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Sorry State of Education

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By Khurram Aniq       Ahmed Khan

  “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”

The above saying is worth-talking; today the only key to make any state better is education to youth. Youth is the future of every nation or state; they are supposed to represent their country on different levels.

In Pakistan there are always many disputes on education. Whenever it comes to education, the authority doesn’t seems to be concerned at all. In comparison to the developed countries we are suffering a great deal just because for the lack of education budget. Our system of education is actually not state-of-the-art and our community is equally responsible along with the government.

The parents are busy in their lives; even they do not have sufficient time for their children. Many a times you will witness a situation where schools and other institutes have come into being in place of family to complete the socialization process which is actually a negative indication. Education is all about learning. It always starts from the house and from the family, parents mainly. In Pakistan, most parents remain busy in there practical lives and for the grooming of their child they look as if they are reliant on maids and the institutes. They put all the responsibility on them, and obviously in some cases they fail to fulfill their responsibility.

Reformation of attitude; one of the problems we face these days studying in Pakistan is the negative attitude of the students in institutes. In this phase educational institutes give the impression of failure as they are unable to build positive outlook in students. The other reason behind this attitude issue can be the student’s politics in colleges and universities. Students get excessively interested in politics which makes them full of violence and participation in these activities detracts students from their studies of course.

Basically education system in Pakistan is divided into six levels which are Preschool, Primary, Middle, High, Intermediate and university programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The difference among these levels is not only because of age difference but they also differ in the mind sets. Institutes of these levels do not want to work together even with the institutes of the same level.

A new bone of contention which is making its impression on our educational system is that our educational institutes are not working accurately or not according to demand, not all but most of them. Sorrowfully the reality of today about educational institutes is that their owners have made these Schools and Colleges for their personal businesses. They have made education a business. They are using students just to keep their bank balance up to the mark.

Education is the right of every person and need as well. Everyone should be allowed to get the similar education. But the private sector has made the difference in education. For the sake of their business they have made the mindset of the people that they are giving better education then the government sector. Now the situation is that we desperately want our child to get educated in the private institute. We do not care about the expenses. But what will you get if your child doesn’t make any difference with the child getting education in the government sector? Actually there is not any main difference but mindset and hard work makes a difference for sure.

School, Colleges and even universities of private sectors have made education much expensive that a normal person does not have enough money to get admission is such institute.

Why people prefer private institutes over the government ones? This is a worth asking question that why people are attracted towards the private sector? The facilities that are actually required for the betterment of education are not available in the government sectors. Buildings, Furniture, Grounds and we can say staff too is not up to the mark in government sectors. Private sector provides all these facilities to draw people towards it.

Children living in the villages are also facing many problems in getting education. Being living in the rural areas they do not get the opportunities to move on in their lives and to explore themselves in the society. It seemed that authorities are not paying attention towards this as they focus only the urban areas.

Involvement of other systems; some private institutes mainly schools are following other educational institutes like Cambridge and International Baccalaureate (IB). If we do not follow our own system then how will our society progress? That’s a big question mark itself that why are we moving towards other system? Why are we inspired from British system?

Another misfortune of us is that many children are not able to get education. According to UNESCO 63% of Pakistani children complete their primary year school education. Furthermore, 68% of Pakistani boys and 72% of Pakistani girls reach grade 5. This also leads to the sources of the family of that child but to provide sources to people is also responsibility of government.

According to constitution of Islamic Republic Pakistan 1973, “The state should remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period”. But unfortunately Pakistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. Our people don’t know how to read and we want these people to walk around and represent us as a nation. How is this possible?

Pakistan is the second country in the world after Nigeria with the largest out of school population (5.1 million children). They are those children who do not have enough money to get education; most of them are even working to earn some amount to support their families. Some major steps are required to solve this problem.

Pakistan’s engagement in war against terrorism also effected the promotion of literacy campaigns. Militants’ targeted students, teachers and many educational institutes were blown up in Baluchistan, KPK and FATA. This might be not a major reason but this remains as an important factor.

Another problem we face from the government is the funds for education. 89% of the fund comprises of current expenditures like teacher’s salaries while only 11% comprises of development expenditures which is not enough.

There is a need of proper planning for the improvement of our educational system. Government should pay attention to this section, Education. There is a need to pay attention on the structure of our studies, text books, teaching level and most of all environments. Buildings are one of the big issues and the facilities also. Proper planning and sincere attention towards education can make our system according to the demand and will make us able to compete in the world.

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