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Shaan condemned for criticizing posters of “Aurat March”

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International Women’ Day was celebrated throughout the world and many walks were held in Pakistan as well. Shaan Shahid is being condemned for criticizing the posters carried by women in the Aurat March.

A lot of posters carried in that march have been seen over and over on the social media for being inappropriate and have been criticized by a lot of people. The actor considered the posters against the Pakistani culture and was criticized over on twitter. In response to a comment, Shaan tweeted:

You can’t comment on actors you aren’t one, what choices they make are needed for the professionalism they represent .. where is our freedom of expression?

Shaan Shahid

#Ibelieveinauratpower if I didn’t believe in the March I wouldn’t support my wife and daughter going to it. They were at the venue holding play cards [placards], my father’s song was sung at the March in Lahore, but they left. They also felt that some words could have been written differently.

In another tweet he wrote:

Acting is a choice taking on a role that is exploitative not a majboori

Along with him, some other public figures like Shehzil Malik and Ahmer Naqvi were also criticized over it.

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