamzanMuhammad KaleemPainting
P-19-042College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianMuhammad RamzanMuhammad KaleemPainting
P-19-043College / UniversityGomal University D.I.KhanNousherwanMeharban KhanPainting
P-19-044College / UniversityDaanish School Girls MianwaliHina ShaheenGhulam HussainPainting
P-19-045College / UniversityNusrat Jahan College  RabwahKashaf UroojShahid AminPainting
P-19-046College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianMuhammad RamazanMuhammad KaleemPainting
P-19-047College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanLaraib ZainabZahid AbbasPainting
P-19-048College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeAkasha ImranMuhammad ImranPainting
P-19-049College / UniversityDaanish schools rahim yar khan Prem chandBhattia ramPainting
P-19-050College / Universityokara university Humaira YousafMuhammad YousafPainting
P-19-051College / UniversityAspire group of colleges sialkotHaider AliSabir HussainPainting
P-19-052College / UniversityUniversity of the punjabTahmina ZiaPainting
P-19-053College / UniversityDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist. RajanpurAqsa FareediGhulam M. FareedPainting
P-19-054College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadImtiaz AliChargh AliPainting
P-19-055School JuniorsCDG Girls Primary School Shad Bagh LhrNoor fatamaAzamPainting
P-19-056School JuniorsGovt.junior model school rattigan road lhrAqeel HafeezHafeez AnwarPainting
P-19-057School JuniorsCDG GPS Mehmood bootiTalisha NayabMuhammad Abid iqbalPainting
P-19-058School JuniorsCDG GPS Mehmood booti lahoreTalisha NayabMuhammad Abid IqbalPainting
P-19-059School JuniorsGovt Girls Primary School Gopy RayTanveerArshad AliPainting
P-19-060School JuniorsGgms chaudhary colony lahoreBurhan kamranMuhammad kamranPainting
P-19-061School JuniorsCDG Junior model school iqbal park badami bagh lahoreKiranM TariqPainting
P-19-062School JuniorsGGES mc junior model said pur lhrMehak babarBabarPainting
P-19-063School JuniorsGGES mc junior model said pur lhrMehak babarBabarPainting
P-19-064School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrAbdullah Tauqeer Tauqeer Asgher Painting
P-19-065School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrHamdan Qasim Qasim Khan Painting
P-19-066School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrUmar Naveed Naveed Ahmad Painting
P-19-067School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrHadi ul Islam Rafi ul Islam Painting
P-19-068School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrAzhan Farooq M. Farooq NawazPainting
P-19-069School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrZunaira AttiqueAttique ur RehmanPainting
P-19-070School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrAwais ShakeelShakeelPainting
P-19-071School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrFatima AbbasMirza Abbas Ali KhanPainting
P-19-072School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrYashfa AmirMalik Amir MehmoodPainting
P-19-073School JuniorsThe Punjab School Laiba Naveed Painting
P-19-074School JuniorsThe Punjab School Amna Usman Usman Ali Painting
P-19-075School JuniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Burhan Burhan-ud-din Painting
P-19-076School JuniorsThe Punjab School Razzia Noman Ismail Painting
P-19-077School JuniorsThe Punjab School Rameen Shahid Shahid Bashir Painting
P-19-078School JuniorsGJA Sarwar Shaheed campus Rameen Sarwar Muhammad Shabbir Sarwar Painting
P-19-079School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusRameen sarwar SarwarPainting
P-19-080School JuniorsGarrison  academy junior sarwar shaheed campuszainab fatimaM.Kamran yousafPainting
P-19-081School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusRameen Sarwarshabbir sarwarPainting
P-19-082School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusMinahil Gulzar Hafiz.M.GulzarPainting
P-19-083School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusMusfira sadafshehzad baigPainting
P-19-084School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campuszainab AliM.AliPainting
P-19-085School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusM.yahya  javaidzulfiar AliPainting
P-19-086School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusRana Mubashir Rana Asim mushtaqPainting
P-19-087School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusWareesha adnanM.adnanPainting
P-19-088School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusHajra sherazM.SherazPainting
P-19-089School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusBareera adnanM.AdnanPainting
P-19-090School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusEshal QaiserQaiser saleemPainting
P-19-091School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarPainting
P-19-092School JuniorsThe Punjab School Laiba Naveed Painting
P-19-093School JuniorsThe Punjab School Amna Usman Usman Ali Painting
P-19-094School JuniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Burhan Burhan-ud-din Painting
P-19-095School JuniorsThe Punjab School Razzia Nouman Ismail Painting
P-19-096School SeniorsGGES Madhu Lal Hussain BaghbanpuraLaiba JameelM. JAMEELPainting
P-19-097School SeniorsGovt. GHSS Umer Block ALlama Iqbal Town LhrIqra InamInamPainting
P-19-098School SeniorsGovt girls middle school dhalla liaqat abad lhrMehwish sahkoorShakoor ahmadPainting
P-19-101School SeniorsGovt girls model middle school oldfruit marketFaiza mehrabMuhammad zahidPainting
P-19-102School SeniorsCDG BOYS HIGH SCHOOL GHAZIABAD LAHOREAbdul – RehmanMuhammad KhalidPainting
P-19-103School SeniorsGovt.Madrasa-Tul-Binat High School Misri shah,Lahore.Amna RasheedMuhammad RasheedPainting
P-19-104School SeniorsGovt Girls High School Gopal nagar LahoreMuqarrab AzeemMuhammad AzeemPainting
P-19-105School SeniorsGGMS Madhu lal hussainLaiba jameelM. JameelPainting
P-19-106School SeniorsGGHS Gulshaneravi g blockAyesha majeedAbdul MajeedPainting
P-19-107School SeniorsGovt. Girls Higher Secondary School Rangers Colony Lahore CanttHabiba ChauhdryMatte UllahPainting
P-19-108School SeniorsGovt girls elementry school CDG wafaqi colony lhrAyesha bibiM younasPainting
P-19-109School SeniorsGovt New Islamia Girls Middle School Nafeerabad Lahore LaibaHaider Ali Painting
P-19-110School SeniorsGovt Girls Middle School Nangar LahoreSanaha AshrafAshraf MashiPainting
P-19-111School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHRSaneha SiddiqueHafiz Muhammad SiddiquePainting
P-19-113School SeniorsGovt New Islamia Girls Middle School Nafeerabad Lahore Laiba Haider Haider Ali Painting
P-19-114School SeniorsGGES Farooq Colony Lhr CanttSehrish waheedMuhammad waheedPainting
P-19-115School SeniorsGGES janjatey raiwind road Lahore. ZonairaAllah rakhaPainting
P-19-116School SeniorsGovt. girls middle school jalapuraNoshia manzoorManzoor ahmadPainting
P-19-117School SeniorsGovt. girls middle school jalapuraNoshia manzoorManzoor ahmadPainting
P-19-118School SeniorsGovrt.girls middle school Nangar LahoreSanehaAshrafAshraf MashiPainting
P-19-119School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurMemona MazharMazhar HussainPainting
P-19-120School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolSaudah GhzzaalAsher GhzzaalPainting
P-19-121School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolSaira JameelMuhammad JameelPainting
P-19-122School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolSidra NazirMuhammad NazirPainting
P-19-123School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolKomalMuhammad AjmalPainting
P-19-124School SeniorsQazi Girls High SchoolZainab YasmeenZafar MukhtarPainting
P-19-125School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar Khanmalaika riazriazPainting
P-19-126School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolMahnoorMuhammad AzizPainting
P-19-127School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolMemoona JahangirJahangir AhmadPainting
P-19-128School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolFaaria ArifArif HussainPainting
P-19-129School SeniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolParas ImranRana ImranPainting
P-19-130School SeniorsDaanish School Girls ChishtianHafsa SaleemMalik SaleemPainting
P-19-132School SeniorsWapda girls high school smrKehkshanJavaid mahmoodPainting
P-19-133School SeniorsWapda girls high school Saweba ramzanRamzanPainting
P-19-134School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr ZunairaJavaad Painting
P-19-135School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr HaiqaSaeedPainting
P-19-136School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr NimraM. YounasPainting
P-19-137School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eman Shahzad Shahzad Ali Painting
P-19-138School SeniorsThe Punjab School Raima Azeem Azeem Ahmad Painting
P-19-139School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hadia Khan M. Imran Khan Painting
P-19-140School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hareem Fatima Muhammad Iqbal Painting
P-19-141School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fareen Salman Salman Perwaiz Painting
P-19-142School SeniorsThe Punjab School Qanitah Zaheer Hussain Shah Painting
P-19-143School SeniorsThe Punjab School Girl Wing Township LahoreMaryam ImranMuhammad ImranPainting
P-19-144School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zimal Fatima M. Iqbal Painting
P-19-145School SeniorsThe Punjab School Sheza Fahir Tahir Mushtaq Painting
P-19-146School SeniorsThe Punjab School Lyba Shahzad Shahzad Mahmood Painting
P-19-147School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima Aamir M. Aamir Iqbal Khan Painting
P-19-148School SeniorsThe Punjab School Safia Farooq Farooq Saeed Painting
P-19-149School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zona Umar Umar Farooq Painting
P-19-150School SeniorsThe Punjab school Tayyaba Qasim Qasim Niaz Painting
P-19-151School SeniorsThe Punjab School Nawal Ali Ijaz Ali Painting
P-19-152School SeniorsThe Punjab School Wadia Ahmad Sikandar Zaman Painting
P-19-153School SeniorsThe Punjab School Duaa Kashir Kashir Aslam Painting
P-19-154School SeniorsThe Punjab School Amna Zaitoon Amjab-ul-hassan Painting
P-19-155School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zobia Hussain M. Hussain Painting
P-19-156School SeniorsAvalon high Meerab naimMalik naimPainting
P-19-157School SeniorsAvalon high Fayyed bajwaIjaz bajwaPainting
P-19-158School SeniorsThe Punjab School Eman Shahzad Shahzad Ali Painting
P-19-159School SeniorsThe Punjab School Raima Azeem Azeem Ahmad Painting
P-19-160School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hadia Khan M. Imran Khan Painting
P-19-161School SeniorsThe Punjab School Hareem Fatima Muhammad Iqbal Painting
P-19-162School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fareen Salman Salman Pervaiz Painting
P-19-163School SeniorsThe Punjab School Qanith Hashmi Zaheer Hussain Shah Painting
P-19-164School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zimal Fatima M. Iqbal Painting
P-19-165School SeniorsThe Punjab School Sheza Tahir Tahir MushtaqPainting
P-19-166School SeniorsThe Punjab School Zobia Hussian M. Hussian Painting
P-19-167School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolMaryam Imran Muhammad ImranPainting
P-19-168School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolAmna ZaitoonAmjab-ul-HassanPainting
P-19-169School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolDuaa KashirKashir AslamPainting
P-19-170School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolWadia AhmadSikandar ZamanPainting
P-19-171School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolNawal AliIjaz AliPainting
P-19-172School SeniorsThe Punjab School Lyba Shahzad Shahzad Mahmood Ali Painting
P-19-173School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolTayyaba Qasim Qasim NiazPainting
P-19-174School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolZona UmarUmar FarooqPainting
P-19-175School SeniorsThe Punjab SchoolSafia FarooqFarooq SaeedPainting
P-19-176School SeniorsThe Punjab School Fatima AamirM. Aamir Iqbal KhanPainting
P-19-177School Seniors (Middle & High) Class 6 to 11DAANISH SCHOOL JHUND GIRLSUme FarwaPainting
PH-19-001College / UniversityUniversity of LahoreMuhammad Javed IqbalMuhammad Iqbal JoiyaPhotography
PH-19-002College / UniversityUniversity of LahoreMuhammad Javed IqbalMuhammad Iqbal JoiyaPhotography
PH-19-003College / UniversityUniversity of LahoreMuhammad Javed IqbalMuhammad Iqbal JoiyaPhotography
PH-19-004College / UniversityUniversity of Central punjab Maida shafiq Muhammad shafiq Photography
PH-19-005College / UniversityThe University of okaraMuhammad Zeeshan Ali Rasheed AhmadPhotography
PH-19-006College / UniversityGomal University Dera Ismail khan Mehtab Alam Mir Alam Khan Photography
PH-19-007College / UniversityUmtHamza zubairZubair ahmad malikPhotography
PH-19-008College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSalwa NawazMuhammad NawazPhotography
PH-19-009College / UniversityPunjab University(Old Campus)Arzoo JamalJamal Rab Photography
PH-19-010College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,Khuzdar Khalid AminNAPhotography
PH-19-011College / UniversityGomal universitySanaullah khanInayatullah khanPhotography
PH-19-012College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarShehzad HaleemAbdul HaleemPhotography
PH-19-013College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaZohaib HassanAbdul NabiPhotography
PH-19-014College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaUsama KhanAbdul AzizPhotography
PH-19-015College / UniversityDaanish School Girls MianwaliSalwa NawazMuhammad NawazPhotography
PH-19-016College / UniversityPunjab College SialkotAbdul Rehman BabarBabar HussainPhotography
PH-19-017College / UniversityUniversity of Punjab Kashaf Riaz Riaz Ahmad Photography
PH-19-018College / UniversityPUCIT Old CampusArzoo JamalPhotography
PH-19-019College / UniversityLahore College For Women UniversitySyeda Abeer FatimaSyed Muhammad Saleem ShahPhotography
PH-19-020College / UniversityLahore College for Women University, Lahore. Tooba ShafaqatMalik Shafaqat AliPhotography
PH-19-021College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadMuhammad AbubakarMuhammad ayubPhotography
PH-19-022College / UniversityGovernment College University Faisalabd/Muhammad Sufyan Hafeez ahmadPhotography
PH-19-023School SeniorsDaanish School Girls ChishtianTahira HaneefMuhammad HaneefPhotography
PH-19-024School SeniorsThe Punjab School Sara Shahzad Shahzad Pervaiz Photography
PH-19-025School SeniorsThe Punjab School Township Sara ShahzadShahzad PervaizPhotography
PH-19-026School SeniorsThe Punjab School Sara Shahzad Shahzad Pervaiz Photography
PH-19-027School SeniorsThe Punjab School Sara Shahzad Shahzad Pervaiz Photography
PH-19-029School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarSHABBIR  sarwarPhotography
PH-19-030School JuniorsAllied School Waltonrida Alirida AliPhotography
PH-19-031School JuniorsAllied School WaltonMah-noorMah-noorPhotography
POET-U-01College / UniversityGovt Degree College Sibi Shah BakhshMirza KhanPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-02College / UniversityUniversity Of Okara Renala Khurd CampusSaif UllahMuhammad Idrees Poetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-03College / UniversityCOMSATS LahoreAyesha QamarQamar uz Zaman ShahzadPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-04College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliZarnain FatimaJaved SaghirPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-05College / UniversityUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Muhammad Danish RazaRaza HussainPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-06College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadFarwa BatoolMuhammad AliPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-07College / UniversityNational University of Modern Languages Lahore Muhammad Aziz Tahir Shafqat MahmoodPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-08College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraTouqeer AbbasKhadim HussainPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-09College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaMaria JaffarDost MuhammadPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-10College / UniversityUniversal College QuettaRizwanaDeedar HussainPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-11College / UniversityDow Medical University DuaJaved IqbalPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-12College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockMalik Minahil RiazMuhammad RiazPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-13College / UniversityPunjab Daanish Higher Secondary School (Boys) Jand, AttockUsama Nadeem KhanShoukat NadeemPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-14College / UniversityDaanish School Boys ChishtianWaqar YounasAli AkbarPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-15College / UniversityDaanish schools rahim yar khan Asif khalilKhalil ahmedPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-16College / UniversityLahore College for Women UniversityDuaa MustafaGhulam MustafaPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-17College / UniversityLahore College for Women UniversityMahum KailaniMuhammad RafiquePoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-18College / UniversityPunjab Daanish school boys jand attockUsama nadeem khanShoukat nadeemPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-19College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadSyed Nadir AliSYED SAFDAR ALI JAFRIPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-20School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusHamdia guliftikhar gulPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-21School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliAyesha ZulfiqarMuhammad ZulfiqarPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-22School SeniorsGovernment comprehensive higher secondary school for girls wahdat road Lahore Uswa Ali Rustam Ali Poetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-23School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurShehar BanoMuhammad AshrafPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-U-24School SeniorsWapda girls high school smr lahieNaz fatimaM. ShafiqPoetry ( Urdu)
