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Govt allocates Rs 312billion for education sector

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Last year Rs 32 b were allocated for schools, only 13 b were used  

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LAHORE: The Punjab government has allocated an overall amount of Rs 312.8 billion for different sections and projects of education sector in the provincial budget for 2016-17.

Rs 13 billion for higher education. In higher education. Rs 125 million for Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), Rs 17 million for Information Technology University (ITU), Rs 127 million for Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), Rs 183 million for University of Education, Rs 49 million for Kinnaird College for Women, and Rs 2.4 billion for commerce colleges. This year’s allocation in higher education depicts an increase by Rs 3 billion. Only Rs 8 million – the lowest amount – has been allocated for Government College University.

Rs 47 billion has been earmarked for school education as compared to last year 32 billion, out of which the government could use only 13 billion.

Rs 96 million has been allocated for Introduction of Early Childhood Education in 1,000 primary schools, Rs 175 million for Punjab Education and English Language Initiative (PEELI) project, Rs 28 million for provision of tablet PCs to public school students, Rs one billion for Punjab Examination Commission, Rs one billion for Elementary Teachers Training College, Rs 73 million for Children Library Complex, Rs 37 million for students of Balochistan studying in different government schools whereas Rs 15 million for Baloch students studying in Danish Schools.

Rs 50 billion for upgradation of school buildings, 1.8 billion for non-formal education and Rs 6.67 million for special education, Rs 4 billion for Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF), Rs 4 billion for provision of laptops, Rs 2.5 billion for Danish Schools, Rs 2 billion for Knowledge Park and Rs 12 billion for Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) separately.

In previous year, Rs 32.8 billion were allocated for school education, which depicts a raise by Rs 15 billion this year by the government.

However, Rs 50 million has also been allocated for a new project for provision of missing facilities and renovation and upgradation of school buildings titled ‘Strengthening of Schools: A comprehensive and integrated programme’ for renovation of all schools in Punjab.




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