3rd inter-provincial conference held on alternative renewable energy policy


LAHORE: Energy think tank (ETT) organised 3rd inter- provincial conference at LUMs as the day-long event geared towards promoting alternative and renewable energy projects in the country, bring up issues confronting the current energy mix to enhance the share of alternative renewable energy versus the fossils fuel energy there by achieving the goals of energy sustainability and security. Affordability and Availability on where needed and when needed basis in a long term time horizon. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Government of Punjab, LUMs, Vestas and Descon.

It is worth mentioning here that the ETT formed recently is a group of professionals from across the energy sector value chain and its ancillary service entities, who have voluntarily gathered on bipartisan basis with the principle aim of building consensus among stakeholders and enriching pool of cross functional knowledge data base that leads to optimized solutions for Pakistan’s energy sector on a sustainable basis” this forum is providing opportunities through interactive workshops and conferences to exchange of ideas and propose recommendations for resolving persisting issues of the energy sector at both provincial and national level. ETT holds first conference in Peshawar and Quetta.


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