POET-E-01College / UniversityUniversity of OkaraAmna RiazMuhammad RiazPoetry (English)
POET-E-02College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliMuqadas KhanAsad UllahPoetry (English)
POET-E-03College / UniversityNational University of Modern Languages Lahore Muhammad Aziz TahirShafqat MahmoodPoetry (English)
POET-E-04College / UniversityUniversity of Central PunjabSheikh Wershah Sheikh Zahid AliPoetry (English)
POET-E-05College / UniversityUniversity of Central PunjabWersha SheikhSheikh Zahid AliPoetry (English)
POET-E-07College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurAsif TariqTariq HussainPoetry (English)
POET-E-08College / UniversityDaanish School Girls MianwaliMuqaddas KhanAsad UllahPoetry (English)
POET-E-09College / UniversityDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanMishal SagarSajjad SagarPoetry (English)
POET-E-10College / UniversityUniversity of Management and Technology Emerald Melissa Anthony Stephen Francis AnthonyPoetry (English)
POET-E-11College / UniversityDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist rajanpurUm_e_RubabAbdul Nabi shahPoetry (English)
POET-E-12College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadNoor ul HudaSOHAIL MASOOD Poetry (English)
POET-E-14School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusRAMEEN SARWARSHABBIR SARWARPoetry (English)
POET-E-15School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusAnaya MurtazaMurtazaPoetry (English)
POET-E-16School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSamia BatoolMuhammad Nasir KhanPoetry (English)
POET-E-17School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanJawad FarooqFarooq AhmedPoetry (English)
POET-E-18School SeniorsDaanish schools rahim yar khan Muhammad AbubakarAkbar AliPoetry (English)
POET-P-01College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadZameer HussainNoor Hassan ShadPoetry (Punjabi)
POET-P-02School JuniorsGarrison Academy Ryyaan SarwarM.SarwarPoetry (Punjabi)
POET-P-03School JuniorsAllied School Waltonrida Alirida AliPoetry (Punjabi)
POET-P-04School JuniorsAllied School WaltonMah-noorMah-noorPoetry (Punjabi)
Q-19-001College / UniversityEwig LifeMuhammad HammadMuhammad Dilawar Qiraat
Q-19-002College / UniversityGovt Sheikh Sardar Muhammad Girls Higher Secondary School Garhi shahu LahoreKhadija AurangzaibRaja AurangzaibQiraat
Q-19-003College / UniversityPir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture UniversityTalha ShahzadMuhammad Naeem ShahzadQiraat
Q-19-004College / UniversityGovt Boys Degree College Sibi Hafiz Muhammad Fayaz Soomro ilahi BakhshQiraat
Q-19-005College / UniversityPunjab University Hafiz Farhan kokabIrfan ullah kokabQiraat
Q-19-006College / University35uooErgRyjnQiraat
Q-19-008College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliTasleem AkhterAtta UllahQiraat
Q-19-009College / UniversityUniversity of veterinary and animal sciencesHafiza Maryam NaeemMuhammad NaeemQiraat
Q-19-010College / UniversityUniversity of veterinary and animal sciences Hafiza Maryam Naeem Muhammad Naeem Qiraat
Q-19-011College / UniversityGGHSS Chung LahoreAleeza RiasatRiasat AliQiraat
Q-19-012College / UniversityPunjab College of ScienceSyed Mubeen Ali ZaidiKhalidQiraat
Q-19-013College / UniversityGCU LahoreHafiza Huda HafeezHafeez Ur RehmanQiraat
Q-19-014College / UniversityBalochistan University of Engineering and Technology,KhuzdarRizwan KhanNAQiraat
Q-19-015College / UniversityGovernment college university lahore Hafiza Huda HafeezHafeez Ur RehmanQiraat
Q-19-016College / Universityuniversity of the punjab lahoreAtia BanoMuhammad SulemanQiraat
Q-19-017College / UniversityDaanish School Boys hasilpurMuhammad junaid KhalilHafiz Muhammad khalilQiraat
Q-19-018College / UniversityDaanish School Boys Mianwali Qamar AbbasGhulam AbbasQiraat
Q-19-019College / UniversityUniversity of veterniary and animal sciences UVAS RAVI CAMPUS PATTOKIUSMANMUHAMMAD ARSHADQiraat
Q-19-020College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Boys Dera Ghazi KhanMuhammad SulemanKhuda BakshQiraat
Q-19-021College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMaaz KhanNasrullah TariqQiraat
Q-19-022College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMaaz KhanNAsrullah TariqQiraat
Q-19-023College / UniversityPunjab Daanish School Fazil PurMaaz KhanNasrullah TariqQiraat
Q-19-024College / UniversityUniversity of management and technologyRumaisa MalikMalik Muhammad ilyasQiraat
Q-19-025College / Universityuniversity of management and technonlgyhamza qaziAbdul mannanQiraat
Q-19-026College / UniversityPunjab Daanish Higher Secondary School Jand, Attock Ali Sher HaidriMumtaz HussainQiraat
Q-19-027College / UniversityDaanish School (Girls), Rahim Yar KhanKhadija MumtazMumtaz AhmedQiraat
Q-19-028College / UniversityPunjab Daanish College Girls, Dera Ghazi KhanAjwa KhalidKhalid HussainQiraat
Q-19-029College / UniversityPunjab College KamokeMuhammad QasimAbdul GhaffarQiraat
Q-19-030College / UniversityIslam college of pharmacy SialkotSyed Rehan Iqbal JafriSyed Zafar Iqbal JafriQiraat
Q-19-031College / UniversityGonal University D.I.KhanMazhar HussainAbdul MajeedQiraat
Q-19-032College / UniversityPunjab University LahoreM. Iftikhar UmarZulfiqar AliQiraat
Q-19-033College / UniversityPrivateHafiz NaqeebMukhtar AhmedQiraat
Q-19-034College / UniversityPrivateHafiz NaqeebMukhtar AhmedQiraat
Q-19-035College / UniversityPrivateHafiz NaqeebMukhtar AhmedQiraat
Q-19-036College / UniversityLahore College For Women UniversityHafiza Aniqa RafiMajor Muhammad RafiQiraat
Q-19-037College / UniversityDaanish school Girls Fazilpur Dist rajanpurSobia kanwalNigha HussainQiraat
Q-19-038College / UniversityPunjab Daanish school (Boys) jand AttockAli sher HaiderMumtaz hussainQiraat
Q-19-039College / UniversityGovernment College University FaisalabadQari Muhammad AbdullahZahoor HussainQiraat
Q-19-040School JuniorsCDG Girls Primary School Shad BaghHassan ShamshalhadiQiraat
Q-19-041School JuniorsCDG JMMS ghazali road samnabad lhrSania SharifMuhammad SharifQiraat
Q-19-042School JuniorsCDG GGES junior model misri shahAkmal yousafMuhammaf yousafQiraat
Q-19-043School JuniorsCDG GGES junior model misri shahAkmal yousafMuhammaf yousafQiraat
Q-19-044School JuniorsGovt.junior model school rattigan roadMuhammad shakirIbad shakirQiraat
Q-19-045School JuniorsGovt junior model school rattigan road lhrMuhammad shakirIbad shakirQiraat
Q-19-048School JuniorsGovt Girls Primary School Mustafabad LahoreKomal AslamM AslamQiraat
Q-19-049School JuniorsCDG juniors moddle primary school bhamma band road lahoreM.abdullahSaadat hussainQiraat
Q-19-050School JuniorsCDG JMMS bagh gul begam lhrArshadUmer shaheenQiraat
Q-19-051School JuniorsCDG JMMS bagh gul begam lhrArshadUmer shaheenQiraat
Q-19-052School JuniorsGovt girls primary school muridwal lahore Muhammad khanHameed ullahQiraat
Q-19-053School JuniorsGES WATNAAakif RazakRazakQiraat
Q-19-054School JuniorsGovt. Girls Primary JM school joray mori lhrHamzaTehzeeahQiraat
Q-19-055School JuniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolMuneeba KhanBilal Ahmad Khan Qiraat
Q-19-056School JuniorsThe Punjab School junior school (Townhsip) FaiqaSabiar Qiraat
Q-19-057School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRSamina Zahid Sultan WaliQiraat
Q-19-058School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LHRZainab Shahzad Shahzad Younas Qiraat
Q-19-059School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrSyed Mukarram Ali ZaidiSyed Zhaid Ali ZaidiQiraat
Q-19-060School JuniorsThe Punjab School Junior School Township LhrSyed Mukarram Ali Zaidi Syed Zahid Ali ZaidiQiraat
Q-19-061School JuniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolMusfirah Ali TahirAli TahirQiraat
Q-19-062School JuniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Ata-ur-rehmanZaheer AhmadQiraat
Q-19-071School JuniorsQazi Girls High SchoolSaad Sharaim BhattiAbdul Majeed AslamQiraat
Q-19-081School JuniorsQazi Apex Grammar SchoolHamza ShahidShahid SaleemQiraat
Q-19-082School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr MaliaqaHamidQiraat
Q-19-083School JuniorsWapda girls high school smr TayybaIshteyaqQiraat
Q-19-084School JuniorsThe Punjab School Township Bareera Saqib Javed ButtQiraat
Q-19-085School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusnoor-ul-hudaIjaz ahmedQiraat
Q-19-086School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrameen sarwarshabbir sarwarQiraat
Q-19-087School JuniorsGarrison academy junior sarwar shaheed campusrayyan sarwarshabbir sarwarQiraat
Q-19-088School JuniorsThe Punjab School Ayesha Aman Amanullah Qiraat
Q-19-089School JuniorsThe Punjab School Bareera Saqib Javed Qiraat
Q-19-090School Juniors (Primary) upto Class 6GARRISON GIRLS JIRGA CHOWKAFFAF SALMANSALMANQiraat
Q-19-092School SeniorsGovt girls elementry School khana konahM MansoorNassem ul haqQiraat
Q-19-093School SeniorsGovt. ND Islmai HS Icchra LahoreHafiz M HassanNazir AhmadQiraat
Q-19-094School SeniorsGHS Chishtia Islampura, LahoreAbdul Rehman SabirSabir UllahQiraat
Q-19-095School SeniorsGHS Chishtia Islampura, LahoreAbdul Rehman SabirSabir UllahQiraat
Q-19-097School SeniorsGOVT.SHUHADA _E_APS Memorial G/M/H/S/MODEL TOWN LAHORESidra ArshadArshad ALIQiraat
Q-19-098School SeniorsCDG boys high school jahangir abad misri shah lhr Ghulam MustafaM.Ishtiaq HussainQiraat
Q-19-099School SeniorsCDG BOYS HIGH SCHOOL JAHANGEER ABAD MISRI SHAH LAHOREGhulam MustafaM.Ishtiaq HussainQiraat
Q-19-100School SeniorsCDG Girls High School Boston Colony Qainchi Amer Sidhu Fatima Altaf Hussain Altaf Hussain Qiraat
Q-19-102School SeniorsGovt. High school shahdara Lahore Huzaifa AliM. Aslam ZahidQiraat
Q-19-104School SeniorsGovt girls model middle school dhallah liaqat abad .lahoreHabiba amjad Amjad aliQiraat
Q-19-105School SeniorsBab e Arqam M MansoorNaseem ul haqQiraat
Q-19-107School SeniorsGGES Kacha LahoreAleha bibiHafiz Muhammad IdreesQiraat
Q-19-108School SeniorsCdg boys high school begum kot shahdara lahoreM.HamzaM.AmanatQiraat
Q-19-109School Seniorsgovt.madrasa-tul-binat high school, misri shah lhrIqra khalilKhalil AhmedQiraat
Q-19-110School SeniorsCity district govt girls high school factory area shahdara Lahore Hafiza FatimaQari Abdul samadQiraat
Q-19-111School SeniorsCDG Boys High School, Momanpura, Karim Park Ravi Road Lahore.Muhammad FarooqMuhammad AyyubQiraat
Q-19-112School SeniorsGovt. Model Girls High School Ashiana Lahore.AreebaM. ShaukatQiraat
Q-19-113School SeniorsGovt Madrasa Tul Banat high school misri shah lahoreIqra khalilKhalil AhmedQiraat
Q-19-114School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Islam Nagar Shahdara LahoreMuhammad ShoaibRana Mahmood AmeerQiraat
Q-19-115School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Islam Nagar Shahdara LahoreMuhammad ShoaibRana Mahmood AmeerQiraat
Q-19-116School SeniorsCDG Boys High School Islam Nagar Shahdara LahoreMuhammad ShoaibRana Mehmood AmeerQiraat
Q-19-117School SeniorsGovt Girls High School 45 Chenab Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.Faiqa Javedmuhammad JavedQiraat
Q-19-118School SeniorsGovt Girls High School 45 Chenab block A.I.T Lahore.faiqa javedmuhammad javedQiraat
Q-19-119School SeniorsGovt. Islamia High School chah Miran lhr Hafiz AbdullahMuhammad AbidQiraat
Q-19-121School SeniorsGovt.Model GHS Elahi Park Wassan Pura, Lahore.Rabia MehmoodMehmood AhmadQiraat
Q-19-122School SeniorsGovernment Millat girls high school mughalpura lahore Mehnoor TahirTahir AbbasQiraat
Q-19-123School SeniorsGGES kacha lahoreAleha idreesHafiz muhammad idreesQiraat
Q-19-124School SeniorsGovt Girls High School 45-Chenab block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.Faiqa javedMuhammad JavedQiraat
Q-19-125School SeniorsGovt. Islamia High School Multan Road LahoreHAFIZ MUHAMMAD SAMARQARI UMAR HAYATQiraat
Q-19-126School SeniorsGovt.Madrasa-Tul-Binat High School Misri Shah,Lahore.Iqra KhalilKhalil AhmadQiraat
Q-19-127School SeniorsGgms dhair shahdara lahoreNoor ul emanMuhammad yasirQiraat
Q-19-128School SeniorsGGHS Raiwind Pind LahoreTehmina ShabbirMuhammad Shabbir AhmadQiraat
Q-19-129School SeniorsCdg boys high school shish mehal bilal gunj lahoreHafiz noumanMuhammad riazQiraat
Q-19-130School SeniorsGOVT K. M GIRLS MIDDLE SCHOOL INSIDE LOHARI GATE LAHORE Falak RiazMuhammad RiazQiraat
Q-19-132School Seniorscdg girls middle school bhogiwalarooj shahidmuhamad shahidQiraat
Q-19-133School SeniorsGovt.Higher Secondary School For Girls Dev Samaj Road LahoreTania Muhammad NazamQiraat
Q-19-134School SeniorsGovt.Girls Middle School Dhair Shahdara LHRNoor-ul-EmanMuhammad YasirQiraat
Q-19-135School SeniorsCDG Girls High School Sahowari Mughal Pura LHRHafiza Kiran FatimaMuhammad ZaidQiraat
Q-19-136School SeniorsGovt. Junior Model Middle School 2nd Shift Awan Town Lahore Saba SafdarSafdar AliQiraat
Q-19-137School SeniorsGovt muslim ghs dryport mughalpura lahoreHafiza laiba warisMuhammad warisQiraat
Q-19-138School SeniorsGESAhmedAliQiraat
Q-19-139School SeniorsGovt Kinnaird Girls High School Empress Road LHREzza QayyumAbdul QayyumQiraat
Q-19-140School SeniorsCDG GIRLS MIDDLE SCHOOL SHAH KAMAL LAHORE Sania shoukat AliShoukat aliQiraat
Q-19-141School SeniorsGovt. Central Model School Rattigan Road, LahoreMuhammad SiddiqueQari Muhammad AsgharQiraat
Q-19-144School SeniorsGOVT. MUSLIM HIGH SCHOOL NO.2 CIVIL LINES LAHOREHafiz Muawaz minhasAzeem MinhasQiraat
Q-19-145School SeniorsCDG junior model middle school masti gate school lahoreHimayat saeedMuhammad SaeedQiraat
Q-19-146School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Harnoli Morr MianwaliSamawia NawazMuhammad NawazQiraat
Q-19-147School SeniorsGovt central Model girls middle school cge colony whadat colonySaif ur RehmanMati ur RehmanQiraat
Q-19-148School SeniorsGovt. Islamia high school misri shah lahoreHuzaifa azamMuhammad azamQiraat
Q-19-149School SeniorsGovt Muslim model middle school rajgarh lahoreLaiba mehmoodMehmood ahmadQiraat
Q-19-150School SeniorsGovt girls high school Shamke Bhattian lahoreMaryam ghulam rasoolGhulam rasoolQiraat
Q-19-151School SeniorsGES Basti Amin Pura RaiwindShamaunAbdul RazaqQiraat
Q-19-152School SeniorsGGHS CDG ALLAMA IQBAL ROAD LAHOREBisma ZulfiqarZulfiqar Khadam HussainQiraat
Q-19-153School SeniorsCDG Boys High School, Momanpura, Karim Park Ravi Road Lahore.Muhammad FarooqMuhammad AyyubQiraat
Q-19-154School SeniorsGovt Islamia high school khazana gate Lahore Hafiz Rao Mubariz TahirRao Tahir ShakeelQiraat
Q-19-155School SeniorsCDG.GHS.Block A/3, Gulberg3, Lahore.Fatima IbrahimMuhammad  Ibrahim Qiraat
Q-19-156School SeniorsGovt. Elementary school Dullo Khurd  Tehsil Model Town LahoreMuhammad UsmanMuhammad Zia ur Rehman Qiraat
Q-19-157School SeniorsGovt. Elementary school Dullo Khurd Lahore Muhammad Zia ur Rehman Muhammad Usman Qiraat
Q-19-158School SeniorsWajiha AnasIfraIfra taliyaQiraat
Q-19-159School SeniorsG Tanveer Islamia G H S Mustafa bad lhrAyesha shakeelShakeel AhmadQiraat
Q-19-160School SeniorsDaanish School (Girls) HasilpurAreesha YaseenGhulam YaseenQiraat
Q-19-161School Seniorsgovt girls middle school dhairNoor Ul EmanMuhammad yasirQiraat
Q-19-162School SeniorsGES Mazar Baba Rehmat shah RaiwindSubhan AllahBasharat AliQiraat
Q-19-163School Seniorsunique group of institutionIzam AsgharAsghar HameedQiraat
Q-19-164School Seniorsunique group of institutionDibajTayab MubasharQiraat
Q-19-165School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolMusira KhanBilal Ahmad KhanQiraat
Q-19-166School SeniorsGovt High School Asgher RasheedQiraat
Q-19-167School SeniorsAl-Ala International Islamic SchoolHajirah FaisalFaisal SharifQiraat
Q-19-168School SeniorsPunjab Daanish School Girls Campus Jand District AttockAmna BibiGhulam EllahiQiraat
Q-19-169School SeniorsGovt. High SchoolFaisal AmjadAmjad IqbalQiraat
Q-19-170School SeniorsPunjab university lahoreMuhammad MunzirMuhammad Abubakar siddiq zia ul haqQiraat
Q-19-174School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High SchoolFaiqa YaseenYaseenQiraat
Q-19-175School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawja Saeed LhrAbdullah KashifKashif RiazQiraat
Q-19-176School SeniorsThe Punjab Girls High School Manum SajjadSajjadQiraat
Q-19-177School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawaja saeed LhrMohammad SahaabShahidQiraat
Q-19-178School SeniorsThe Punjab School Kot Khawja Saeed LhrMohammad Haris SajidSajidQiraat
Q-19-179School SeniorsThe Punjab Boys High School Johar Town LahoreMuhammad Abdullah AliShaukat AliQiraat
Q-19-180School SeniorsDaanish School Boys ChishtianGhulam HaiderHaji MuhammadQiraat
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PM constitutes body to look into journalists’ job security

