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Student Unions are nursery of Politics

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Student union and organizations can be handled through proper check and balance. As they are nursery of politics so they must be encouraged. This was stated by Syed Javed Ali Shah (MNA) while he was talking to The Educationist.

The Educationist: What inspired you to join politics in dictator’s era? What hardships did you feel?

MR. JILLANI: Yes, undoubtedly it is hard to start a political career in such conditions but I belong to strong political family and this strength is since 1960s.  My father Syed Umer Ali Shah Jillani, uncle Syed Qaim Ali Shah and brother Syed Pervaiz Ali Shah, in spite of being good politicians have not inherited me a political career but I was really inspired by their work, the dedication and service to the people and the utmost respect they received, this thing was a real inspiration for me which triggered me to join politics and before joining politics I also worked with different NGOs.

The Eduationist: What makes you feel that this is right job for you?

MR. JILLANI: Having a political background, my ancestors’ dedication and service to the people and self confidence are the things which help me in staying motivated and doing the right thing for people.

The Educationist: How can a politician contribute for the betterment of society?

MR. JILLANI: A contribution is in two forms, first, better living standards for the voter and second; development of constituency. The essential ingredient is the positively strong relation between the politician and his voters, looking after their problems and solving them through legislation can be utmost contribution.

The Educationist: Initially you were affiliated with Pakistan Peoples Party and then joined Pakistan Muslim League Functional, PML(F) and again you joined PPP. What were the reasons for this U-Turn?

MR. JILLANI: I was shortlisted for district Nazim on behalf of Pakistan Peoples Party but I was not given the ticket. Again I was promised for the ticket from the same constituency and neglected. I felt discontented. As elections are the turning point for politicians, I joined Pakistan Muslim League functional, PML(F).

The Educationist: Which most important political issue Sindh is facing today?
MR. JILLANI: Among various multifaceted issues, the matter of great concern is the grudge between Sindh and Punjab. Not only sindh but all the three provinces still have grudge against Punjab.

This is due to the unsettled dust of one unit (1954) since then, inter-provincial relations are often in jeopardy whether it be the matter of jobs, the land issues or most importantly the water related issues. Even when 18th amendment was passed, although every province was benefitted but Punjab was partially happy and after that geo-political initiative of One Unit the faith has not been restored fully.

The Educationist: How do you see the Cricket-turned-politician Imran Khan as a Prime minister?

MR. JILLANI: See, world is facing a problem of great concern-  Lack of leadership. So is the case with Pakistan and is visible from the fact that a cricketer is now a Prime minister of the country without having any new ideology, even his team is the same which had earlier served with General Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif.

The Educationist: How do you see student unions in colleges and universities? Should this concept be encouraged or discouraged? 
MR. JILLANI: See, these student unions and organizations are basically a nursery of politics, undoubtedly there are various issues but that can be handled through strong check and balance system so, yes it must be encouraged.

The Educationist: In our society the term ‘Politics’ is often reflected negatively, particularly among youth how this issue can be solved?
MR. JILLANI: First concept to understand is ‘why’ it is perceived negatively. A politician is judged by the contribution and he/she is the reflection of the term politics so if he/she contributes positively, the prevailing concept would be perceived positively and vice versa.

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