Bliss emerging from aggression of history


English Translation By Amjad Izhaar

By Afzaal Rehan

Today the collective human consciousness of the world has reached the level, where human rights not only have been acknowledged but also in principle, the right of the nations, taken into acceptance by all means, that aggression or external forced occupation is unacceptable.

If we find such examples in a particular region of the world, then their experience will be done in the context of a number of shortcomings and specifications. Now the time of naked aggression has already been destroyed. Justification of everything can be presented. For example in past Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship gave the US a legitimacy for Iraq invasion.

Many voices came from our Muslim world that America’s invasion is illegal and illegitimate because the US has not received its permission from the UN. However, when Saddam invaded neighboring independent and autonomous Muslim country Kuwait, the sad thing is that such voices of protests should rise, but they kept protectionism for Saddam’s forced occupation. We then raised our questions in our columns that about 1500 years back the same Iraq was invaded by us then we had not resorted to any UNO or any Charter of the Nations. We not only occupied, but also annexed it with our land? In this bath, Muslims are not naked, all are naked who are indulged with power.

The greatness of the Greeks could not have been able to deter Alexander from the conquest of the world, but instead, it has given him the opportunity to export this great civilization into the world. If in this import export innocent blood sheds over, then may it be so? Here Hitler and Halakoo Khan felt proud to shed blood of the human beings. What was the ethical justification for Central Asian Invaders or Afghanistan’s Khans when they occupied India? What was the morale of Khilji, Tughlaq, Mohammad Ghori, Nadir Shah and Sultan Mahmood, in essence these all invasions were unjustified? All these gentlemen used to spread civil supremacy in India or to shed blood and to kill innocent people? Today if they are heroes of Pakistanis, then on what stance while they were all evil? Just because they were Muslim dacoits?

In this sense, Muhammad Khan dacoit should also be our hero. Imran Ali Naqshbandi, the dirty worm, should also be our hero, that he used to recite naats. We very easily say that Hindus were very narrow minded. We can make fake stories in this regard, but if we do not mind the truth, then we will say Hindu nation was very open minded, welcoming nation as compared with other nations, foolish people are found in every nation like who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

To solve the Indian problem was separation or United India by protecting domestic democratic rights? On this, a free debate in the current atmosphere of at least the for groundwater is impossible, and it is unlikely as long as we have not come out of its torments. It’s a matter of distinction here, we cannot even give logic on Kashmir issue. Invasion on other countries if is wrong today, then such wrongdoings made in the past centuries should also be labelled as mischievous. But in recognition of this, there is no justification for founding Mughal Empire. If Lodhi’s occupation was illegitimate then how should the attack after that can be legitimized? If the Mughal establishment was correct then how was the British rule was wrong? While Muslim aggressors were unable to serve the region’s people in the past 1000 years, which did British rule in just 90 years? Anyone can compare the performance of each of the two will find the truth behind.

Sir Syed wanted to extend the period of the British for the betterment of the people of Sub-Continent. Where they should be blessed with a high place for their nation. The rage and its consequences of the mutiny of 1857 may be condemned and blamed to the English rule, the fact is betterment of the region is conducive to the slavery of that period. Otherwise, our state of affairs would not be different than Afghanistan.

If we compare the slavery period of 90 years with the epoch of 70 years of freedom, then we find we gone to the downfall in freedom period rather then rise in the slavery period. Before we were slaves of White English Lords, after we remained slaves of Black followers of English Lords who are more and more short minded prejudiced Lords. Military dictatorship has taken us into slavery by rigging our legal, accountability, religious and political and democratic institutions.

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