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By Ayesha Riaz ul Haq

Jerusalem! Out of the blue, it is the subject for writers to write, for publishers to publish, for editor to edit and for debaters to debate. It comes not just from anywhere; it has been with us since 1917 when Balfour Decleration was passed. A declaration which caused all the fuss, the bloodshed, and the refugees. It was a statement, that literally changed the lives of millions of people. It announced the support for establishment of a “national home for Jewish people” in Palestine. Lets go back to World War 1 for further understanding. The real tragedy for Muslims was not the World War 1 but Balfour Declaration which gave home to one nation by snatching the rights from others. Last week thousands of Palestinians came out on street to protest on the 100th anniversary of the Britain Balfour Declaration which gave Jews a homeland. On that very occasion, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas said:

“the creation of a homeland for one people resulted in the dispossession and continuing persecution of others” 

Lord Rothschild and British foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour were the key persons behind the document which was the communication to the leader of The Zionist Movement in the form of letters. It was a Jewish national movement to create a separate homeland for Israelis in Palestine which was their ancient homeland. Due to this declaration, British was supported by Jews which were the rising clever brain of that time. With their support, Germany was defeated in World War 1 (WW1).
Why WW1 actually started? As we know that Jews were the emerging nation and all other nations needed stability for their rise and power. To gain the ultimate power was the motive behind the WW1.
What was the result? The result was destruction of the Great Ottomon Empire and shrunk to Turkey only and when it spread from Turkey to Spain, Germany defeated it, which increased their loath for the Jews.
What were the consequences of this conspiracy of Jews? According to their plan, they stabilitized in world and maintained their power but with that, Germany thirsty for their revenge, started to prepare for World War 2. Now coming to the great Adolf Hitler. World see Hitler as one of the most cruel person, a villain but to Muslims he was a hero. He understood that this nation of Jews consisting of some million people have the tendency to have the power on the entire world. As Hitler once quoted,

“the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew”.

We must keep in mind that WW1 was started by Jews, for they were hunger for power but their hunger for power led the world to WW2. Through this war, not only the world suffered, Japan defeated, many were dead, paralyzed and many became disabled. Apart from that, Jews themselves were also killed, martyred and were homeless despite of having a home. They didn’t lose hope and stood again and despite of being less in number than before, they stood united. What was the reason behind the rising of the nation? The one and foremost reason is the “unity,faith and discipline”. The three most important points which has given to us by our Founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. A wise man who knew how to lead a nation. It was unity that led them to survive through all centuries. It was faith that made them stand firm even when they were martyred brutally by Hitler. The way of their life shows their discipline. Great people said that this small nation is strong. Why? Because they have planned to rule the world. A plan which took 400 years for them to prepare themselves.

Subcontinent, which was ruled by Mughals for 1000 years. The Mughal rule ended and that unity broke which was holding the subcontinent. The unity among East and West Pakistan further broke down. The unity between Pakistan and Bangladesh was broken down by the Indians. Getting back to the Balfour Decleration, Jews started to occupy all the Palestine, depriving the native Palestinians from their rights. Through this invading they reached the center part for both Israelis and Palestine’s Jerusalem. Like India, that occupied Jammu and Kashmir by unfair means even after the struggle of 70 years we were able to free only a small area Azad Kashmir exactly like that Israel got power on Jerusalem through politics.

We will have to fight to get Jerusalem back which is a center of Muslim world. These two nations never attacked from the front. In order to take Jerusalem back we need to work it out through,”unity, faith and discipline”. After this sight, Turkey called for an immediate meeting of the organization of Islamic counsel (OIC) to discuss some views and converse about Trump. The only thing 1.8 billion Muslims don’t possess, a small nation of Jews had. Where did these rallies have had us? Many were martyred and were injured.They left us with the corpses to mourn. What we need now is not to mourn; we don’t need to raise slogans. We have to do the same what they have done. We need a plan, a plan to conquer and rule the world. What we also need is to utilize the essence of 400 years and act accordingly.

There are these two extremists. One was Adolf Hitler who was trying to wipe them out of the world. Other is Donald Trump who has given them a center to rule the world. As Donald trump decided to shift the embassy to Jerusalem, he actually decided the fate of America whose time of being the super power is going to end. Muslims have been raising voice for years, there has been a increasing tension in middle east. You never know what will be the reason of World War 3 but we can set that this could add fuel to fire. Again there is a probability of World War 3 and the bone of contention are again Jews. If there would be any war it would be on a vast scale, an atomic war and according to Einstein those who will survive the war will fight each other through wood sticks. Means we will again go back to stone age.

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