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Naveed Aslam Malik

He is a contemporary intellectual, educationist, author and great trainer as well. His mood is always to learn and teach. A few days ago, he had the privilege of meeting with young writers. A delegation of young writers visited him under the umbrella of Pakistan Changers Forum. Bloggers, columnists and young people in journalism participated in the academic session. Participants of Pakistan Changer Forum asked few questions to Qasim Ali Shah in open session after high-tea which were answered humbly. Qasim Ali Shah highlighted many aspects of life and gave great suggestions to new writers.

According to him, writers should be competent and confident. There should be no contradiction in his words and actions. We have so many opportunities nowadays. It wasn’t like that before, but as the opportunities are increasing and so the good writers decreasing. Writers should focus more on their research. He added that nowadays, people use short-cuts to get publicity. Which from they, gain short term fame but do not get honor. Honor will always be given to the one who has it. He will never honor a man who will never have the honor.

He said study is essential for writing, more and more studies should be done for good writing. Keep up with the writings of international writers as you read the authors of your area. Write something that is important for today in this society and can guide into the future. You see how no great poet, writer and writer has been created for decades because we’ve changed the standards. Critics are infinitely but less loving. Find and promote positive things. Don’t always look at negatives.

Create an atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement. Share love and have love. Always value the teacher’s heart. There should be a mentor in every area of daily life along with a spiritual mentor. It is very important to have a role model or mentor because the mentor doesn’t let go towards wrong doings. Anyone can be, Every field has a mentor. When people are asked who your guru is, they get puzzled or tell the name of a celebrity. Either we can learn from anyone.

Define your life’s purpose and work on it. Some people are criticizing at one time and appreciating at any other time. They are not self-evident in their opinion. By being double-minded like this, how can they improve others? So learn more and more so that self-esteem can be realized. It is very important for a writer to be clear in their thinking. You guys are in the profession of writing. The future of the nation is to be run by you. So enable yourself to be bright in the coming days. Writers play an important role in changing society. So study historical books and literature more and more.

Focus on your priorities and don’t care about criticizing people because the criticism is always for the strugglers. Keep the intention clear and pray to God. Work hard with passion. One of the young writers asked, One common impression is that Qasim Ali Shah demands for a lot of money. He replied with a smile, “Yes, but from people who are from the corporate sector.” I have numerous projects running free of cost. I am available to the common man and the common student as I sit with you.

Even at my institute, if I’m charging, I spend it on the students. The love and interest his for books reflected in his words. He sheds light on many aspects of life. There is hardly any aspect of life on which he has no research. Sitting there, we felt like nothing was difficult. “One of the major tragedies of this country is that public do not accept change quickly,” Each newcomer begins to oppose the new idea but later they are appreciate this idea themselves. My view is that when someone is doing good things, criticism becomes his power. Without criticism we cannot know the difference between right and wrong.

He gave these answers to the participant’s questions. He is a well-known teacher, “Qasim Ali Shah” who in a short-time taught a lot to learners as well knowledge seekers.

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