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Effects of ‘War on Terror’ on FATA education

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    By : Kaleemullah

As FATA (federally administrated tribal areas) is under the federal government control, it composed of seven agencies and FR. When Pakistan become the front-line ally of America in the war on terror, this area become a buffer zone for all kind of disturbance like militancy. due to this people gone away from education either  the  school has been destroyed by militants or due to insufficient facility of education. As the population of FATA is 6 million according to census 2017 and area of 27000 square kilometer and there is only one university which has been recently made. As the war on terror completely destroyed the education in fata. The literacy rate is 22%, which is well below the nationwide rate of 56%, in these Male adult literacy rate in Fata is 45% whereas the same for women is a mere 7.8%. so it is the alarming situation for the state. The militants started different propaganda that the education of female is haram, and use a religion as a tool that our religion does not allow us to give education to female. Due to which the illiterate people of fata and also the militants stopped the girls from the schools or destroyed their schools. Same is the situation with male due to which the children go towards the wrong hand of militants and they did their brain wash.

This war on terror also greatly affect the people of fata psychologically and mentally. Like when the school children listen to the sound of helicopters or any other type of activities they scared and started weeping so their attention get disturb and diverted. This is because they listen it in past as the sign of danger. Also the mindset of people which was made by militants is the great challenge for the education. The literacy rate is 22%, which is well below the nationwide rate of 56%, so it is the alarming situation for the state. So the government must take it a serious problem and give full attention towards this less develop area specially in education sector and rebuild the complete infrastructure of schools, collages. And make a high standard of education institutions so that this people take part in the nation building process of the country. And give them all kind of opportunities so that people start thinking positively otherwise due to reaction in future, this will be devasting situation for the state.

The writer Kaleemullah, student of Lahore leads university mass communication studies.

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