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Educated kids; sustained environment

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Kulsoom Fayyaz

We always talk about leaving better environment for our children but we never talk about leaving better children to our environment. Environment has achieved important status on the planet because of the difficulties postured by an unnatural weather change, nursery impacts, ozone exhaustion and a plenty of different components which are constantly hurting the treasures of the natural resources. To adapt to these emergencies, the requirement for environmental education has turn into the point of convergence of any future system for safe environment of the world. The people who do the most to help the environment are the ones who know the most about it. That is why it is important to start our children’s learning about the world around them as early as possible. While we should do our best to teach them on our own, we can of course get some help from the experts. It seems today’s society is becoming apathetic to the world around them.

Many children in particular are more concerned with playing the latest video game and do not really pay much attention to the environment around them. They have nature deficit disorder and it can be hard to get your children to show an interest in the world around them, but you can get them to care if you start early and take small steps. You may not make a difference overnight, but you may just make a difference in the future of the planet. The movement indoors is not benign; there are costs to the health of our children: attention difficulties, hyperactivity, childhood obesity, diminished use of senses, disconnect from things, which are real. Additionally, if children are detached from nature, how will they learn about, understand, and value nature? How will the next generation care about the land and be stewards of its resources?

Tomorrow’s pioneers should be prepared for tomorrow’s difficulties, and we should sufficiently set up our youngsters for the future they will acquire. That obliges a guarantee to furnishing youngsters with environmental education that helps them turn into the informed considered pioneers tomorrow. Being more environmentally friendly does not require that much effort. In fact, we should all be taking small steps to reduce our carbon footprint. After all, the planet is our home, and keeping it clean and safe for future generations should be a priority. Teaching future generations to live a greener lifestyle is a great way to contribute to the sustainability of our environment. Raising an environmentally literate generation of problem solvers will help ensure that tomorrow’s decision-makers are prepared for the challenges they will likely face. Studies have shown environmental education engages students in learning, raising test scores, and encouraging youth to pursue career in environmental and natural resources. Turning out to be no more naturally sensible are that troublesome – there is many effortlessly available data on the amount we, as a public, add to contamination and what we ought to do to diminish it. By figuring out how to protect assets, we do our part in keeping the planet a smidgen more secure for our children and grandkids. When you know how to treat the planet well, you can go on your great propensities to your kid.

Our schools need more encouragement, resources, and time to devote attention to environmental education. They need funding and other support to train teachers to incorporate environmental education into their everyday lesson plans and to develop the confidence and skills to take their students outdoors to learn. Moreover, such activities should be promoted at universities and societies in the educational institutions with the coordination of many nongovernmental organizations the objective of the activities is to increase environmental awareness and to engage youth in hands on environment awareness, team building and leadership activities.

The writer is Mass Communication graduate (PU) and The Educationist staffer in Kuwait. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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