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Enemy wants to halt Pakistan Census?

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Reported By: Sidra Iftikhar, Sundus Mehmood, Shamreeza Tariq Baloch & Ayesha Waris

LAHORE: At least seven people and four army soldier and employ of the air force lost their lives and 18 others were injured in suicide bomb attack on a population’s census team on Bedian Road on Wednesday morning 6 April, l2017.

In a survey majority of students in Punjab University criticize the government and the law enforcement agencies for their inability and defective policy making to counter the terrorism.

Nauman Tasleem, a visiting lecturer in Institute of Communication Studies, said that Pakistan making all development activities on the basis of the 1998 census. Now this fresh census is very important for the development and policy making, however the anti state element do not want progress in the country. “We cannot say that is a failure of the government. Our army and law enforcement agencies have made a lot of successful achievement, actually this is a reaction of the terrorists,” he added.

Ayesha Hakim, a lecturer in Institute of Communication Studies, said that the sad incident spread panic in the city and it was very difficult to control such terrorist activities without on boarding the public and effective role of media. It seems that there is no proper coordination between Public and the security agencies, she remarked.

Nabiha Zia, a student of Institute of Communication Studies (ICS), said,  “it is extremely tragic incident and a cowardly act of attackers, but still we are ready to fight against terrorism.”

Aqsa Tassavar, another student of ICS, said that whenever there was any development occurs in Pakistan this kind of incident start happening, which reflects that the enemy didn’t want to see the country progressing.

Amna Hameed, a student of English Department, said that it was a failure of the system and this was happening because the government reaimed unable to implement the National Action Plan in letter and spirit.

Hamza Abbas, a student of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), opined that the Lahore Blast was a total failure of the government and all stakeholders must come forward to counter the evil agenda of our enemies.

Faisal Rai, a student of IBA, said that, “Our former army chief (Gen. Raheel Sharif) was more powerful than the present army chief. It’s a failure of government and we must start awareness campaign in various institutions of Pakistan to take citizens and all stakeholders on board.

Umair Raza, another student of IBA department said that the media should start advertisement campaign for awareness of the common people to help support and share information about the terrorists who are in sleeper cells.

Tehseen Amjad, an other student of communication studies, said that the reason of attack was to stop census in Pakistan. “Terrorist are trying to to stop the census by giving a message to the nation and army in the form of such an attack,” she added.

Aqsa Ghulam Rasool, another student of ICS, said that due to the lack of census, the numbers and the proper identity of many people was missing in Pakistan and the terrorists were using it very smartly. However, now in the census every has to reveal his/her identity, perhaps  this was a real reason behind this attack.

Ahmad Bilal and Adeel chaudhary said, if the army is also not safe, there was a need to overhaul the security system.

Nabeel Alvi, a student of psychology department, said the main reason was census it’s a failure of government and mismanagement of police.

Aqsa Saboor, a student of English Department, said the purpose of extremists was to create violence in Pakistan in many cases they always want to hide their identity but the census is something to reveal the identities.

Zain ul Abdin, a student of sociology department, now terrorist attacks have become a matter of  routine, we have become senseless, all institutions were not working in a unified direction,which is a failure even after a lot of loss to the nation.

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