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Tribute to Ahmed Faraz on his 87th birth anniversary

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By Sonia Akmal

It is said that the great and influential people never die so as Ahmad Faraz a renowned poet who is still alive in our hearts. Syed Ahmed Shah was born on 12 January 1931 in Kohat and Faraz is his pen name. He is considered one of best poets of Pakistan. He holds a Master’s degrees in several languages including Urdu, Persian and English.

He started his career from radio. He was also appointed as a head of Academy of Letters and chairperson of the Islamabad-based National Book Foundation. Faraz started poetry when he was a young college-boy. He was a romantic poet. He used criticism in his poetry against the politics. He had to face prison in Zia regime for criticizing military rulers.

His achievements are Sitara-i-Imtiaz, Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Hilal-e-Pakistan, Nigar Awards although His biggest achievement is that he is still ruling our hearts.His notable work includes ‘Tanha Tanha’, ‘Dard-e-Aashob’, ‘Janan Janan’, ‘Shubkhoon’, ‘Merey Khwab Reza Reza’, ‘Beaawara Gali Koochon Mein’, ‘Nabeena Shar Mein Aaeena’, ‘Pus Andaz Mausam’,  and ‘Khwab-e-Gul Pareshan Hai’.

Few of his evergreen and famous verses everyone knows are :

رنجش ہی صیح دل ہی دکھانے کےلیے آ

آ پھر سے مجھے چھوڑ کے جانے کے لیے آ


تم تکلف کو بھی اخلاص سمجھتے ہو فرازؔ

دوست ہوتا نہیں ہر ہاتھ ملانے والا


ان بارشوں سے دوستی اچھی نہیں فراز

کچھا تیرا مکان ہے کچھ تو خیال کر


غم حیات کا جھگڑا مٹا رہا ہے کوئی

چلے او کہ دنیا سے جا رہا ہے کوئی۔


His Kulliyat appeared with an inclusive title of Shehr-e-Sukhan Arasta Hai.
He died of kidney failure on 25 August 2008, a very famous verse of him is written on his tomb .


میں کہ صحرائے محبت کا مسافر تھا فراز

اک جھونکا تھا کہ خوشبو کے سفر پر نکلا۔



Written by: Sonia Akmal Qureshi.

Staff reporter

Student of Law and Media Studies at Punjab University. She can be contacted at soniaakmal.97@gmail.com

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