Formula Education And Academy Mafia


Successive governments remained unable to ensure good governance in the public sector schools and colleges allowing the private investors to flourish and make money in the name of education. Resultantly, academies have established a culture of formula education with selective study and special focus on the training of appearing in exams to score good.

Knowledge dissemination and moral training are other affected parts, not to be discussed much. Academy mafia has built its empire and chain of schools and colleges, while the true base of the country – the public sectors schools and public sector colleges present ugly picture, as being not updated as per the modern requirements.

Lack of interest and sense of dutifulness among majority college teachers, encourage students to approach academies. Parents have no choice but to send their children to academies to get good scores and secure their career. Applying their formula techniques, most academies and schools have practically erased 8th class from the school education system. instead of it, they prefer pre 9th preparation.

Mathematics, English, Urdu and optional subjects of Arabic and agriculture were used to be considered very important to prepare a solid base for the students before their promotion to Class 9. However, academy mafia has ignored this key aspect only because it makes sure early admission of student to their private coaching centers and make money. surprisingly, the federal and provincial government education departments are not interfering and playing their role.

Education ministers and their staff are silent spectacles. public school education has been destroyed partially and college sector almost fully. College teachers rarely take classes and focus on teaching in academies as according to them they don’t get handsome package at college and they have to take classes at academies to make both ends meet.

Intentionally or unintentionally they have strengthened the academy mafia. separately, MDCAt – medical entrance exam has 50 percent admission weightage, 40% Fsc and 10% Matric. similarly, eCAt – engineering entry test has 30 percent admission weightage while 70 % Fsc marks are included for admission. students who get excellent score in Matriculation and Fsc they remain unable to get admission to MBBs and engineering only because they don’t score well in the entrance exam, which decide their career fate.

In a way, the government itself has declared their Matric and Fsc exams as “doubtful and less important”. This has multiplied academies business further. If the PTI government is really interested in educational reforms, it must ensure significance of examination of class 5 and class 8. It must ensure teachers’ attendance in schools and colleges. the government must trust its examination system and let not decide entrance exams the career fate of students.



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