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By : Rabia Ashraf

Economically, Pakistan has lost erroneously around $18 billion in last decade due to the series of floods.

“The earth is a generous mother, she will provide plentiful and abundant food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil.” [Bourke Coekran]

Global warming is a by-product of man’s industrial advancement and it needs to be checked on urgent footings to protect the earth’s atmosphere and habitats of creatures. According to National Geographic Channel, “Global warming is the rise in average temperature of earth’s atmosphere and oceans till late 19th century and its projection’s contribution. There are two views regarding global warming. One is of capitalists and other is of environmentalists. At the end of 21st century, 5.8 degrees Celsius temperature of earth is going to increase which is opinioned by environmentalists. But a counter narrative is given by capitalists that global warming is merely a myth but not a reality. Industrial revolution after the invention of steam engine has become an origin of climate change widely.

Despite having the status of one of the least contributors to global warming, Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country to climate change. The erratic weather condition is the tickling alarm for extinction of the natural sources, wildlife and even for the humans who are obliged to face this danger. Back in 2015, the grievous drought of Tharparkar resulted in hundreds of deceased people. There are thirty six glacial lakes in Pakistan which faced GLOF (Glacial Lake Outburst Flood) in 2013-2014, where destruction of 350,000 acres of crops and 7000 of houses happened followed by upreaching of 200 million people to poverty line due to such displacement. Pakistan is one of the victims of global warming where temperature variation has taken place with a rapid pace. This phenomenon needs yet to be entered into the cerebrum of officials’ minds. Moreover, to a feasible extent, 27% of the glaciers have been melted by the flares of global warming. The venturous aftermaths of this factor encircle migration, food crisis, health problems and urban congestion. Economically, Pakistan has lost erroneously around $18 billion in last decade due to the series of floods.

The major indicators of climate change involved are evolving of gases e.g carbon dioxide evolves by 397.7 ppm; burning of fossil fuels; deforestation, nuclearization and ozone depletion. According to EU Heads of Missions, the ozone layer above the Antarctic has been particularly depleted by pollution since mid of 1980s, which is commonly now known as “ozone hole.” This is an enigmatic wave of this century where we encounter the unpredictable nature of those nations who are prominently involved in process of gaseous evolving leading to ozone exhaustion. Although, under the umbrella of ‘Cap & Trade System’, USA has declared 32% of gas evolving reduction by 2030, the process of nuclearization seems to be continual.

Undoubtedly, the industrial revolution is a paradigm shift of 21st century but compounded with this growth, the demand of forestation is a reality. Instead of reducing the number of trees, beneath expansion of infrastructure, government must realize the unprecedented risk of climate change. The amount of gases evolved by industries must be fixed up on exigent basis. The conception of towers for prediction of climate change or any natural disaster must be taken into account like that of ATTO, Brazil. Furthermore, the usage of chemicals including CFCs etc must be weakened. Without such measures, an endowment is being manufactured in the form of disastrous climate on this planet which would be unwrapped by our generations to come.


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