Staff Report

On the directions of Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan a special committee has been constituted under the supervision of Provincial Minister for Information Punjab Mian Aslam Iqbal for reviewing the problems being by the journalists and to submit the recommendations for their solution. DGPR, Punjab Dr. Muhammad Aslam Dogar, DG PID Saeed Ahmed Sheikh, Secretary General Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Rana Muhammad Azeem, President Lahore Press Club Arshad Ansari, President Punjab Union of Journalists Shehzad Hussain Butt President Electronic Media Reporters Association will be the members of the committee. The committee will look into the matters of journalists regarding their salaries and job security in media houses.

Hundreds of journalists have been fired from their offices during the last once year during the PTI regime. Journalists’ organizations observed protest demonstrations and demanded the government and media owners to implement wage award and secure their jobs.

Won’t Be My Child!


A Journey To Conscious Enlightenment!


Most of us having lived a normal childhood and normal life, we often let topics  addressing issues like neglection or bullying of children during their childhood, their physical and sexual abuse, living with abusive parents slide. These are the various essential factors that may impact a child’s perception of nature of relationship and bonds they tend to share or build with their parents, relatives and friends in their adulthood. In the present modern era, the concept of parenting has been redefined.

Technology has incorporated its roots deep within our daily routine and somehow parents take assistance from numerous electronical gadgets to keep their children occupied while they’re earning bread or to make ends meet to provide their family with a better and secure future.

While it’s very pleasing to see people taking serious responsibility for their children and their future, it has also given birth to inevitable gap between children and their parents.  It has a direct linkage with children spending a good amount of time on electronic gadgets resulting in the development of alienation and isolation to the extent where communication between parents and children diminishes. Furthermore some parenting styles and elements like generation gaps between family’s drives children to develop and live in a world of their own with zero sharing of their problems no matter how serious it gets.

Parents often don’t recognize the specific behavioral patterns expressed by their children during those time of crisis. Display of certain distinct characteristics like irritability, unnecessary lashing out, emptiness, and excessive sleeping than usual entails the danger of children being involved in some threatening activity.

The problem of child sexual abuse and online sexual harassment of children exists at large in almost every society and country, whether it’s under developed, developed or on the verge of development. It has been seen that Western societies are more vocal about addressing this reality and more keen towards adopting ways to overcome this. However in Eastern societies even in Pakistan, due to some traditional, cultural, moral norms and values such actualities of life either get ignored or tabooed.

Amidst all the political, economical fiasco, social issues like these have been decaying our society for a very long time. Children are the very future of a country and they should be granted with utmost security, love, nourishment and understanding they deserve so they can excel at every field of life i.e. in academics, creativity and personality development.  

To secure children and their position in this unwanted scenario we as a society should involve state and its various institutions like education, health, police to devise a way that ensures victims of online sexual harassment the protection, help and support they deserve and enact such laws that guarantee severe punishment for the perpetrator which grant no amnesty.

We as a society, need to to come forward together and try our best to eradicate the very roots of this evil, once and for all. Won’t Be My Child, a campaign for the victims or likely to be victims of online sexual harassment, is a small initiative taken to create and spread awareness among society, parents, teachers.

To let people know that they are not alone in this, to persuade them to raise their voice against this and that only by acknowledging it, we would be able to fight it preventing many others from being victimized. Most importantly to make children realize that not very friend on social media is truly your friend and trustworthy.

Moreover convincing parents that a healthy check and balance on your child’s online activities can protect you child from unwanted bad attention. Another significant aspect of this campaign is the true and spontaneous complaints and reporting of such incidents to state provided help lines or to family to avoid any inconvenience. Let’s help each other and our children to live a better and secure life because they are the future!

UN useless if its resolution on Kashmir not implemented: PU VC


LAHORE: (Friday, August 30, 2019): Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed has said that the United Nations is useless if it cannot implement its own resolutions on Kashmir. He was addressing a massive rally outside Institute of Education and Research here on Friday. Thousands of PU teachers, employees, students, children and representatives of Christians, Hindu and Sikh community participated in the gathering to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir and condemned Indian atrocities.

The participants were holding placards and banners inscribed with the slogans of freedom of Indian Held Kashmir, demanding international community to take notice of human rights violations in occupied area. Addressing the gathering, PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmed said that the United Nations had been successful in implementing its resolutions where it wanted to.

Therefore, he said, there is no reason that UN resolutions on Kashmir could not be implemented. He said that genocide of Muslims was going on in Indian Occupied Kashmir which the UN must not ignore now.  He said that Indian armed forces were denying basic rights to Kashmiris but India could not suppress their voice and freedom movement through such cowardly tactics.

He said that the nation stood with people of Kashmir, Pakistan Army and Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that Pakistan Army was No 1 Army in the world and the nation saluted its sacrifices for safeguarding the country. He said that Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and people from all other religions, communities, sects etc have unanimously joined the rallies being carried out today in Pakistan which expressed that the whole nation was on one page on Kashmir issue.

The event began with playing of national anthem of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. After addressing the gathering, the vice chancellor led a massive rally from Institute of Education and Research to Gate No 1 and then the participants moved on Khayaban-e-Jamia Punjab and entered Gate No 2. The head to tail distance of the crowded and charged rally on main roads was more than 1.5KM. The rally concluded at the starting point outside Institute of Education and Research where the vice chancellor and participants offered dua for freedom of Indian Occupied Kashmir. The participants also passed unanimous resolution to resolve Kashmir issue as per UN resolution.

Human rights behind “Iron-curtain’’ in Kashmir

Ahmad Rana

Stories of blood shed, wondering eyes of orphans, wailing mothers for their sons, fearful children in haunted streets with red creases of blood under curfew are grave concerns of human rights violations in Kashmir. Unendurable visuals of Kashmiri people can be seen, voices can be heard and palettes injuries  can be felt only, this fate never been chosen to live for any one by choice. 

The universal declaration of Human rights is still more a dream than reality . The UN universal declaration of human rights is a document with 30 articles guarantee the basic rights and freedom of every person in the world . The issue of Kashmir is humanitarian more than legal and egoistic slogans and policies of states. The world should realise that the basic rights to live is a question mark for the pundits of humanity across the globe. Twitter diplomacy , protests with play cards, rallies and chanted slogans nor feed the whimpering babies in hunger, neither save the lives of people. Diplomatic avenues have done nothing for uplifting the imposed curfew or  “raising the iron curtain “ yet. 

The digital India lost its digital mantra when it comes to Indian occupied Kashmir . Nothing comes out but filtered & controlled . No one , even Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi , is allowed to visit valley

Deployment of thousands of troops to quell any possible unrest , use of excessive force with pallet guns , detained political leadership and crack downs make people even not to attend funerals. They also cannot visit hospitals and treat their injuries. If normalcy is restored then why curfew isn’t uplifted from the valley .The recent report of UN high commissioner for human rights highlighted the situation of human rights violations  committed by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir.

According to report, 21 civilians were killed in first 03 months of 2019. It shows that 1253 people have been blinded by the metal pallets used by security forces from 2016 to the end of 2018. There were 25 instances of internet shutdown experienced in first 04 months of 2019. 

All overtures made for peace through dialogue & diplomatic efforts resulted in invalidating of 370 and article 35-A. The ruling party BJP, the off shoot of RSS, along with NDA (National Democratic Alliance) managed unilaterally to strip away kashmiri’s autonomy in Lok Sabha.

The right to vote is widely  recognized as a  fundamental  human right .The election commission of India’s report of recent Lok Sabha election shows very low turn out in three Jamu & Kashmir’s Muslim majority constituencies. Out of six constituencies of LoK sabha – Anantnag, Sirinagar and Baramula as 8.80% , 14.8% and 34% respectively. 

India’s Hindu nationals government is responsible to fuel the fire to the religious extremism in Gandhi’s India. Is this the real face of so called “plural India “ ? Is India still a “secular democracy “ ? Or Is Modi’s India justifying the two nation theory for the historians who write for united india ? Modi’s, Fascist intentions and pro Hindu acts , is the justification of “Day of Deliverance” celebrated by India Muslims in 1939 when rule of hostility was over after resignation of congress from ministries .

The anti-Muslim intentions are still seen in Kashmir and other parts in India by RSS backed BJP.  However, Nerender Modi justified this act as this could protect marginalised section of society, provide dignity to women and bring social betterment .

Curfew with gross human violations, fear of genocide , victims of pallets the blind people are the real story of Modi’s so called “positive change’’  in Kashmir coupled behind the iron curtain. 

Imposing movement restrictions , cutting telephone and internet , arresting targeted educated people , are not only the clear violations of human rights but also the question mark on Democracy claimed by today’s India .

No religion is above humanity – seems mere a phrase to be written on the walls of so called guardians of human rights, watchdogs and several organisations across the globe .

Threat of military escalation between neulcear armed neighbours is about to stimulate the threshold that can be disastrous not only for the region but for the globe as well. The UNSC giants should feel the gravity of the situation through the glasses of human rights violation rather to see their vested interests .

How can national interests of states be above humanity and welfare of the people without peace? Undoubtedly, the national interests are linked for the welfare of humanity. There is need to mediation of influential leaders and common friends to end the curfew at earliest.

UN and world organisations should play their role of mediators for the fate of Kashmiri people only.

The basic right of travel, right to education, right to live should be ensured immediately  before going any consensus among Kashmiri people, Pakistan and India. This issue should be taken on humanity grounds ,while discussing any solution through legal fraternities or states egoistic behaviours in politico-strategical designs of nuclear neighbours . Claim of Kashmir should be decided by the people of Kashmir, rather the will of Islamabad and Delhi . Basic Rights of People of Kashmir should be restored and it should be protected without any delay till they start living the way they want in the streets of Jamu & Kashmir with out restrictions & iron-curtain. 

Writer of this article is a News Anchor, social activist and blogger, consultant and a corporate trainer.

UNSC On Kashmir

Dr. Zeeshan Khan

Sun Tzu in his book ‘The Art of War’ says that the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.Recently, the painful story of Kashmir again started after revocation Of Article 370 and 35A Of Indian Constitution which was also the part of the manifesto of Indian Ruling BJP. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed joint session of his parliament and later parliament of Azad Kashmir to warn Indian Prime Minister NarenderModi against implementation of Hitler’s Nazi Mentality in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. In IOJ&K, more than twelve days of curfew, presence of extra troops in an already heavily militarised occupied territory. Additionally, sending in of RSS goons, complete communication blackout; with the example of Modi’s earlier ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat. Will world silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in IOJ&K? Pakistan wanted to warn that it will have severe repercussions and reactions in all over the world setting off radicalisation and cycles of violence.

International media especially BBC, CNN and New York Times presented the true picture of sufferings of people of Kashmir. AmnestyInternational said that actions of Indian Govt. in Kashmir have thrown ordinary people’s lives into turmoil, subjecting them to unnecessary pain and distress. Pakistan’s Ambassador in America, Asad Majeed Khan performed very well as he visited New York Times office and rightly put Pakistan’s stance before editorial board of the newspaper.

Protestors on the streets of Pakistan, France, UK, Germany, and Other countries all gathered to mark 15th August as Black Day and spoke for humanity and IOJ&Kfreedom.

Meanwhile The United Nations Security Council(UNSC) held a session in New York on 16th August to discuss Jammu and Kashmir dispute. According to diplomatic sources, the UN Security Council discussed the Kashmir dispute under agenda item Pakistan-India question.

This is a success for Kashmir and Pakistan. The debate is happening after five decades though last time it was discussed in the midof 1960s. It is first time since 1965 that a meeting exclusively on IOJ&Ktook place. This likely won’t lead to much. But the fact it’s taking place underscores how Pakistan is not “isolated” globally. It is a diplomatic upset for India at U.N Security Council meeting on Kashmir.

During UNSC session, China quotedat UNSCthat there should be solution for Kashmir through UN resolutions. Beijing opposed any unilateral action, urged all sides to exercise restraint. India’s actions have also violated China’s sovereignty and violated bilateral agreements. Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute that must be peacefully resolved in accordance with the UN Charter, UNSC resolution and bilateral agreements, said Chinese representative at UNSC strengthening Pakistan’s stance.

Last time when Jammu and Kashmir found a reference in UNSC resolutions was in 1998 in resolution 1172, after Pakistan conducted nuclear tests. However, the mention under India Pakistan question is after decades.

