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University of Okara; on Path of racking up true Higher Education Essence

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Sharjeel Ahmed

Okara: University of Okara Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Zakria Zakar has said, “University essence is a combination of three factors – spirit, intelligence and energy of the staff. A university is a space of high concentration of advanced intellect, saturated with the spirit and energy of the cognition and transformation of new ideas into the society. The spirit, in application to the essence of a university, refers to the internal strength, attitude, focus of staff on free cognition and creativity; so that there is aspiration, conviction and self-confidence. The intelligence is understood as a general ability of sense perception, thinking, imagination of new concepts and ideas.

Energy acts as activity in understanding the reality of the new generation and the implementation of the results with pace and passion.  The University of Okara’s administration has the spirit, the intelligence and the energy to perk up the standard and status of higher education in the region of the Central Punjab. Despite limited resources and budgetary constraints, we have accomplished record and remarkable developments within a few months. Three new academic blocks are near completion. This will add a total of 70 thousand square feet of well-equipped and furnished area to the campus. Moreover, avant-garde recreational facilities are also being built. Along with the infrastructural developments, the UO administration is keen about the academic improvisation.

 The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been tasked to evaluate the teaching mechanism and quality of the faculty members. The students have easy access to the Vice Chancellor Secretariat. They are appreciated and encouraged to share feedback about the academic environment.  New teachers are being recruited in all disciplines through sheer transparency and meritocracy.

The UO is all set to unleash the Fall 2019 admissions drive. This time, we are offering about 60 degree programs of BS, MSc., MS and Phd. levels in 6 faculties. All of the degree programs of the University of Okara are duly recognized by the Higher education Commission (HEC). The infrastructural developments beside the capacity building of the existing and upcoming faculty and staff will eventually lead the University of Okara to achieve its much-cherished essence in true sense.”

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”

It is said that money can do marvels but the real marvels are performed by people – the resilient and responsible people. The University of Okara’s engineering Cell is leaving no stone unturned to implement the voice and vision of the Vice Chancellor who has taken up the uphill task of improvising the university both in terms of infrastructure and academic excellence. The parallel construction of three new academic blocks is underway. This will cover an estimated area of 70,000 square feet, containing lecture theaters, seminar rooms, conference rooms, offices and laboratories. The foundation stone of these blocks was put by the provincial Minister for Higher education, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz.

Provincial Higher Education Minister, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz is inaugurating the academic blocks

A 1978 feet long carpet road connecting the main campus to the department of Management Sciences (doMS) has already been completed. On the road side and at the mid of the main building and the doMS, a vintage-styled cafeteria will be built and on both sides of the road, lush parks and lavish playgrounds will be carved out, covering an area of almost 25 acres. The purpose of this development is to uplift the night life of the campus. The locals will be welcomed there to play, sit, eat and interact with the students, staff and teachers of this university, because the Vice Chancellor believes that the great history of the great nations rises out of diverse interactions and discourses. 

In order to provide the UO students, staff and residents all necessities at home, three markets with six shops are being built at three different points in the university. The markets will have food courts, grocery stores, stationary shops, laundry corners and so on.

A full-fledged sports complex covering an area of about 25 acres is also going to be developed. The complex will have a Badminton Court of 7,200 square feet, a Basketball Court of 6,600 square feet, a tennis Court of 5,000 square feet and grounds for outdoor games. The landscaping of the exotic Lower Bari doab Canal is also being done in order to provide an exquisite view at the entrance of the campus.

UO to offer 57 degree programs from fall 2019

In the admissions Fall 2019, the University of Okara will be offering 57 degree programs under 6 faculties including Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Management & Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of education and Faculty of Computer Sciences. the departments include department of Chemistry, department of Mathematics, department of physics, department of Statistics, department of Botany, department of Environmental Sciences, department of Biology, department of Zoology, department of Molecular Biology, department of Genetics, department of Food Sciences & Technology, department of Biotechnology, department of Microbiology and Molecular genetics, department of Bioinformatics, department of Plant Pathology, department of Bio Chemistry, department of Fine arts, department of Commerce, department of Economics, department of Urdu, department of Islamic Studies, department of eng lish, department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, department of Political Sciences, department of International Relations, department of Social Work, department of Management Sciences, department of Anthropology, department of Criminology, department of Communication Studies, School of Law, department of public Health, department of teacher education, department of educational Research & assessment, department of Special education, department of Sports Science & physical education and department of Computer Science. All of the UO’s faculties, institutes and departments are duly approved by the UO academic Council and the UO Syndicate while all of the degree programs are formally recognized by the Higher education Commission (HEC).

Student societies enthrall UO

For the very first time since its inception, the University of Okara has seen the formation of student societies which are actively and enthusiastically working to engage the students in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The societies including The Rejoicers’ Club, The Media Society, The Environment Watch Society, The YES Community and The Character Building Society have complete patronage of the Vice Chancellor who always encourages students’ participation and engagement at all levels.

The art competition organized by The Rejoicers’ Club

UO hiring new faculty

The University of Okara has advertised faculty positions in various existing and upcoming disciplines. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Zakar aims to bring in the best available talent to the university. All the hiring is being made on merit by involving the renowned academicians and bureaucrats.

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