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Save Pakistan from the Oink Effect!

Maaz Ahmad

There is a desperate need for restoration of the superiority and authority of government institutions in Pakistan. This is the time when we’ll need to rediscover our cultural and ethical values to save them from being subjugated. We should never compromise on reforms in educational institutions. Morality is running down, judgmental mindset by “ineligible social class” can take our nation to the verge of catastrophe. This is a practice on a very large scale to hide “Gross Incompetence” which is shielded by blaming others.

I don’t know how to change this mindset. I feel helpless when I am harassed, bullied or blamed for someone else’s mistake. One in four is mentally sick in Pakistan.
Provoking intolerance seems to be a fashion these days. It’s because the land has been sanctioned by idol worshipers and according to their rituals, the land should be given blood to spill over it.

Only that can bring prosperity and peace. Well, we do kill goats every year. What more is required? 12 people died in the blast around 9’o clock in the morning and by noon, life was as normal as it could have been.People were buying grocery for “Iftaar”, traveling from one place to another just like they would do in normal days. I felt like there was no value of life in Pakistan. 

I am disheartened, dejected and my faith in humanity has terribly quaked but I decide not to give up. I tolerate like hundreds of people”Hawking a Loogie” on a daily basis on public places, roads and anywhere at all. I would stop a few personally but I had to let the thought go because I could sense remotely they are not sick of phlegm.

It’s not the phlegm, problem is in the mind. As it traveled along to where I went, I started asking myself, why they would do it every time they look at me or they hear me saying something. Am I an outcast? What is that they do not like? Is it because of the way I have been dressed? Or is it my ponytail? If yes then why am I being judged for making my choices? Many thoughts like these congregate but at the end of the day, I realize that offenders of moral ethics are more in number and I am alone. It really demoralizes me. Rather I’d say they make me sick so easily. 

“Noori or Black” the practitioners of both types of magic, with their contemporaries have not stopped from appearing on TV. Why are they so noteworthiness to People? There are many names for public nuisance. Mafia, mobsters, gangsters and what not. But why there is punishment for someone trying to cure the humanity from being debilitated by these maladies. 

The writer is a change agent and manager E-Business Ways. He can be contacted at maaz47123@gmail.com

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