According to Micheal Kugelman- deputy director for South Asia at Woodrow Wilson Center,Pakistan and India can both claim victory on UNSC consultation. Pakistan has the view that she is internationalising Kashmir while India said that It’s just a consultation.

However, in efforts to divert attention from precarious situation in IOJ&K,Indian Army increases firing along Line Of Control(LOC).Indian and Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom on both sides of the LOC with otherhavocs too. Intermittent exchange of fire continues. But, the main culprit of all these tensions is merely war hysteric Indian PM Modi, who in jingoistic and RSS hysteric approach is harming humanity at large.

Twelve days later, restoration of landlines in IOJ&K is kafkaesque version of relief from Indian government when the clampdown remains. Why are Kashmiri leaders, who swore by the constitution and took personal risk to counter terrorists still in jail? What is the government scared they will do?

Pakistan has always stood by Kashmiris against India’s hegemonic ambitions.World and specifically Pakistan must and has stood in the face of tyranny, regardless of the cost. Use of cluster bombs by Indian Army violating international conventions is highly condemnable. No weapon can suppress determination of Kashmiris to get their right of self determination.

At UNSC meeting on Kashmir, voice of Kashmir has taken a new historic turn. It is a good step towards peace by Pakistan and now, India must realise that detaining suppressedKashmiris is not good for democratic norms but only represents Hitler’s Nazi mentality towards minorities.

Though there is a good news for Kashmiris and Pakistan as both China and Russia wanted an open session in UN on Kashmir while White House said, “Trump asked India and Pakistan to start dialogue on Kashmir and UNSC consultations ended without a statement.Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has hinted that NewDelhi may be rethinking its doctrine of “No First Use” for nuclear weapons which is highly dangerous and condemnable.China circulated a draft statement (critical of India).They were supported by India’s strategic partner, UK. But, By his action Modi has brought Kashmir dispute back at the UN.UNSC meeting proved that Kashmir is not an internal matter for India. It’s a world recognised dispute at the UN and must be resolved with wishes of Kashmiri people.

There is no  sign of International pressure to force Modi to undo annexation. Kashmiris continue to bleed. Pakistan will continue fight India’s ‘illegal’ Kashmir move at every forum. Unimplemented resolutions on Kashmir raise questions on UN’s credibility. UN lip service against human rights violations in IOJ&K will not be sufficient. At last, solution of Kashmiris required and it might be now ended onconventional war or proxy war because modi will not retreat. But, can our economy bear the burnt? Pakistan has to strengthen herself economically first. Moreover, peace and Modi both can never exist together in Kashmir.Kashmir still awaits that moment, which comes but rarely in history, when it will step from the old to the new, when an age ends, when the soul of a people 72 years suppressed, finds utterance.

The writer is an analyst, activist, political commentator and contributor to the different Op-Ed pages of different Newspapers and can be reached at

Delivering positivity is responsibility of teachers: Dr. Khaleeq

By Sajjad Ali/ Samreen Ilyas

Lahore (August 21, 2019) Our teachers should become a role model and must strive hard to inculcate in students to be compassionate, said Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman during a workshop organized by Minhaj University.

Professor Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rehman former vice-chancellor, Government college Lahore, who is an international famed educationist, scholar and adviser to the government also shared his personal experience and valuable tips to make body language invulnerable to negativity under any stressful environment.

He added,’’ teacher is not an ordinary person and specifically university teacher turns more special as he holds exclusive responsibilities to deliver positivity to his students with his behaviour, dedication and commitment to his profession. Holy Quran and life of Holy Prophet provides you complete code of ethics and doctrines that how to generate and stimulate positivity and stress-free Environment is society and in educational institutes. Technology has changed our environment and living style.

 We are totally disassociated from the family discussion and group sharing. Due to that, we lack sympathy and empathy. Our life is like a rat race and we are a victim of comparison trap and due to this, we are entangled with the octopus of stress and negativity. Our teachers should become a role model and must strive hard to inculcate in students to be compassionate.

 Teachers must understand the core values of faculties which are based upon passion, integrity, commitment, quality of leadership, role model and healthy socialization.

Dr Muhammad Shahid Soroya PVC-MUL expressed his deep gratitude to the distinguished guest for his auspicious presence. Minhaj University aims to maintain the finest academic traditions, assiduously refining our learning environment and continuity of such workshops is part of those objectives. Conducting such workshops enable the students by question-answer session to discover their talent and interest to face life and academic challenges with confidence

How Education can change the world?

Samra Shaukat Ali

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan.” It is the quote known to all as is said by our beloved Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the greatest leader! The question arises, how could education be a matter of life and death?  Is it food? Is it oxygen? Is it water? We cannot survive without food, water and oxygen, but the quote says, ‘it’s the education that is mongering death or life upon us! Let’s see HOW?

Provincial boards’ school, LACAS, Grammar, City, Beacon, Ibne Sina, Learning Lines, PakTurk, Qurban Lines, The lyceum, Defence school, Dare Arqam, Allied, Garrison, Danish, the list of private school systems is endless! Each school is teaching its own syllabi, providing facilities to students, training and coaching the young generation. All these systems are really good in educating their students, but on the other hand division is unknowingly made as different mind sets are evolving from it. Roads are littered with this kind of different mind sets.

Everyone is bragging and raising the slogan “I AM THE BEST!” I am eye witness to the painted words on cars stating, ‘We are Ravians, Punjabians, Aitchisonian, Garrisonians, Lahorians…’ to be good is good, but to whom you are looking down upon or telling that you are better or best? Obviously the other system, the other students!

Taking pride in ones’ schooling should never be labelled as a sense of ownership or ‘Aww our students love their schools so and so much that they have never forgotten it!’  The ‘beloveds’ often get into fights over ‘my school is better than yours.’ Biasness/ prejudice is what erupted out of such education. This virtue is a plague which eats and erodes away entire nations! It’s always the ‘small’ things that get ‘bigger’ with the passage of time. Who should stop it? Teachers?  Parents?  Or administration?

 All the educational systems are just small pieces of a land called Pakistan! Why we are a complete failure in raising our children as Pakistanis? Why we are sticking like a lizard to our own portions of wall, when the entire home is ours? I am not against different syllabus, but there should be something common in all the systems, and that ‘something’ should be ‘ Pakistaniat( culture, religion, folk literature)’ as one educational course leads to one mind set and then to making of one nation. United we stand, divided we fall! Again the question arises, can teachers make any change in the syllabus? Or the parents? Or the students?

The Triangle: Parent— Student—Teacher is well-known in almost all the good educational systems. The teachers are trained on it every year. Teacher is a Role Model, a facilitator, a psychologist, a writer, a reader, a listener, a speaker, a problem solver, a checker, a policy maker, a counselor, an event organizer. A teacher is a MAKER, in short. Teachers can do wonders, they can make a difference, and they can teach their students magic; just air the wand and bring change in the society! This is what is expected of teachers.

Undoubtedly, teachers and good teachers are capable of doing more than the magic and can make a difference, but is it the sole responsibility of the teachers to shoulder the whole burden of ‘change?’ or is it humanly possible? Where has gone the Triangle then? What is the responsibility of parents and students? In reality, teacher is chunked out from this triangle and in isolation is raised to such high pedestal that when they reach and stuck there, they face shouts, aggression, warning letters, suspensions, terminations, plotting, laughs, mockery, be littleness, abuses by the parents, students and administration and yet teachers are highly respected by all!

Teachers, often digest such attitudes and behaviors as are loyal to their students or are bound to digest such attitudes, but they seldom vomit the eaten aggression on the students, in return. I am talking about ‘professional teachers’ and not just ‘teachers’ who teach students as a job. Please be mindful of this difference.

Let’s dissect the Triangle! Teacher or parent alone can never bring any change to the student, but together they can bring transformation to the child! Teachers are getting trainings, but are parents getting any training? The answer is No! The Triangle eventually fails!

Being a teacher, a professional teacher, is it possible for me to train the parents in my school premises? Obviously no, as I had to take permission from the administration for doing so. Now, could a triangle be workable without adding administrative staff? A flat NO, once again is the answer. What is the solution then? How could a student be truly made a learner? The triangle fails, again!

Teachers are bound to obey the rules and regulations of their educational setups, as they are subordinates in a work frame. Annoyed/ mighty parents directly approach the principal or chairman for any complaint, as they think it’s a waste of time to talk to the teacher at first hand. Having seen the set pattern, the students also take pride in going straight to the office of principal filing a complaint against teacher or their own personal issues. Students do plot against the teachers whom they dislike.

A strict teacher is mostly victimized. Parents and students go against the teacher and put their trust in administration. Teacher in, both the cases, is unaware and is called in the office for ‘inquiry.’ Teacher is dictated to solve the issue at the earliest. Where is the Triangle? Are parents cooperating with teachers? Are the student body obedient?

 These are just few examples of what happens to teachers. It is sad to know that this so called learned society takes pride in insulting the teachers and then asking them to teach their children values, high self-esteem, and great confidence, but a jug can only pour in the glass what is put in it! A low self-esteemed teacher can never raise high self-esteem in his students. The Triangle is a good thing if each character is mindful of his/her duties and limits.

Teachers are bound so, inclusion of administration/ government is pivotal. As administrative staff is important for both the parents and the teachers, its wise role can make a significant difference in student’s performance. Its role should be of a mediator and a facilitator. It should ease out the things for both strands: teachers and parents, and not just avoiding the fights and managing the financial or policy affairs. It should manage the relationship between the Triangles.

Having said, the triangle is no more workable. For a solution, I suggest, a square window: Parent—student—Teacher—Administration.  The key part is administration, a trained administration can train all the other three components. The pearl of ‘Pakistaniat’ in the strings of different educational system can root up to one nation. No one would then brag ‘My’ instead it would be replaced by ‘Our.’ It is only through education that Pakistan be made a living nation or a dead one. Different and separate educational systems are like torn pieces of a page and everyone is wise enough to envisage what happens to ‘pieces?’  It is always the ‘third party’ who pick up the ‘pieces’ and complete their jigsaw puzzle with intellect. Beware and be aware!

The writer is a well reputed teacher and can be reached at

UO students take part in plantation at Changa Manga

University of Okara plants 1,000 trees at Changa Manga Forest Park on Plant 4 Pakistan Day

Forests, plantation pivotal to human survival: Dr. Zakria Zakar

The University of Okara planted around 1,000 trees at Changa Manga Forest Park on Plant 4 Pakistan Day, a massive plantation drive by the Government of Pakistan as part of the Billion Tree Tsunami. The plants were engrained on a total of one-acre area in collaboration with the District Forest Department and The Educationist, Pakistan’s prime education monthly.

The UO’s plantation event was started with an opening ceremony where Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar was represented UO Director Horticulture Dr Faheem Arshad and Public Relations Officer Sharjeel Ahmad. The event was organized by The Rejoicers’ Club, the university’s student society, in collaboration with the Directorate of Horticulture and the Public Relations Department. More than 120 students from various UO departments participated in the event.

In a special message on this occasion, Dr. Zakria Zakar said: “Trees contribute to the cleanliness of atmosphere along with maintaining balance of the eco-system. We need to focus on the forestry in order to ensure the survival of the future generations. The global climate change is takings its toll on Pakistan as well and the only solution rests in more greenery and more trees.”

The University’s Director Horticulture, Dr. Faheem Arshad, said that the deforestation in Pakistan during the last decade ruined the equilibrium of the eco-system and it needed to be controlled at any cost.

After the opening ceremony, the students spread in more than one acre land in various groups and every students planted one or more trees. Over 15 gardeners of the university and an equal number of gardeners for change manga were present there to support and guide the students.

Later, the students were taken to a trip to jungle through a tram. They also enjoyed boating in the forest lake.

National Plantation Drive 2019 to Save Future Generations

The Educationist will plant saplings at Changa Manga on 14th August

Anyone can participate in this Plantation Drive

Lahore (5 August): PM Imran Khan inaugurated National Plantation Drive for Moonsoon Season today at Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged every citizen to participate in this drive in order to safe future of upcoming generations.

Addressing the monsoon plantation ceremony, PM Imran said that every citizen must contribute towards this noble cause and plant at least two saplings .

“Today, we will have to take a decision to save the future of our generation,” said PM Imran.

Imran Khan said that we should prepare ourselves to fight climate change and environmental issues being faced by the entire world especially Pakistan.

“We will be able to improve the climate of the entire country as we did in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P),” said the PM while sharing the benefits of tree plantation.

PM further said that plantation of trees will help curb pollution. Deforestation is contributing to increasing pollution. Only five per cent of forests that were planted in 1990 remain standing today,” lamented the PM.

Admissions will continue to Associate Degree only, says Chairman HEC


By M Sharif Rana and M. Talha Shahid

Lahore (August 2, 2019): During a joint press conference with Minister for Higher Education Punjab Raja Yasir Humayun at Arfa Karim Technology Park, Chairman HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri stated that, HEC has decided to phase out two year degree, BA/BSc degree would be terminated to Associate Degree Program and new admissions will be granted to this degree only, anyhow all the colleges will remain affiliated and there will also be no effect on the students.

Only the nomenclature has been changed now, further changes related to ADP will be made next year. Exams will be held under annual system but students will be graded according to semester system and only the common things between BA/BSc and ADP will be focused this year, said Raja Yasir Humayun.

Chairman HEC claimed that notification for ADP was issued in 2017 and till now no case has been filed against it. Talking about budget cuts, he said that universities’ budget will be cut up to 10 percent. HEC will start capacity building of colleges with time to time according to the requirements of ADP. It only focuses quality of education. It does interfere in management matters of colleges and universities, said the chairman.

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) will award scholarships of 5 billion to HEC for undergraduate students while PEEF would also contribute to award scholarships for Higher Education.

Answering a question to The Educationist, Dr. Tariq said that HEC would devise new curriculum which would be common for Madrassah and university students.

PU declares BA/BSc result, success rate 45%

By M Sharif Rana & Samreen Ilyas

LAHORE: A total 2,06,626 candidates appeared in the Punjab University BA/BSc Examinations 2019 out of which 93,829 were declared successful with overall success rate of 45.41% showing around one percent increase as compared to 44.33% pass result in 2018 .

Prize distribution ceremony for the position holders of BA/ BSc held on July 31 2019 at Al Razi Hall, New Campus University of the Punjab here on Wednesday.

Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Vice Chancellor University of the Punjab, distributed prizes among the position holders. Two first position holders of BA and BSc were awarded cash prize of Rs. 100,000 each,  second position holders were given Rs. 70,000 each while those who grabbed third positions in Science and Arts got Rs. 65,000 each.

In BA, Tooba Afzal from Punjab College of Science Ferozpur Road Lahore got 1st position by securing 646/800 marks,  Anneeza Ahmad stood second by securing 631/800 marks and the 3rd position was grabbed by Saddaf Faryal from Govt. Postgraduate College for women Sheikhupura.

In BSc, Noshaba Zafar from VIP Girls College Tala Gang Chakwal got 1st position, Iqra Anmol from Punjab College Okara got 2nd position by securing 85.25% marks while 3rd position was grabbed by Abeeha Fatima from Punjab College of Commerce Zafarwal road Shakargarh with 673 marks.

Speaking on this occasion, PU Vice Chancellor Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar appreciated the efforts of controller examinations for announcing result within very short span. He announced a cash prize of Rs 0.5 million for his team.

Prof Niaz said, “girls are working very hard and that’s why they are securing top positions in examinations”. He urged the women to play their active role in national development as no nation can prosper without women’s contribution. He was addressing result announcement and prize distribution ceremony held in the honor of top position holders of BA/BSc Annual Examinations 2019 at Al Raazi Hall.

On this occasion Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, Acting Controller of Examinations Rauf Nawaz, Additional Controller Raja Shahid Javaid, Deputy Controller Khuram Inayat, position holder students & their parents and other officials were present.

Addressing the ceremony, Prof Niaz Ahmed said that usually the university announces BA/BSc results in the last week of August or early September however this time Department of Examination has prepared result of 204,626 candidates in just 42 days which is incredible. He congratulated Controller of Examinations and his team for this unbelievable achievement. He said that due to this effort, the university has started admissions at Master’s level from August 01.

