7 ways to Protect Ozone Layer



Ozone Layer Protection

By Saher Mukhtar

The lockdown during COVID-19 have multiple positive impacts on the environment. At that time there were limited travelling and most of the industries were closed. It cause the emission of many gases from the environment. It also have some positive effects on the ozone layer to protect that but we have also take more steps for the recovery of ozone layer. The layer of ozone ,present in the atmosphere protects the
living on the earth from dangerous Ultraviolet rays coming from Sun. The ozone layer is damaging day by day because of multiple factors. Human activities are the major cause of ozone depletion.

7 Ways to Protect Ozone Layer

If we want to protect the Ozone layer ,we have to take the following measures;
1).Grow Plants;
Ensure to increase the production of plants and
discourage deforestation. It would be a good step to protect the ozone layer.

2).Reduce Smoking;
Reducing the use cigarette and the other things
that cause smoke in the air will ensure the recovery of ozone layer. Try to reduce it.

3).Use of Ozone-Friendly products;
Increase the use of products that are labelled
“Ozone-Friendly or Eco-Friendly”. By using these products we can take part in the recovery of ozone layer.

4).Reduce the use of products containing dangerous gases;
The use of product that are made up of dangerous gases should be avoided. These gases includes HCFCs,CFCs etc. These gases are a major cause of ozone depletion. By reducing the use of these gases Ozone Layer could be save.

5). Maximize the use of Public Transport;
Ensure to limit the use of private vehicles and
maximize the use of public transport. It would be useful to keep environment clean and to protect ozone layer.

6).Repair your Electronic Devices;
Ensure to repair your Air Conditioning units
,refrigerators and freezers as soon as possible if you find any problem in that. These products contains an ozone depleting chemical to work, so leaks release the chemical into the atmosphere.

7). Recycle the products containing Freon;
Ensure to find a save place to recycle the broken products made up of Freon immediately, so that these products will not leak Freon in the air.

The writer is a student of M.Sc Communication Studies Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab,Lahore,Pakistan.


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