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Dilemma of Daewoo hostesses

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Fatima Bashir

Fatima Bashir
Fatima Bashir

Many people prefer travelling in Daewoo express; the private bus service which somehow satisfies their costumers but has failed to fulfill the needs of its own staff. The subservient hostesses are thrashed with one duty after the other without any break or rest. Most of the time you might have noticed that the hostess without being suave or polite is dealing acrimoniously with passengers. This is because she is doing her overtime. The Daewoo authorities have sacked most of its senior staff which include hostess and security guards just because they had to increase their salaries. Moreover, the workers are deprived of yearly calendars, clocks and diaries and other items that are issued by Daewoo. It is the dilemma of our society that we don’t value our lower staff and all the perks and benefit are for those who have power while the residue or the left over stuff trickles down to poor.

(The writer is student of media studies and she can be reached at: [email protected])

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