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Achieving National Unity!

By Maaz Ahmad

Developing Nations must learn to adopt a better and systematic approach to resolve Crisis related to National Unity. Ethnic, Social and Religious Divides are dearest to the people of these countries than their National Identity on the map of the World. We are reluctant to embrace the reality of losing our vigor because our social and government system have been imperialized for a long time.

We have someone else hitching strings for our dance and their amusement. Education System needs serious considerations in order to revamp it and resolve the existing problems in education sector. Two biggest programs that were started with a lot of enthusiasm for the better future of the youth and unemployed people of the country have gone to dogs and nobody cared.

Focus is more on to accountability than to strengthen the motto of governance, which should be the betterment of Pakistan and its people. This is the time to end mass hypnotism and build the nation without incriminating any social class. Depravity is leading to an overall nihilistic approach towards our social dealings which is against our moral values.

This is not what we as Pakistanis live for. Power of mass communication is being used as an accessory to phishing, unauthentic and detrimental social provocation. A piece of recent news about syncing call to prayer time for all sectarian divides the country and has discouraged my morale.

People are not willing to talk about it. There is nothing we can do forcefully and using force never leads to solution to such problems, it makes the problem even more complicated. Issues like health care facilities, education for all, unemployment, alleviation of poverty and lifting the standard of life in the country should be a higher priority.

However, these all issues are more of urban and suburban society. In rural areas, problems that are persisting for a long time are entirely different. People have no water, no basic education and have not even the fundamentals to survive. The solution is there but what’s that do not let these issues be resolved? What is that compelling us to deliberately ruin it?

What is that standing in the way of attaining national unity? A series of such anti-national events have been observed over the course of time yet it does not feel secure to utter Voice about them. 

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