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The Truth about Transgenders

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By Waqas Gullab

Those who do not have any identity but are called as members of the third gender still haven’t been completely accepted by this society. Despite achieving a legal acceptance, social stigmas still hamper complete societal assimilation. Have we ever thought about a life that would be deprived if one of the essential character of being a human was absent among us.

Such is a life of the transgender people. Or we can say that they are totally normal people but the society consider them to be emotionless. Making them feel inferior, abnormal and incapable of playing a role in the society.

The word transgender is not new; it has been there in the society throughout the history. They are not abnormal people instead they are the ones who can prove to be helpful to the society. Moreover in Pakistan transgender community enjoys least amount of respect. It is true that the transgender community is treated unjustly but the way they try to earn money is definitely not appreciable but they are not left with any other option as no one hires them or provide them with employment.

They usually earn money by begging on traffic signals, roaming on the streets and begging door to door, they earn money when a child is born and whenever there is a wedding, they dance on songs to earn money. All these ways of earning money are not considered respectable. People say that transgender can only sing and dance; I wonder who came up with this spiral of degradation. They are not considered equal and forced to live in a segregated society with their own kind in extreme poverty.

Most transgenders are illiterate, as the notion of a transgender receiving an education was considered unreal. We think that he transgender community needs to understand that if they would play a respectable role in a society, gradually they will start gaining respect. Instead of doing the things they usually do, they can start a business of their own. But it is we who don’t let them do such a thing. People in our society would never let any transgender survive in the competitive world of business.

Society should give the equal rights of everyone because no one is willingly born with this gender neither any parents willingly give birth to it. All the human beings are a masterpiece of Allah in its very essence and individuality.

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