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Student unions need to be restored

You have heard about transgender unions, teachers unions, labourer unions, rickshaw unions but have you ever heard about student unions? Do they exist?  Yes, they existed but now they have been banned. Those were the golden times when unions existed. Many leaders of national level including Javed Hashmi, Jehangir Badar, …

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HEC new policy will lower quality of education, say academic experts

Policy will decrease PhD standard and prove to be a ‘failed experiment’: experts Dr. Akram Chaudhry, Dr. Shahid Munir, Dr. Zafar Mueen, Dr. Rauf i Azam, Dr. Mumtaz Anwar and Dr. Hanan criticise Dr. Banauri’s new policy  Teachers’ associations, Vice Chancellors and academic experts have shown their concerns over the …

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HEC New PhD policy invites criticism

BS based PhD admission policy applicable from Jan 01, 2021: Banuri Academic circles criticise HEC new policy ISLAMABAD (Wednesday, January 21, 2021): The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has announced to implement its new policy regarding BS based admission to PhD programmes from Junuary 01, 2021 while giving options to the …

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Promises to keep—A must read

Sometimes, everything may not be the same as it looks. Even the world’s most powerful men may have many grieves and sorrows. This can be best understood by the story of newly elected US president Joe Biden. In the very start of his political career, he lost his wife and …

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‘Me too’ being misused!

M Sharif Rana Where there is power, there is always risk of misuse of power. Although #Metoo has empowered women but it is also being misused. Blaming male of harassment is the worst ever tool used against men. Women use this tool to gain material benefits or blackmail innocent men. …

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