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Screams that were muffled

Wafa Naz Child abuse is one of the most emerging issues of modern day world. Especially male child abuse is on the peak in busy streets of Lahore and Karachi. For a time being child abuse is reported in small number but now it has reached to an infinite limit. …

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Let’s talk about education

By Wafa Naz “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mendela) Pakistan is the developing country that has been passing through many crises now a day. One of the greatest drawbacks is lack of education. The educational setup of Pakistan has been …

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The Ugly Face of Beauty

By Wafa Naz “He will dance and clap now!” On signals we may see them. On bus stations, railway stations, cinemas and other public places we may see them begging and dancing. They were no one else then human being. Yes they are transgenders. Someone who has no specific biological …

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