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Won’t Be My Child!

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A Journey To Conscious Enlightenment!


Most of us having lived a normal childhood and normal life, we often let topics  addressing issues like neglection or bullying of children during their childhood, their physical and sexual abuse, living with abusive parents slide. These are the various essential factors that may impact a child’s perception of nature of relationship and bonds they tend to share or build with their parents, relatives and friends in their adulthood. In the present modern era, the concept of parenting has been redefined.

Technology has incorporated its roots deep within our daily routine and somehow parents take assistance from numerous electronical gadgets to keep their children occupied while they’re earning bread or to make ends meet to provide their family with a better and secure future.

While it’s very pleasing to see people taking serious responsibility for their children and their future, it has also given birth to inevitable gap between children and their parents.  It has a direct linkage with children spending a good amount of time on electronic gadgets resulting in the development of alienation and isolation to the extent where communication between parents and children diminishes. Furthermore some parenting styles and elements like generation gaps between family’s drives children to develop and live in a world of their own with zero sharing of their problems no matter how serious it gets.

Parents often don’t recognize the specific behavioral patterns expressed by their children during those time of crisis. Display of certain distinct characteristics like irritability, unnecessary lashing out, emptiness, and excessive sleeping than usual entails the danger of children being involved in some threatening activity.

The problem of child sexual abuse and online sexual harassment of children exists at large in almost every society and country, whether it’s under developed, developed or on the verge of development. It has been seen that Western societies are more vocal about addressing this reality and more keen towards adopting ways to overcome this. However in Eastern societies even in Pakistan, due to some traditional, cultural, moral norms and values such actualities of life either get ignored or tabooed.

Amidst all the political, economical fiasco, social issues like these have been decaying our society for a very long time. Children are the very future of a country and they should be granted with utmost security, love, nourishment and understanding they deserve so they can excel at every field of life i.e. in academics, creativity and personality development.  

To secure children and their position in this unwanted scenario we as a society should involve state and its various institutions like education, health, police to devise a way that ensures victims of online sexual harassment the protection, help and support they deserve and enact such laws that guarantee severe punishment for the perpetrator which grant no amnesty.

We as a society, need to to come forward together and try our best to eradicate the very roots of this evil, once and for all. Won’t Be My Child, a campaign for the victims or likely to be victims of online sexual harassment, is a small initiative taken to create and spread awareness among society, parents, teachers.

To let people know that they are not alone in this, to persuade them to raise their voice against this and that only by acknowledging it, we would be able to fight it preventing many others from being victimized. Most importantly to make children realize that not very friend on social media is truly your friend and trustworthy.

Moreover convincing parents that a healthy check and balance on your child’s online activities can protect you child from unwanted bad attention. Another significant aspect of this campaign is the true and spontaneous complaints and reporting of such incidents to state provided help lines or to family to avoid any inconvenience. Let’s help each other and our children to live a better and secure life because they are the future!

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