Coronavirus in Japan


Japan’s Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this

By Aqsa Yaqoob

Japan Corona losses, Status and their Strategy to deal against this

Outbreak of covid 19 in japan;

The island country of Japan also effected by the Covid-19.The first comfirmed case in Japan was reported on January 14, 2020,when a person come from Wuhan city china then the number has increased slowly. The upward trend of new cases with continused in February and March. The number of covid-19 cases in Japan are 25736. The number of recovered once are 20155. The deaths of covid-19 in Japan are 988.According to BBC Japan mysteriously low virus death rate.

Impact of COVID-19 on other sector;

The outbreak may not only have ramification for the health sector, but it also effected the economy.The COVID-19 high impact forecast (six months duration of travel bans and a sharp decline in domestic demands) estimated that the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would drop by 0.4 percent.The losses at the Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225) for March 2020 alone were the worst since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. 578 publicly listed companies in the country reported losses in their sales revenue or net profit since the outbreak of COVID-19. According to a survey conducted in the beginning of May, around 83 percent of business enterprises in service-related industry, including accommodation, travel, and food and beverage, reported negative impacts on corporate activities.

Strategy adopt by the Japan Government;

The Japan government deal the Covid-19 by taking steps according to the “Japan Model” .what’s the Japan model is? First is “Cluster Based Approach ” It’s basically a hypothesis that some people are not infected by Covid-19 but having close relations with the infected person. under this cluster based approach ,each cluster is tracked to the original infection source and the persons with high transmissibility are isolated to prevent the spread of infection. Another key to the Japan Model is social distancing method knows as the three Cs ( Closed spaces with poor ventilation. Crowded places with many people nearby, Close contact like close range conversation. Factors of social distancing also include Wearing masks,Shaking hands ,Hugging and kissing.The cluster based approach and social distancing helps to reduce the cases of Covid-19.

State of emergency in japan;

Indeed, the number of infected Japanese rising, and the government declared a state of emergency in April 7 ,2020 for seven prefectures including Tokyo ,before later expanding it to the entire nation. There were 3906 known cases in Japan on that date after a total of 55,311 tests.Also stop the economic activities with other foriegn countries.

Postponed or cancelled events in Japan;

Due the rapidly growing of COVID-19 in japan.On February 26, the japanes government postponed or cancelled the all sports events for following two weeks ,which was later extended until March. The government also recommended the closure of schools. The government also restricted the immigration of travelers to high risk ares starting wuhan china etc.Additionally on March 24, 2020, the Japanese government announced the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games due to the global pandemic situation. The postponement might significantly increase the cost of the Olympic Games, further adding to the pressure on the nation’s economy.

The writet is a student of M.Sc Communication Studies Digital Media at Institute of Communication Studies,University of the Punjab,Lahore,Pakistan.


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