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Destiny of 21st Century

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By Amjad Rana

Despite of our scrolled plan in the world, people will see the different images of the world at the end of this century. This century will bring such an era that will not resemble with the previous ones. People will be meeting each other accidentally. People will be able to feel love in mere dreams. However, people are keen in future but future will be depicted beyond the concern. Some important occurrences will begin this era. These important occurrences are enlisted. We are facing, in first two decades, very horrible concern in the form of terrorism, economization, weaponization in the world.

Ignited terrorism can’t be stopped until the concerns are changed. Terrorism might be controlled and diminished at the end of this century but effects of terrorism will be there. Basically, terrorism is a revenge of inhumanity caused by human beings in this world. This is ignition in the mind about terrified planning of western dominant ideology. Terrorism have different forms in the world but media only highlights the most devastated ones such as suicide bombings. Muslim community is the one being blamed for it and dominant western media is highlighting this according to its strategy. High strategic countries are spreading the State-Sponsored terrorism in the world but media is not even giving a sight to this type of terrorism because high profiled media is controlled by these strong strategic countries. Terrorism will reach its end when the planners will be gnawed in this and revenge syndrome be halted.

Economization will roll up the world in very strict rules where mechanism of humanity could be changed into scientific rules. Scientific socialism would be change into unseen prejudice and people will have hope of peace. Social statues will be considered faith of divinity because purity and clarity in socialism would be considered sacredness. That era would be prudent but myopic adventurism will generate this tragedy in the world to shuffle the mankind mind about divinity. Structure of economization will hardly resemble with natural sources and people will be satisfied with constructed socialism due to deficiency of natural needs. Such satisfaction will convert the people thinking into dead years in natural world where no more choice of life until new life will not be revealed by Almighty Allah.

Weaponization will provide such a sight of destruction, as it been shown only on the screens by artists, by weaponizing attack of enmity. Human beings will create Elysium to save themselves from others’ weapon and will not shed a tear on the robotic dead bodies but intolerance. People will have alien feelings by themselves due to robotic patronizing. Life will seem more robotic than human being within timeless fear by self.

Needs and emotions would convert into scientific restrictions. According to scientific rules, people will take emotions as doze and blood relations will be triggered by scientific rules instead of emotions. Such behavior of world will break the natural restrictions that are mentioned in the holy scripts. Man will put his steps on unknown planets in the pursue of above secrets and mentioned theories in the holy scripts will be taught to the robot for protection. The 21st century will generate a scientific magic and mankind will again need the miracle of Moses for real.

He is a student of Mass Communication at the University of Punjab.
The writer can be reached at: [email protected]

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