The vice chancellor said that female students belonging to humble background have secured top positions, which was proof of their hard work. He said that in the last one year, PU’s international ranking has improved and PU has been declared number 1 in natural sciences research. He said that PU administration was ensuring quality at all levels and curriculum of all academic programs has been revised on modern lines.

He said that the university was also ensuring quality at M Phil and PhD levels and that’s why M Phil and PhD admissions are being offered in only those disciplines in which student-teacher ratio is as per standard. He advised the male students to work hard and come forward. Congratulating top position holders, their parents and teachers, the VC announced to provide scholarship and waive off tuition fee of the top position holders on obtaining admission in Punjab University.

Acting Controller of Examinations Rauf Nawaz said that the staff of Department of Examinations had worked day and night and prepared results in just 42 days. He said that as per university rules, top positions go to only those candidates who secure maximum marks in first attempt. Later, the VC distributed prizes and shields to the position holders.

Controller Examinations Muhammad Rauf Nawaz said that the result was announced in record 42 days after the exam. He said since last 19 years, it was the 3rd time when BA/ BSc result had been announced in July.

Group photo of position holders with PU VC Dr. Niaz Ahmad, Pro-VC Dr. Saleem Mazhar, Controller Examinations Muhammad Rauf Nawaz and others.

On this occasion, PU VC also announced that admissions to MA/MSc have been opened in the university for the new academic session.

Related pictures may be downloaded from

Punjab University announces BA/BSC position holders

M Sharif Rana

Lahore (July30, 2019) Punjab University has declared the top position holders of BA/BSc Annual Examination 2019. Out of six positions of BA and BSc, students from Punjab Group of Colleges have won four positions. Noshaba Zafar roll no 082275 has got first position in BSc by securing 714/800 marks. Iqra Anmol roll no 059618 stands 2nd by securing 681/800 and the third position has been achieved by Abeeha Fatima roll no 074640 securing 673/800 marks.

In BA, 1st position has been achieved by Tooba Afzal roll no 044347. She is also a student from Punjab Group of Colleges. She has achieved 646 marks out of 800. Aneeza Ahmad roll no 065940 has stood 2nd by securing 631/800 marks. 3rd position in BA has been achieved by Saddaf Faryad roll no 075658 . She has secured 628 marks.

Prize distribution ceremony for position holders of BA/BSc Part-II annual examination will be held on July 31 at 11am at Al-Raazi Hall, University of the Punjab, Lahore. PU Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmed Akhtar will be the chief guest on the occasion.

Education in Faisalabad

Sajjad Ali

Lahore (July 29, 2019): Poor education standard and literacy rate in Faisalabad district is an alarming situation. It is a city with population of 2,506,595 and 60% literacy rate only. Literacy rate in rural areas is 16 % lower than in urban areas. There is also a wide difference between male and female literacy rate. In comparison to 59% male literacy, female literacy rate is 46 percent only.

72% males and 60% females aged 10 years and older are literate in Faisalabad. Overall, the district is ranked 09 among 37 districts on literacy indicator.

Approximately 51% of the enrolled populations of children in public schools are boys, compared to 49% girls. The situation at private schools, however, is different where enrollment of girl students is higher than boys. Seemingly, parents are more comfortable sending their girls to private institutions rather than public schools. This disparity in educational infrastructure and institutes results in gross inequality in educational development across the district.

In District Faisalabad, Gross Enrolment Rate (GER) is 81% at primary level, 57% at secondary level and 1% at higher secondary level. This statistic depicts that the drop-out rate increases with rise in education level.

Out of 1332 primary school, 8% have dangerous buildings, 63% buildings are of unsatisfactory condition while only 29% school buildings are satisfactory.

Children in the 3‐5 age group: 55% are enrolled (46% girls and 54% boys). Of this percentage, 61% children are enrolled in government schools and 39% in private educational institutes. Children in the 6 ‐16 age group: 88% are enrolled (39% girls and 61% boys). Of this percentage, 70% children are enrolled in government schools and 30% in private educational facilities. Out of school children: 12% children (6‐16 years) are not attending any school. Of this number, 53% are girls and 47% are boys.

The list of institutes, higher education and colleges is below:

Here are the higher education institutes in Faisalabad

Here is the list of colleges in district Faisalabad

Tips college



Once I went to Murree, where climbed a small mountain. On the other side of the mountain the scenery was beautiful. In the middle of some trees, I saw a hut and smoke was coming from it. Then I went towards the hut and looked in the window. I looked all around and saw no one except some tools and other home things and a pot of some food on the fire. I thought that I should go in and look. I went to the door and tried to open it; luckily it was open. I went in and began to look around.

I tried to be as quiet as I could. In one drawer I saw some white powder. I couldn’t make out what was it. So I took one out; closed the drawer and put the packet in my pocket; I knew that .this was stealing but I badly to know what was in the packet. Suddenly I heard voices and when I looked around, I saw an empty barrel big enough to fit me in. I got in the barrel and stayed there.

When the men came in, I saw that there were only two. They sat on the chairs beside the table. One of the men got up and brought the plates and the pot of food. They began to eat, and talk. As they were talking, I noticed that one of them talked a little about Heroin. On hearing this I knew that the packet one had in his pocket was filled with Heroin. As I tried to move a little in the barrel, it fell on the ground. One of the men quickly ran towards the barrel and found me. I knew I was in bit trouble.

He quickly took me out and asked me what was I doing here. I told him about the ‘smoke and all the things that happened’ except the drawer one but I made one mistake. I told him that I listened each and everything what they talked about.

After listening to this he grabbed me and took me to the other man. The other man took a piece of cloth out of his pocket and came towards me. I tried to struggle, but the man was strong. The other man quickly put the cloth on my nose, and mouth. I knew that it had some kind of medicine. After a while I fainted!

          When I opened my eyes again, I was amazed to see that I was on a boat with me two men and then I noticed that I was tied up. One of the men rode the boat and we went at a high speed and after a while we reached a deserted island with only birds around. They took me out of the boat and we went in the cave. When we were deep in the cave, I saw a light.

As we entered something like a room, I saw that there were boxes and boxes everywhere. We all sat in the middle of the room. After sometime, they took me to the other room which even had a door. They pushed me in and untied my ropes and threw them aside and locked the door.

There was only a small window enough for me to get out but as it was high, it was not possible for me to escape. As I was tired I went to sleep. The next day I woke up very early. I began to think of a way, to escape. I thought many ways, but suddenly I saw the rope aside. I got a plan. I took the rope and threw it out of the window, luckily it reached the ground. I tied the other end to a big rock.

Then I started to climb down. I reached the ground and started running towards the boat. As I got nearer to the boat, I heard voices. I took a rock and tried to throw it in the deck. And they press to it went right in it and to two men thought that there was someone in the deck. As he was out looking in the deck, I got in the boat and pushed to other man in the deck also and locked the door not be broken, after sometime we reached the pace we come we reached the place we came from. I went to the Police Station and left the two men in the deck. I told the Police Officer the whole story and showed him the packet of Heroin.

          After sometime all of the things were taken away and the two men were arrested. The next day I met my parents and my photo also came in the papers.

Resolution of Peace signed as an agreement towards ensuring interfaith harmony

By Samreen Ilyas and Sajjad Ali

LAHORE (July 27, 2019) Scholars from different religions and faiths on Saturday called for unity among all communities and urged the government to create an atmosphere at provincial and national levels where everyone can play an active role in the promotion of peace and peaceful coexistence and open dialogue in order to counter negative thoughts.

Sharing a stage in front of diverse audience at an interactive seminar – Interfaith Harmony – held here at the Punjabi Complex, they discussed role of religious institutions in promoting interfaith harmony and the encouragement of interfaith acceptability through better coordination between different faiths.

Expressing their views, Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) member Mufti Raghib Hussain Naeemi, Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, Bishop Azad Marshal, Baha’i community member Dr Faramarz Roshani, Father Nadeem Francis, Hindu leader Amarnath Randhawa, and Sikh scholar Prof Kalyan Singh urged the people to develop the spirit of coexistence by maintaining religious harmony and peace.

On the occasion, all the speakers signed a resolution of peace as an agreement towards ensuring interfaith harmony, and declared that they would work with the government in promoting peaceful coexistence. Also, a thorough discussion was witnessed on the importance of implementation of the laws including the National Action Plan (NAP), Hate Speech Ordinance, and others.

Addressing the audience, Archbishop Sebastian Shaw said that dialogue was important in order to walk on the path of truth and peace. “We need to respect a person on the basis of humanity. “I should tell you that never has it happened that anyone would have asked me to change my religion nor have we ever asked anyone to change theirs,” he said.

Mufti Raghib Naeemi suggested dialogue and open discussions on all faiths through similar platforms to ensure interfaith harmony and coexistence. “Islam does not teach aggression and no one is allowed to force people from other faiths to convert to this religion,” he said, adding that tension and conflict arises when someone targets other faiths. “It is important to negate such conflict by having educational debates with learned people from all faiths,” he said.

Sharing his views, Bishop Azad Marshal said that Pakistan was made with an idea that it would be a Muslim majority state, but it will not be intolerant towards other religions and faiths. “Interfaith harmony is our need and it will come when we will have tolerance and acceptability for each other,” he said. “We need to create strategies, ways and means to promote interfaith harmony,” he said.

“We need to have knowledge, dialogue and discussion on broader levels in order to ensure interfaith harmony,” said Dr Faramarz Roshani, member of Baha’i community. He said that nothing can be more damaging than intolerance and hatred. “We need to end the blame game and bring about a change through peace among all faiths and sects,” he said.

Hindu leader Amarnath Randhawa suggested interfaith harmony through educational and religious institutions, saying Pakistanis can counter hatred with love and peace. He said that no faith promotes hatred or intolerance.

Prof Kalyan Singh said that the textbooks have preached hatred against different religions like Hinduism and Sikhs and this needs to be condemned and be replaced with interfaith harmony and humanity.

He said that it should be noted that this region was never a region of intolerance on the basis of religion or faith. He pointed out that all religious places were always open to everyone and no one would even ask anyone’s religion. Suggesting a change in syllabus, Father Nadeem Francis said there could be no peace or interfaith harmony until the government and the media do not give equal representation and acceptance to the minorities.

Allama Asim Makhdoom said that there was an urgent need to ensure interfaith harmony at the government level. “I am here to say that it is the government’s negligence and attitude, which is leading minorities into problems,” he said.

Representatives from Multan also shared their success stories about how they ensured interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence in their respective areas of South Punjab through various activities, focused on promoting coexistence and harmony. At the end, CPSS Executive Director Saeeda Diep and Mufti Raghib Naeemi presented shields and bouquet to the panelists.

Reporters The Educationist Samreen Ilyas and Sajjad Ahmad pose for a photo at the seminar

University of Baltistan promotes local talent

SKARDU: Under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Naeem Khan, the University of Baltistan (UoBS) is promoting local potential and talent in a multidimensional series of activities at and beyond campus.  Some of the recent activities include national cherry festival, workshop on artificial intelligence and information security, seminar on collective action for knowledge economy with technology.

National cherry festival

Department of Tourism and Hospitality UoBs celebrated National Cherry Festival in collaboration with Khashal Agri- tourism park on June 23, 2019. The festival was held at Khashal Agri-tourism park in Ghowari District Gangche, Agriculture department was collaborating with Khashal and University of Baltistan.  Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan presided the event and Deputy Commander 323 Brigade Col. Ibrar was the chief guest.

Faculty members, staff, students of UOBs, attended the festival at Khashal Park Ghowari, with a large number of participants from different parts of Baltistan. Addressing the ceremony, speakers highlighted that the objective of the event was to promote and extend agri-tourism business ideas for entrepreneurship skills and provide opportunities for agricultural and rural development.

 The festival can contribute in the beauty of the region producing and cultivating maximum agricultural products and marketing these products, that will consequently improve income and hence wellbeing of farmers. This event was the first of its nature in Gilgit- Baltistan. The speakers also highlighted ‘peace’ in the region as one of the major factors of tourist attraction.

 Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan talking on the objectives of the event highlighted the cause to make the allotted land of the university green. He said that certain festivals can promote the image of the region in every arena. The Chief Guest of the event Col. Ibrar said agri-tourism is one of the most important industries that we have to develop in this region so that the people of this region could get help in development of economy and life standards. On this occasion renowned poets of Baltistan, Prof Hashmat Kamal Ilhami and Ehsan Ali Danish shared their poetry on Cherry and Aagri-tourism.

WorKshop on AI and information security

Department of Mathematics and department of Computer Science together organized a workshop on “Understanding Mathematics with artificial intelligence and information Security” on 26-27 June 2019. Renowned professor Dr. Tasswar Hayat (Hi), Chairperson of Mathematics department Quaid-e- azam University presented his talk as key note speaker. Dr. Mehtab afzal, from university of Lahore and Mr. Hasnat ali, Capital university of Science and Technology Islamabad delivered talks on different aspects of artificial intelligence and information security.

The topics covered by different presenters in this workshop were: Mathematical Modeling and utilization;  Computer Vision, Multimedia Video extraction; information Security; Cloud Computing, Fog Computing; Mathematical simulation from natural phenomena; application of Calculus in real World.

In the inaugural session while giving the welcome speech, director academics, Dr. Zakir said that UoBs is a new born digital native with smart online Campus Management System (CMS). The founding registrar of the university later Dr Irshad was the pioneer. The director shared salient points of AI in light of an article of his own published in 1994.

He also shared a scientific poetry titled “I am electron” that was also published.   Prof. Dr. Tasawur Hayat applauded the potentials and talents of the young faculty of UoBS. Prof. tasawur expressed his hopes that this new university can grow so rapidly that it can be in leading position within years.

All the presenters appreciated the engaged participation and quality of questions in question answer session that reflected the understanding and talents of the students. The host presenters Dr. Munawer Abbas, Dr. Zakir Qamer, Mr. Jawad Usman Arshad and Mr. Imtiaz also presented their papers. Faculty members, students of Mathematics and Computer Science from public School and College, girls degree College and degree College for Boys also participated the session.

Seminar on ‘’Collective action for knowledge economy with technology’’

A seminar on ‘’Collective Action for Knowledge Economy with Technology’’ was held at University of Baltistan, skardu. Guest speaker ex-VC UVAS Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz graced the session transforming wealth of knowledge to the students and the faculty of the varsity. VC Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan, Registrar Waseemullah Jan, Controller examination Dr. Ghulam Raza, Director Academics Dr. Zakir Hussain, all HODs, faculty members and students of the university attended the session. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan expressed the welcome speech thanking the guest speaker for ensuring his presence in the session.

The Guest speaker said that awareness about the uses and abuses of the technology has paramount significance in the current era known as the era of information technology. He further said when the use of technology is clear to all the strata of the society then it can be said that every problem is solved smoothly in present era.

Baltistan University has been organizing seminars and conferences to give maximum exposure to the students and faculty to promote the sense of educational and research culture in the university. UOBS will lead the students and faculty research and quality education by getting expertise and intellectual and professional experiences of the competent scholars of the country and from the international educational community who visit Baltistan and can spare time for talks at university

Transcript launching ceremony

The inaugural session of transcript launching was followed by the seminar on collective action for knowledge economy with technology. University of Baltistan launched its academic transcript with special security unique features. Controller of examination Dr. Ghulam Raza shared the salient features of the official original transcript of University of Baltistan. Transcripts of initial 30 serial numbers were granted to graduates in this ceremony.

The salient features of transcript were: UoBS name added in rare Yige (agay) Balti Script, digital verification features, Special QR Code for scanning g special paper from Security printing press, GPA, CGPA, Percentage and quality points of marks, picture id, CNIC # id, entry in HEC’s Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) and Verifiable online. The first transcript distribution ceremony of UOBs was held at the university Anchan campus auditorium.

UoBS sign MoU with NUST

In a graceful ceremony held at NUST’s Rector’s Office, the Rector Lt-General (r) Naweed Zaman and UOBS Vice- Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan signed an MoU. Pro-Rector (Academics) Dr Asif Raza, pro-Rector (RiC) Dr Nassar ikram and UOBs PD engr. Muhammad Idrees, along with principal officers of NUST, were also present on the occasion. NUST is the top ranking university in Pakistan and amongst 500 in world ranking.

