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Capitalism and spiritual emptiness – Part I

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Mazhar Farid Chishti

Modernism and its successor post-modernism have created societies and economies driven by ruthless pursuit of self-interest and the Godless view of Darwinism is penetrated so deeply in capitalism.
In modern times postmodernism is one of the most discussed and important trends shaping this world. The situation of chaos created by the postmodernism in the fields of science, economy and philosophy is sufficient to understand the concept. Even if postmodernism is regarded as a criticism of modern culture, which has left mankind facing a huge impasse, it is actually rising to prominence on the back of the “spiritual emptiness” and collapse caused by the modern age. We need, therefore, first of all to consider the concept of “modernism” that this system is built on.

Materialists such as Diderot and Baron d’Holbach, suggested that the universe was a collection of matter that had existed forever, and that there was no world of existence outside matter. In the 19th century, materialism and atheism spread further. Thinkers such as, Marx, Engels, Nietzsche, and Freud applied atheist thought to different spheres of science and philosophy. The greatest support for materialism came from Charles Darwin, who rejected creation and replaced it with the theory of evolution. Darwinism supplied a so-called scientific answer to the question of how “living things and man had come to be,” which atheists had been unable to answer for centuries.

One of the greatest proofs of the defeats suffered by materialist ideologues was the disaster suffered in the social arena. Those ideologies that developed from materialism, headed by fascism and communism and capitalism proved to be destructive forces. The concept of morality underwent total degeneration: Together with the dominance of the materialist worldview, fidelity, loyalty, sacrifice, honour and honesty ceased to be important virtues.

In an environment without religion, the first concept to be eliminated is that of the family. Values such as loyalty, fidelity, allegiance, love, and respect, which sustain the family, are totally abandoned. One of the major deceptions of the ideologies that emerged together with modernism was the idea that there could be morality without religion, and that people could display proper morality under those conditions. That is a terrible deception. History is full of examples that demonstrate how once the proper behaviour that religion instills in the human soul and God’s guiding rules cease to apply, then true morality can in no way be established. Postmodernism is an idea that recognises the emptiness of the values, criteria and aims of modernism.

To be continued
The writer teaches Finance at LGU and can be reached at: [email protected]

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