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Checkmate to Sharif’s kingship

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By Amjid Rana

Rule of strategy is more worse than rule of enemy. Maybe you will lost your life in the latter but you lose each part your of life such as self-esteem, morality, prestige and wealth. Being defeated by strategy is more panicking than losing from enemy. Strategy of time is more frantic than people’s strategy. Sharif’s family has been entangled in both time and people’s strategy.

Sharif’s family is taking breaths at position of checkmate. Time strategy is the dragon for egoistic leadership of PML-N. They made a lot mistakes in game of governance because they underestimated the opponent in field of policy. Time strategy has haunted PML-N’s leadership consecutively.

Imran Khan’s effort brought them at the position where they hardly have any chance to survive in governance. Imran Khan checkmated Sharif’s rule by threatening their ill-gotten money. Sharif’s family has been compelled to put Queen (Queen means Sharif’s wealth) in front of Kingship just for breaths in politics because Sharif’s family has not another option due to demise of all game changer player one by one.
For instance, in chess, game changer players are important due to their quality of attacking. These are the knights, rock, bishop, Queen.

Knights are used to put pressure over the opponent players to provoke the desire of winning. I accordance to this PML-N has lost most of their attacker players such as Nihal Hashmi, Pervez Rasheed. PML_N used their players as knights against army and judiciary due to which they have faced great loss.

Rock is used to threaten the opponent but unfortunately, PML_N has also lost its rock player due. Choudhry Nisar was playing as Rock player against opposition parties, who has been demised by wrong policy. Nisar was the senior politician in party and he made good efforts to bring peace in Karachi and threatened the opponent. PML_N made wrong policies to protect the disqualified person’s ill-gotten money. Nisar was angry over party polices, so in this result he resigned due myopic policies of PML-N

Bishop is used by Queen, in cunning way to defeat the opponents but in great chaos, both Queen and Bishop can be effort less to save the kingship in game changing position. Some Bishops as Rana Sanaullah, Shahbaz Sharif, Zaeem Qadri are working but cannot save Nawaz Sharif’s kingships due to their own threating position in case of Khatam-e-Nabuwat.

Above situation, in which Sharif family is trapped now is the checkmate without game changer players except Queen. Imran khan checkmated Sharif family in which Sharif’s family has no proper way to save kingship except wealth prestige. Panama leaks was Queen element for Imran khan to destabilize the PML-N government. Iman Khan focused to haunt the strength of Sharif family by crumbling Sharif’s property. A continuous focus of Imran khan on Panama leaks gave him victory to challenge the kingship of Sharif family. Now in checkmate position, Sharif’s family has no another way except surrender in game changing politics.

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