It has opened the doors for newly established Baltistan University, and taken the new varsity under its wings for patronage in research and knowledge generation. As per the accord signed, both the universities have agreed to launch a joint research support programme and collaboration in the field of faculty training, student exchange, summer schools, artificial intelligence & robotics, glaciology, tourism, business incubation, minerals and others.

The UOBs students shall have access to NUST laboratories and placement in courses in winter vacations. The progress of the joint venture shall be monitored by both the Rector NUST & UOBs VC in the follow-up progress meetings held after every six months. UOBs Vice-Chancellor prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan thanked the NUST rector for providing extensive cooperation to UOBS situated in a strategically important region of Baltistan, in the wake of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the gateway of Himalayan Glaciers.

UoBS pays convivial tribute to young international boxer Usman Wazir

UOBS pays convivial tribute to the young international Boxer Mr. Usman Wazir. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan cordially congratulated to the Mr. Usman Wazir and his family for winning the National Boxing Champion 2019 and appointed him as Honorary Boxing Couch at the university.

The VC further said that Mr. Usman is one of the young heroes of the nation especially the hero of GB who at very young age earned fame that UOBS is truly proud of him. Chairman standing Committee Mr. Ashraf Sada also congratulated Mr. Usman and his family for such a tremendous achievement. Mr. Usman Wazir talking to the audience thanked the university management for giving great love and respect for him. He said this is the success of every young boy of GB who loves him and possesses strong will power.

He said as human beings we have both the ways, either to sit idle or to get fame and dignity. He entertained the audience telling them about the hardship and experiences he encountered in the journey of world boxing champion.  Father of Mr. Usman Wazir, Mr. Wazir tajwar addressing to the audience paid gratitude to university management for giving cordial love and respect to his son.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem presented research paper entitled “Potential of mountaineering & eco-tourism in Baltistan” as key note speaker at ‘’International Conference on Mountaineering & eco- tourism” at KIU, Hunza Campus, GB. His excellency, Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon, Governor GB, was the Chief Guest.

The concluding session of the conference was graced by the Chancellor KIU and UOBS. In his presentation, Prof. Naeem highlighted the enormous potentials of tourism in Baltistan and role of University to tap the potentials in all domains of tourism; adventure tourism, cultural tourism, mountaineering, agri- tourism and eco-tourism opportunities.

Top 5 quotes of Edhi

1. “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.”

 2. “I do not have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity.”

3. “Never take anyone’s death to heart bilquis. Remember God by the equality with which He implements it. Nobody is different; the richest to the poorest, from here to the end of the globe face it equally. What an example of equality.”

 4. “So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ and I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”

5. “Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”

3rd inter-provincial conference held on alternative renewable energy policy


LAHORE: Energy think tank (ETT) organised 3rd inter- provincial conference at LUMs as the day-long event geared towards promoting alternative and renewable energy projects in the country, bring up issues confronting the current energy mix to enhance the share of alternative renewable energy versus the fossils fuel energy there by achieving the goals of energy sustainability and security. Affordability and Availability on where needed and when needed basis in a long term time horizon. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Government of Punjab, LUMs, Vestas and Descon.

It is worth mentioning here that the ETT formed recently is a group of professionals from across the energy sector value chain and its ancillary service entities, who have voluntarily gathered on bipartisan basis with the principle aim of building consensus among stakeholders and enriching pool of cross functional knowledge data base that leads to optimized solutions for Pakistan’s energy sector on a sustainable basis” this forum is providing opportunities through interactive workshops and conferences to exchange of ideas and propose recommendations for resolving persisting issues of the energy sector at both provincial and national level. ETT holds first conference in Peshawar and Quetta.

Higher Education needs overhaul: Dr. Nizam

By: Samreen IlyaS

Lahore: Known educationist and former chair- person Punjab Higher Education Commission Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nizamud din has said that despite of experimentation and all-out efforts, the higher education of the country was unable to produce graduates at a par to the national needs for development. 

Our education system is adding to the unemployed youth of the nation due to lack of skilled/technical training and merely theory based education system. Dr. Nizam, who is currently serving as Pro- Rector University of Central Punjab,  was addressing a thought-provoking session as guest speaker at Maulana Zafar ali Khan trust. Dr. Khawja al-Qama, Prof. Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry, Rauf tahirand, Dr. Shabbir Sarwar were also present.

“Unfortunately, no single consensus definition of word ‘graduate’ has been made in the country as students doing two year graduation after intermediate as well as those completing four year of education after intermediate were claiming as graduates.”

“Education system in Pakistan was not changed with the changing times, HEC introduced BS four year program but two year BA/BSc and Ma/MSc degrees were also continue. Now, they have decided to do away with it.

We also introduced two year associate degree program in four colleges, which is now being expanded to other colleges of the country. Dr. Nizamuddin said that time to time no prominent required changes were made in education since the inception of Pakistan as it is still based on colonial era system.

UK itself had made many changes as per modern requirements but our students are seen more interested in receiving degrees rather than developing skills, also they want jobs but opportunities are not more in this country.

Interest of parents and students is increasing in higher education, also universities are increasing in Pakistan but even then future of graduates is not clear. Students lack interest in libraries due to which quality of education is low. So in my opinion, it is really important to have skill besides degrees.

 Civil servant are trained before service but teachers are not trained today although not long time ago teachers were trained by 10-15 BEd and Masters Degree holders. For selection of educationists across the province, B.Ed and M.Ed degree holders were considered inferior as compared to MSc degree holders, although they were trained teachers. Former vice chancellor BZU Multan Dr. Khawja al-Qama while expressing his pessimism remarked that: “Our national political leaders have no educational vision, which is one of the main reasons of educational policy problems. Earlier, Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry gave a detailed introduction of Dr. Nizam mentioning his decades long contribution. Mr. Rauf tahir conducted the discussion in a very light and lively manner. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori and Dr. Azmat Rasool were also present.

President Arif Alvi chairs KIU 9th Convocation

The Chancellor of KIU awarded gold medals to 66 distinguished students and 710 degrees to the graduates of Bs, Msc, MA, Ms and PhD.  The graduates successfully completed their studies in the fields of Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities.  The graduates of KIU Skardu Campus were also awarded medallions and conferred with degrees, Skardu campus has now become a full fledge University (University of Baltistan).

Besides, the Governor Gilgit Baltistan Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon and Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman awarded silver medals to 49 students for their high standing performances. Along the dignitaries, Vice Chancellor KIU Engr. Prof. Dr. Attaullah shah, Civil and Military officers, educationist, parents, students and media personals were present on the occasion.

 In his welcome address Vice Chancellor KIU Engr. Prof. Dr. Attaullah shah emphasized that Karakoram International University is now ranked among top universities of Pakistan due to its highly qualified teachers and quality of education.

He said that 80 percent of KIU teachers are Phd degree holders from leading national and international universities. He further highlighted that in a brief history of KIU, more than twelve thousands graduates of KIU are rendering their serves in the various professional capacities inside and outside Pakistan.

The VC KIU informed the gathering about recent tangible initiatives at KIU, which includes the Faculty of Engineering to tap the natural resources of Gilgit-Baltistan. The engineering faculty that is designed on a mix of modern and traditional architectural styles, shows KIU’s commitment to bridge traditional wisdom with modern knowledge orientations.

Some additional important initiatives include tourism and Hospitality Management Program at Hunza Campus, Financial Aid Office, Centre for Career Development, Centre for Faculty Development, Chinese Language and Chinese Language Certification system through establishing Confucius institute and other technical skilled certeficate courses on continuing education at Institute of Professional Development, degree program in Urdu and successful weekend graduate programs to promote research based higher education, establishing Karakoram institute of Gilgit-Baltistan studies is to protect the rich cultural diversity and traditional knowledge wisdom of this region, Centre for Research on CPEC to understand the emerging economic opportunities for our young graduates and harness benefits for entire region, and establishment of international office to make this university as an international university in true spirit.

The VC KIU vehemently advocated the notion that all these initiatives at KIU, which are carefully designed with the relevance and applicability to this region. In the end he congratulated the graduating students and their parents. The Chancellor of KIU and the president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi congratulated the graduates and, with that, reminded them of the greater role that a graduate carried on his / her shoulders.

 On the Occasion he said that “I extend my best congratulation to all the graduates at this happy occasion and I hope you realize the profound role upon your shoulders to ignite the spirit of peace, prosperity and constructiveness.  You are the one who can become the agents of change for a better future and you are the one to build your society” Chancellor KIU added.

Flag Bearer of the Convocation was Dr. Abdul Hameed Lone Registrar KIU, who led the academic procession. Mr. Zamin Ali shigri recited some verses from holy Quran, while Mr. Minhajud din graduate of Department of Modern Languages represented graduates in his valedictory speech.

Position Holders at the Convocation

PU ranking improves

Rule of law, transparency and merit ensured

Completing one year of academic excellence at the largest Public Sector University of the Country, Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Niaz Ahmed Akhtar has implemented his reforms agenda based on rule of law, merit, transparency and accountability. Since he assumed the office of PU VC on June 8, 2018, ensuring landmark increase in university’s world ranking through promotion of research and making progress in all disciplines. For the first time in Qs World Universities Rankings, PU jumped up from 232 to 193 position, improving its ranking 39 times in Asia as compared to the previous years.

A special briefing was also arranged on Qs ranking and PU appeared for the first time in the Qs subject ranking of physics, chemistry, agriculture and forestry for the first time in history. All four departments’ ranking has been improved manifolds.

For improving student-teacher ratio, long awaited vacant faculty positions were filled purely on merit basis. A total of 153 faculty members were appointed including 17 professors, 29 associate professors, 48 assistant professors and 59 lecturers.

Professors and associate professors’ appointments enhanced functioning of their respective departments and it will help improve varsity ranking further. This has also provided a peace of mind to university’s senior teachers who were awaiting their promotions since many years. Moreover, the vice chancellor, taking care of university’s non-teaching staff, promoted more than 2,000 employees who could not get their due rights since decades.

Punjab University has never witnessed such huge number of promotions and appointments in the shortest period of one year in the history and this has happened only due to the vision and efforts of the incumbent administration. Research promotion remained the vice chancellor’s special focus with Rs 150 million additional budget and restoration of research incentive award for teachers.

For the first time in the history of Punjab University, to encourage research, the Vice Chancellor announced special incentives for the students who would publish their research papers in reputed journals. He especially encouraged industry-academia linkage to solve national problems through research, besides focusing on student entrepreneurship to exploit their potential while announcing complete financial support to students’ projects based on innovative ideas.

The Punjab government, expressing complete trust in his abilities, gave additional/acting charge of vice chancellorship of UEt Taxila and Information Technology University (ITU) Lahore to Dr. Niaz Ahmad. 

Expressing his vision, Dr. Niaz said that the university administration was focusing on good governance, restoration of PU’s academic excellence, research with socio-economic impact and depoliticizing the university. “All statutory bodies of the university have been regulated and senate’s meeting was held after 13 years.

Streamlining the university’s system helped to improve international ranking of the university,” he said. As many as five meetings of syndicate, 12 Advance Studies and Research Boards and three Academic Council meetings deliberated on academic advancement of university. Moreover, the courses of all academic programs have been revised on modern lines at par with the requirements of industries concerned.

Regarding promotion of research, Dr. Niaz’s policy is very aggressive as he has vowed to increase research productivity of PU. He ensured allocation of Rs 150 million for research. To strengthen research culture, the university is spending Rs 434 million on scholarships, including Rs 70 million for teachers’ overseas scholarships, Rs 64 million for participation in national and international conferences, Rs 202 million for student scholarships, student affairs and career counseling and other activities.

Separately, while inaugurating a chemical reaction engineering lab, he urged the teachers to focus on quality and economic impact research and extended his full support to such research projects in this regard. “Universities are meant for creation of new knowledge. If universities are not creating knowledge, it means universities are not functioning and ultimately we will not survive. PU would play its active role for socio-economic development of the country,” he expressed these view while expressing his vision.

PhD programme is the backbone of any university. Under the leadership of Dr Niaz Ahmed, 186 scholars successfully completed their doctorate degrees during one year and 318 PhD, MPhil research proposals were approved during this period.

Furthermore, Punjab University and China’s North East University have jointly launched Pakistan’s largest and landmark PhD programme in the subject of history. Chinese representative Mr. East Yang and 15 Chinese PhD students, out of which 12 are teachers, attended the inaugural ceremony at PU Department of History and Pakistan Studies.

Prof Niaz Ahmed believes, “the joint PhD program would strengthen Pak-China relations further. It is a good opportunity to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience and understand culture of the two countries. He said that PhD program would groom the international students in a different way and improve quality of education in the subject. The vice chancellor laid foundation stone of Pakistan’s first-ever USFDA approved laboratories for the production and applications of stem cells at Centre of excellence in Molecular Biology.

University of Health sciences’ Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Javed Akram, former PU Vice Chancellor Dr Rafique Ahmed, renowned scientist Prof Dr Riazuddin, CEMB Director Prof Dr tayyab Husnain and many other renowned scientists were present on this occasion. Prof Niaz said that the university was promoting such research projects which would lead to socio-economic development of the country.

He said that science and technologies were changing rapidly in the world and we must make efforts to create new knowledge and contribute in advancement of our country.  Prof Niaz Ahmad also laid foundation stone of Technology Park at PUCIT New Campus to help support ever increasing demand of technology graduates in the country.

Prof Niaz Ahmad has established Cancer Research Centre to fight one of the most fatal diseases. For using social entrepreneurship to resolve issues being faced by the society, Prof Niaz is introducing social entrepreneurship Centre, which would also help generate employment opportunities for its graduates.

The vice chancellor has urged the students that they must identify the problems in their relevant area, present a solution and prepare a plan to convert it into a business activity. To encourage students, he announced funding of such projects which would provide employment opportunities to the students.

 To help country come out of various challenges, Prof Niaz Ahmad has implemented his vision very exclusively. He thinks that this must be the role of universities to give policies to the government and resolve problems being faced at national level.

Due to his encouragement and support, various departments have developed policies to set national discourses in various fields for the development of country. For instance, the country is facing serious challenges in the field of economics and progress in country’s overall economic spectrum is a must for Pakistan’s development.

Taking up this challenge, Prof Dr Mumtaz Anwar, Chairman, Department of economics and a veteran economist, has developed and submitted a comprehensive national economic policy, which can help improve country’s economy. This initiative is being seen as a landmark academic contribution which is dire need of the country and academic institutions.

Following the vision of the vice chancellor to provide most affordable education to the students, the PU administration is providing maximum subsidies to the students. On the instructions of the vice chancellor, PU is providing Rs 190 million hostel subsidy, Rs 55 million transport subsidy and Rs 7 million internet subsidy to students. The net subsidy on the mentioned services has been increased from Rs 166 million to Rs 252 million. Rs 285 million are being spent on development projects.

For industry-academia linkage, a team of Punjab University Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization is actively working to enhance industry-academia linkages. The team discussed problems of the industry during meetings with the members of the Lahore Chamber of industry and Commerce and other stakeholders. These problems are put before the PU researchers for giving solutions. A total 13 Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) were signed with national and internal organizations during last one year.

 Admission reforms were another milestone of PU administration under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Dr. Niaz Ahmad.  Every year there were political problems in the name of admission stalls by student groups. Students and their parents had to travel from all parts of the country just to submit admission forms. Under Dr Niaz’s leadership for the first time, admission applications were received and processed online.

A total 1,27,000 applications were received out of which around 10,000 candidates got admission purely on merit. He congratulated newly admitted students and said they were lucky they got admission in the most prestigious seat of learning in Pakistan. He said that Mohsin-e-pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has given a message to the students to work hard for the development of the country.

Also for the first time in the history of varsity, in order to enhance security system of PU, VC laid foundation stone of e-Lane system at the university’s Gate No. 1. The e- Lane comprising five separate lanes for cars, motorcycles etc. would be completed within 45 days on fast-track basis.

Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Green Pakistan, Clean Pakistan vision, Dr. Niaz announced that 100,000 trees would be planted on campuses as part of PU administration’s vision to play its role in protection of environment. He made this announcement while launching tree plantation drive at institute of Agricultural sciences.

