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‘Transfer mafia removed from School Education’

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Murad Raas says teachers transfer issues being resolved

By Jahantab Sajjad

We are facing serious challenge as there are 11 educational departments under my supervision but none of them was working properly. Many teachers had to face problems for transfers. We are making a transfer policy and now nobody will have to pay money (bribe) for transfer because we have removed club mafia. These views were expressed by Punjab Minister for School Education Dr. Murad Raas during an interview with The Educationist. Following are some glimpses:

The Educationist: Which major problems you have faced since you have taken oath of the School Education Ministry?

Dr. Murad Raas: These are not difficulties but challenges that are resolved by you. You analyse how you have to deal with them. There are 11 educational departments under my supervision but none of them was working properly. When I joined, I wished that one of the employees might come to me and say that is right (thing or policy) don’t modify (or change) it, but none of them came to me till this hour.

The Educationist: Tell us about the appointment of teachers by your predecessor, former minister for school education and what is your policy in this regard?

Dr. Murad Raas: Nobody runs his kitchen, the way they ran this department. The department itself speaks volumes about its condition. This thing will never happen again Inshallah. If we feel such a disturbance, we will point it out. We will work for the betterment of the school education.

The Educationist: Our national language is Urdu but it is considered bad in private English medium institutions. Some institutions have a rule of imposing fine on the student who found speaking Urdu. What would you like to say about this?

Dr. Murad Raas: Unless you do not educate children in Urdu language, they will never learn clear concepts. Many countries tried to infuse English in everything but all in vain and it is a failed formula. We are moving back to Urdu while English will be taught as a subject only.

The Educationist: Now a days, teachers in general and female teachers in particular face transfer issues. What steps are you taking in this regard?

Dr. Murad Raas: We are making a transfer policy. No boy will have to pay money for his/her transfer. We have removed club (transfer) mafia.

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