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Household problems caused by COVID-19

By Saher Mukhtar Around the world, most of the countries have faced lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus and to save the lives of people. Due to lockdown of this pandemic all the family members stuck at home together gatherings, no outdoor activities and just have to stay at …

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7 ways to Protect Ozone Layer

  Ozone Layer Protection By Saher Mukhtar The lockdown during COVID-19 have multiple positive impacts on the environment. At that time there were limited travelling and most of the industries were closed. It cause the emission of many gases from the environment. It also have some positive effects on the …

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Coronavirus in Japan

Japan’s Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this By Aqsa Yaqoob Japan Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this Outbreak of covid 19 in japan; The island country of Japan also effected by the Covid-19.The first comfirmed case in Japan was reported on January …

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The Vaccine Hunt

Fear of being infected with COVID 19 (Corona Virus) has reached  its extreme. People are concerned if the World fails to find any Cure then what will happen? , how will life go on with this pandemonium? , if World has the potential to manufacture vaccine then How long it …

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Digital Education In The Days of Pandemic

Students attending classes online

Before the Corona virus, I have planned my study schedule and the final project of my degree and I had a clear sight of what I am going to do. But suddenly the pandemonium due to Corona broke out and my plan buried somewhere in the panic created due to …

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By Mian Aslam Covid-19 is the pandemic that has made it challenging for the world to invent some vaccine against it.The only way to avoid it,is the strict observance of precautionary measures suggested by the health experts.A complete lockdown has already been observed in Pakistan ,but keeping in view its …

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