“Conserving environment is need of the hour because we cannot survive without healthy atmosphere. PU will launch research projects to help save our nature. It is our national duty to keep our environment clean as various types of pollution is taking the toll of hundreds of thousands of lives every year and if we do not take steps in right directions, it will be difficult for our upcoming generations to survive,” he remarked.

Why faculty evaluations are not effective?


By Abdul Wahid

Faculty evaluation by students is considered as one of the most effective tool in ensuring the quality in higher education. It is intended to provide informed assessment of teaching skills and competencies of a particular instructor. Higher education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan back in 2005 established Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), with the aim of enforcing good practices in education and encouraging continuous improvement in quality in higher education.

To materialize their aims, the QAA further initiated Quality enhancement Cells (QEC) in each HEC’s recognized institution. HEC’s Quality Assurance agency provided self-assessment manual to QECs for the execution of their objectives. The manual has the approval of country’s renewed academicians which explicitly has emphasized the faculty evaluations by students for all the courses that they are being taught by their instructors.

Ever since, the faculties and departments are conducting such evaluations. However, the efficiency of these evaluations in ensuring quality education is often questioned. Extensive evidence could be found in universities, proving the fact that the evaluations are deficient to considerably a large extent, if not totally remained useless. Students often think of these evaluations merely as a course of formal bureaucratic proceedings.

Upon receiving these evaluations preformat, they start filling it without even the least interest they require. Their lack of interest could be explained in various terms, i.e. in the terms incapability of our education setup to produce any positive outcomes as result of these evaluations. Students also have been found complaining that the preformat are being provided to them by the time when they would’ve to take their terminal exams.

In such circumstances, they either have to play sincerely and afford stern grading or to give the fake yet pleasant responses and attain the grades they desire. In addition, such evaluations have accelerated the already increasing rate of grade inflation – the rise in students’ grades without the correspondence of the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have.

Student grade instructors on the basis of grades they had/would’ve to receive from instructors in exams. Hence both the instructors and students are found to be caged by the fear of being graded poorly. They prefer soft responses over hard ones by easing each other jobs which results in the appearance of ill- informed evaluations and the fake grades recorded on transcripts.

Here, the cases of sincerely filled evaluations by students should not be overlooked, but even if we contemplate them, the threat of inaccuracy still remains stagnant. Established research on quality of education suggests that student’s feedback is dominantly influenced by his/her individual differences.

Religious and political orientations, difference of learning styles and ethnic biasness serve as systematic way of judging the skill and effectiveness of teacher who may hold a particular religious, political or ethnic affiliation. Consequently, the feedback full of biasness loses the attention of administrators and policy makers to utilize them in bringing out quality reforms in education.

The faculty promotions policy of education system is also contributing to the ineffectiveness of these evaluations. For instance, in Higher education institutions, the upward mobility of instructor is associated with number of publications the instructor has published. Cognizant of the fact that they do not need to rely on students’ feedback for their promotions. The faculty may deem them insignificant and hence the attempts to ensure quality in teaching proved themselves as inoperable and useless.

The policies regarding the quality assurance in higher education through faculty evaluation should be informed of these multifaceted loopholes. Secondly, HEC and HEI (higher education institutes) are required to consider these evaluations as significant while setting the criteria for faculty promotions.

The writer is post-graduate student at Sociology department of International Islamic University, Islamabad and pursuing specialization in Sociology of education. He can be reached at awqureshi9@gmail.com

University of Okara; on Path of racking up true Higher Education Essence

Sharjeel Ahmed

Okara: University of Okara Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Zakria Zakar has said, “University essence is a combination of three factors – spirit, intelligence and energy of the staff. A university is a space of high concentration of advanced intellect, saturated with the spirit and energy of the cognition and transformation of new ideas into the society. The spirit, in application to the essence of a university, refers to the internal strength, attitude, focus of staff on free cognition and creativity; so that there is aspiration, conviction and self-confidence. The intelligence is understood as a general ability of sense perception, thinking, imagination of new concepts and ideas.

Energy acts as activity in understanding the reality of the new generation and the implementation of the results with pace and passion.  The University of Okara’s administration has the spirit, the intelligence and the energy to perk up the standard and status of higher education in the region of the Central Punjab. Despite limited resources and budgetary constraints, we have accomplished record and remarkable developments within a few months. Three new academic blocks are near completion. This will add a total of 70 thousand square feet of well-equipped and furnished area to the campus. Moreover, avant-garde recreational facilities are also being built. Along with the infrastructural developments, the UO administration is keen about the academic improvisation.

 The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been tasked to evaluate the teaching mechanism and quality of the faculty members. The students have easy access to the Vice Chancellor Secretariat. They are appreciated and encouraged to share feedback about the academic environment.  New teachers are being recruited in all disciplines through sheer transparency and meritocracy.

The UO is all set to unleash the Fall 2019 admissions drive. This time, we are offering about 60 degree programs of BS, MSc., MS and Phd. levels in 6 faculties. All of the degree programs of the University of Okara are duly recognized by the Higher education Commission (HEC). The infrastructural developments beside the capacity building of the existing and upcoming faculty and staff will eventually lead the University of Okara to achieve its much-cherished essence in true sense.”

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”

It is said that money can do marvels but the real marvels are performed by people – the resilient and responsible people. The University of Okara’s engineering Cell is leaving no stone unturned to implement the voice and vision of the Vice Chancellor who has taken up the uphill task of improvising the university both in terms of infrastructure and academic excellence. The parallel construction of three new academic blocks is underway. This will cover an estimated area of 70,000 square feet, containing lecture theaters, seminar rooms, conference rooms, offices and laboratories. The foundation stone of these blocks was put by the provincial Minister for Higher education, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz.

Provincial Higher Education Minister, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz is inaugurating the academic blocks

A 1978 feet long carpet road connecting the main campus to the department of Management Sciences (doMS) has already been completed. On the road side and at the mid of the main building and the doMS, a vintage-styled cafeteria will be built and on both sides of the road, lush parks and lavish playgrounds will be carved out, covering an area of almost 25 acres. The purpose of this development is to uplift the night life of the campus. The locals will be welcomed there to play, sit, eat and interact with the students, staff and teachers of this university, because the Vice Chancellor believes that the great history of the great nations rises out of diverse interactions and discourses. 

In order to provide the UO students, staff and residents all necessities at home, three markets with six shops are being built at three different points in the university. The markets will have food courts, grocery stores, stationary shops, laundry corners and so on.

A full-fledged sports complex covering an area of about 25 acres is also going to be developed. The complex will have a Badminton Court of 7,200 square feet, a Basketball Court of 6,600 square feet, a tennis Court of 5,000 square feet and grounds for outdoor games. The landscaping of the exotic Lower Bari doab Canal is also being done in order to provide an exquisite view at the entrance of the campus.

UO to offer 57 degree programs from fall 2019

In the admissions Fall 2019, the University of Okara will be offering 57 degree programs under 6 faculties including Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Management & Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of education and Faculty of Computer Sciences. the departments include department of Chemistry, department of Mathematics, department of physics, department of Statistics, department of Botany, department of Environmental Sciences, department of Biology, department of Zoology, department of Molecular Biology, department of Genetics, department of Food Sciences & Technology, department of Biotechnology, department of Microbiology and Molecular genetics, department of Bioinformatics, department of Plant Pathology, department of Bio Chemistry, department of Fine arts, department of Commerce, department of Economics, department of Urdu, department of Islamic Studies, department of eng lish, department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, department of Political Sciences, department of International Relations, department of Social Work, department of Management Sciences, department of Anthropology, department of Criminology, department of Communication Studies, School of Law, department of public Health, department of teacher education, department of educational Research & assessment, department of Special education, department of Sports Science & physical education and department of Computer Science. All of the UO’s faculties, institutes and departments are duly approved by the UO academic Council and the UO Syndicate while all of the degree programs are formally recognized by the Higher education Commission (HEC).

Student societies enthrall UO

For the very first time since its inception, the University of Okara has seen the formation of student societies which are actively and enthusiastically working to engage the students in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The societies including The Rejoicers’ Club, The Media Society, The Environment Watch Society, The YES Community and The Character Building Society have complete patronage of the Vice Chancellor who always encourages students’ participation and engagement at all levels.

The art competition organized by The Rejoicers’ Club

UO hiring new faculty

The University of Okara has advertised faculty positions in various existing and upcoming disciplines. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Zakar aims to bring in the best available talent to the university. All the hiring is being made on merit by involving the renowned academicians and bureaucrats.

Six varsities need VCs

Bilal Naveed

LAHORE: The Punjab Higher Education Department has invited applications for the post of vice chancellors in six universities of the province including two general universities, two women universities and two specialized varsities.

The general universities included Government College University Lahore and University of education, two specialized universities, Information Technology University Lahore and Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology, Rahim Yaar Khan while two women universities; Government Sadiq College Women University of Bahawalpur and Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi.

Deadline to submit applications is Friday July 26, 2019. The applicants (of any gender) must not be more than sixty-Five (65) years of age on the last date fixed for submission of applications. According to the criteria of Punjab HED, candidates who get minimum 75% marks in qualification will be shortlisted for interview and in total points 50% points of interview and 50% points of qualification will be included.

According to the qualification criteria of general and women universities 35 marks will be given to PhD from the top 100 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 33 from the top 101-300 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 31 from the top 301-500 Qs Ranked Universities of the World and 29 from an HEC recognized or UNESCO listed institution. For specialized universities, 31 points for PhD from the top 100 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 29 points from the top 101-300 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 27 points from the top 301-500 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 25 points from an HEC recognized or UNESCO listed institution and 04 points in the relevant field of the University.

As per the criteria of IT University, 31 points will be given to PhD from the top 100 Qs Ranked Universities of the world, 29 points from the top 101-300 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 27 points from the top 301-500 Qs Ranked Universities of the World, 25 points from an HEC recognized or UNESCO listed institution and 04 points for PhD in the relevant field of the University.

3 points for every year in a full-time senior leadership position (e.g. VC, pro VC, Dean or equivalent position), 2 points for every year as Chairmen/ HoD / Director of University Department / Center, Registrar, treasurer, Controller of examinations, Principal of a constituent college, University Professor or equivalent position, 3 points for every year in a full-time senior leadership such as CEO, DG or equivalent first tier position and 2 points for every year as Director or equivalent 2nd tier position.

 For publications, 2 points per research article / publication / conference proceeding in peer reviewed journals / conference proceedings listed in ISI Web of Science, SCOPUS or HEC recognized foreign and local journals, 2 points per book chapter and 4 points per book published by international academic publishers of repute, listed on the SENSE ranking of academic publishers and books recognized by HEC and 2 points per patent listed by World international property Organization (WIPO).

Govt cuts HEC budget by 20%

M Sharif Rana

Despite claims of promoting higher education in Pakistan, PTI govt. has reduced education budget for the fiscal year 2019-20 up to 20 percent as compared to HEC budget for the year 2018-19. Only 28.64 billion have been allocated for Higher education Commission (HEC) under the public sector Development program (PSDP) for 2019-20 against 35.830 billion in 2018-19 which was later revised downward to Rs 30.961 billion.

“For development budget, HEC had demanded Rs 59 billion but the government approved only Rs 28 billion,” said the HEC chairman in a press conference. For the fiscal year 2019-20, out of total amount allocated for HEC, around 24,887 million will be spent on ongoing schemes, while 4160 million will be used for new projects.

While in the year 2017-18, out of 35.662 billion allocated for HEC, 9188.651 million were spent on new schemes and 26474.150 for new projects. Among ongoing schemes, Rs170 million have been allocated for Centre for Mathematical science (CMs) at PIEAS Islamabad, 229 million for development of Fatima Jinnah Women University, Campus-ii (phase-2) Chakri Road Rawalpindi, 350 million for enhancement of research facilities at UVAs, Pattoki campus in the current fiscal year. Rs 800 million rupees have been allocated for establishment of sub-campus of public sector universities at district level. The government has also allocated 150 million for up gradation of universities of underdeveloped areas.

In scholarships, Rs 350 million have also been kept for the scholars returning after completion of their PhDs, while Rs 520 million for Fulbright scholarship Support Program HEC-USAID.

In the year 2017-18, 550 million were earmarked for the Fulbright scholarships support program of HEC-USAID phase-2, while Rs 527 million had been allocated for Pak-USAID Merit and Need Based scholarship program. HEC has 17 new projects for the year 2019- 20, while around 120 ongoing projects will be completed by the end of the current fiscal year. Last year, 43 new schemes were included in HEC projects.  For new projects, 80 million rupees have been kept for construction of hostel/sports facilities at Karakoram international University (KIU). Total worth of the project is Rs 316.39m.

For Pak-UK Knowledge gateway-HEC, 100 million have been fixed. A sum of Rs 50 million has also been allocated for the construction of the University of Mines and Mineral in Naukandi (total cost Rs 500m) and 300 million for development and extension of Bolan University of Health sciences, Quetta. Total cost of this project is Rs 1.6 billion. Furthermore, the government has also allocated Rs 950 million for Higher Education Development program of Pakistan, while Rs 500 million have also been allocated for establishment of Federal Institute at Hyderabad Sindh (total cost 1.9 billion).

The government has also allocated Rs400 million for establishment of Pak-China National Research Centre on earth sciences at Quaid- e-Azam University Islamabad. Rs 300 million have been fixed for establishment of a new campus of National University of technology (total cost Rs2.9bn), while Rs 50 million have been allocated for establishment of women campus of Kohat University of Science and Technology (total cost Rs986.98m).

Similarly, Rs 100m will be spent on Pak-UK knowledge gateway project of the HEC (total cost Rs 832m). Meanwhile, Rs 50m have been allocated for upgrading and capacity building of Pakistan Academy of sciences (total cost Rs 519m) and Rs 289m for uplifting academic and infrastructure facilities at Hazara University, Mansehra, (total cost Rs1.7bn).

It is noteworthy that no budget allocation has been made for religious seminaries, though government had announced regulating the madrassas with the ministry of FE &PT.

How students can earn online? Unfolding the trend of freelancing in Pakistan

Iqra Rafiq Ahmad

Pakistan is ranked among top five most popular countries in the world for freelancing in the OL index 2017. More than 200,000 Pakistani work online and generate revenue of approx. 1 trillion dollars annually. This figure is expanding gradually. It clearly depicts the talent of our people, especially students who are a key factor in this regard. In Pakistan, the concept of earning money online came very late but as we all know: “better late than never.”

Now many universities are offering E-Commerce courses to enrich the students with digital skills. Also, the govt. is taking different initiatives for unemployed people. One such step is the e-Rozgar scheme introduced by PITB. The E-Rozgar team has established different training centers in 36 cites of Punjab where they have trained more than 9000 young people.

The purpose of this program is to instruct the freelancers and escalate their professional capacities. Similarly, another successful program by PITB is Digiskills. It is an online video course series which gives students a foundation for freelancing. So, the options are broad for the students who are currently enrolled in any degree program or have just finished their studies. They can simply enroll themselves in these training programs because it is all free.

Formula Education And Academy Mafia


Successive governments remained unable to ensure good governance in the public sector schools and colleges allowing the private investors to flourish and make money in the name of education. Resultantly, academies have established a culture of formula education with selective study and special focus on the training of appearing in exams to score good.

Knowledge dissemination and moral training are other affected parts, not to be discussed much. Academy mafia has built its empire and chain of schools and colleges, while the true base of the country – the public sectors schools and public sector colleges present ugly picture, as being not updated as per the modern requirements.

Lack of interest and sense of dutifulness among majority college teachers, encourage students to approach academies. Parents have no choice but to send their children to academies to get good scores and secure their career. Applying their formula techniques, most academies and schools have practically erased 8th class from the school education system. instead of it, they prefer pre 9th preparation.

Mathematics, English, Urdu and optional subjects of Arabic and agriculture were used to be considered very important to prepare a solid base for the students before their promotion to Class 9. However, academy mafia has ignored this key aspect only because it makes sure early admission of student to their private coaching centers and make money. surprisingly, the federal and provincial government education departments are not interfering and playing their role.

Education ministers and their staff are silent spectacles. public school education has been destroyed partially and college sector almost fully. College teachers rarely take classes and focus on teaching in academies as according to them they don’t get handsome package at college and they have to take classes at academies to make both ends meet.

