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Awareness campaign on ‘Duties and Responsibilities of Citizen’

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Gypsy students of Door of Awareness School were target of the campaign

By Shaharyar Khan

LAHORE (November 17, 2017): A social awareness campaign on ‘Duties and Responsibilities of Citizen was organized by youth volunteers at Door of Awareness (DOA), a non-governmental organization here at Garden Town.

Over three dozen gypsy students studying in a school namely ‘Door of Awareness’ were target of the campaign. The campaign’s first session speakers included DOA Founder Ruba Humaiyun, Principle Rubina Jamshaid, Student Affair Coordinator Tehreem Hasham, Ambaassador Coordinator Amna Mateen, Media and Publishing Coordinator Quratulain Afzal. Students and teachers were present there.

Ruba Humaiyun said that “if we see any problem in our society, we should pay our role to solve the problem. We would not remain dependent entirely on the government. Edhi is a role model for us, he played his role for the humanity.”  She praised the youth volunteers saying it was a good initiative of youth, it’s a good step o because youth is our future and it has time, energy, will power and skills for such campaign and social work.

DOA Principle Rubina Jamshaid said that “we should take initiative to make the country right, we should start it by ourselves then we can make our country developed. Media play an important role to keep our youth positive but sorry to say that media play negative role in our society. Students waste their time on social media, parents are busy in their work they don’t have time to check their children.”

Ambassador coordinator Amnna Mateen briefed students about their responsibilities and duties of a common citizen. If we learn anything good it’s our duty to spread it to others to impart knowledge, she said.

Student Affair Coordinator Tehreem Hasham said, “we should play our role to make our society clean and green. We should take this initiative from our home and promote it to our country. As a student we can play role to increase the literacy rate of our country.”

Media & Publishing Coordinator Quratulain Afzal held curricular activity with students

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