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Alina Shahid We all know that in this modern era,study is too much essential. And it’s just as important for girls as it for boys. Time has changed a lot and people also pay attention to girl’s education. A famous saying according to Brighan Young, ‘’If you educate a man …

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My journey towards Allah

‘’IN THE NAME OF ALLAH WHO IS THE MOST MERCIFUL,THE MOST BENEFICIENT’’ In this article, I am going to share my journey towards ALLAH ALMIGHTY. How I got close to Him? How we became friends? How I started sharing my every secret with Him? I would like to share both …

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Alina Shahid Behind this issue there is a slogan that has been raised by woman “My body, my choice”. My body my choice was firstly chanted in Pakistan during Aurat March in 2018. Some agree and some people disagree to it. Every issue has its own good and bad aspects. …

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Generation Gap

By:Alina Shahid According to Cambridge Dictionary, “A situation in which older and younger people don’t understand because of different experiences like opinion, habits and behavior” I would like to give an overview on generation gap. I thought it’s trending in all types of generations. It’s like a war between younger …

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