Intentionally or unintentionally they have strengthened the academy mafia. separately, MDCAt – medical entrance exam has 50 percent admission weightage, 40% Fsc and 10% Matric. similarly, eCAt – engineering entry test has 30 percent admission weightage while 70 % Fsc marks are included for admission. students who get excellent score in Matriculation and Fsc they remain unable to get admission to MBBs and engineering only because they don’t score well in the entrance exam, which decide their career fate.

In a way, the government itself has declared their Matric and Fsc exams as “doubtful and less important”. This has multiplied academies business further. If the PTI government is really interested in educational reforms, it must ensure significance of examination of class 5 and class 8. It must ensure teachers’ attendance in schools and colleges. the government must trust its examination system and let not decide entrance exams the career fate of students.

‘CHanneL yoUr Best, forGet tHe rest’!

Zainab Ali Khan

CAreer counseling has always been important but only recently got the recognition it deserves. Choosing a career is an important task, but it may also be a difficult one. Career counseling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Earlier, people sought out career counselors for a change in careers, only after they got a job and were unhappy with it.Now, people recognize that this isn’t ideal.

What is noteworthy is to consider why people change career. It may not be easy to decide what type of job will be the best suitable. Career counseling helps people assess their skills, needs and desires in order to find a career that works for them. to find the right career, there needs to be an understanding of what course to take which matches with capabilities and interests.

A student might want to get into architecture thinking he’s good at math and that drawing a building isn’t too difficult. In reality, there is much more to architecture than that and there is a high possibility of him wanting to pursue another career at the end of the first
year itself. Career counseling in schools ensures the right kind of help to overcome such thinking and stop students from making such mistakes.

There is a lack of career counseling among students and for that an established career counselor will firstly explain the entire report, tell them the perks and disadvantages of pursuing both their interests and aptitudes and give them the clarity and understanding to make the right decisions. this is much needed, especially, when students are prone to take advice from inexperienced sources.

In current times, career counseling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. students want to be successful and they don’t mind getting help. they may feel shy at first or think it’s weak to take help but it’s our responsibility to help them build strong careers. it is a great step indeed.

This article is written by Zainab Ali Khan . She is a student at Institute of Communication Studies, UnIversity of the Punjab, Lahore and can be reached at zainabalikhan50@gmnail.com

Dr. Har Gobind khorana – a nobel laureate of PU

Prof. Dr. Jamil Anwar

DR. H. G. Khorana was born in a small village of about 100 residents in Raipur Punjab. His father, a lower grade government employee determined to educate his five children. The first school which Khorana attended was under the shade of a tree. Having advanced his education through scholarships, Khorana received his Bachelor’s degree in 1943, and his Master’s in 1945 from University of the Punjab Lahore.

In 1948, he completed his PhD after being awarded a scholarship by the Indian government to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Liverpool in the UK. He then went to the Swiss city of Zurich to work with professor Vladimir Prelog for one year.  A job offer in 1952 took Khorana to the University of British Columbia in Canada, where he initiated his Nobel prize-winning work. During his time there he was offered “all the freedom in the world” to do his own research, according to Gordon M Shrum, a Canadian scientist in British Columbia.  At the University of British Columbia, Khorana and a group of scientists began to work in the field of biology. Khorana was an

Expert on the chemical synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. In 1960, he moved to the Us, where started working at the University of Wisconsin. He was granted American citizenship in 1966. Two years later, Khorana, Robert W Holley and Marshall W Nirenberg were awarded jointly the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine “for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis”.

But this was not his only accolade. in 1972, Khorana was also recognized for the construction of the first artificial gene, while four years later he announced that he had gotten an artificial gene to function within a bacterial cell.  Khorana died on November 9, 2011. His death was announced by the Massachusetts institute of technology where he was a professor emeritus. He married to a Swiss lady and survived by his children, Julia and Dave.

The writer is former PVC PU in Punjab University and former Vice Chancellor Lahore Garrison University.  He can be reached at: jamilanwar@cuilalhore.edu.pk

Chairman HEC Meets VCs of Private Universities

Islamabad (July 26, 2019): In view of difficulties faced by the private sector universities mainly of governance nature, a consultative meeting was held on Friday at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad under the chairmanship of Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman HEC, in which a group of Vice Chancellors and Rectors of the private sector Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) was called to participate.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and explore avenues of strengthening HEIs’ capacity through streamlining of their financial management. The participants also discussed at length potential solutions to a range of other issues including, statutory requirements, land requirement, faculty requirement, affiliated colleges and sub-campuses, media alerts and business model.

The Chairman HEC apprised the participants of the inspection calendar developed by the QAA so that universities are in a better position to meet the minimum HEC standards well in time.

Dr. Banuri was also sympathetic about the matter of issuing parental alerts and he requested the participants to help HEC develop protocols of issuing media alerts. During the meeting, the chairman HEC also shared concerns of quality of education and sustainability of the HEIs in long term perspective and advised the universities to have the shared understanding of the direction with the HEC.

The Chairman further stressed on the need to identify possible solutions of these problems without compromising the core goals of access, quality, and relevance and the protection of students’ rights for which services of a third party such as a consultative firm may also be taken where required.

Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman HEC addresses a meeting of private university heads held at HEC Islamabad on Friday to discuss various challenges faced by them.

HEC de-valuates Executive Director post’s criteria!

PhD degree ‘not required’ for candidate

Report By Sajjad Ali

ISLAMABAD: (July 25, 2019) Despite of increase in number of foreign and local doctorate degree holders with every passing day in Pakistan, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has re-advertised the post of Executive Director after removing preference condition of PhD qualification.

HEC ED post vacancy advertisement appeared in major national newspaper on Sunday July 21, 2019, also available on HEC website and social media accounts reads that 16-year education is required for the candidates, while in 2018 advertisement
“Advanced degree in any discipline, preferably a PhD”

HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri said that: “HEC has revamped the recruitment process by introducing the “competency based system” (please look it up), which is in place in modern organisations. Our focus is on the skills needed to discharge the responsibilities, not on paper certifications. The old system decision was not merit based.”

HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri

In 2018 advertisement for the same post under the title of qualification mentioned “Advanced degree in any discipline, preferably a PhD”. While in recently published advertisement of 2019 the qualification requirement has been downgraded by stating that qualification requirement is “BS/MA/MSc degree in any discipline. PhD would be preferable but is not required”.

This downward standard decline has been made at a time when higher education is facing serious challenges and focus has been shifted from quantity to quality. Lowering down criteria for HEC top slot of ED after chairperson signals to some malafide and pre selection of some blue eyed official.

However, an HEC spokesman has clarified that the criteria is same and no change has been made. The spokesperson said earlier on the basis of Nov 11, 2018 advertisement no candidate was selected because none of them meet the required criteria.

According to details, the position of HEC ED has been lying vacant since October 2018, when former ED Dr. Arshad Ali resigned over plagiarism charges. After the resignation of Dr. Ali, HEC’s China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project consultant Lt-Gen (r) Asghar was given the additional charge of this post.

Earlier, the job position was advertised in November, 2018. The five-member committee headed by chairperson Dr. Tariq Banuri shortlisted three candidates. The hopefuls included 1-HEC former Member Operations Dr. Ghulam Raza Bhatti, 2. Vice Chancellor Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili and 3. Dean Faculty of Disaster Management Cell, Islamia University Peshawar who is also former VC Women University Swabi Dr Noor Jehan.

According to sources, the number 1 candidate Dr. Ghulam Raza Bhatti and others were considered allegedly from the lobby of former HEC chairperson Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad and thus did meet the selection criteria “politically”.  They were later given a questionnaire Performa for filling and in the light of that they all were declared as not suitable candidates for the post of ED. Although, they all were PhDs and having ample experience of higher education management.

The qualification requirements for the ED position has now been revised, and the condition of holding a doctorate has been changed.

It is noteworthy that the HEC ED works as the secretary of HEC governing body, heads HEC Secretariat and serves as the principal accounting officer for more than Rs90 billion budget of the commission.

According to the HEC Ordinance 2002 and HEC Rules 2009, “the competent authority for the appointment of HEC Executive Director is HEC, the commission, not any individual, and all terms and conditions for this post should be determined by 18 members governing body. “Moreover, according to the HEC rules, the qualification criterions for the post of ED included an advanced degree, preferably doctorate, in any discipline with work experience with the government, community and elected officials.

Sources said, the chairperson has taken approval for re-advertisement from the Commission but allegedly no permission was taken t for changing the qualification criteria for the 2nd top most post of the highest body of education in the country.  

Now after change of qualification, the basic requirement includes BS/M.A/M.Sc. degree (16-year education) in any discipline. PhD is not required. “PhD would be preferable but is not required,” the advertisement states. A minimum of 20 years work experience in government, private sector, civil society or the higher education sector, including at least five years’ experience at a senior management level. Significant academic leadership experience is preferable. A creative consensus builder with the capacity to listen and to build an efficient management team. An excellent recruiter of personnel. Experience with management of complex administrative and financial organizations.

The salary package isRs. 433,950 – 33,000 – 532,950, house Rent: Rs. 101,000 – 142,000 and utilities: Rs. 19,650 – 24,300,also monetized value oftransport facilityRs. 95,910/-and maximum age limit is 60 years. Applicants are required to apply online within fifteen (15) days from the date of publication i.e. 21st July, 2019. Incomplete / late applications will not be entertained. Part time, honorary, apprentice and internee experience will not be counted towards the minimum experience required. In case of selection, the candidate will have to resign or seek retirement before joining in the light of Government of Pakistan. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. HEC reserves the right to reject any or all the applications without assigning any reason. Perhaps using this right, HEC did not recruit anyone on the basis of the previous advertisements. Last date to apply is August 04, 2019.

HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri said that: “HEC has revamped the recruitment process by introducing the “competency based system” (please look it up), which is in place in modern organisations. Our focus is on the skills needed to discharge the responsibilities, not on paper certifications. The old system decision was not merit based.”

e-Paper August 2019)

[gview file=”https://educationist.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/e-Paper-August-2019.pdf”]

To download e-paper in pdf format click on below link:


New VCs appointed in two varsities

Dr. Shahid Kamal appointed as VC GCUF and Dr. Athar Mahboob as VC IUB

M Sharif Rana

Lahore (Tuesday- July 23, 2019) The Higher Education Department has issued notifications regarding appointments of VCs in two different universities of the province. Dr. Shahid Kamal has been appointed as VC Government College University Faisalabad while Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob has been appointed as VC Islamia University Bahawalpur.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Kamal VC GCUF

Newly appointed VC GCUF Dr. Shahid Kamal is a senior professor and former dean Eaculty of Sciences and Principal College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore.

He has also been a part time lecturer in St. David College Exeter, U.K. During his job at PU, he established an Operation Research Centre and “Statistical Data Bank” at University of the Punjab. He also introduced a new degree program named “M.Sc. Biostatistics” at PU. His 19 research papers have been published in different national and international journals. He did his PhD in Biostatistics in 1991 at University of Exeter , Exeter , Devon , U.K.

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahboob VC IUB

Dr. Athar Mahboob who has been appointed as Vice Chancellor Islamia University Bahawalpur is former Vice Chancellor of Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology.  He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan in 2005. Both of his BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering are from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA (1992, 1995). He has over 25 years of teaching, research and industrial experience in various universities and organizations in Pakistan and abroad.

Dr. Athar Mahboob has also performed IT Consultancy assignments for many reputable organizations in the public and private sectors. His consultancy assignments have included PTCL, Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, Peoples’ Steel Mills, Institute of Bankers, Pakistan, EFU General Insurance, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many others.

He has also founded Ibn Khaldun Systems in 2005 and has undertaken more than 100 industrial projects in the financial, manufacturing, services and defence sectors. He was also awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (TI) in recognition of his services by the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 14 August 2012.

Pakistan Food and Nutrition Summit & Expo

It is not enough to produce food, it’s a challenge to provide food to human being: speakers

By Kausar Ashraf

ISLAMABAD: LAHORE (Thursday July ,18, 2019). The first two-day Food & Nutrition Conference held here at Pak China Center. Chief guest Ali Muhammad, Federal Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, inaugurated the conference.

Speaking on this occasion, he said that: “Food and nutrition sector has been facing a number of major challenges over the last decade. As a result, the performance of this sector has been less than its potential in recent times with low growth of around 3.3% over the last decade.”

The conference jointly organized by Faham-ul-Halal, Global Halal services, Institute of Agricultural Punjab university, National Alliance for Safe Food, PSFST, PNAC, scaling up Nutrition, RIPHAH Institute of Public Policy these are National companies while International Sponsor& publisher are ICDTD inc Canada, Consortium publisher Canada.

The leading speakers from national and international organizations emphasized that it was not enough to produce food the challenge is to make it available in the observation of nutrition which is necessary for human beings.

At the occasion Dr. Shinwar Wasem Ali from Institute of Agricultural Punjab University said: “Harmonization of food safety standards throughout Pakistan was the key recommendation of a panel discussion moderated”.

Dr. Shinawar Waseem receives shield from minister Ali Muhammad.

For the sustainable development of country, it is essential to produce food and make it accessible for human being.

The summit accentuated the importance of food and nutrition in Pakistan for achieving sustainable development it was intense need that the government should play its due role.  

The conference comprised different informative sessions including food & nutrition security; new concepts & Strategies, food industry challenges, opportunities & solutions, food & nutrition research, innovation & commercialization, harmonization of food safety standard in Pakistan, Pakistan halal regulation on food & pharma etc.


We’ll build our house on the moon,” said Sunny excitedly. Stories about the moon fascinated him. He would watch that golden globe stare down at him for hours.

          “Oh! My piece of gold,

          Out there it must be cold,

          How I wish you I could hold,

          And put you up as sold.

          Then you could be mine forever”

          He would hum this poem and make up stories about the moon, but his favorite one was about the old lady on the moon. “When I stay on the moon I won’t need any lights. I’ll just open my window and watch the stars going twinkle, twinkle. My carpet will be of clouds and I’ll touch the rain.” He thought of the small wafer pistol that he had and wondered what it would be like if he had all the rain to play with.

          “Rain, rain don’t go away, with me you must stay, together both of us will play

          “I’ll cut off small pieces of the moon and make jewellery for mummy. I shall be able to give gifts of gold to my friends on their birthdays. Birds will chirp and teach me their language. There will be toys with wings and they shall fly from here to there. I’ll learn to fly from one place to the other. Oh! What fun it will be.” His thoughts would be about the castle on the moon and he would see himself a little prince there, with a lot of people around him to attend to him. ”Get me some candy floss.” Away his attendant would go and fetch a piece of cloud for him.

The alarm clock brought him back to his world. “I’ll tell my story to Dimpy I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.” Dimpy was sitting with a team of hockey players who were all ready to start a game. He was so excited about his idea that he wanted to tell Dimpy about it there and then. So, he started off blah, blah, chatter, chatter. Dimpy heard him from-beginning to the end and then told him, “Listen Sunny I hope you won’t get upset after what I tell you. Sometimes it gets very cold up there. It’s even colder than living on a snow-peaked mountain. Darkness surrounds you and you cannot see anything. There is nothing to be seen for miles and miles around.” Sunny smiled, a little convinced. On went Dimpy, “You are thrown from one place to another. You can’t smell and you can’t talk and most of all there would be no TV to watch, no comics to read, no candy to eat, no friends to talk to, no stickers to stick around and no songs to sing and there will L be no Dimpy there.” gave up his castle in the air and went away merrily happy where he was.

The writer is a housewife and can be reached at zeenat.hakimjee@gmail.com


Zeenat Hussain

I own you, your every movement is mine

To do as I please

Why did you do this why did you do that

Raise your voice, or your eyelid bat

Its our of the question I won’t let you out of my sight

You belong to me only to me, you are my birth right

Just the other day your momentary absence felt like multitude

Was it the toilet or were you astray,

I am suspicious, you I possess.

Do not leave me, I shall feel the betray,

Your look and smile elsewhere, your touch

Are all for me, me only,

From others, to be kept at bay

Do not ever make a start with darling, for another,

It will make the other want to come hither

I feel bold and beautiful in your presence

But am at a loss in your absence

I own, you, you I possess,