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The Economic hard Stop

Maaz Ahmad Unstable Political circumstances are causing distress to the country’s economy. It seems that hundred days plan which had to make many things happen have gotten a hit back due to the fright of foreign investors in our shaky markets. Till date, foreign exchange reserves of State bank of …

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Save Pakistan from the Oink Effect!

Maaz Ahmad There is a desperate need for restoration of the superiority and authority of government institutions in Pakistan. This is the time when we’ll need to rediscover our cultural and ethical values to save them from being subjugated. We should never compromise on reforms in educational institutions. Morality is running down, judgmental …

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A few straight forward questions!

By Maaz Ahmad Do we have adequate statistics to plan and develop the future of education system in Pakistan? Can we know the authenticity of those statistics? It is very easy to say with a fancy accent that students have to hold the realm of Pakistani society in future but …

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