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New Year Resolutions-a poem

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By Hooria Butt, Ehsan Ahmed Khan and Sonia Akmal

Elizabeth Sewell written a beautiful poem on new year resolutions:

I will drain
Long draughts of quiet
As a purgation:
Twice daily
Who I am;
Will lie o’ nights
In the bony arms
Of Reality, and be comforted.

Another year has passed and it’s 2018. Every one, around the world, warmly welcomed it with zest and zeal.

Some promises are made, some resolutions are set and some decisions are taken. It is somehow daunting when you list your new year resolutions, it seems to be as long as a shopping list. Resolutions mostly vary from age to age and individual to individual.

Students have different resolutions regarding study, career, goals regarding personality change, etc. We will now look upon some resolutions. Arsalan, student of MSc morning, shared his resolution that he will offer the obligated prayers 5 times regularly and will give proper time to the further religious prayers. Daniyal mir wants to maintain his weight and adopt a healthy diet whereas his fellow Wasif Ali wants to get settled and get married this year.

A student wants to publish his own news magazine this year and he said it is his new year resolution to work hard for it.

Along with students, teachers too have some resolutions.

Naveed Iqbal, a lecturer at ICS said that 2017 was a great year for him and he again joined the university. He had a busy year as well as he also sacrificed the time that was meant for his family time too but this year he will give more time to the student and council them and give proper time to his family. Where  the Director ICS Noshina Saleem had a wonderful 2017 and she’s is hoping for another great year. She wants to set her priorities and advice students to set their priorities too, like being punctual, be more creative and make some innovative content for nation.

In Short, everyone is excited, hopeful embrace the new opportunities and challenges that the coming year will bring. We hope and pray may this year brings prosperity, happiness, peace and blessings for all.

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