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“Unfair and Lovely “

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                               Unfair and Lovely

By: Yusra Saleem

Fair n lovely with laser light treatment claims to penetrate skin and ‘brighten’ up those dark cells of yours.

That thinking with certitude that we would want this crap let alone believe in the idiocy of it is not astonishing. Because, we do, Don’t we? As small and meager the issue looks, it’s an exigency to understand how deep it really goes.

I look around and I see girls destroying their beautiful, beautiful skin by bleaching creams and their overall health by steroids’. And honestly, I don’t blame them. I want you to forget about yourself. Because I know it will be pointless to try to convince you that you’re worth it just the way you are. I know because I, myself, have a long way to go. We’re ruthless to ourselves, to the point that we surely need no enemies anymore. But fortunately, when it’s our loved ones, our judgment does change. So, a quick question, would you want your sister, your friend or maybe one day your daughter to feel this way?

We blame on society, society and society everytime. Don’t you think it’s time to stop for a second and take the blame on ourselves? YOU, ME, US, We are the ‘SOCIETY.’

All those, who are rationalizing by saying, well if ONLY we were strong and privileged enough to

take steps or something and get them out of business. You’re wrong. That is not the only thing you can do. And you know it. You are letting this absurd idea fed into their brains that fair equals beauty.

Fair equals success. Fair equals fame. Fair equals getting the guy. Fair equals all your problems getting solved in an instant. That being fair is the only thing you should aspire for and don’t say you’re not doing that. Because I saw you watching that commercial again and again, you might not praise it but you also said nothing. You didn’t change the channel, you didn’t point out the stupidity and irrationality of it, you didn’t tell your girl to love her skin and trust me, and it confuses her.

I saw you when you brought those shopping bags home. The tube of that new hyped up fairness face wash that night cream that claims to transform you in a couple of nights and your girl saw it. And trust me it saddens her. I saw you, when you concurred with the normalcy of that girl being depicted as the antagonist in the show, saying the character suits her, because of how she looks, also why is she contemplating about having an actual chance. Can’t she see? She isn’t worth the guy anyway.

Can’t you see, your girl was there and trust me, it pains her. I saw you gossiping about that new “Bahu”of your door ki khala. How she looks completely different in comparison to her wedding day. How her husband is so unlucky to have been dodged like that and her future children even more so because of their potential skin colour. You’re saying you didn’t. Well I didn’t see you object either and your girl was there and trust me, it kills her.

Honestly most people would think that I’m getting triggered for no reason. Fine think that, I don’t care.

All I care about is, our little girls, who are looking up to us and wondering if there is something wrong with them and what did they do to deserve it. Well I would say to all that little girls, you all WORTH IT!

LIVE the Life you all want to be, and forget about fair and not so lovely creams.

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