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Education Perspective of Kot Radha Kishen

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By Sadia Ashfaq

Kot Radha Kishen is the smallest Teshsil of Lahore division but has the 2nd highest literacy rate after Pattoki.

Kot Radha Kishen is a city and tehsil headquarters of Kot Radha Kishen tehsil in kasur district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. According to the educative perspective, the city is gaining popularity in promoting education among children and adults with the passage of time.

Private sector is creating a revolution in education of the city. But, there is no university in the city to which people can send their children for pursing higher studies at distant places. Still there is no action on this particular issue.

In the public sector, there are three separate public high schools for boys and girls, including Govt. High School No.1 for boys, Govt. High School Kot Sardar Muhammad Khan and a high school for girls. There are three Degree colleges in the city spreading education rapidly including 2 colleges for boys and 1 college for girls.Branches of various school like The Educators and Dar-e-Arqam are spreading the light of education. There is also a large number of private schools running all over in the city. This shows the love and devotion of the local people towards Education.

There are more than 170 educational institutes in the city. Major institutions of the city are in following:

⦁ Govt College for boys.

⦁ Govt post graduate college for girls (The only govt college for female students of kot radha kishen and surroundings)

⦁ Government girls high school Mir Sahib Road Kot Radha Kishen Government Girls high school Bhai pheru Road (one of the oldest institute for girls who produce many notable personalities).

⦁ Government Boys High School Kot Radha Kishen No.1 Government boys high school No.2.

⦁ Govt Boys High school Kot Sardar Muhammad khan.

⦁ Punjab Computer college Teacher Colony.

⦁ Minhaj-ul-Quran public school.

⦁ The learning School.

⦁ Allied School System.

⦁ Al-Riaz model high school.

⦁ Al-Islam model high school.

⦁ City Public school.

⦁ Noble grammar middle school.

⦁ Little angels school.

⦁ Al Niaz girls high school.According Sir Anwar Zahid (one of the most educated person and principal of Al-Riaz School):


“The city is getting developed in Education and private sectors are playing a great role in this purpose but Government must have to play a role for more betterment”.


In coming decades it’s sure that there will be more institutions that will play a role to spread the light of education as education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

The writer is student of Media studies in Punjab University one can access through the following address:([email protected])

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