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The future of journalism in doldrums

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Rabia Ashraf

LAHORE: The Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab has produced a number of seasoned journalists since its establishment in 1941. Beyond question, this department has made possible the birth of revolutionary speaker, Waris Mir and richly equipped alumni, Javed Chaudhry and Hamid Mir.The recent drift and ongoing youth diversion is indeed alarming. The students of M.Sc programme (2016-2018) depicted their least professional concern when questioned about their interests for joining the very institution. Fifty percent of the students seemed to be the promising news-anchors, seeking for the overnight fame and glamour. Forty percent were of unpredictable nature as one of the student remarked, “I came here by chance as I could not get admission elsewhere.” Whereas five percent were ambitious to do work in media field either becoming columnist, travel journalist or reporter. Very few of them presented themselves capable enough to become a Media Entrepreneur or Public Relations Officer. Students who came from other province(s) were of the view to change the system through pen but afraid of being discouraged by stakeholders of media organizations. Moreover, the foreigner students thought to attain an international exposure through this field.The bewailing angle of this analysis is that none of the students mentioned about raising the voice of prevailing social issues. Following such approach, the future of journalism seems to be grievous. With such an unprofessional attitude and graceless aptitude, the search for truth will be overthrown.

Mr. Shabbir Sarwar, an experienced journalist and a faculty member of the department, told students that how a journalist starts his/her journey by taking first step of writing news, columns or articles. For becoming a better journalist, students must start writing right from today, he added.


The writer is MSc student at Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab and she can be reached at: biasheikh100@gmail.com

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